Thursday, July 10, 2014

History made in Jefferson on Thursday......Carpet One falls.....City Tourney weekend...Bud Light falls!

A glorious night for golf on Tuesday at the Carroll Country Club. Your Bud Light team squared off against the divisional leaders and undisputed defending champions. The guns of Volquartsen Custom ambushed America's team like a scene from a John Wayne movie. Upon arrival at the 6th tee this publisher and Bud Two Troy Auen witness the guns doing some kind of golf specific chant as they prepared themselves for battle. The main topic of the chant was "KILL" and that is exactly what they did. They scored a 8 to 3 victory. Nic Volquartsen beat Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen, Cable Chad Kanne beat Captain Mike Franey and Casket Kyle Atkinson beat Bud Two Troy Auen. Atkinson was challenged by this publisher to secure low gross for the third week in a row and he would be awarded the Uncle Bruce player of the week. Atknison folded like a lawn chair on #7 as he hit his tee ball over the road to Willey! The only bright spot for your Bud Light team was a win by Steve Sinnard over Kevin Forke. The gun shop's lead is now 7 while your Bud Light team sits in third. Security alarm specialist Mike Schulz was benched for week 13 action and Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz was on unpaid administrative leave. 

Computer Concepts dirtied the carpets of Carpet One who were seeking a fourth consecutive win. Mayor Adam Schweers came out of the gates discussing potential library locations and disrupted the game of Easy Ed Vanderheiden. Vanderheiden is considering writing a letter to the editor. Dr Bogue beat Colin Bierl The only spot remover for the carpets was John Sturm who beat Cody Forch. Sturm nailed the long putt on 9. The carpets are 7 points from the lead.

The Mid Iowa Team were properly prepared after a team meeting discussing the possibilities of major changes with the team for next year. The Mid Iowa Team put their three week losing streak behind them and smashed the tomatoes of Graddy's Salsa's all over the windows of the pro shop. Willey's Paul Tigges beat Diamond Mike Loehr, The Junkyard Dog Cuda Quandt beat Dr. Decay Nick Fangman, Catfish Ed Tomka beat CCSB's head teller Jeff Scharenkamp and Produce
Tom Duff beat Rick Grote. Tigges was low gross and low net with a 34 on the front nine. Tigges' round included a lip out eagle attempt. The Mid Iowa Team was low net team. The most successfully night of the year
came as Papa Joe Pick's tummy hurt like it does after a Cyclone loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes! Good news.....Papa Joe is feeling better and seemed fine at a noon lunch with this publisher at MC's Country Cafe on Wednesday. In a method of bribery Pick bought lunch in an attempt to get back into the line up. This act of bribery was witnessed by the head chef Mark Tigges. Pick will be gone fishing in Canada and will be out of action for the next couple of weeks. Happy fishing Papa Joe! 

Carroll Glass muted the calls of Pat Macke's Verizon Wireless. John Deere green Benton Snyder beat Pat Macke, head glass cutter Andy Reiman beat Westside's Matt Lujano. Karl Christensen scored a second win of the year beating Nick Schon and Plumber Butt Wyatt Haukap turned the water off of Keith Pottebaum. Christensen was awarded the closest to the pin on #8. New team consultant Johhny Beiter has some work to do and should negotiate the terms of his agreement.   

Fleggard scored their third win of the year over Family Specialty Medical. Tony Pietig beat Jamie North and John Horbach beat Adam Pick. Fairway Frank Comito subbed for the clinic and beat Billie Horbach and Pistol Pete Collison beat Scott Greteman. 

Action over in the Zach Johnson Division saw the first place team, Champion Ford fall to Ag Venture who jumped back into second. Clothier Wade Wilkie beat Clint Cummings and the Blue Herrin beat Dr. Neal Cross. Cross was struggling with his tee ball as one course reporters saw Cross not getting to the ladies tee on several occasions. Denny Kasperbauer beat Digger Dave Nelson. Nelson sites are all on the upcoming Papa Joe Classic where he is the only two time champion of the event. The motor company's lead is only 5 over the aggies. 

Carroll Cycle Center washed the mud off their bikes in the bay of the Highway 30 Car Wash without paying. Jamming Joe Hinners beat Jeff Minnich and Brody Evans beat Monument Man Loren Boyce. Boyce's losing streak continues in league and on the family vacation where he lost to daughter Micaela. Randal Road Randy Bierl tied Tony's son Corey and Car Wash Todd Pettitt beat Greene County's Daniel Fitzpatrick. The Car Washes are only six out of the lead. 

Budweiser trounced Linde Equipment 8 to 2. Eric Hammer ended the winning streak of Rowdy Ron Juergens, John Greteman beat Jon Heim and Counter top Pat Malloy beat Brad Woodard. The only loser for the King of Beers was Fearless Fred Dolezal. Dolezal lost to Bob Linde. Dolezal and the legend Joel Harris have both lost to Linde in the past two years and were visibly shaken at the round table during the after round meal. 

Supper League's most mature team blanked Feld Security. Templeton's Doc Sporrer, Trusty Mike Nelson, Floridian Randy Hockom and Bud One Jim Auen were are winners!

Head oil jobber Chico Kanne discussed with this publisher before the round how the team was prepared for battle this week after a team meeting. Wellllllllll.....................Mr. Kanne you have an oil spill. Byronz Boys notched their third win of the season with a 8 to 2 beating of the oil jobbers. The only winner for the oil company was the man that did not show up. Leon Muhlbauer handed it to Chico Kanne, Graphic Rich Hartley beat Jerry Janson, and Chris Giguere beat Todd Kanne. 

