Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thanks for the laughs Tony....Kuemper boys win it all........Schulz benched.........Battle of the beers tonight!

On Sunday we lost a friend who always had a joke for us that gave us so many times of laughter. I vividly remember watching the 9-11 tragedy with Tony at
628 N. Main(the old Hyvee building) where we both had offices. We had a lot of fun times in that old office building. It is hard to think that he will not be on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club any longer. I challenge everyone to keep laughing in memory of D.A. Tony Bluml! Thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Linda and sons Chad and Corey.

Congratulations to the State Champion Kuemper boys golf team. Best of luck to the Kuemper Girls Golf team today in the quest for a State Championship.

The Memorial Day scramble at the Carroll Country Club was a gusty affair. Congratulations to Mike Franey, Lynda Dukes Franey, Kristy McDermott and Jon Hoffert for claiming the championship by a half a point over the Dream Team, Craig and Sheri Mertz and Steve and Keeley Sinnard. Papa Joe Pick collected the longest drive on hole #7. Pick proudly walked up and hit is drives all day from the Gold tees.

Tonight your Bud Light team will tee off the 13 tee against the newly formed King of Beers team. Bud Two Troy Auen, Captain Mike Franey, Bud Three Steve Auen and Steve Sinnard will make the call. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and Mike Schulz will be sitting out for this weeks action.

Look for all of the results tomorrow!

As always this this Bud's for you and ON IOWA

Championship Captain

Mike Franey

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bud Light falls AGAIN……..Stiff Sticks win big……..Grievance filed...Cycles fall!

Former New York Mets coach Casey Stengel said it best “ The next sound you will hear is us dropping into the cellar” After week 4 your Bud Light team sits just 2 points out of the bottom spot of the Zach Johnson Division.
Your Bud Light team was embarrassed by league leading Olsen Muhlbauer 40 to 32. Bud Two Troy Auen was the only winner 12 to 6 over Tiger Tom Simons. Jair Mayhall improved during the round to beat Mike Schulz. After the match Schulz filed a formal grievance against Bud Two for on course coaching of Mayhall which enabled him to beat Schulz. Schulz is demanding Auen receive a deduction in the MVP standings. Schulz’s counsel Robert Kelly was unavailable for comment. Official supper league documents show that Schulz shot 44 in his dismal attempt to beat Mayhall. Mayhall nailed closet to the pin after the Auen lesson. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz was beaten by Ron “Bubba” Badding 13 to 5. It is not how many holes you play in a week but it just comes down to how many holes you can win and Mertz is not winning many holes right now. Another complaint was fielded at Bud Light headquarters this morning which alleged slow play by the Mertz and Steve Sinnard group. Sinnard in his 11 to 7 loss to Jeff Greteman lost two balls and hit another over the railroad tracks. For his efforts Sinnard shot 44. Your Bud Light team will look to get their first win next week against sister team Budweiser in the battle of the beers!
Budweiser was upset by Bud One Jim Auen’s La-z-boys 40 to 32. Season MVP leader John Greteman was schooled by Larry Sporrer. Bud One beat a scrappy Irishman Pat Malloy 11 to 7 even though Malloy won longest putt for the evening. I can only guess the putt was for bogey. Joel Harris and Fred Dolezal were the only winners for King of Beers. Budweiser falls to 3rd 7 points out of the lead.
Defending Champions Macke Motors fell again to Hawkeye Commodity Brokers 34 to 38. Papa Joe Classic Champion Jeff Minnich and Captain Randy Bierl were winners for the Motors. Former Carroll Country Club Champion Tom Farner was beaten soundly by Monument Man Loren Boyce. Wade Wilkie beat Car Wash Todd Pettitt.

In other Zach Johnson division action:
• The gunners of Volquartsen killed Windstar and scored low net team. Nic Volquarsten the MVP beating John Horbach
• Stiff Sticks scored 50 on Templeton Rye. Neal Cross the big winner for the sticks. Mike Nelson was low gross and net.
• Greteman Chiropractic and Commercial Savings Bank battled to a tie

Phil Mickelson Division week 4 action:
• The oil jobbers of Community Oil lost to the Par. Dick Muhlbauer led the team. Chico Kanne took it on the chin. .
• Papa Joe Pick trounced Dr. Dave Nystrom 13 to 5 to lead the Soggy Subs to a 38 to 34 victory over the Sharp Funeral Home. Junkyard Dog Steve “Cuda” Quandt was the only loser for the subs.
• Graddy’s Salsa clipped Juergen’s 44 to 28. Carroll County State Bank head man Jeff Scharfenkamp the big winner for the tomatoes. Big congratulations to Pete and Shelly Juergens on the birth of a bouncing baby boy.
• Pizza Ranch beat Kasperbauer Cleaners 40 to 32.
• The Carroll Cycle Center lost a close one 38 to 34 to Utilicomm. Chad Kanne led the way for the cable guys. Terry Ruchti the only winner for the cycles.
• League leading Byron’s Boyz keep up their winning ways with a 38 to 34 win over Carroll Glass. Scott Monical the MVP for the Boyz.
• Papa Joe Pick, Produce Tom Duff and Wyatt Haukap shared low gross with 36
• Brian Badding and Michael Kasperbauer shared low net with 30
• Schott Schon nailed the longest putt.
For all of the standing through week 4 click here

