Friday, May 28, 2010

Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

This Monday is more than just a day off it is the day that we honor those who have died in our nation's service. It is for those who have fought for the freedoms that we enjoy.

Take time this weekend to spend with family and friends! Wishing each and everyone of you a safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bierl Boys dominate your Bud Light team, Sinnard is your week 5 MVP, La-Z-boys and Macke Motors win big, no change at the top!

The best the new shirts could do in their debut was a 36 to 36 tie with Elin's 9-irons. Todd Bierl dominated Bud Two Troy Auen in a lopsided match 13 to 6. Bierl shot his lowest round in years including a chip in on #14 and was awarded the low net honors with a 27. Bierl looks to be a first class contender in July's Papa Joe Classic. Colin Bierl joined the fun with his dad by erasing a three hole Mike Schulz lead and tying the match 9 to 9. Schulz and Auen both had balls in the water on the par 5 #14 signature hole. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz shot a one over 35 to beat Carroll Country Club head golf professional and general manager Nick Schon. Schon folded under the Mertz pressure and sliced one 25 rows into the corn field on #14. Your week 5 MVP and still the front runner in the 2010 Bud Light golfer of the year race is Steve Sinnard who took care of business against Neal Cross 12 to 6. Sinnard was awarded the low gross honors along with Sharp Funeral Home's Kyle Atkinson with a one under 33 on the back nine. Cross and Schon subbed for Dr. Mike Soppe and John Wagner. Thanks for that one boys!

Overall a tie leaves your Bud Light team still in 4th place with 13 weeks remaining. The gap to 3rd was narrowed down to just 3 behind Pizza Ranch thanks to Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks. A benched Captain Mike Franey did some on course reporting last night and will return to action next week along with Steve "Hans" Auen.

The top spot in the Zach Johnson division did not change as Sharp Funeral Home successfully defended its spot on the top perch with a 40 to 32 win over Templeton Rye. Kyle Atkinson was the MVP with a 14 to 4 beat down of John Nepple. The second place bank vault attendees of Carroll County State Bank made up one point on the top spot with a 41 to 31 rattling of Carroll Cycle Center. Nick Fangman was the MVP with a 13 to 5 whooping of Dr. J.B. Greenwell. The Terry Ruchti - Tomato John Gradoville and Jay Drees - Jeff Scharfenkamp matches both ended in a draw.

Without the services of Bud One Jim Auen the La-z-boys scored a big win over Templeton Savings Bank and recorded low net team honors. In a battle of Templeton Savings Bank executives Doc Sporrer was the big winner for the La-z-boys beating John Horbach 13 to 5. Louie Prenger and Rick Kasperbauer also scored wins completing the 44 to 28 victory. Byron's Boyz are on a three week winning streak upsetting Hawkeye Commodity Brokers 38 to 34. Leon Muhlbauer the MVP for the Boyz beating head trader Sean O'Leary. The gunners of Volquartsen Customs became only the second team to beat par and scored the largest margin of victory against par this year 40 to 32.
Over in the Phil Mickelson division Papa Joe's Soggy Subs ended a one week win streak by losing to Utilicomm. With their loss the Subs relinquished the 2nd spot to Carroll Glass. The Papa Joe and Pat Macke match ended in a tie. This reporter witnessed the Papa chip in on #7. It was a tough hole for Macke who flew his golfing ball into the pine just south of the bunker. Upon investigation the ball was found resting on a branch. Your publisher was covering the hole and took the shot for the report. Upon further review the ball was inspected to find a very nice message from Lauren and Grant to their Daddy! "We love you Daddy! Kids do not care if you had to take a drop. Steve "Cuda" Quandt was beaten by Head gunman Scott Volquartsen, Pat "Spanky" Vollstedt and Bill Badding tied their match. Happy Anniversary to the Vollstedts. A horse Tom "Duffer" Duff took it on the chin from the head cable guy Chad Kanne. Just too much California for Duff.

