Monday, August 29, 2016

Kirby Pettitt aces his way to Bill Franey Open victory!

2016 Bill Franey Open Champion Kirby Pettitt with Tournament Director Mike Franey

Kirby Pettitt uses a hole in one on the par three second hole of the Jefferson Community Golf Course to propel him to a victory in the 11th annual Bill Franey Open Golf Tournament. Pettitt shot an seven under 65 on the first eighteen holes and led Micah Destival of Jefferson by three. The championship nine was cancelled due to some weather that moved through the Jefferson area.
Championship top four finishers
Jefferson Community Golf Course golf pro Micah Destival finished runner-up for the second consecutive year. 2010 champion Aaron Ahrendson finished 3rd followed by 2011 Champion Scott Quandt.

Other area golfers......

Championship Flight

Former Carroll resident Eric Butenbach 71
Kimmy's son Collin Hackett 72
2008 Champion Wade Pettitt 73
Birthday Boy Lonny Lehrkamp 73
Birthday Boy Lonny Lehrkamp poises with his cake and 3 randoms
Junk Yard Dog Steve Cuda Quandt 75
Produce Tom Duff 75
Justin Yetmar 76
2 time Papa Joe Champion Denny Kasperbauer 77

First Flight

1st  Paul Tigges 78
3rd..Kuemper golfer Jared Tigges 79
4th..Tator Tot Tim Gute 80 Thanks for burgers!
Former Carroll resident John Burns 80(son of Jack and Lori Burns)
Former Carroll resident The one and only John Dukes 81
Farmer Papa Joe Pick 81
Bubba Heisterkamp 82
Kuemper Schleisman 82

John Burns, Jon Lohman, Time Gute and Mike Franey

Second Flight 

Ben Badding 84
Easy Ed Vanderheiden 84
Billy Badding 85
Sheri's son Nate Mertz 85
Shane Bakke 86
Mom and Annie! Thanks Mom!
Steve Blue Herrin 86
Jeff Miller 86
Mike Franey 87

Third Flight 

Kuemper golfer Cole Collison 90
Bart "Hey Culligan Man" Baumeister 91
Bill Badding 93
John Brockelsby 96
Jim Gossett 100
Mike McDermott 100
Dick Hogan 102

Three time Craig Mertz was out of state playing golf with college roommate Greg McDermott and Jack Burns. Two time champion Mike "Jewels" Eckerman was on the aging golfers disabled list with a back ache. I do want to thank the reigning Carroll Country Club Champion on the donation of the champion's trophy. Bud Two Troy Auen was still recovering from his 50th birthday on Friday. Cobra Steve Sinnard was in Chicago for the Billy Joel concert probably with another politician.

That's it for now. Thanks for all who played in this year's 2016 Bill Franey Open!

Respectfully submitted,

Tournament Director

Mike Franey(Bill's boy)

The Kuemper Golf Team well represented
Bill, Billy and Ben Badding along with Bubba Heisterkamp! Missing Big Mike this year!