That is a wrap! Save the Date....Tuesday, May 31st the first ever meeting of same franchise owned teams in Supper league history....Your Bud Light team vs Budweiser! It should be a great night filled with free beer, horses and the Budweiser blimp. It will be the start of the come back for YOUR Bud Light team.

As always This Bud's For you and ON IOWA!

Bud Light Captain Mike Franey

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 4 schedule.......Happy Birthday Payton and Dave.......Congrats Kuemper girls and boys golf teams!

Week 4 features the new team, Budweiser, teeing it up against their sponsor Bud One Jim Auen’s La-z-boys. Week 1, 2, and 3 MVP John Greteman will lead the team. The La-z-boys and your Bud Light team tied last week which was a huge moral victory for the two time champions. Your Bud Light team tries to audit the accountant team of Olsen Muhlbauer. Making the call to the first tee for your Bud Light Team will be Bud Two Troy Auen, Steve Sinnard, Week 3 MVP Mike Schulz and long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz. Bud Three Steve “Hans” Auen is benched and Captain Mike Franey is off.

Other week 4 match ups in the Zach Johnson division:

• Defending Champions Macke Motors look to rebound against Hawkeye Commodity Brokers.
• The buses of Windstar look to cool the guns of Volquartsen Customs.
• Templeton Rye takes on Frank Comito and the Stiff Sticks. The Sticks are in the lowest position in team history.
• Greteman Chiropractic looks to adjust the interest rates of Commercial Savings Bank.

League leading Byron’s Boyz look to break some Carroll Glass. Papa Joe and the soggy subs play Sharp Funeral Home.

Other week 4 match ups in the Phil Mickelson division:

• Chico Kanne and the oil jobbers take on the par.
• Juergen’s Lawn and Landscape look to mow over some of the Grady’s Salsa tomato plants.
• Pizza Ranch plan to take Kasperbauer’s to the cleaners.
• The one and only Carroll Cycle Center takes on Utilicomm

Happy 17th Birthday Payton White!

Happy 49th Birthday Digger Dave Nelson!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goodbye Miller Lite……welcome Jarad Wolfe……Defending champions clobbered and Schulz week 3 MVP!

In a brokered deal by Captain Mike Franey one of the Carroll Country Club’s most respected teams have accepted a friendly take over from Ike Auen Distributing’s CEO, President and head beer truck driver Bud One Jim Auen to officially change the team name from Miller Lite to Budweiser. Budweiser becomes a sister team to two time men’s supper league champion Bud Light. What a great equity position for Auen Distributing as their new team sits atop of the Zach Johnson division with a one point lead over Olsen Muhlbauer and Windstar. The King of Beers last night beat up on Templeton Rye on the wings of Fred Dolezal and John Greteman. In an official interview last evening Bud One Jim Auen said “it is a great acquisition for our company and I am hoping that the two teams can work together and rise to the top.” It is always great to hear encouraging optimistic words from your sponsor and by the way things are going Auen Distributing will have one team on top and another team on the bottom of the standings.

Your Bud Light team tied Bud One’s La-z-boys last night as Rick Kasperbauer waxed Bud Three Steve “Hans” Auen 13 to 5. Bud Two Troy Auen beat Templeton Savings Bank’s Doc Sporrer despite Sporrer running in a birdie putt from off the green on the 12th hole. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz beat a scrappy Bud One Jim Auen 10 to 8. Mike Schulz was the week 3 MVP with an 11 to 7 win over Tomato John Gradoville. Tomato John has increased his sponsorship this year and is now a birdie sponsor. The tie leaves your Bud Light team just 12 points out of the cellar in the Zach Johnson division. Your Bud Light team continues to struggle and measures for improvement are being discussed.

