Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Still #1….Mertz & Franey Co-MVP….Cycles crash again!

Still #1….Mertz & Franey Co-MVP….Cycles crash again!

Good morning Bud Light sports fans! A soggy night at the Carroll Country Club that reduced hole 5 to a par three and hole 7 to a par four. A big thank you goes out to Jim Von Ahn and his staff for making it possible for us to play last night. This has been a tough year with all of the storm damage and rain for the grounds crew. Good job!

With just three weeks to play before the playoffs your Bud Light team is still on top of the Tiger Woods Division with a 12 point lead over Stiffsticks. Stiffsticks clobbered our friends at the Carroll Cycle Center in one of the most lopsided matches of the year 45-27. This is the second straight week that the cycles have suffered a devastating loss. Keep your heads up boys you are in 3rd place but only 4 points out of first and 1 point our of second. In the action J.B. Greenwell lost 6 to 12. Greenie did get closest to the pin on #8 and one has to wonder if he three putted for bogey. Joe Joe Hinners lost 5 to 13. Rumors have it that the golf gods were frowning upon him for playing for the Soggy Subs last week. It is surprising to this report that Hinners was beaten because report sources indicated that Hinners was on top of his game Friday night at couples league. The only conclusion is that he is more comfortable playing with his wife than the good ole doctor.
M.C. Café head chef Mark Tigges can not be criticized for losing to Frank Comito 7 to 11 as Tigges played both days in the city tourney with your Captain. There are not many people who recover quickly from that. Season MVP front runner D.A. Tony Bluml tied Neal Cross to be the only bright spot for the Cycles. Sources say that a team meeting will be call later in the week and your Captain will be the motivational guest speaker.

Week 13 2nd place team Subway dropped a spot in the standings to 3rd this week after a loss to Larry’s Automotive. Subway team captain Papa Joe Pick left the course with a hamstring injury and look for updates on his condition here on this Bud Light channel. Pick leaves for San Diego for a family wedding this week. Safe travels to the Pick family and a little time to think may help the captain prepare for what some could call the biggest speech in his life in an attempt to rally his team. Since the Soggy subs are in the same division as your Bud Light team your captain has declined requests to speak to the team. The subs had to drag Rick Bauer from the learning center. Bauer has been on the DL and it showed as he was soundly beaten by report subscriber Dr. P.J. Greteman. Tom “Duffer” Duff was the only winner for the Subs. The report would like to congratulate the Duffer on his fine play in this weekend Carroll City Tourney.

The Landlocked Seafoods club took the guns away from Volquartsen Customs 40 to 32. I am not sure that I anger that team as they make guns and know how to use them. Todd “Car Wash” Pettitt was loss gross with a 32 and tied for low net with a 30. He wond 14 to 4 Uncle Grandpa Bruce Pettitt was still tired from the City Tourney and lost 5 to 13 to Wyatt Haukap. Flying Bob Raue was beaten by Scooter Volquartsen and Mike Ebner was a winner over Tyler Bock 13 to 5.

And now the results from your league leading Bud Light team. Team sponsor Troy Auen was a little water logged from his extended stay at Lake Okoboji and took it on the chin from a hot playing Don Neary. Auen did shake the water out of his ears and make three birdies in a row to avoid a two week benching… should be fine enough. He lost 6 to 12 and was the only loser on the team. Steve “Hans” Auen was a winner 10 to 8. Your captain beat Jeff Honald 11 to 7 despite giving him a shot a hole and two shots on the #5 which they moved to a par 3. The long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz played well to win 11 to 7 to share the MVP honors with Captain Franey. Congratulations to Mertz for his play in this weekend Carroll City Tourney.

Other news making items……………

• Carroll Country Head Golf Professional and general manager Nate Pettitt mirrored his dad by having loss gross in the Tiger Woods division with a 31.
• Bud Light MVP contender Mike Schulz subbed last night and was beaten. He did record closest to the pin honors on 17. Did he three putt?

That seems like a wrap for week 14. As the sun set on the Carroll Country Club your Bud Light team is still atop of the Tiger Woods division with three weeks to go. Stiffsticks are making a charge. Make it a great week!