The divionsal front runners Windstar bounced back after last weeks loss to beat Larry's Automotive 40 to 32. The buses maintain their spot at the top and extended their lead by 1 over Carroll Glass. Tiger Tom Simons was the MVP for the buses beating Dr. P.J. Greteman. Bob Muhlbauer was aslo a winner in the victory

In reclaiming the 2nd spot the glass men of Carroll Glass took care of Chico Kanne's oil jobbers 42 to 30. Jefferson Iowa native Tristan Brown was the MVP for Carroll Glass with a 13 to 5 beating of the head oil man himself. Brad Stork was a winner as well over Todd Kanne. The Benet Snyder - Dierk Halverson and Andy Reiman - Dick Muhlbauer matches turned out all square.
Fourth place Linde Equipment won a close one over Miller Lite. Fred Dolezal and John Greteman scored victories for the Lite beers over Bob Linde and Aaron Juergens respectively. Bill Linde was the MVP for the equipment dealers win a gigantic win over Joel Harris. News releases obtained by your publisher state that Harris has been sent to the Miller Lite farm club at the Carroll Muny.

Macke Motors were the top point getters in the Phil Mickelson division beating Kasperbauer Cleaners 44 to 28 and are in a 3rd place tie with the moldy subs and Linde Equipment. Captain Carpet Randy Bierl was the big winner for the motors. Bierl has not been in action for a few weeks and it looks like the rest has paid off. Car Wash Todd Pettitt and Flying Bob Raue were also winners and Hyvee store director Joel Flug tied his match. Car Wash was awarded the low gross honors with a sizzling 3 under 34 on the front nine and Captain Carpet was awarded low net for his efforts.
Commercial Savings Bank completed a three week winning streak with a 39 to 33 win over Badding Construction. Dirk Glynn was the MVP for the bank team with a big win. Out of respect for your Bud Light team Glynn bought pizza for the team after the week 5 action. Thanks Mr. Glynn. Glenn Badding has closest to the pin on #17

That is a wrap for week 5 with your Bud Light team still focused on their championship goals. Have a great week and a very safe Memorial Day Weekend!

As always this Bud's for you and On Iowa.

2008 and 2009 Championship Captain

Mike Franey

Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 5 matchups, Sinnard back from Disney, On to State for Carroll High and Kuemper girls and boys!

Week 5 of the Carroll Country Club men's league begins with the return of the 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Steve Sinnard. This night has also been chosen as the night your Bud Light team unveils their new golf shirts for 2010. I am sure that there will be a few comments on the new good looking team shirts.

Your Bud Light team starts the night in 4th place just 7 points behind Pizza Ranch looking to shift the season into second gear and make a run to the top of the Zach Johnson. The week 5 opponent is Judge Eric Neu's Elin's 9-irons. Making the call to the 15th tee for your defending champions will be 2008 Bud Light golfer of the year Mike Schulz. Schulz shot 78 on Saturday in a hurricane to propel himself and your Captain to a gigantic victory over Fred Dolezal and Pat Malloy. Schulz has settled his off course activities, fired counsel Bob Kelly and is ready to make a difference in the championship run. After a well deserved week at Disney World 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Steve Sinnard will return to action. Sinnard was visibly distraught last Tuesday night after word of your Bud Light team's loss to Templeton Savings Bank. Bud Two Troy has answered the call to the tee for week 5 and will be using a sponsor exemption to make the line up. The final spot in the line up will be filled by long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz who has been on a tear of late looks to continue his blistering pace.

Steve "Hans" Auen and your Captain Mike Franey will be resting tonight for the back to back champions.

Other Zach Johnson division match ups are:

  • Off their big victory against par Byron's Boyz look to top Hawkeye Commodity Brokers. The Brokers are hot as well after their week 4 thumping of Bud One Jim Auen's La-z-boys.

  • Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks take on 3rd place Pizza Ranch. The ranchers are on a two week skid after big wins in week 1 and 2.

  • The money launderers of Templeton Savings Bank are riding high after their win over your Bud Light team and are poised to take advantage of a beaten up La-Z-boy team. This reporter wonders if Bud One Jim Auen will be in the lineup tonight.

  • After a big win over Pizza Ranch Captain Terry Ruchti's Carroll Cycle Center take on one of the hottest teams in the division in Carroll County State Bank. Tomato John Gradoville is still recovering from sore arms due to the excessive number of frozen margaritas that were served at Liz' graduation party on Sunday. The Cycles will have their hands full as the banker team are 3 -1 on the year. This reporter's prediction is that M.C. Country Cafe Head Chef Mark Tigges will be the MVP. Tigges carried Papa Joe's Subway team to victory last week.

