Monday, June 30, 2014

Bluml tops Eckerman for CCC Championship.......Mike Nelson wins net division.........City Tournament July 12th and 13th!

Thirty three players teed it up at the Carroll Country Club over the weekend in the club championship.
Dave Collison edged Barney Schroeder by 2 to win the Senior’s one day tourney. Tom Horbach finished 
third and Norm Schulz was 4th.

Kelly Wegner won the women’s division with Jill Pettitt in second.

The scratch and handicap divisions consisted of 36 holes followed by a championship nine holes for the low 12 and ties. The tournament had a half hour rain delay on Sunday otherwise the players only had a stiff breeze to contend with.  

Corey Bluml took a two shot lead into the championship nine on Sunday afternoon over Mike Eckerman. Eckerman birdied #7 to pull within one with two holes to go only to block his tee shot to the right which =
buried in the green side bunker leading a double bogey giving Bluml a three shot lead with one remaining. Bluml would go on to par the final hole and win the club championship by three over Eckerman.
The champ dialed in. Fleshner looks on
Bluml credited Carroll Country Club Superintendent Jim Von Ahn for the good condition of the rain soaked course. On his performance Bluml said he did not put well and was fully anticipating a down to the wire finish with Eckerman. He went onto say Eckerman caught a bad break on eight being plugged in the bunker. It would have made #9 very interesting if Eckerman would have hit the green on #8.

Runner up Mike Eckerman hits his approach on 9
For his efforts Eckerman said that it was a fun weekend and also said he didn’t put very well. He had more three putts than one putts which he says made all the difference in the tournament. All I was trying to do was knock it in the middle of the green on 8 and then I blocked it and it buried in the sand. After that is was over!

1st Corey Bluml 186
2nd Mike Eckerman 189
3rd Paul Tigges 196
4th Matt Fleshner 197
5th Steve “Cuda” Quandt  198 
6th Joe Pick 199

Mike Nelson won the 45 hole net division.
1st Mike Nelson
2nd Jon Sturm
3rd tie with Wade Wilkie and Mike Franey
5th Matt Fleshner

All the players complimented Von Ahn, head pro Nick Schon and his staff and general manager Jermey Rierson and his staff for an enjoyable weekend.

Next up on July 12th and 13th will be the Carroll City Tourney. Players will start on Saturday at the Carroll Country Club and then finish at the Carroll Municipal Golf Course on Sunday.  

Some action photos from the weekend...................
The final group of the day! 

Always a pleasure to take some money from the Junkyard Dog!

Papa Joe parting with his money. Sinnard and Franey beat the farmer and the dog on Saturday to go 2 and 0 on the year!

The girls trying to improve Joe's mood after his loss.

The first tee!

The first tee

Wilkie, Sturm Evans and Franey tee off in the championship nine

Matt Fleshner drove the champs cart in the ditch at the range before Saturday's round. Fleshner was shaken up but refused treatment. The cart received no damage. The incident remains under investigation.  

Fourth place finisher Matt Fleshner hits his approach on the final hole. 

Net champ Mike Nelson, Junkyard Dog, Paul Tigges and Kyle "Karl" Christensen in the final nine

Brooke did a great job on the beverage cart on Sunday

The gallery for the final nine

Standing room only as Barney talks to Macke about how to dial his cell phone. 

A few too many balls on Saturday for Joe as he shot 81.

Papa Joe didn't wear himself out on Sunday. Pick shot the low round with a 73. 
Calcutta winners Chad and Lynda! 

Papa Joe got some back on Sunday! The head hog still trying to figure out his card. Joe proudly wears the new Papa Joe Classic hats! 

This publisher celebrated a birthday on Saturday. Thanks to Lynda all of the players had some cold beer!

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Franey
Championship Captain of Your Bud Light Team
Consultant to the Mid Iowa Team

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Relay For Life.....Carpet One Rolls Again....Bud Light records shut tourney weekend

This Friday June 27th at the Carroll Stadium many will emerge to walk around the track to fight a disease that has affected all of us. Stop down and show your support!

