Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Muhlbauer aces #8......Pick banned from BV County......Thanks Jim Gossett.........Volquartsen Custom rolls!

Dick Muhlbauer collected his first hole in one Tuesday night on the par three #8 at the Carroll Country Club. Muhlbauer was one of two players that made the call to the  second tee for Community Oil to face flight leading Volquartsen Custom. The gunners scored the largest point total in supper league history winning 55 to 27. Where was Chico and Todd Kanne or Jerry Janson? The oil jobbers are leaking oil and Muhlbauers ace was the certainly the only highlight of the night. Congratulations Dick.

Brown Shoe Fit Company beat your Bud Light team 42 to 30. Craig Mertz beat John Nepple 10 to 8 and Mike Schulz beat John Renze 10 to 8. That was the only winners for your Bud Light team as Bud Three Steve Hans Auen watched as Jeff Bahr carded the best round of his life on the front nine to beat Auen 14 to 4. Auen's cart partner Captain Mike Franey played awful and was beaten by Carroll Country Club Pro Paul Tigges despite the Pro hitting the wrong ball on hole #5. Identifying your ball is one of the first lessons of Junior golf just saying Paul! Steve Sinnard was off this week vacationing with the family at Lake Okoboji and Bud Two Troy Auen did not make the call to the eighth tee either.

Your Bud Light team is on the verge of missing the playoffs due to the fact that the Carroll Cycle Center revved their engines and did a burn out all over Linde Equipment. No winners for the equipment dealers. Jay Drees led the way with a 17 to 1 win over Ron Juergens. Jamming Joe Hinners had the throttle down on Brad Woodward. The runner up and the third place finishers in the Carroll Muny Tourney played head to head. Corey Bluml beat Matt Gute 12 to 6. Head hog Terry Ruchti was the low point getter for the hogs with a 10 to 8.

Van Diest Supply Company extended their winning streak to five weeks with a 42 to 30 win over Graddy's Salsa. The Salsas are on a four week skid and are in 3rd behind the Mid Iowa Team. Dirk Glynn was the MVP with a win over Jeff Scharfenkamp. The Glynn's leave for Russia tomorrow so best travels to them. Brad Pick beat the ripe tomato John 10 to 8. Jamie North beat Rick Grote and Mike Loehr tied Aaron Pick.

Mid Iowa Team is in second with a 38 to 34 win over Stiff Sticks. Papa Joe Pick and Junkyard Dog Steve Cuda Quandt led the way with wins over Larry Sporrer and Bud One Jim Auen. Trusty Mike Nelson beat Produce Tom Duff and Fairway Frank Comito thumped Catfish Ed Tomka.

Greteman Chiropractic edged  the Finish Line 38 to 34. Neal Cross the only winner for the Finish Line beating Rich Hartley. P.J. Greteman, Gary Subbert and Clint Cummings all were winners for the back crackers.   

Chad Kanne and Craig Mertz were low gross with two under 35's. Joe Hinners, Chad Kanne and Jeff Bahr was low gross with 30's. Carroll Cycle Center were low net team, Dick Muhlbauer's hole in one was good enough for the closest to the pin on 8 and Joe Hinners nailed the longest putt.

Action in the Phil Mickelson Division saw Verizon Wireless take one on the chin 31 to 41 from Byronz Boyz. Brock Jones led the way for the Boyz with a win over Karl Christensen. Westside State Savings Bank's Matt Lujano had the clearest reception for the cell phones with a win over Tony Feldman.

Breaking news from the Budweiser team as Pat Malloy was removed as team captain by unanimous vote. Malloy has also been ordered to return the self proclaimed 2011 coach of the year award within 8 days. Amongst all of the turmoil the King of Beers could only muster a 36 to 36 tie with Feld Fire Equipment. Fred Dolezal lead the team by beating long ball Tony Pietig. Scott Greteman was the MVP for the equipment guys.

Carroll Glass slipped by the alarms of Feld Security 38 to 34. Benton Snyder clobbered Michael Kasperbaur 17 to 1. Ron "Bubba" Badding was the only security for Felds.

The Pettitt Hwy 30 Car Wash got help from the pro shop and scored a 46 to 26 win over the Sharp Funeral Home. Kyler Ludwig was the MVP for the car wash tokens. Only one winner for the caskets and that was Dr. Nystrom with a win over Car Wash Todd Pettitt.