  • League leading Sharp Funeral Home looks to stay off the rye long enough to take care of business against Templeton Rye. The funeral home team has been without their leader for a few weeks. One has to wonder if Kyle Atkinson will pull his Iowa Hawkeye license plates into the parking lot on week 5.

  • The gunners of Volquartsen Customs try to shoot down the par. The gun man are coming off a solid win over the Stiff Sticks.

Lots of big movers last week in the Phil Mickelson division as Macke Motors and Subway led the way. The match ups for week 5 are:

  • Chico Kanne's oil spills take on Carroll Glass who are still licking their wounds from their glass shattering week 4. This reported scored some scoop on the oil jobbers.

  • Papa Joe's Subway team look to continue their winning ways against Utilicom. I wonder what substitute will save the day for the Soggy Subs this week!

  • Linde Equipment take on Miller Lite. The other Lite beers are in reverse and need a win in the worst way.

  • Macke Motors have a date with Kasperbauer Cleaners in week 5. The motors were the high scorers last week and look to have their sights set on the top.

  • Top seed Windstar looks to change the oil of Larry's Automotive.

  • In a battle of long standing Carroll businesses Commercial Savings Bank take on Badding Construction.

    Other news worthy items........

  • Happy Birthday on Monday to my step son Payton White who turned the big 16!

  • A big congratulations to the Carroll High and Carroll Kuemper girls golf teams for qualifying for state on Monday. Way to go girls!

  • Congratulations to the Carroll Kuemper boys who qualified for State on Friday.

  • The Carroll High Boys lost a close one missing state by just one stroke. Good luck to Carroll High sophomore Brad Christiansen as he made it to state as an individual.

That is all that I have. Good luck to all the teams in week 5.

As always This Bud's For you and On Iowa!

2008 and 2009 Bud Light Championship Captain

Mike Franey

Friday, May 21, 2010

This is why Carroll is Carroll!

On Wednesday night when I picked up my Daily Times Herald newspaper my eyes were drawn to Jeff Storjohann's photo of Carroll Fire Department's Tower 8 supporting the American flag outside Holy Spirit Catholic Church. Butch Heman's story about the visitation and funeral mass for nurse and paramedic Sheryl Stoolman made me feel like I was there. I did not really know Sheryl but I wish I had. This story has stuck with me since I first read it almost three days ago. I asked myself why has this story had such an impact on me. I have always said that Carroll is Carroll because of the people who live here and that there is the answer to my question!

In the words of her EMS colleagues “Final page for Medic 862. Gone but not forgotten.”

If you did not have a chance to read the article here is a link.

Mike Franey

Proud to live in Carroll, Iowa!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh No......The Subs win big........Cycles and Motors prevail!

On November 7, 2009 when Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi was taken to the Iowa locker room after being drilled by Northwestern's Corey Wootton in the end zone head coach Captain Kirk Ferentz never let his team get their heads down. Instead he propelled his team to an unforgettable Orange Bowl victory to validate another strong Iowa Hawkeye football season. As your Bud Light team captain it is time to rally the troops and shift into second gear keeping our eyes focused on the true prize........a three peat Men's League Championship.

Week 4 started with your Bud Light team in 5th place and closes with your Bud Light team in 4th place despite a sputtering high powered offense. Templeton Savings recorded their first win of the season last night beating your Bud Light team 39 to 33. A pitiful performance by your Captain Mike Franey led to a 11 to 7 loss to John Horbach. The ten over par round on the front nine included a ball over the road to Willey and a gunch shot into the pond in front of #2. The news was not much better from the driver's seat of the blue E-Z-Go golf cart that carried your Captain around as Bud Three Hans Auen ballooned to a 48 on the front nine and losing a close one to Windstar's head tour guide Scott Greteman 10 to 8. In the second group Bud Two Troy Auen continued his losing skid with a 10 to 8 loss to John Feld. Your Bud Light's team shining star was long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz as he continued his blistering of the Carroll Country Club with a two under 35 and a 10 to 8 win over Eastside Shell's head money counter Tony Pietig. Mertz was honored with his 2nd straight low gross award.

All in all it was a beautiful night on the fairways and greens of the CCC and the future is bright for your Bud Light team. Your Bud Light team plays the three teams above them in consecutive weeks starting with week 10 and ending with week 12. June will prove to be a great month for your Bud Light team as they will also silence the motors of the Carroll Cycle Center on June 8th! 2009 Bud Light MVP Steve Sinnard was captured on a Disney web cam chocking Mickey Mouse and screaming "Can't they win any points without me." Sinnard leads the 2010 Bud Light MVP race over your Captain by .67.