This weekend is the annual Carroll Country Club Tournament. Get your foursome and call the pro shop to sign up. There will be an auction on Friday night with the Mouthpiece Auction Company in charge.

Your Bud Light Team bounced back from the worst loss in team history to stall the motors of Wittrock Motors in a 10 to 0 shut out. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz beat Dr. Dave Nystrom. Steve Sinnard beat Travis Aye. Bud Two Troy Auen beat Brock Jones. Auen was awarded closest to the pin on 8, low net and the longest putt on 9. Auen is headed to Des Moines Golf and Country Club to play in the member guest tourney this weekend. In fashionable style Captain Mike Franey birdied the last hole to beat Kevin K. Wittrock. The flying car dealer drained a putt on #7 from the West edge of Glidden for par. Wittrock was spouting off as he stood on the 6th tee knowing that he was getting a shot to go along with the blistered tee ball that he hit. Sorry Mr. Wittrock, Bud Light nation took over and propelled us to victory. Mike Schulz has been cleared by your Bud Light medical staff and will return to action next week. Your Bud Light team sits tied in third with Family Specialty Medical and just one point behind Supper league's hottest team Carpet One. 

For the second straight week Carpet One posted a shut out as they blanked the league's most famous couple....the farmer and the dog.
A tough night for the Dog! 
On the range reporters recorded Papa Joe Pick talking trash about how he could not understand how a team would get shut out. Whooooops Mr. Pick...can you say open mouth and insert foot! The entire Carpet One team was awarded low net team and low net players.....Brad Hempstead, Coling Bierl, Jon Sturm and Easy Ed Vanderheiden. The farmer and the dog even got into the action of low net as there were 9 players equaling the best net score of the night. Produce Tom Duff was the pig for the Mid Iowa Team. The carpets are 8 behind the guns of Volquartsen Custom. 

The league leaders and defending champions stumbled in week 10 and tied the glass slivers of Carroll Glass. Casket Kyle Atkinson led the way with a two under 35 on the front. It appears that married life has not caught up with Kyle yet. Cable Chad Kanne beat John Deere Green Benton Snyder. Keith Pottebaum was the only winner for the glass company beating Boomer Lechtenberg. 

Family Specialty Medical ruined the reception of Pat Macke and the Verizon Wireless cell phones. The only winner for the phones was Karl Christensen. League sources tell this publisher that this may be Karl's first win of the season. Chemical Dirk Glynn, Mortgage Man Ryan Milligan and Jamie North beat Pat Macke, Brandon Vonnahme and Wyatt Haukap. North was one of the nine low netter. 

Computer Concepts blanked Fleggard 10 to 0. Fleggard was a no show. 

Champion Ford is leading the way with a 8 to 2 win over Linde Equipment. Digger Dave Nelson, Clothier Wade Wilkie and Steve Herrin were all winners for the motor company.Herrrin and Jair Mayhall shared low net honors. Mayhall was closest to the pin and Herrin nailed the longest putt. Rowdy Ron Juergens put Monument Man Loren Boyce six feet under to the post the only win for the equipment dealers. The golf report satellite images have revealed that the Monument Man was in the sand three times on #10.   

Ag Venture struggled for back to back weeks losing to the most mature team Stiff Sticks. The sticks were led by Fairway Frank Comito and Doc Sporrer. Long pants Nick Schon beat Floridian Randy Hockom and Magic Mike Nelson tied Neal Cross. 

Highway 30 Car Wash bounced back from a 1 to 9 loss last week to beat Community Oil 8 to 2. Jazzy Jeff Minnich, Randall Road Randy Bierl and Car Wash Todd Pettitt were all winners. Car wash was low gross.  Todd Kanne was the only winner for the oil jobbers. Where was Chico Kanne?

The King of Beers took care of the Carroll Cycle Center despite be without the leadership of Fred Dolezal. The legend Joel Harris was the only loser for the beers at the hands of Jamming Joe Hinners. After this most recent loss for the shot put champion trade rumors have begun to surface. John Greteman and Counter top Pat Malloy beat head hog Terry Ruchti and Corey Bluml. Tom Farner and Willey's only golf pro Paul Tigges. 