Fairways and greens to all!
2008 Bud Light team Captain
Captain Franey

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dave Nelson wins 2008 Papa Joe's Okoboji Classic!

Dave Nelson 68 - 66 = 134
Joe Pick 71 - 70 = 141
Tom Duff 69 - 74 = 143
Mike Eckerman 72 - 72 = 144
Craig Mertz 71 - 76 = 147
Steve Sinnard 77 - 72 = 149
Adam Pick 74 - 76 = 150
Troy Auen 78 - 72 = 150
John Gradoville 76 - 75 = 151
Bruce Pettitt 82 - 70 = 152
Mike Franey 78 - 79 = 157
Todd Bierl 78

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day One at Papa Joes's Okoboji Classic!

Day one net leaders:
Dave Nelson 68
Tom Duff 69
Joe Pick 71
Craig Mertz 71
Mike Eckerman 72
Adam Pick 74
John Gradoville 76
Steve Sinnard 77
Todd Bierl 78
Mike Franey 78
Troy Auen 78
Bruce Pettitt 82
It was a glorious day at Brooks Golf Course!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back into the Lead…..Make it three in a row for MVP Mertz…..Subway falls!

Hello Bud Light Fans,

A steamy night on the East edge of Carroll suddenly was shortened by lightning and thunderstorm warnings. Not even a thunderstorm warning issued by the National Weather Service for Carroll and Crawford counties could derail a locomotive as strong as your Bud Light team was in Week 12. Starting the night tied atop the Tiger Woods division your Bud Light team walloped Lincolnway Pharmacy as Subway was struggled with Farm Bureau Financial Services.

Your Bud Light team was lead by Week 10 and 11 MVP long time subscriber and top local amateur Craig Mertz who spanked Pat “Spanky” Volstedt 16 to 2 in the what this reporter is touting as the best victory in the 2008 Supper league to date. The off season acquisition is finally showing the talent that he was recruited for. One Supper league analyst has been quoted saying “Mertz needs to be now considered for the season MVP award.”
Driving the MVP around was team sponsor Troy Auen who was still a little numb from a conference call with InBev CEO and future Anheuser Busch CEO Carlos Brito. Auen beat Tyler Grundmeier 10 to 8.
2008 league MVP front runners Steve Sinnard and Mike Schulz played together against Curt “CK” Kirsch and Bob Brown. Sinnard handled the local builder 13 to 5 to solidify his MVP hopes against Schulz and an up and coming Mertz.
2007 Carroll Country Club President Mike Schulz was jumped by Bob Brown 11 to 7. Maybe Brown should have been playing for his sponsored team as the HOGS stunk up the course, squandered their lead away and lost 42 to 30. Captain Terry Ruchti will be come under criticism this week for the line up that he had on the link this week. MC Café’s owner Mark Tigges was the only winner on the team as Bluml, Ruchti and Drees were all losers. On course reporters found Joe Hinners winning for the Soggy Subway team. The Carroll Cycle Center and Prenger La-z-boys are tied atop the Zach Johnson division. Team Sponsor Bud One Jim Auen is a member of the Prenger La Z boys team. Bud One also survived a conference call with InBev CEO Carlos Brito.

The $5 subs drove into the Carroll Country Club tied with your Bud Light team and drove away 13 points out of the lead. Subway team captain Papa Joe Pick sat helplessly on the deck at his home on West Lake Okoboji as his team desperately needed his leadership. Pick reportedly took the night off to prepare for Wednesday’s highly anticipated match in the 2008 Papa Joe’s Okoboji Classic. Pick and 20 time City Champion Mike “Jewels” Eckerman square off against long time subscriber and top local amateur Craig Mertz and 3 time Junior City Champion Troy Auen on the fairways of Brooks Golf Course. Interim Captain Tom Duff won 10 to 8 over Tyler Dern Joe “King” Cale and Adam “little papa: Pick both had close matches. This reporter had a couple of hours to talk to Duff about the match on the way to Lake Okoboji but could not keep him focused on tonight’s action as all he wanted to do was yell to the front of the suburban to Carroll Country Club handicap chairman Troy Auen about the handicap scandal that the Duffer has concocted in his head.

Look for reports from the Papa Joe Classic in the next few days as 16 members of the Carroll Country Club contest the event at Brooks Golf Course.