Other news from the Zach Johnson division.

  • Sharp Funeral Home extended their lead to 6 over CCSB by beating Elin's 9-iron's 47 to 25. Computer Guy Adam Schweers was the star for the funeral guys with a 14 to 4 beating of Colin Bierl. Schweers also won low net honors.

  • CCSB kept pace by beating Templeton Rye 42 to 30 and taking home the low net team honors for the second straight week. Don Neary and Tomato John Gradoville led the team with 13 to 5 wins. Tomato beat Carroll Country Club head golf professional and general manager Nick Schon as Schon continued his Men's league losing streak.

  • 3rd place Pizza Ranch took it on the chin losing to the Carroll Cycle Center 40 to 32. The Cycles are on a two week winning streak. Captain Terry Ruchti was the leader with a 12 to 6 win over R.T. Schreck's son in law Scott Schon. Jamming Joe Hinners and Jay Drees were both winner as well. The Cycles were sitting just inside the West doors of the clubhouse wearing their Iowa DOT orange shirts grinning from ear to ear as the good winners that they are. Get rested up for June 8th boys!

  • It was like the old shootout at the O.K. Corral as the gun man of Volquartsen Customs ended a two week losing streak executing Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks 42 to 30. No winners for the sticks leaving Captain Comito scratching his head about his team. Westside State Savings Bank's head janitor Matt Lujano and Wyatt Haukap had good nights for the gunners.

  • Hawkeye Commodity Brokers beat the La-z-boys 40 to 32. Back to Back Papa Joe Classic Champion Digger Dave Nelson was the MVP for the brokers with a 12 to 6 win over the head La-z-boy Louie Prenger. Bud One Jim Auen was not in the lineup for the boys. According to unidentified report sources Bud One was meeting with officials from the Missouri Valley Conference urging them to accept the Cyclones into their conference. Reserve your tickets now for the September 25th homecoming game at Jack Trice Stadium against Western Illinois.

  • Byron's Boyz successfully became the first team in Men's league history to beat the par last night 37 to 35. Thata Boyz!

Now the news from the Phil Mickelson division.

  • Congratulations to Subway for a huge win last night. The Subs are moving up the division and now are in 2nd place 7 points behind the buses of Windstar. The Subs beat Carroll Glass 47 to 25. Carroll Cycle Center's Mark Tigges led the Subs with a 13 to 5 win over Tristan Brown. Papa Joe Pick beat Benet Snyder 13 to 6. See Papa there is still life after 60! Steve "Cuda" Quandt and Tom "Duffer" Duff were also winners 11 to 7. The Subs are currently one of the hottest teams in the Phil Mickelson division.

  • The other hot team in the division is Macke Motors who improved their performance with twenty gallons of STP Fuel & Oil Additives. The motors clobbered Larry's Automotive 49 to 23 to go from 11th to 6th place. Car Wash Todd Pettitt was the MVP and low gross with a 15 to 3 beating of Larry Olberding. Joel Flug returned to action after surgery with a 13 to 5 win over Dr. P.J. Greteman. Flying Bob Raue and the benched 2008 Bud Light MVP Mike Schulz were also winners for the Motors. It looks like a race to the top for motors and the subs.

  • Commercial Savings Bank won again upsetting 1st place Windstar 39 to 33. Chris Knerl led the bankers with a 14 to 4 beat down of the head bus driver himself Jeff Greteman. Papa Joe's oldest Aaron tied Bubba Badding. Bob Muhlbauer was the only winner for the buses beating Circulation man Tom Burns 11 to 7.

  • The other beer even won last night 37 to 35 over Kasperbauer Cleaners. GPS Bob Pudenz the MVP for Miller Lite with a 13 to 7 win over Nick Knute. Fred Dolezal beat Ben Mosher 10 to 8.

  • The oil jobbers of Community Oil took care of the builders of Badding Construction 42 to 30. Dick Muhlbauer the MVP with a 12 to 6 win over the Badding head bid man and new report subscriber Nick Badding. Todd Kanne confirmed the fact that he is over handicaped by shooting a two over par 36 with a ball out of bounds. He was awarded the low net along with Flying Bob Raue. Can you say Presidential Conspiracy? Dirk Halverson returned to win again for the oil spillers.

