Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 90th Birthday Carroll Country Club!

A great birthday celebration was held on Saturday for the 90th birthday of the Carroll Country Club. A big thank you goes out to Carrie, Paul and the entire staff who put a lot of effort into planning this event. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and we thank you for that.
Happy birthday CCC!

The Templeton Rye hole provided a nice treat for the golfers!
I hate it when you do not have a best shot! Good luck Steve!
Carroll Broadcasting supporting the 1983 Iowa Open!
Gina, Kimmy, Keeley and Lynda on the Rye hole!
Everyone likes to sit with a champion! Nick and Tony took home the crown. Tony knocked out this publisher on every flag prize.

The first hole was for men only!

Dave and Pete Nelson enjoy playing the 1st hole without the ladies!

What would be a birthday celebration without a birthday cake?

Cheers to the Carroll Country Club's 90 years. Happy Birthday!

As always This bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Mike Franey

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Birthday CCC.....a retraction demanded.....cancellelation request handled!

Happy Birthday Carroll Country Club!
!Happy 90th Birthday Carroll Country Club! I urge all of you to try the Clubhouse Top Sirloin Steak...It is great!

General manager and my friend Kim "Kimmy" Hackett demanded this week that I print a retraction for the details in this weeks golf report concerning her son Collin. I report the facts that I receive from the Carroll Country Club Pro Shop and I apologize for the incorrect reporting. Uncle Pete did not beat Nephew Collin 15 to 3 like reported as they did not play against each other. Uncle Pete did beat Nephew Collin by three as Uncle Pete shot an even par 37 on front nine. The golf shop just assumed that Uncle Pete Collison would be playing for the Carroll Broadcasting team so they incorrectly placed him on that side of the sheet and that is where it all started. In fact the Kimmy refused the past two years to sponsor Uncle Pete's golf league team only to sponsor son Collin's team this year. This reporter sees this as special treatment towards the general manager's oldest son and against brother Pete. My solution to the problem is letting Collin's team be KKRL as they are the younger breed. Let Uncle brother Pete's team be KIKD as they play better to the sounds of Taylor Swift and have Kimmy's ladies league team be KCIM as they are the golden oldies. You are welcome for the retraction Kimmy! Love Ya!

The golf report has received a request from Commercial Savings Bank's top teller Paul Milligan to unsubscribe from the report because of the mistake in reporting Collin's loss to Uncle Pete. At his request the paper work has been forwarded to Mr. Milligan for his initials on pages one through 522 and his notarized signature on page 523. Thanks for your past support Paul.

From all of us at the golf report we would like to pass along sincere sympathy to the Gary Stark family for the loss of Eunice this week. I had the pleasure of selling the Stark family home for Eunice back in 2001. I know that Gary would agree that his mother and I just hit it off. We enjoyed several good talks during the transaction. Gary and I share the same title of "spoiled only child." which I wouldn't trade for anything. Rest in peace Eunice!

My friend Troy aced the 15th hole a while back playing with Mike "Jewels" Eckerman, Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and Papa Joe Pick.

I would like to give a shout out to Pete Nelson who is back this weekend from God's country Iowa City Iowa! Always good to see you Peter!

As always this Bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Franey

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bud Light wins....Uncle Pete crushes Nephew Collin.....Drivers for sale!

On a glorious first night of the 2012 Men's Supper league uncle Pete Collison took it to nephew Collin Hackett 15 to 3. Collison's performance helped Van Diest Supply take the top spot of the PGA Flight in the Zach Johnson division. Sorry Kimmy but I have to report the facts.

Budweiser were all smiles with their new hats! Thanks Bud One!
Budweiser beat Community Oil 41 to 31. GPS Bob was the MVP for the King of Beers. Long time Community Oil team member Dick Muhlbauer appeared to not be awarded a new team shirt as he had the older faded model on last night. Muhlbauer was confident that he would work through this misunderstanding. New team Jerry Janson was even seen wearing a new shirt. This publisher will continue to watch this matter develop. Head oil jobber Chico Kanne was unavailable for comment.

Brown Shoe Fit Company beat Carroll Glass 41 to 31. Todd Bierl was the MVP for the shoe company. Benet Snyder lead the glass men.

The standings in the PGA Flight are: Van Diest Supply at 46, Budweiser and Brown Shoe Fit, 41, Community Oil and Carroll Glass at 31 and Carroll Broadcasting bringing up the rear at 26.

Flying Bob Raue led the charge for Macke Motors as they took care of par 43 to 27. Greteman Chiropractic adjusted WCI 40 to 32 and Utilcomm beat pre season favorite the Carroll Cycle Center. Chad Kanne the MVP for the cable guys only to be benched for next week for several undisclosed violations that of team rules. Jamming Joe Hinners led the way for the cycles. New comer Cory Bluml showed some first night jitters in a big loss. 

The standings in the Masters Flight are: Macke Motors-43, Greteman Chiropratic - 40, Utilicomm - 38, Carroll Cycle Center - 34 and WCI at 32.

Over in the Phil Mickelson division you find YOUR Bud Light team three back from Champion Ford. The cars beat Badding Construction 43 to 38. Digger Dave Nelson and Wade Wilkie were the MVP's and Monument Man Loren Boyce had a strong night as well.

YOUR Bud Light team beat par 40 to 32. Bud Two Troy Auen the MVP. Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen gets the benching for next week.

Steve Sinnard subbed for Graddy's Salsa as the tomatoes beat Windstar 38 to 34. Mike Loehr and Tomato John Gradoville led the way. Sinnard was disgruntled after his round as his normal retainer fee was performance based last night so he only scored a six pack from Captain Gradoville.