As the sun sets on the Carroll Country Club your Bud Light team has a solid 13 point lead over the Soggy Subs with a half a dozen weeks to go.

The report would like welcome new subscribers Sheri “J town barbie” Mertz and Commercial Savings Bank’s newest loan officer Ryan Milligan. .

Fairways and greens to all!
Captain Franey

Week 12-Bud Light and Subway tied atop the Tiger Woods Division!

Good morning Bud Light fans!
Welcome to the new home of the Golf Report. Feel confident that this year's Bud Light team is safe from Inbev's buyout of our team's parent company. Our league fees are paid and are team assets are not a part of the deal. With the new look of the report I invite you to leave your comments and join in the fun of talking about your Bud Light team as they claim the 2008 Supper League Championship. Last week is over and with it our lead is gone too. Your captain has made changes for this week as your Bud Light team squares off against Community Oil who is in 2nd place in the Zach Johnson division just 12 points behind the Carroll Cycle Center. Making the call to the first tee tonight is the same team who beat the Soggy Subs back on July
1st. 2008 season MVP front runners Steve Sinnard and Mike Schulz along with team sponsor Troy Auen and long time subscriber and top local amateur Craig Mertz. Mertz has been on fire as of late and will try to become the week MVP for the third week in a row. Steve "Hans" Auen and your captain are both benched from tonight's action. Also tied at the top of the Tiger Woods division is Subway who play KKRL/Carroll Broadcasting tonight. The KKRL team is tied for 3rd in the Zach Johnson division with Prenger La-Z-boys. Report sources say that Subway team captain Papa Joe Pick will not be in the lineup tonight. One has to think how does a dog survive without his farmer?

Both Subway and your Bud Light team cross over into the Zach Johnson division for the remaining six weeks of the schedule. Supper league analysts have told the report that August 17, 2008 is a date of interest as the $5 Subs play Kerps on the last night of league play. For those of you that do not know Subway team sponsor Subway Mike Gute plays for Kerps and will square off against his sponsored team.
Other matchups of interest tonight include the Carroll Cycle Center crossing over to play Juergens Lawn & Landscape and Landlocked Seafood Company crossing over playing Byron's Boyz.

That's a wrap for this beautiful Tuesday morning. Look forward to all of the results along with interviews and insite of tonight's action here at the new home of the golf report. The official address of the report is

Please support your report sponsors as they are the ones who provide the financial resources needed to bring you the report.

Fairway and greens to all!
Captain Franey

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Week 11-The Lead is Gone and Long Time Subscriber & Top Local Amateur Craig Mertz is MVP

A warm but beautiful night at the Carroll Country Club last night that turned out to be a wind fall for the Subway team. The ten point lead that your Bud Light team took into last night’s action is gone. Bud Light and Subway once again tied at the top of the Tiger Woods Division.

Long time subscriber and top local amateur Craig Mertz lead the way with a 4 under par 30 to capture low gross honors. Team sponsor Troy Auen shot an even par round 34 to beat Loren Boyce. Both Mertz and Auen scored 11 points for the team.

Coming off a fishing trip in Minnesota your Captain came out a little rusty and struggled to a tie with Digger Dog Dave Nelson. Riding along side of your captain was self proclaimed 2007 MVP Steve “Hans” Auen. New subscriber Wade Wilkie took it to Hans crushing him 6 to 1. Wilkie’s subscription is now officially on probation for causing harm to the Bud Light Team. Good shooting and scrambling Wade! This report hates to kick someone when they are down but for your efforts or lack of them last night Hans is officially benched for next week’s action. Boyce Monuments scored a 37 to 35 win over your Bud Light team.

The second place Subway team let the air out of all the tires of Walsh Motors and soundly beat them 45 to 27. Captain Papa Joe Pick and Joe “King” Cale were huge winners and Duffer Duff and Cuda Quandt managed to tie their matches. King Cale was spotted chest pumping coming off hole 16 after his big win. With the lopsided win the Soggy Subs pulled into a tie with your Bud Light team at the top of the Tiger Woods Division. Report sources spotted a gray Ford Taurus with Subway on the doors yesterday in town. Apparently it was some big brass from Subway headquarters that came to Carroll to have an unannounced sit down with team sponsor Mike Gute. In an interview outside of the Pro Shop prior to last night’s action Gute told the report that things were not good and some stern words were said about the status of the golf team. Gute went on to say that the team needed to have a big night or face corporate punishment. Well Mr. Gute your team responded nicely and there are all smiles in Subway land today.