Carpet One and Champion Ford battled to a 36 to 36 tie. Wade Wilkie the big winner for the car company. Jon Sturm and Collin Hackett both won for the carpets who played one man short.

Benet Snyder and Dave Nystrom were low gross with 4 under 33's, Snyder was low net, Byronz Boyz and Pettitt Hwy 30 Car Wash were low net team, Kyler Ludwig was closest to the pin and Todd Pettitt nailed one putt in a losing effort.

The Uncle Bruce Player of the Week award goes to Dick Muhlbauer for his first hole in one!

Congratulations to Bob Gigure and his team at Iowa Corn Processors on a 16 million dollar expansion that is going to position them securely in the market place. It was an honor to attend your groundbreaking today and best of luck. Thanks for investing in Carroll County!

Economic Development seems like a slow moving machine to this writer and Carroll County has been so very lucky to have Jim Gossett leading the team over the past decade or so. This week Jim will leave the position of Executive Director for Carroll Area Development Corporation and the Carroll Chamber of Commerce for a new opportunity with Raccoon Valley Rural Electric Coop. Jim has been such a valuable asset to Carroll County and his departure is certain to leave a void that will definitely be hard to fill. As a former Carroll Chamber of Commerce President I know first hand how much Jim puts into promoting Carroll County to the rest of the state and the nation as a whole. I knew the day would come when Jim would leave and I am excited in the fact that he is staying in Carroll County. Thanks Jim for all that you have done for Carroll and Carroll County!

Congratulations to Adam and Linsey Pick on the birth of Nora Ann at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines.

Odds and ends........

Papa Joe Classic Champion John Dukes appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman this week to discuss his monumental victory.

Congratulations to Justin Yetmar of Carroll for winning the 2013 Carroll Municipal Club Tourney. Corey Bluml finished second and Matt Gute finished third. Produce Tom Duff finished in 7th. Steve Cuda Quandt and Mike Franey finished tied for 10th.

A formal handicap investigation has been launched to examine the handicap of Jamming Joe Hinners.

The Buena Vista Tree Service has banned Papa Joe Pick from playing golf in Buena Vista county any longer. The banning stems from an incident at the Buena Vista University Golf Outing last Friday. Damage reports were mounting at press time as on course reporters saw Pick spending all day chasing his ball into the trees resulting in damage to the trees . How far one can fall from a career performance at the Carroll Country Club Tourney to being banned from a charity golf event.
BV county officials have now labeled him Woody Wood Picker.

As always this Bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Respectively submitted,

Mike Franey

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

John Dukes win the 2013 Papa Joe Classic...Van Diest Supply rolls.....Jamie North is the Uncle Bruce Player of the Week!

Champion John Dukes drinks from the prestigious cup!

All smiles from the Champion!

 Things have already changed at the champions table! Wow!

When the dust settled at this years Papa Joe Classic there was one guy standing that is most certainly going to change the face of the tournament forever. Dukes' one shot victory came after two beautiful days of weather.
35 players made the call to the first tee and good fun was had by all.

Week 13 of the Men's Supper League was contested under perfect conditions. The beautiful weather saw your Bud Light team beat Volquartsen Custom 39 to 33. The gunners were playing a man down. Craig Mertz took advantage of the situation and scored a 14 to 4 win over the phantom player. Mike Franey beat Carroll Country Club President Chad Kanne 11 to 7. The two pushed the signature par 5 fourteenth hole with 9's. Carroll Country Club Pro Paul Tigges beat Steve Sinnard 10 to 8. It is off to the lake for the Sinnard clan for a week long vacation. Good thing that you are not needed next week Mr. Sinnard. The hot playing head gun man Nic Volquartsen beat Mike "I think that I will hit the wrong ball" Schulz 12 to 6. Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen was basking in the Lake Okoboji sun. Bud Two Troy Auen was tending to his garage project.

The Brown Shoe Fit Company beat the Carroll Cycle Center 37 to 35. Carpet Todd Bierl was the MVP for the shoe company with a 11 to 7 win over Jamming Joe Hinners. John Renze beat the head hog Terry Ruchti 10 to 8. Corey Bluml the only bike still running for the cycles securing a 11 to 7 win over John Nepple.