The standings in the British Open Flight are: Champion Ford - 43, Bud Light - 40, Graddy's Salsa - 38, Windstar Lines - 34 and Badding Construction - 29.

Juergens Lawn Care took care of Active Performance 43 to 30. Ron Juergens the MVP by beating Dr. Greg Perkins 14 to 4. Byronz Boys upset defending champion Stiff Sticks. 37 to 35. Doc Sporrer and Bud One Jim Auen struggled in their debut for the sticks. Neal Cross the MVP. Templeton Rye took it on the chin against par. Denny Kasperbauer the MVP as Cuda Quandt, Tom Duff and Papa Joe Pick all struggled on the opening night.

The standings in the US Open Flight are: Juergens Lawn Care - 42, Byronz Boys - 37, Stiffsticks - 35, Templeton Rye - 35, and Active Performance - 30.

GPS Bob Pudenz is the week 1 leader of the Uncle Bruce Player of the Year award by scoring 16 points in the opening night. Pete Collison is second with 15 and Todd Bierl and Ron Juergens are tied for third with 14. This award is named after our friend Uncle Bruce Pettitt and will be awarded at the end of the year to the golfer with the best average point total.

Craig Mertz and Troy Auen shared low gross honors in the Phil Mickelson division. Neal Cross bagged low net, Nick Fangman was closest to the pin on 17, Mike Loehr nailed the longest putt on 18 and Stiff Sticks were low new team even in their loss.

Mike "Jewels" Eckerman was low gross in the Zach Johnson division. Todd Kanne notched low net, Macke Motors was the low net team, Carroll Cycle Center head man Terry Ruchti was closest to the pin on #8 and Mike Eckerman made the longest putt on #9.

Last night was a hard night on new drivers as many golfers opened the pro shop door after play and flung their new technology on the floor. Most Notable Craig Mertz as his Taylor Made RBZ driver had nice loft as his drive on 14 was 10 rows in the field. Contact the pro shop for some good newly used equipment with a lot of room on the sweet spot left. Wilkie Clothiers is a new birdie sponsor. The report would like to welcome Steve Herrin and Monument Man Loren Boyce as new subscribers.

That is a wrap for week 1. Have a great week! Fairways and greens to all!

As always this Buds for you and On Iowa!

Mike Franey

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welcome back to the golf season….Bud Light ready for a run to the championship…Fairway Frank and the Sticks look to repeat!

The first night of the 2012 Carroll Country Club Men’s Supper league is tonight and the weather looks to be fabulous. This year’s league is divided into four flights…US Open Flight, British Open Flight, Masters Flight and the PGA Flight. The Masters and the PGA will play each other to determine a winner in the Zach Johnson Division.The US Open Flight and the British Open Flight will play to determine a winner in the Phil Mickelson Division.

The two divisional winners will square off on August 28 to crown the 2012 Men’s Supper league Champion.

Here is my analysis of week one along with a few predictions.

2011 Men's Supper League Champions...Stiff Sticks!
The US Open Flight is where you find the 2011 champions Stiff Sticks. The Sticks look to ride on the shoulders of 2011 Papa Joe Classic Fairway Frank Comito to a second straight championship. The long time La-z-boys team is no longer so Bud One Jim Auen and Larry “Doc” Sporrer have found a new home with the Sticks.

The Sticks are the clear favorite in this division but may see some pressure from the former Subway team which now is Templeton Rye.

This publisher will wait to see if the farmer and the dog still have some magic in their bags.

Tonight’s line up in the US Open Flight:

Stiff Sticks vs. Byronz Boys, Juergens Lawn Care vs. Active Performance and Templeton Rye takes on Par.

Your Bud Light team is in the British Open Flight. 2008 and 2009 Papa Joe Champion Digger Dave Nelson returns to his old team which is now Champion Ford. Windstar Lines, Graddy’s Salsa and Badding Construction can all contend for this divisional title.

My favorite in this division is YOUR Bud Light team as they make their way to another championship with Graddy’s and Champion Ford in dead heat for second.

Tonight’s line up in the British Open Flight: Champion Ford vs. Badding Construction, Windstar vs. Tomato John’s Salsa Crew. Steve Sinnard will be subbing for the tomatoes after being benched for week 1 from your Bud Light team. Your Bud Light team starts the quest against par tonight.

In the Masters Flight of the Zach Johnson Division you will find two powerhouses in Carroll Cycle Center and Macke Motors. I give the nod to the cycles with their off season addition of Corey Bluml to take the crown in the Masters Flight.

Tonight in the Masters Flight:

Utilicomm draws the short straw tonight and takes on Carroll Cycle Center right out of the shoot. Greteman Chiropractic looks to adjust the bowing walls of WCI and Macke Motors plays par.

In the PGA Flight I look to Budweiser and Community Oil to be the front runners with lots of pressure from Carroll Glass and Carroll Broadcasting. One team in this flight does not even have a name so it is hard to consider them for the top spot. They spent a lot of time at the top last year only to settle for fourth by losing to the Soggy Subs in last year’s playoffs. In the end “This Bud’s for You.”

Tonight in the PGA Flight;

The two favorites tee off against each other as Budweiser takes on the head oil jobber Chico Kanne and Community Oil. Carroll Glass plays Brown Shoe Fit and Carroll Broadcasting plays the no namers. This match up will feature Uncle Pete Collison squaring off against nephew Colin Hackett.

Best of luck to all the teams this year. This year I will track the total points of all league golfers and will name the player who scored the most points this year. I have named the award Uncle Bruce's Player of Year.

Look for in depth coverage and analysis of all the action. I would like to welcome Jeff Bahr and the Brown Shoe Fit Company as a new birdie sponsor.

As always this Bud’s for you and On Iowa

Mike Franey