Boyce Monuments and Bud Light were both the low net team last night.

Other news making items……………….

1. Tom Duffer Duff was reported to be whining to the head golf professional about the handicap of last week’s Bud Light star Mike Schulz. As you remember that Schulz ran off 4 birdies in a row on his way to a beating of Subway team captain Papa Joe Pick.

2. Flying Bob Raue was up by 3 over new subscriber John Gradoville and lost.

3. The Carroll Cycle suffered a rare loss last night at the hands of Community Oil 39 to 33 but still maintain a 12 point lead in the Zach Johnson division

4. Landlocked Seafoods won their cross over match with CCSB 37 to 35 but were bumped out of 3rd by Stiffsticks.

That is it for Week 11!

The report would like to welcome new subscribers John Grady Gradoville and his Homegrown tomatoes, the organized one Rosanne Nees, Carroll Country Club General Manager and head golf professional Nate Pettitt and Sonia Walsh.

Fairways and greens to all!

Captain Franey

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Report for Week 10

Good morning report subscribers!

Well I come to you from the banks of Mule Lake Minnesota where we just finished an all night party in celebration of the YOUR Bud Light Team’s victory in the Beer and Sub Bash over a fine Subway team. In the words of the greatest sportscaster and mentor to this reporter…..Jim Zabel…….I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!

The night started with YOUR Bud Light team and the Soggy Subs tied atop the Tiger Woods division and ended with YOUR Bud Light team having a comfortable 10 point lead.
As reported yesterday the wild card of the match would be 2007 Carroll Country Club President and Week 8 MVP Mike Schulz. Schulz turned out to be more than the wild card as he was the show stopper by running off a string of four birdies on his way to what this reporter is calling the upset match of the year beating none other than Subway’s team Captain Papa Joe Pick. On course reporters found Papa Joe talking to himself several times during the match. Subway’s Captain did take that high road and agreed to an interview with this reporter via cell phone. He commended Schulz’s play and congratulated the Bud Light team on the strong showing. For his efforts Schulz is your Week 10 MVP and is making a strong case for your 2008 season MVP. The report would like to congratulate the former President on his dominant performance. It does need to be noted that Schulz recently returned from a fishing trip in Minnesota. One would have to think what is in store for your Captain next week after returning from his own fishing trip.
Also in the pairing was team sponsor Troy Auen who had to fend off a pesky old dog. Auen ended up all square with Steve “Cuda” Quandt.

The other main event pairing involved 2008 MVP front runner Steve Sinnard. After losing his first match of the year last week Sinnard seemed to be a little uneasy at the start. A report sent to your Captain from’s aerial coverage after three holes read “Oh no Sinnard still in Week 9 rut….three down after three.” was one of the major networks allowed into the no fly zone by Team Bud Light’s aviation expert Flying Bob Raue. Things would soon change as Sinnard mounted what this reporter is calling the come back of the year against Tom “Duffer” Duff to win the match over Hy-vee’s Produce Manager. There will not be a smile in every isle at Hy-Vee tomorrow!

Finally what Supper League analysts were waiting for came true last night and showed just how good a move your Captain made in securing the rights to long time subscriber and top local amateur Craig Mertz. You got it he won and toppled a King all in the same night! His low scores of recent weeks continued as he shot a two under par round with a double bogey. Sources estimate that he may have earned his way back to the financial break even point for the year. Details of the off season deal of course were not disclosed but with his win in the Beer and Sub Bash and the lucrative rental fees paid by Miller Lite for his services his stock has moved from the liability side of the Bud Light balance sheet to the asset side.

The report would like to welcome new subscribers 2008 Relay for Life Co-chair Dr. P.J. Greteman, Wade Wilkie, Jacque Masching and Pat Macke.

In the words of our fine sponsor “This Bud’s for You”

Fairways and greens to all!
Captain Franey
2008 Bud Light Golf Team