Feld Security secured a 10 to 0 beating of Byronz Boys. Tiger Tom Simons, Numbers Bob Muhlbauer and Ron Bubba Badding were all winners. 

The Uncle Bruce Players of Week goes out to the entire Carpet One Team! 

Terry Ruchti was on the winning member guest team at the Effingham Country Club this past weekend. Several Carroll area golfers participated in the event. This report received a call from an Effingham bartender inquiring if we had a large mouth bass at our club. I told her that our ponds at the club had almost no water and very few fish. She went on to inform me that we have a vertically challenged golfer at our club whose lips were constantly moving over the weekend but nothing was coming out hence the name large mouth bass. All this report can uncover is that his partner's name was Donkey. Anyone with knowledge of this situation should contact the local authorities. It seems like we have a real jewel on our hands! 

Congratulations to St Anthony Hospital on a great golf event this week! Papa Joe Champion John Dukes won the event. 
  •  Happy belated birthday Pete Collison!
  • Congratulations to Marcy Puck on her hole in one on #8
  • Happy Anniversary to Chuck and Sonia Walsh
  • Happy Anniversary to my brother and sister in law Scott and Jennifer Lee 
Al always this bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Fairways and greens to all 

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Franey

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Father's Day.....Carpet One Shuts out Bud Light......Congratulations Greene County....Thanks Neil Trobak!

Happy Father's Day to my father Bill Franey and all of the other fathers out there. The tournament that bears his name.....The Bill Franey Open will be held on August 24th just South of Jefferson on the fairways and greens.

A 3 to 2 vote from the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission on Thursday morning has paved the way for a new casino on the NW corner of Highway 30 and Highway 4 just North of Jefferson. This publisher is extremely proud to have been born and raised in Greene County and thinks that everyone in Greene County who worked on this effort did a great job. Gary Kirke of Wild Rose Entertainment is a friend of many of us from Carroll and is truly one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. Thanks for investing in Greene County Gary!  

 Carpet One pulled the carpet out from under your Bud Light team in week 9 and handed them the worst loss in franchise history. Team captain Colin Bierl led the carpets in their 10 to 0 beat down. Bierl was awarded low net golfer and the team was the low net team. Steve Sinnard suffered his second loss in a row to the red hot Bierl. Brad Hempstead beat long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz scratch on his way to victory. Easy Ed Vanderheiden beat last week’s Uncle Bruce Player of the Week Steve “Hans” Auen. Easy Ed drained a birdie putt from off the green on 17 that knocked the beer guy down. Jon Sturm beat Captain Mike Franey. There were a lot of high fives in the clubhouse after league play as Supper League participants enjoyed seeing America’s team fall. Bierl’s uncle Randall Road Randy Bierl said “I am so happy for Colin and the Carpet One team. This really puts them in the mix to make a run for the Supper League Championship.” Bierl’s father Todd Bierl was unavailable for comment as he was tending to his chicken heard at Carroll’s premier reception headquarters, Greasewood Flats. In a phone interview with this publisher Bud Two Troy Auen was literally speechless about the outcome of the week 9 action. Bud Light team member Steve Sinnard said “The fall from greatness has just hit the bottom and now we have nowhere to go but up.” Mike Schulz who is currently on the disabled list could not believe the outcome and plans to be back in action for week 10. Schulz suffered a major back injury along with a pulled rib trying to pull a large crappie out of Swan Lake. On the lake reporters have told this report that this was the fish that caused Schulz all of the problem. As you can due to the injuries Schulz was unable to land the fish. The fisherman below successfully landed the fish and plans to give it to Schulz for Christmas to ease the pain of his injuries and the one that got away. 

Great job by the Carpet One team. Your Bud Light team will regroup and be ready for week 10.  

League leading Volquartsen Custom slipped by Verizon Wireless 6 to 4. Head shooter Nic Volquartsen and the newlywed Kyle Atkinson were with over Pat Macke and Kyle Christensen. Espn Sports reports this morning that Verizon Wireless is seeking a trade for Christensen who has scored only one victory in the nine week campaign. Good luck on that one.