Linde Equipment took advantage of two oil leaks for the oil jobbers. Big wins from Bob Linde, Carroll Country Club President Aaron Juergens, and Ron Juergens. Todd Kanne the oil jobber winner 14 to 4 over Brad Woodward. Where was head oil jobber Chico Kanne?

The Mid Iowa Team upset Graddy's Salsas 39 to 33. Produce Tom Duff beat Tomato John 13 to 5. Papa Joe Pick beat Mike Loehr 10 to 8. Filling Nick Fangman and Catfish Ed Tomka battled to a draw. Rick Grote smashed the metal of the junk yard dog Steve "Cuda" Quandt 11 to 7.

Van Diest Supply Company applied a heavy dose of Roundup to the Finish Line. Jamie North the huge winner 17 to 7 over Neal Cross. Brad Pick won 14 to 4. Mortgage Man Ryan Milligan beat Lane Pugh 11 to 7. The only player to take the checkered flag for the Finish Lane was Brady Evans who beat Papa Joe's eldest Aaron Pick.

Corey Bluml was low gross, Brad Pick was low net, Brown Shoe Fit Company was the low net team, Corey Bluml was closest to the pin and Brad Woodward nailed the longest putt.

Van Diest Supply Company enjoys a 13 point lead over Graddy's Salsas in the Masters Flight of Zach Johnson Division.

Volquartsen Custom has a 6 point lead over the Brown Shoe Fit Company despite their devastating loss to your Bud Light team.

Action over in the 2013 British Open Champion Phil Mickelson's Division saw Verizon Wireless beat Greteman Chiropractic 40 to 32. Karl Christensen led the way 12 to 6 over Sam Wilkie. Too tall Matt Gute beat Gary Subbert 11 to 7. Matt Fleshner beat Clint Cummings 10 to 8. The only bright spot for the back crackers was P.J. Greteman who beat Wyatt Haukap 11 to 7.

Pettitt's Highway 30 Car Wash scrubbed the bugs off of Carpet One. Wade Pettitt provided most of the scoring for the his Dad's car wash with a 13 to 5 win over Colin Bierl. A subbing Dirk Glynn who could not qualify for his own team this week tied his match with Easy Ed Vanderheiden. Collin Hackett beat Car Wash Todd Pettitt.

Carroll Glass shattered the Sharp Funeral Home 47 to 25. Benton Snyder blasted Ryan Gallegos 15 to 3. Brad Stork another big winner over Carroll Mayor Adam Schweers. Head glass cutter Andy Reiman beat a tough Dr. Dave Nystrom 11 to 7. Kyle Atkinson the only winner for the casket pushers with a 11 to 7 win over Kevin Forke.

Byronz Boyz beat Fairway Frank and the Stiff Sticks 37 to 35. Leon Muhlbauer the only winner over Jeff Scharfenkamp 14 to 4. Doc Sporrer beat Brock Jones 12 to 6. How was the music in Templeton over the weekend Doc at the Rock and Rye? Bud One Jim Auen and Tony Feldman battled to a tie. Magic Mike Nelson pulled out a win over Bryan Widdell.

Budweiser beat a two man short Feld Fire Equipment 41 to 31. Tom Farner the big winner scoring 15 points. Pat Malloy was early to the course and scored 12 points. Fred Dolezal was placed on the injured reserve list with a back issue.

Feld Security beat Champion Ford 39 to 33. Jair Mayhall and Michael Kasperbauer beat Wade Wilkie and Steve Herrin. Monument Man Loren Boyce beat Bubba Badding 10 to 8. Digger Dave missed all of the fairways and still beat Bob Muhlbauer.

Kyle Atkinson was low gross, Jair Mayhall was low net, Carroll Glass was low net team, Larry Sporrer was closest to the pin and Dave Martin nailed the longest putt.

Verizon Wireless has a 14 point lead over Stiff Sticks in the US Open Flight. Carroll Glass is 18 ahead of Carpet One in the British Open Flight.

The Uncle Bruce Player of the Week is Jamie North scoring an awesome 17 out of 18 points in his match.

Odds and Ends!

Congratulations to my brother in law John Dukes for his win at the 2013 Papa Joe Classic. I can hear it now at Christmas.....Hey Mike can you past the cranberries and by the way how many Papa Joe Classics have you won? Ughhhhh!

