Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another windy night.....Hackett low AGAIN..........Two time Papa Joe Champion turning 50.....Templeton Rye rolls....Chico Kanne on fire!

Templeton Rye busted out of the three way first place tie in the US Open Flight in week 5 with a 45 to 27 pounding of defending Supper league champions Stiff Sticks. The sticks were visibly out of sorts as they ate supper together after the match. With the loss Stiff Sticks settle into the third position. All winners for the whiskeys. Produce Tom Duff and Retired Randy Hockom led the way. Even Steve "Cuda" Quandt and Papa Joe Pick were winners! Pick also had the closest to the pin flag prize on #17. Fairway Frank Comito declined comment about the match. Assistant team captain Bud One Jim Auen who did not play for the sticks last night and would not even eat with them after the match said "We are at a crossroads with our team as we can not bench them all."

Juergens Lawn Care took over the second spot with a 42 to 30 thumping of Byronz Boyz. Mike "Jewels" Eckerman and Bill Linde led the way for the grass cutters. Bob Gigure the only winner for the Boyz. This pairing followed your Bud Light team last night and this reporter apologizes for being so slow. Active Performance topped a very tough par team 37 to 35.

The US Open flight standings: Templeton Rye 193, Juergens Lawn Care 190, Stiff Sticks 175, Byronz Boyz 174 and Active Performance 167.

The British Open Flight saw Champion Ford extend their lead with a 38 to 34 win over YOUR Bud Light team. Head Ford Ken Payer took it to Mike Franey 13 to 5. Congrats to Payer as he will be playing in the upcoming Principal Classic Pro Am at Glen Oaks in Des Moines. Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen was defeated by Steve Herrin. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz defeated Clothier Wade Wilkie and Bud Two Troy Auen topped Monument Man Loren Boyce. Mertz was awarded low gross along with Dr. David Nystrom. Two time Papa Joe Champion Digger Dave Nelson was absent in week 5 preparing for this weekends graduation of daughter Anna and watering the garden.

The tomatoes of Graddy's Salsa were smashed by par 40 to 32. Jeff Scharfenkamp and Rick Grote the only winners for the tomatoes.

Templeton Savings Bank edged Badding Construction 38 to 32 in a battle of the brother in laws. Jair Mayhall earns bragging rights with a 10 to 8 win over Scott Greteman. Mayhall was so excited with his win he ran out of the clubhouse and went home early. Tony Pietig a big winner over numbers Bob Muhlbauer.

The standings in the British Open Flight: Champion Ford 192, Graddy's Salsa 182, Templeton Savings Bank 181, Bud Light 175 and Badding Construction 168.

Over in the Zach Johnson the elderly team, Macke Motors, had their lead shaved by four with a 35 to 37 loss to Utilcomm. Captain Randy Bierl the only winner for the motors. Car Wash Todd Pettitt nailed closest to the pin on #8. Head cable guy Chad Kanne was very vocal in the corner table last night about the future of Pat Macke on his team. Macke was the only loser on the team. Kanne said "I question if Macke will play for our team again this year! The way I see is that Macke just beats himself. I am exploring a trade to Templeton Savings/Shell Oil/Eastside Shell or whatever their name is this week." For their efforts Utilcomm was awarded low net team. This publisher questions the severity of the verbal abuse against Macke.

The Carroll Cycle Center beat Greteman Chiropractic 43 to 29. Corey Bluml finally gets a league win for the cycles but has not graduated to the team table for dinner. Head Harley Terry Ruchti and Dr. J.B. Greenwell were both winners for the cycles. Jamming Joe Hinners was the only loser. Ruchti must have stole some shorts(plaid) from the closet of Produce Tom Duff for last night's action. Ruchti and his shorts drained the longest putt on #9.

Par trumped WCI 36 to 36. No winners for the basement wall fixers.

The standings in the Masters Flight: Macke Motors 191, Carroll Cycle Center 182, Utilcomm 180, WCI 160 and Greteman Chiropractic 158.

Over in the PGA Flight Van Diest Supply Company continued their winning ways last night with a 38 to 34 victory over Brown Shoe Fit Company. Brad Pick the MVP for the chemical company. Air time Pete Collison was also a winner over Jeff Bahr. Collison's round included a shank and blade slice shot into the trees. Welcome to the season Ryan Milligan! Thanks for coaching our area soccer youth.

Budweiser got a 40 to 32 win over Carroll Glass despite two team hat violations by GPS Bob Pudenz and Frozen Tom Farner. Pudenz and Uncle Bruce Player of the Year front runner Fred Dolezal were the only winners for the King of Beers. Head Glass Cutter Andy Reiman got a solid win over Tom Farner.

The head oil jobber Chico Kanne carried Community Oil to a 39 to 33 win over Carroll Broadcasting. Kanne was awarded low net. Kim's son Collin Hackett scored his third low gross honors in a row with a one under par 36 on the front. Hackett described Kanne's round as amazing. A shot that bounced off the cart path on #8 to 8' really got Hackett's attention to Kanne's talent. Also Kanne's birdie on #4 impressed the young lad. Todd Kanne also scored a win. Colin Bierl won for the broadcasters.

The standings in the PGA Flight: Van Diest Supply Company 208, Budweiser 194, Carroll Glass 181, Brown Shoe Fit 167 and Carroll Broadcasting 159.

It is a tradition that we all have come to expect about Larry "Coach" Clark and the Kuemper Boys Golf Teams. Below is the information about the upcoming event to honor his committment to our youth. At their request I am including the information.

Coach Larry Clark is retiring after 24 years as Kuemper's boys golf coach.  To honor Coach Clark for his service, on June 17th Father's Day, we have organized some golf and a reception following at Graham Park Shelter House.  Golf will be at the Carroll Country Club with tee times available in the morning and you are welcome to call and make your own foursome.  Coach will be out and about to chat with everyone during your round.  Following golf, a reception will take place at Graham Park Shelter House from 1-4pm where food and beverages will be served.  Please RSVP by June 1st for golf and/or the reception to Theresa Boeckman at or 712-830-9904.  All are welcome from previous players, parents, and friends.  See you June 17th!

The Uncle Bruce Player of the Year standings: 1. Bob Pudenz, 2. Ken Payer, 3. Dirk Glynn, 4. Aaron Pick, 5. Ron Juergens

That is a wrap for week 5. The wind was the big winner again this week. In week 4 the front nine average score was 45.625 and in week 5 it was 41.76. The back nine average score in week 4 was 48.56 and in week 5 it was 44.225. Maybe we are getting used to the wind. Let's hope for a calm beautiful day next Tuesday.

A big shout out to my step son Payton White who turns 18 tomorrow and shares a birthday with Digger Dave Nelson who is the big 50 tomorrow!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

As always this Bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Captain of the 4th place Bud Light team

Mike Franey

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