This report would like to congratulate Piper and Kyle on their union and best of luck in the future. 

There is a log jam for second in the Phil Mickelson's division. Graddy's Salsa's beat Carroll Glass 6 to 4 to move into a tie for second. Rick Grote the only winner for the tomato team beating 2014 Realy For Life Chairman Jon Heim. Don't forget the Relay for Life is next Friday at the Carroll Stadium. Dr. Decay Nick Fangman and Mike Loehr tied Lidderdale Country Store's head chef Brad Stork and Keith Pottebaum. Nick Schon was the only winner for the glass company. 

The Mid Iowa Team stumbled in week 9 and lost to Family Specialty Center. Reports of family favors have surfaced as Brad Pick squared off against father Papa Joe Pick. On course reporters witnessed the younger Pick being quite generous with putts of the elder Pick who obviously applied some fatherly pressure. Papa Joe nailed the longest putt on 18 or did he? 

 As long as when you lay your head down on the pillow at night you can sleep Mr. Pick. Pick and playing partner Steve "Cuda" Quandt have come under fire for parking lot violations as you can see that the junkyard dog was saving a parking spot close to the clubhouse for his partner. Club President Matt Lujano was outraged by their actions and will seek the appropriate punishment. Chemical Dirk Glynn and Aaron Pick beat Quandt and the playing pride of Willey Iowa Paul Tigges. Papa Joe Pick scored a conversely over Brad Pick while Cathish Ed Tomka beat Mortgage Man Ryan Milligan. Both of these teams are part of the three way tie for second. 

Fleggard got their Tuesday's mixed up and were no shows. Wittrock Motors took full advantage and scored their first victory of the season. New report subscribers Travis Aye and Brock Jones notched victories in the win. Tony Pietig shared low gross honors with Brad Hempstead with even pars 34 on the back nine. 

The action was totally lopsided over in the Zach Johnson division where there were two shout outs and three 9 to 1 victories. Champion Ford jumped Ag Venture and moved into first place with a 10 to 0 shut out of Byronz Boys. Wade Wilke was the low shooter for the motor company. 

Ag Venture moved into second as Chico and the oil jobbers of Community Oil pounded the first place team. Jazzy Jerry Janson, the head oil jobber Chico Kanne and first assistant to the head guy Todd Kanne beat Brady "Brody" Evans, Charlie Vaubel and Dr. Neal Cross. Team Captain Denny Kaperbauer was the only winner beating Matt Gute. Todd Kanne shot a one over par 38 on the front nine to grab the low gross and low net honors. Community Oil was the low net team. Chico has them rolling now!  

Budweiser pounded the Highway 30 Car Wash 9 to 1. Counter top Pat Malloy, Tom Farner and Fred Dolezal were all winners beating Randall Road Randy Bierl, former Papa
Harris was all smiles during the collection process!
Minnich not so much! 
Joe Classic Jeff Minnich and Car wash Todd Pettitt. The shot put legend Joel Harris was the only blemish for the King of Beers with a tie. Harris was the 1961, 1962 and 1963 Iowa High School Athletic Association Shot Put Champion for the Carroll Tigers. Another tidbit about Harris is that he has not missed a Drake Relays since 1966. This report thinks that this whole blog could be written about eh life of the legend Joel Harris. More importantly for Harris was the financial gain from last night by beating Bierl and Minnch. Minnich's playing partner Randy Bierl was upset about the loss and announced that he will be paying 
Counter top Pat Malloy in carpet squares. 

Supper League's most mature team Stiff Sticks blanked Linde Equipment. Rich Hartley, Fairway Frank Comito, Floridian Randy Hockom and Doc Sporrer all notched victories. Bud One Jim Auen was not in action in week 9 as he was in Washington D.C. having lunch with the President. 