In other action:

• Hawkeye Commodity Brokers topped Stiff Sticks with Monument Man Loren Boyce beating Fairway Frank Comito and new member Ken Payer beating Neal Cross.
• Volquartsen Custom performed a beat down on Greteman Chiropractic 45 to 27. Keith Pottebaum the star for the guns.
• Defending champions Macke Motors dropped a cylinder with a 47 to 25 loss to the bankers of Commercial Savings Bank. Ryan Milligan was the star beating Papa Joe Classic champion Jeff Minnich. The father in law Captain Randy Bierl beat son in law Aaron Pick.
• Tony Pietig was low gross, Ryan Milligan was low net, Volquartsen Custom was low net team, P.J. Greteman scored closet to the pin and Keith Pottebaum nailed the longest putt.
In action in the Phil Mickelson division Juergen’s beat the Sharp Funeral Home 42 to 30.
• The head oil jobber Chico Kanne helped his team to an upset win over 1st place Byron’s Boyz 37 to 35. Todd Kanne also a winner. Good to see Dierk Halverson back in action and out of the field.

Papa Joe and the Soggy Subs lost a close one to par. The on course reporter noticed Spanky and Duffer taking it to the Farmer and the Dog.
• The Carroll Cycle Center suffered a flat tire by running over some Carroll Glass in a 40 to 32 loss. Dr. J. B. Greenwell lost to Brad Stork and M.C.’s Country CafĂ©’s head chef Mark Tigges lost to Andy Reiman. Stop by M.C.’s and try their 8 egg omelet with hash browns. Eat it all and win a shirt. Tell Mark that I sent you!

Kim's son Collin Hackett was low gross, Todd Bierl, Michael Kasperbauer, Joe Hinners, Terry Ruchti and Glenn Badding all tied for low net, Carroll Glass was low net team and Brad Stork was closet to the pin.

Check out all of the standing here!

Some other housekeeping items……………..

Welcome to Jarad Wolfe our new clubhouse manager. Jarad brings a wealth of experience having worked at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse for 9 years and Prairie Meadows. Glad to have you Jarad.
Welcome to new member Ken Payer and wife Sara. Ken is the owner of Champion Ford.
For the first time in the history of golf Bud One Jim Auen is carrying a lower handicap than nephew Bud Two Troy Auen. As Nick Auen puts it “Jim sure hits it straight but he just does not hit it very far.”
Congratulations to the Kuemper girl’s golf team for advancing to regionals by winning the class 2A district title. Congratulations to the Carroll High girls as well advancing on to regionals.
Congratulations to head coach Matt Lujano and the Carroll Merchants for winning the American Legion state championship! Great job!

That is a week 3 wrap. Look for more exciting men's league action next week. As always "This Bud's For You" and ON IOWA!

Championship Captain
Mike Franey

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bud Light stumbling....Congrats Wyatt and Lindsey..Happy Birthday Papa Joe and Keeley!

Congratulations Wyatt and Lindsey!

Welcome back to the golf season! I have had many emails, phone calls, texts and personal visits concerning the status of the golf report. The anticipation of a new golf season has met a huge dose of reality. All of the off season training seems to have been misplaced as after two weeks your Bud Light team is solidly lodged in
8th place. To say that your Bud Light has stumbled out of the gate is an understatement BUT the good news is the road to the championship is mapped out and clear.

Week 1 saw the Windstar buses smash the beer cans. Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen, Captain Mike Franey and Security Mike Sculz all tied. long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz was beaten by Tony Pietig despite shooting even par. It just goes to show you supper league is about winning points not just about smashing your drive down the middle of the fairway, knocking it on the green and putting it in for par Mr. Mertz. I am sure that the long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer will recover from this and provide leadership that can only come from the eldest member of your Bud Light team.

To recap week one it was not about who showed up but all of the golfers that did not!

I was confident that after getting kicked below the belt line in week one that your Bud Light team was going to rebound. I WAS WRONG! In week 2 your Bud Light team suffered blunt force trauma to the head at the hands of the 2010 Men's supper league champions Macke Motors. I am not going to sugar coat this one it was not pretty! Bud Two Troy Auen was beaten by Captain Randy Bierl, long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz was beaten by Car wash Todd Pettitt and Steve Sinnard was beaten by Flying Bob Raue. The only bright spot was Mike Schulz who beat Papa Joe Classic Champion Jeff Minnich.

Todd Pettitt was low gross in the Zach Johnson division, Mike Schulz was closet to the pin on #8 and a subbing Mike Franey won longest putt honors on #9.

Over in the Phil Mickelson division Carroll Country Club President Kyle Atkinson was loss gross and the Grady's Salsa team was low net team. I love that salsa!
Week 2 was still marred with missing golfers! Click here for the standings after two weeks!

Week 3 finds your Bud Light team taking on the last place La-z-boys who have struggled to field a team the first two weeks. Look for complete coverage of week 3 tomorrow!

In other events................

Congratulations to the newest graduate of the University of Iowa...Pete Nelson!

Happy Birthday yesterday Papa Joe and Keeley!

That is a wrap for today! Enjoy the day and as always This Bud's for You and ON IOWA!

Captain Mike Franey