Congratulations to Phil Mickelson and his great performance at the British Open. In this mind one of golf's greatest players and all around fan favorite.

Congratulations to the Kuemper Knight baseball team for making it to state.

Best wishes on a speedy recovery to Collin's mom Kimmy Hackett after getting a new hip on Tuesday.

As always this Bud's for You and ON IOWA!

Mike Franey

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ludwigs win city tourney and Dad beats both sons!

Kyler Ludwig's first round 66 at the Carroll Municipal Golf Course proved to be enough for a wire to wire win at the 2013 Carroll City Tourney. Ludwig finished the tournament with a two under total of 177 which was six shots better than Corey Bluml and brother Tanner Ludwig. Ludwig also won the 2013 Carroll Country Club Championship this summer.

It was a family affair as uncle Mike Ludwig won the handicap division with a two shot win over Tom Dentlinger.

Grandpa and Grandma were on hand to watch the action!

 The final group included Kyler Ludwig, Corey Bluml, Kyle "Karl" Christensen and Brad Christensen. Father Kirk Christensen beat the boys by one for the family bragging rights. Great work Kirk!
Brady Evans, John Beiter, Kevin Forke and Pat "Spanky" Vollstedt made the championship flight.

Handicap Champion Mike Ludwig, Brad Hempstead, Collin Hackett and Justin Yetmar.

Matt Gute, Kirk Christensen, Tom Dentlinger and Tanner Ludwig

Matt Gute listens to his caddie dad Tim Gute as he points down the fairway on number one. The young Gute did not take the advice of his caddie as he took dead aim at the green and bombed his drive over the trees.

Around 70 golfers enjoyed great weather and perfect playing conditions in this years tourney. Thanks to the Carroll Muny and the Carroll Country Club for all of their hard work in putting the tourney on.

Have a great week!

Fairways and greens to all!

Mike Franey

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July......Way to go Papa Joe.........Congrats Rachel and Gordon.....No changes at the top!

Happy 4th of July to all from the lakes of Minnesota! It has been a wonderful week of weather for our time to enjoy with family and friends up North.
Congratulations to Rachel and Gordon!

It has been a couple of weeks since I have tap these keys so here we go with a recap of week 9 and 10. There has been no changes in the leaders in either division since week 8.

Graddy's Salsa has had two solid weeks to maintain the lead in the Masters Flight. Rick Grote carried the team in week 9 and in week 10.

Volquartsen Custom maintains their lead in the PGA Flight. Chad Kanne and Chris Nieland led the way in week 9. Nic Volquartsen carried the team in week 10.

Verizon Wireless performed well in week 9 only to see their lead lead shaved to 8 in week 10 to the clubs of Carpet One. Colin Bierl cut the service with an impressive win over Head Cell Guy Pat Macke.

Carroll Glass put together two winning weeks to stay atop the British Open Flight. Andy Reiman led the way in week 9. Benet Snyder helped out in week 10.

Week 9 Zach Johnson Division - Tom Duff low gross and low net, Carroll Cycle Center low net team.
Week 10 Zach Johnson Division - Denny Kasperbauer low net and low gross, Graddy's Salsa low net team
Week 9 - Phil Mickelson Division - Kyle Christensen low gross and low net, Verizon Wireless low net team.
Week 10 Phil Mickelson Division - Kyle Christensen and Kyle Atkinson low gross, Leon Muhlbauer and Bryan Widdell low net. Carpet One low net team.

Here are the standings through week 10.

The Uncle Bruce Player of the week is Kyle Christensen who was low gross in week 9 and shared low gross with Kyle Atkinson in week 10.

Congrats to Kyler Ludwig on winning the Carroll Country Club Club Championship with a playoff win over Papa Joe Pick.

Your Bud Light team was beaten by Van Diest Supply in week 9. Dirk Glynn was the all star with a win over Bud Two Troy Auen. Mike Schulz and Craig Mertz carried the team in week 10 to a win over Champion Ford. The motors are awaiting the return of Digger Dave Nelson who has been out of action for two weeks.

Extensive coverage of the Men's Supper League will return next Tuesday for week 11.

As always this Bud's for you and On Iowa!!!!!!

Mike Franey