That is a wrap for week 4! Have a great week.

As always this Bud's for you and ON IOWA!

2008 and 2009 Men's league championship captain

Mike Franey

Here are the schudules for both divisions......

Phil Mickelson Division

Zach Johnson Division

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week 4 line ups.....congrats to Carroll High and Kuemper Girls golf teams.......Schulz riding the pine!

Some times in the world of journalism days fly by when you are out chasing a scoop so I apologize for a short report.

Week 4 will start with 2008 Bud Light golfer of the year Mike Schulz on the bench and subbing for Macke Motors. Sources close to the situation state that Car Wash Todd Pettitt has petitioned the Men's League commissioner to grant daughters Sara and Kristin men's league playing privileges to avoid the motors plunge to the bottom. It is not clear who the motors play as the schedule does not have them listed to play in week 4. No respect.

Your Bud Light team tees off the fourth and fifth holes looking to lower the interest rates of Templeton Savings Bank. Making the call to the 4th or 5th tee will be Steve "Hans" Auen, long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz, Bud Two Troy Auen and your Captain Mike Franey. Steve Sinnard is enjoying his complimentary trip to Disney World for winning the 2009 Bud Light MVP award.

This report would like to apologize to Papa Joe Pick since he did win a match in week 2 against Todd Kanne and does not currently have a 3 loss street. Good luck to Papa Joe and the JYD as they play Carroll Glass tonight. Did everyone hear that he had a birthday on Sunday?

That is your short preview for week 4 . Look for a wrap up report tomorrow. Good luck to all

2008 and 2009 Men's League Championship Captain
Mike Franey

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy 60th Birthday Papa Joe!

It all started in 1950 when a Papa Joe was born. Some of his last words on Tuesday to me before leaving the Carroll Country Club were "I better not see anything about my birthday on the blog tomorrow." Well Papa I listened and did not put anything in Wednesday's blog but you never said anything about Friday's edition.

Without a doubt he is the undisputed most talked about person, thing or topic on this blog. Whenever yours truly gets the proverbial writer's block I always think to myself what can I say about the Papa!

He has a pedigree similar to a championship crowned toy poodle. He is a past champion of the Al Hoy Memorial Golf Tournament(now the Bill Franey Open) on the fairways and greens of the Raccoon Bend Golf Course just south of Jefferson. He is a Carroll Senior City Champion and the only thing that he is missing is to win his own Papa Joe Classic. As the tournament director of that great classic I am saddened to say we are not adding a Senior division. He is a great host though!
It is a common sight on Tuesday nights to see him riding around with the one and only Junkyard Dog. They certainly are the dynamic duo forging forward attempting to prevent the Soggy Subs from losing their sponsorship.

So this Sunday May 16th take a moment to raise your glass whether its your early morning coffee, one of your three martinis at lunch or an ice cold Bud Light in the afternoon to wish Farmer Papa Joe Pick a very Happy 60th birthday.

On behalf of all the reporters, staff and your publisher of the Bud Light along with all of the members of your Bud light team I would like to wish Papa Joe a very Happy 60th birthday with many more to come.

Happy Birthday my friend!

As always this Bud's for you and On Iowa!

Tournament Director Papa Joe Classic
Men's league championship captain of your Bud Light team!
Mike Franey

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Steve “Hans” Auen week 3 MVP – Your Bud Light team wins again! - Papa Joe falls again!

A chilly night on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club last night resulted in a 38 to 34 win for your Bud Light team over 2008 and 2009 Papa Joe Classic winner Digger Dave Nelson’s Hawkeye Commodity Brokers. Steve “Hans” Auen led the way for your defending champs beating Monument Man Loren Boyce. Auen played steady all night except for the double hit from just off the green on the last hole. Sorry Hans I just had to mention it! With respect to Mr. Auen I have to mention my own fault of last night as I was hitting five at the side of the pond on 14 on my way to a triple bogey. Thanks to my opponent Jamming Joe Hinners for covering the hole for the blog and taking such a great picture. Another night of duff drives for your Captain but in the end the second straight victory in as many weeks 10 to 8 over a subbing Mr. Hinners. 2009 Bud Light MVP Steve Sinnard was also a winner beating Digger Dave Nelson 10 to 8. With all of the off course activities that have been following 2008 Bud Light MVP Mike Schulz it was apparent that he could not concentrate on his game last night as he was beaten by the head commodity broker Sean O'Leary. I wonder what Bob Kelly will have to say about this as his client had no comment after the round. Schulz walked into the clubhouse, ordered a pizza and promptly left once it was baked. For your efforts Mr. Schulz you are officially benched for week 4 action and this report fully expects you and your counsel to drop all of the outrageous demands from the past few weeks and settle this dispute. You do your business and we will do ours! Thank you sir!