The Uncle Bruce player of the week is the playing pride of Willey, Iowa......Paul Tigges. 

At 1:00 Thursday at the corner of Highway 30 and Highway 4 the dirt was turned for the ground breaking of the new Wild Rose Casino in Jefferson! Congratulations!
Hundreds gather to welcome a new casino in Greene County!

The sky was all green! 

Mom, Lynda and I at the groundbreaking 

Grandma enjoyed my rose! 

The deepest sympathy is extended to the Greg Stoelk family. 

That is all I got for this week! Have a great weekend. Watch for coverage of the city tourney on this report. 

Fairways and greens to all!

As always this Bud's for You and ON IOWA!

Mike Franey

Friday, July 4, 2014

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July.......Bud Light wins......Juergen's wins again!

Happy Birthday America! Enjoy time with family and friends this holiday weekend as we honor the nation that lets us do so very much! Happy 4th of July to all of you!

Week 11 results in the Phil Mickelson division saw league leaders Volquarsten Custom beat Mid Iowa Team to remain at top of the division. Chad Kanne beat Papa Joe Pick, Kevin Forke beat Produce Tom Duff and Casket Kyle Atkinson beat the playing pride of Willey Iowa Paul Tigges. The only winner for the Mid Iowa Team was Steve "Cuda" Quandt who beat Boomer Lechtenberg. A team meeting has been scheduled to discuss the poor performance from a team that enjoys to trash talk and has proven that they can not back it up. Atknison was awarded low gross with an one under par 34. The guns remain at the top although they saw their lead slip by one to the Supper League's hottest team....Carpet one.

The carpets posted their third win in a row with a 8 to 2 win over Fleggard. Colin Bierl, Ed Vanderheidern and Jon Sturm were all winners for the carpets. Brad Hempstead the only loser with a loss to Eastside Shell's Tony Pietig. Jon Sturm nailed the longest putt on t 18.

Graddy's Salsa blanked Verizon Wireless 10 to 0 to jump into third place. Graddy's are one point behind Carpet One and one point ahead of your Bud Light team. Jeff Scharfenkamp was closest to the pin on 17. A poor for the cell phones will send Captain Pat Macke back to the drawing board. One has to wonder if Macke will recruit the little spark plug Johnny Bieter to join the club and try to resurrect the team.

Your Bud Light Team posted a win over Family Medical 7 to 3 and move into sole possession of 4th place. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz, Bud Three Troy Auen were winners for America's team. Mike Schulz came off the disabled list and was the teams only loss. Schulz was beat by Mortgage Man Ryan Milligan. Carroll Country Club Head Golf Professional Nick Schon tied his match and admitted after the round that nerves played apart in his performance. "It is just not every day that you get the call to sub for the Bud Light and the hype around the team just played a factor with me tonight."

Carroll Glass could only muster four points against par. John Deere green Benton Snyder and Keith Pottebaum were winners for the glass company. Lidderdale Country Store's Head Chef Brad Stork and the head glass cutter Andy Reiman suffered losses. 

Computer Concepts beat Wittrock Motors 6 to 4. The birthday boy Chris Bogue was the only winner for the computers with a win over head car man Kevin K. Wittrock. League reports show that Dr. Dave Nystrom was the only winner for the motors. Was Nystrom subbing for Wittrock? Adam Schweers was low net and the team was low net team. 

Over in the Zach Johnson division Champion Ford remained on top despite a loss to Fairway Frank and the Stiff Sticks. Magic Mike Nelson and Fairway Frank Comito were winners over Steve Blue Herrin and Monument Man Loren Boyce. Boyce continues to struggle as he has posted only one win over the 11 week campaign. Boyce also suffered a loss on Sunday to daughter Mikayla which sent ripples through the family prior to their family vacation this Thursday .Herrin was closest to the pin on #8. Sam Wilkie the only winner for the Fords with a win over Bud One Jim Auen. Clothier Wade Wilkie tied Templeton's Doc Sporrer. Digger Dave Nelson was off this week attempting to catch some fishing on Mule Lake in Minnesota with this publisher. The motor company's lead is 5 over Highway 30 Car Wash.

The Car Wash beat Ag Venture 6 to 4 to move into second place. Wade Pettitt and Curtis Stork were winners for the washes over Brody Evans and Dr. Neal Cross. Always steady Denny Kasperbauer was the only winner for the aggies with a win over Car Wash Todd Pettitt. Ag Venture was low net team and Curtis Stork was low net. 

Budweiser beat Byronz Boys 7 to 3. Tom Farner and Counter Top Pat Malloy were winners for the King of Beers. Fred Dolezal lost his match to Rich Hartley and John Greteman tied Leon Muhlbauer. The legend Joel Harris had the week off. 

Carroll Cycle Center punctured the oil barrels of Community Oil. Tom Drees, Jay Drees and 2014 Club Champion Corey Bluml all posted wins. Bluml was low gross and Tom Drees was low net. The head hog and Todd Kanne tied their match. What is wrong with your team Chico? Dick Muhlbauer continues to recover from a hip surgery and may just be the missing link. 

Linde Equipment beat Feld Security. Ron Juergens won for the second week in a row. Brad Woodard the other winner for the equipment dealers. Tiger Tom Simons the only winner for the security company. Randy Hockom nailed the longest putt on #9. 

The Uncle Bruce Player of the week is Corey Bluml! Congratulations on your club championship.

Respectfully submitted from the banks of Mule Lake just South of Longville, Minnesota.

This Bud's for You and ON IOWA!

Mike Franey