Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kasperbauer goes low.....Pick and Cuda beat over the weekend........I Club Banquet on the 15th!

Nick looks good carrying the black and gold! 

It turned out to be a good weather night for week 1 of the Carroll Country Club's Men's Supper League. Your Bud Light team came out of the gates fast on way to 8 -2 win over Graddy's Salsa. The only points for Graddy's came from a subbing Mike Schulz. Schulz scores points for the other team by beating Bud Two Troy Auen. The truth be told Schulz played well and Auen did not. Captain Mike Franey beat Mike Loehr and drained the longest putt on 18. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz blistered the back nine on his way to a low gross 33 and victory over Tomato John. Mertz also was closest to the pin on 17. Steve Sinnard beat Dr. Decay Nick Fangman. Your Bud Light team is only one point out the lead in the Phil Mickelson Divsion. 

Week 1 leaders are Carpet One who laid a 9 to 1 whooping the new Wittrock Motors team. Jon Sturm, Colin Bierl and Ed Vanderheiden beat Brock Jones, Kevin Wittrock and Travis Aye respectively. Carpet One was awarded low net team.  

Defending Champions Volquartsen Customs beat Fleggard 8 to 2. Kevin Forke led the way for the guns. 
Tony Pietig led the fleas. 

Computer Concepts installed a virus on Family Specialty Medical. Only two first night players for the meds. Cody Forch was the all star computer and also was low net. 

Mid Iowa Team beat Carroll Glass 6 to 4. A subbing John Weber was the only loser for the winners. Nick Schon led the glass cutters. Papa Joe Pick, Paul Tigges and Cuda Quandt all won. Quandt and Pick are still trying to recover from a beating on Saturday from Troy Auen and Mike Franey. 

Par cut the phone lines of Verizon Wireless as Bud Light's Steve Auen was the only winner.   

Over in the Zach Johnson division Denny Kasperbauer scorched the front nine with a 34 to put Ag Venture on top. Kasperbauer was awarded low gross, low net and shut out Trusty Mike Nelson. Ag Venture was low net team. Ag Venture shut out Fairway Frank and the Stiff Sticks. 

Carroll Cycle Center beat Budweiser 9 to 1. Tom Farner tied his match to score the only point for the King of Beers. Produce Tom Duff was the star for the hogs. 

Byronz Boyz beat Feld Security 9 to 1. Ron Bubba Badding the only winner for the alarms. Chris Giguere nailed the longest putt for the Boyz

Champion Ford tied Linde Equipment. Monument Man Loren Boyce, Wade Wilkie won for the cars. Steve Blue Herrin was the only loser and Digger Dave Nelson tied his match and was closet to the pin on 8.  

Highway 30 Car Wash waxed Community Oil despite several Chico Kanne sightings at the learning center. Car Wash Todd Pettitt was the MVP for the washes. 

Denny Kasperbauer is the Uncle Bruce player of the week. 

Don't forget about and look for details for the upcoming Member Guest Golf Weekend and the Relay for Life Outing

Carroll Area I Club Spring Banquet is May 15th in Arcadia. Hope to see you there! 

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Jerry Schroeder! 

As always "This Bud's for you and ON IOWA!"

Mike Franey

Monday, April 7, 2014

Masters pool, Last member's draw, league team signup & a new book!

Welcome to the golf season! As the temperatures warm up the greatest golf tourney begins on Thursday. A tradition like no other....The Masters!

Just a reminder about our MASTERS Dinner and FINAL Member Draw tomorrow night.  The kitchen will open at 5:30 with the MASTERS Pool starting at 7:00 and Member Draw immediately following.  We will host a Happy Hour from 5-7.

Our MASTERS Dinner Special will be a Prime Rib Sandwich, choice of side, and soup or salad for $10.95.

For the MASTERS Pool Rules, click HERE.

We hope to see you out at the Carroll Country Club tomorrow night! 

Supper league sign up was held last Tuesday night. The Golf Report met with Head Golf Pro Nick Schon on Friday to discuss the teams that have signed up for the 2014 year. Here is a look at the teams who are making the call. 

Byronz Boyz- Brian Widdle, Leon Muhlbauer, Tony Feldmann, Bob Gigure and Chris Gigure

The most mature team....Stiff Sticks - Fairway Frank Comito, Trusty Mike Nelson, Bud One Jim Auen, Larry "Doc" Sporrer and Hyvee Randy Hockom.

Mid Iowa Team - Papa Joe Pick, Produce Tom Duff, Paul Tigges, Junkyard Dog Steve "Cuda" Quandt

AgVenture - Relay for Life Co Chair Couple Brady Evans, Neal Cross, Denny Kasperbauer and Charlie Vaubel

Champion Ford-Wade Wilkie, Digger Dave Nelson, Steve Blue Herrin, Kenny the keys Payer and Monument Man Loren Boyce

Carpet One - Collin Bierl, Jon Sturm, Brad Hempstead and Easy Ed Vanderheiden

Graddy's Salsa - Tomato John Gradoville, Nick Fangman, Rick Grote, Mike Loehr and Jeff Scharfenkamp

Carroll Cycle Center - Head hog Terry Ruchti, Jamming Joe Hinners, Jay Drees, Corey Bluml and Rick Vanderheiden

He's back.....Kevin Wittrock's - Wittrock Motors -Kevin Wittrock, Travis Aye, Brock Jones, Dave Nystrom and Fire Truck Bill Schwabe

Volquartsen Custom - Nic Volquartsen, Chad Kanne, Kevin Forke, Austin Lechtenberg and off season acquisition Casket Kyle Atkinson

Family Specialty Medical Center-Aaron Pick, Chemical Dirk Glynn, Brad Pick, Ryan Milligan, Jamie North, Pete Collison and Tom Burns. Seven members should make for at least four players on Tuesday nights. 

Carroll Glass - Andy Reiman, Brad Stork, Benton Snyder and Keith Pottebaum

Verizon Wireless - Pat Macke, Waytt Haukap, Matt Lujano, Brandon Vohname and Kyle "Carl" Christianson

Greteman Chiropractic - P.J. Greteman, Clint Cummings and Rich Hartley 

Linde Equipment - Bob Linde, Bill Linde, Aaron Juergens, Ron Juergens, Jewels Mike Eckerman and Brad Woodard

Computer Concepts - Mayor Adam Schweers, Chris Staub, Chris Bogue, Greg Perkins and Cody Fouch

Hwy 30 Car Wash - Car Wash Todd Pettitt, Jeff Minnich, Randy Bierl and Curtis Stork

Community Oil - Head oil jobber Chico Kanne, Todd Kanne, Jerry Janson and Dick Muhlbauer

Budweiser - GPS Bob Pudenz, Counter top Pat Malloy, John Greteman, T Shirt Joel Harris, Tom Farner and Fred Dolezal

Your Bud Light Team - Mike Franey, Bud Two Troy Auen, Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen, Cobra Steve Sinnard and Craig Mertz

A big shout out to my sister in law Jennifer Dukes Lee. Her book "Love Idol" was released. Congratulations! #preapproved

Fairway and greens to all! 

Mike Franey

Bud Light Championship Captain
Golf consultant - Team Budweiser and Mid Iowa Team
Best selling author's brother in law