With the win your Bud Light team remains in 4th place just 13 points behind new Zach Johnson divisional leader Sharp Funeral Home. The caskets took care of business without their leader Kyle Atkinson by beating the Templeton Savings Bank 43 to 29. Dr. Dave Nystrom was the MVP and shared low gross honors with Tyler Neary. They both shot one over par 35.

The big jumpers of the night were the bank tellers of CCSB as they spanked Elin's 9 Irons 53 to 19 and moved up from a week 2 5th place tie with Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks to take the runner up spot away from Pizza Ranch. Tyler Neary along with dad Don accounted for 31 points for the tellers who won the low net team award. After two impressive weeks the stuff crusts came back to the field losing to Templeton Rye in a battle of the 2nd and 3rd place teams. John Nepple was the star for the whiskey runners. Joel Running pounded Carroll Country Club general manager and head golf professional Nick Schon.

In other action in the Zach Johnson division.
  • Bud One's La-z-boys took it on the chin at the hands of Byron's Boyz. Bud One was soundly beaten by numbers guy Tony Feldmann 13 to 5. Doc Sporrer was the MVP for the chairs reclining to a 13 to 5 win and was awarded the low net honors along with Tony Feldman.
  • The Carroll Cycle Center rev ed their motors against the gunmen of Volquartsen Custom with a 37 to 35 victory. Cory Bluml paced the cycles with a 13 to 5 win over Wyatt Haukap. Jay Drees was off his game losing to Westside State Savings Bank's head janitor Matt Lujano. Cycles Captain Terry Ruchti collected the closest to the pin prize on 17.

  • Frank Comito could be heard all over the clubhouse last night explaining how hard it was to beat the par on a cold night. The sticks dropped a spot to 6th. Par wins 45 to 27. Just for your reference Mr. Comito your Bud Light team plays the par on July 20th and the weather is expected to be a beautiful 80 degrees with a slight breeze out of the South.

Over in the Phil Mickelson division Windstar propelled themselves to the top spot with an impressive 43 to 29 beating of Kasperbauer Cleaners. Ron "Bubba" Badding led the team with a 14 to 4 win. The buses over took Carroll Glass in the top spot even though the glasses had a good night with a 40 to 32 win over 2009 Men's league runner ups Macke Motors. The motors are running on one cylinder on their way down to the bottom of the league. The motors had help in week 3 from your Bud Light team as long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz was the leader of the pack with a 10 to 8 victory over John Deere Green Benet Snyder. Mertz collected low gross honors along with Chad Kanne. Bud Two Troy Auen was taken down by Glassman Andy Reiman 12 to 6. Flying Bob Raue and Car Wash Todd Pettitt both lost 10 to 8 for the motors. Week 2 bottom feeders Utilicom flattened the beers from Miller Lite 45 to 27 to rise to a 7th place ranking in week 3. Chad Kanne was the MVP for the cable guys with a big 16 to 2 victory over John Greteman. Chico Kanne' oil jobbers barely got by Larry's Automotive 37 to 35. Where was Dierk Halverson as he was certainly missed? Dick Muhlbauer gave an drastic adjustment to Dr. P.J. Greteman. The Linde and Juergen boys took care of Badding Construction 40 to 32. And of course but certainly not least Papa Joe's Subway team lost to CSB in fine fashion 41 to 31. The soggy subs fell from 3rd to 5th. Great showing by the Atm's and they were led by Aaron Pick who crushed the Junkyard Dog like an old figure 8 car on its last legs 14 to 4. Report sources have confirmed that Papa Joe did not want any part of his son so threw the dog to the wolves. Papa Joe was sprayed by chemical peddler Dirk Glynn and is on a two week losing skid. Pick looks to be wilting under the pressure of Men's league. CSB looks to be a contender now that Captain Ryan Milligan is off the soccer field.

Other news worthy items.......

