Thursday, September 6, 2012

Now there is one.....Templeton Rye....On Iowa.....Pudenz wins Uncle Bruce award!

Congratulations to the Champs.....Templeton Rye!

They all gathered on the first tee of the Carroll Country Club with dreams of becoming champions of the 2012 Supper League. It was like a heavy weight fight as they starred each other down and decided who would play who. Both teams are veterans of Supper League with polished characters on each side. Macke Motors featured Captain Randy Bierl, Car Wash Todd Pettitt, Handicap extraordinaire Jeff Minnich and Flying Bob Raue. Their opponents were just as colorful...Produce Tom Duff, Diamond Denny Kasperbauer, Papa Joe Pick and the one and only Junkyard Dog Steve "Cuda" Quandt.

2012 Supper League Runner ups!

As a title match should it all came down to the last hole. Both teams played well and in the end the whiskeys of Templeton Rye prevailed over the motors. The farmer and dog beat Flying Bob and Car Wash. Denny Kasperbauer upset Jeff Minnich and Randy Bierl was the only winner for the runner ups with a victory over Tom Duff.

Both teams should be commended for their sportsmanship in the championship match and both could have won this close one.

Congratulations to Templeton Rye on winning the 2012 Men's Supper League!

Cheers to the Champs!

GPS Bob Pudenz won the inaugural Uncle Bruce Player of the year award.

Champion Ford beat Community Oil for third place!

A big thank you from this report goes out to Paul and Wade and their staff. Carrie, bar manager Dave and all of the staff and Dave along with everyone in the kitchen. It was a great league year and thanks for all of your hard work.

It is that time of year that loyal Iowans make their trip to eastern Iowa to historic Kinnick Stadium. I wish everyone safe travels if they are traveling to the game! I hope that it is a good game and as each and everyone one of you expected my feelings about the game are below!


Think of me on Saturday as I will have my brother in law John Dukes with me at the game. Everyone knows what an adventure that can be!

As always this Bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Mike Franey