  • Happy Birthday wishes go out to Beth Glynn on Wednesday

  • Computer guy Adam Schweers lost his head -literally as he broke his driver in week 3 action

  • Welcome to new subscribers Tony Badding and Scott Schon
That is a wrap for week 3. A night where it felt good to get done and the warmth of the clubhouse was a true winner. The official university of your Bud Light team will hold their annual Spring outing in Arcadia Thursday night with headliner Kirk Ferentz. Looking forward to a warmer week 4.

As always this buds for you and ON IOWA!

Fairways and greens to all!
2008 and 2009 Championship Captain
Mike Franey

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week 3 lineups and congratulations to Brenda!

Congratulations to Carroll Country Club Assistant Manager Brenda Stickrod(now Schoneboom) on her wedding this past weekend. Best of luck from your Bud Light team!
A belated happy Mothers' Day to all the mothers out there from your Bud Light Report.
Mother Nature seems to be giving us a window of opportunity so your Bud Light team can continue the journey to the championship.
Making the call to the 13th tee for your defending champions will be 2010 Bud Light MVP front runner your captain Mike Franey, Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen and 2009 Bud Light MVP Steve Sinnard. Rounding out the team will be the hold out artist Mike Schulz who has threatened to bring his legal counsel, Bob Kelly, to the course with him to handle any pressure from the public. My advice to Schulz is to make sure that you continue to win your matches for the team and disregard your personal issues on Tuesday nights. It is all fun and games until you play bad and get traded to the Soggy Subs. Bud Two Troy Auen and long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz will be shipped off to play for Macke Motors this evening.
Tonight's opponent for your back to back champions will be Hawkeye Commodity Brokers. Look for full coverage of all the action in the Zach Johnson and Phil Mickelson divisions tomorrow on this report.
2008 and 2009 Men's League Championship Captain
Mike Franey

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Captain Mike Franey week 2 MVP.......Schulz disgruntled....Stiff Sticks beat Cycles!

A windy night welcomed the week 2 golfers of Men’s night at the Carroll Country Club.
Your Bud Light team faced off against Byron’s Boyz and were propelled to victory by your Captain Mike Franey’s 14 to 4 victory over Scott Monical. Bud Two Troy Auen was beaten by a scrappy Ralph Guerra 11 to 7. 2009 Bud Light golfer of the year Steve Sinnard beat Bob Giguere 12 to 6 and long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz beat Tony Feldmann. Overall a good night for your Bud Light team winning 43 to 29 and remaining in 4th place in the Zach Johnson division. The front runners of the division Pizza Ranch stretched their lead to 5 over Sharp Funeral Home. The thin crusts walloped Elin’s 9 Irons 50 to 22. Sharp Funeral Home clobbered Digger Dave Nelson’s Hawkeye Commodity Brokers 46 to 26. The 2008 and 2009 Papa Joe Classic Champion carded a 44 and was spanked by Kyle Atkinson 15 to 3. Atkinson was awarded low gross honors with a 2 under 35 in the wind storm. Templeton Rye beat Volquartsen Customs 45 to 27 and is in 3rd in the division. The Computer Guy Adam Schweers was low net with a 31 and the Sharp Funeral Home was low net team.

In a Tuesday night phone call to your Captain sports power agent Bob Kelly who represents 2008 Bud Light Golfer of Year Mike Schulz made outlandish demands for payment of services rendered in his representation of Schulz’ hold out stunt. In rebuttal of these demands your Bud Light team has retained the services of Jeffrey R. Minnich of the Carroll law firm Neu, Minnich Comito and Neu. As always the details of the retainer agreement with Minnich is confidential but inside sources cite the agreement to be for a 5 year period. Your publisher truly hopes that this matter can be handled in a smooth and quick fashion. Off course distractions need not cloud the three peat journey of your Bud Light team. Your Bud Light team asks for the public’s help in this matter and urges the public to encourage Schulz and his counsel to do what is best for the team.

Over in the other division the Soggy Subs were upset by Chico Kanne’s oil jobbers 37 to 35. Dirk Halverson was the MVP for the oil jobbers with a 12 to 6 victory over Tom Duff. Papa Joe Pick won his first match in five months over Todd Kanne 11 to 7 and Steve “Cuda” Quandt was beaten by Dick Muhlbauer 10 to 8. The subs are tied in 3rd with Linde Equipment. Carroll Glass remains on top but in a tie in the Phil Mickelson division with another good showing in week 2 with a 42 to 30 victory over Miller Lite. Andy Reiman led the way with a 13 to 5 beating of GPS Bob Pudenz. A big night for the buses of Windstar beating Kasperbauer Cleaners 50 to 22 and moving into the top spot with the glass cleaners. Jair Mayhall was the best bus driver for Windstar beating Mike Mosher 15 to 3.

Other news worthy items……………

· Happy birthday to Sean O’Leary who shot his age last night – 45
· Low gross honors to Subway Mike Gute in the Phil Mickelson division.
· Closest to the pin winner Papa Joe Pick was seen tossing his golf ball prize to Elin’s 9 irons front man Eric “The Judge” Neu.
· In a lapse of judgment your Captain pick up the ball of Bud Two Troy Auen which lied in the 18th fairway while playing the 9th hole resulting in a lost hole. The incident was well documented by the farmer and dog so this report would like to thank them for their assistance in the matter.
· Macke Motors continued their skid to the bottom of the Phil Mickelson division. Car wash Todd Pettitt received blunt force trauma to the head from Mike Loehr in a 15 to 3 beating.
· Ryan Milligan’s CSB team took it on the chin against Linde Equipment 41 to 31.
· Bud One’s La-z-boys lost to the par last night and it still is in question if anyone will beat the par this year.
· The Sharp Funeral Home has completed the necessary paper work to become a birdie sponsor of the Bud Light report.

Carroll Cycle Center was trounced by Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks 41 to 31 to go 0-2 on the year. It is the first 0-2 start in franchise history.

Herky the Hawk and your Captain would like to invite all Hawkeye fans to the 2010 Carroll Area I Club Spring Outing next Thursday, May 13 at the Arcadia Legion Hall. Head men's football coach Kirk Ferentz will be on hand. Tickets can be purchased from your Captain.

As always this buds for you and ON IOWA!

Fairways and greens to all
2008 and 2009 Championship Captain
Mike Franey

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 2 lineup....Schulz benched.....Franey & Sinnard make 2010 Bud Light debut!

Week 2 begins with your Bud Light team just six points out of the lead. Tonight’s opponent is Byron’s Boyz who suffered a loss last week against Kyle Atkinson’s Sharp Funeral Home team. Making the call to the 2nd tee for your defending champions will be long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz who tied Bud One Jim Auen last week and is currently in 3rd in the 2010 Bud Light MVP race, Bud Two Troy Auen who nipped Randy Hockom last week and is 2nd in the running for the MVP trophy. 2009 Bud Light golfer of the year Steve Sinnard and your Captain Mike Franey will be making their 2010 Men’s league debut tonight. For his week 1 efforts Steve “Hans” Auen has earned the right to play for Macke Motors and will be teeing off on 14 or 15 with car wash Todd Pettitt. Auen will be locked and loaded awaiting the 5:35 arrival of car wash Todd. In a plea agreement directly tied to his preseason hold out decision 2008 Bud Light Golfer of Year Mike Schulz will be on the bench tonight. Schulz leads the 2010 Bud Light MVP race and was unable for comment.

Here’s how the rest of the Zach Johnson match ups look for tonight.

· Carroll Cycle Center get to play some live bodies tonight and take on Frank Comito’s Stiff Sticks.
· Templeton Rye looks to pickle Volquartsen Customs. My advice has always been be careful with the Customs as they carry guns.
· Hawkeye Commodity Brokers face off against the Sharp Funeral Home. Good luck to Digger Dave Nelson in his pursuit of a MVP award.
· Elin’s 9 Irons try to club league leading Pizza Ranch
· Templeton Savings Bank takes on the bank tellers of CCSB
· Bud One Jim Auen’s La-z-boys play the par.

Over in that other division the match ups look like this.

· The soggy subs take on the oil jobbers of Community Oil.
· Larry’s Automotive take on Utilicom
· League leading Carroll Glass look to stop Miller Light
· Badding Construction attempt to flatten the tires of 2009 runner ups Macke Motors. Watch out for the sub
· Windstar faces off against Kasperbauer Cleaners
· Ryan Milligan’s CSB team play Linde Equipment

Good luck to all!

Fairways and greens to all!
2008 and 2009 Bud Light Championship Captain
Mike Franey