Carroll Cycle Center walked right through the alarm system of Feld Security 9 to 1. Head Hog Terry Ruchti, Jamming Joe Hinners, and Jay Drees all scored victories. The only point for the alarms was a subbing Tom Duff who tied Tom Drees. League documents show that Jamming Joe Hinners was closest to the pin on #8 and #17 and this publisher can not explain that one.  

 Uncle Bruce Player of the Week is Colin Bierl! Bierl led a carving of your Bud Light Team and was awarded low net player.

After 63 years from behind the microphone Neil Trobak is retiring from Carroll Broadcasting. Stop by Carroll Broadcasting on Friday from 8:30 to 10 to wish Neil well. A true legend of broadcasting. His golden voice has blessed the air ways for over 6 decades. Thanks Neil for that you have done for the Carroll area. 

Other things of interest.................
  • Scott Quandt won the Sac City Open Championship on Sunday. Quandt was also awarded the $500 bonus for finishing the tournament under par. Tom Duff missed the cut and won the first flight. 
  • Fred and Claudia Dolezal visited the winner's circle on Friday night to take the winner's picture with their horse Be My Honey Comb at the Prairie Meadows.

  • It is true that John Dukes turned 40 in early June and it did not take long for his mind to start slipping. In a Father's Day round of golf at the Ames Golf and Country where Dukes is a new member Dukes explained to me that he did not like the first hole because it was impossible for him to get a par. What Dukes finally realized was the starting hole was a par 5 not a par 4. 

Happy 95th Birthday to my Grandmother Adeline Anderson who lives in Jefferson, Iowa


Scott Kanne of the Sauk Rail Trail Association presents to the Carroll Area Development Corporation on Tuesday at noon about the organization and the upcoming ride this weekend. Join them at the Carroll County Courthouse parking lot this Saturday at 10 to Ride the Rail! Visit their website at

That is all she wrote for this week! Have a great week! 

On Iowa and Go Hawks! 

Respectfully submitted by

Mike Franey 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bud Light wins……Happy 40th Birthday John Dukes…..The Library suffers loss……Another hole in one for Mike Nelson!

Happy 40th Birthday to my youngest brother in law John Dukes. What a great time was had by all south of Cancun last week. Thanks for the entertainment. 

After a week of rain the Men’s Supper League hit the course again on a beautiful Iowa night on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club.

Volquartsen Custom remains at the top of the Phil Mickelson division with another win by beating par 8 to 2. Cable Guy Chad Kanne and Kevin Forke were both winners while Nic Volquartsen and Boomer Luchentberg suffered losses for the gun company.

Your Bud Light team remained in second with an 8 to 2 win over the European convenience store Fleggard. Bud Three Steve “Hans” Auen , Craig Mertz and Captain Mike Franey were all winners. Steve Sinnard was the only loser for America’s team.

Mid Iowa Team jumped Graddy’s Salsa’s to move into third with a 7 to 3 virus explosion against Computer Concepts. Produce Tom Duff and Papa Joe Pick were winners which the playing pride of Willey Paul Tigges tied his match with Sam Wilkie. Steve “Cuda” Quandt suffered a loss to Cody Forch.

Graddy’s Salsa and Family Specialty Medical Center battled each other to a tie. The two are tied for fourth. Dr. Decay Nick Fangman beat Chemical Dirk Glynn. Brad Pick beat Jeff Scharfenkamp. Diamond Mike Loehr tied Daniel Fitzpatrick. Tomato John Gradoville tied Mortgage Ryan Milligan in the loan broker’s 2014 supper league debut.

Carpet One beat Carroll Glass 6 to 4. John Sturm beat the green paint off Benton Snyder. Glass man Andy Reiman beat Brad Hempstead. Lidderdale’s Brad Stork tied his match with Easy Ed Vanderheiden and Keith Pottebaum tied Carpet Colin Bierl.

Verizon Wireless cooled the motors of Wittrock Motors. Dr. Dave Nystrom beat Karl Christensen, Brock Jones beat Wyatt Haukap, Brandon Vonnahme beat head car dealer Kevin Wittrock and Westside State Savings Bank Matt Lujano beat Travis Aye.

Action over in the Zach Johnson division saw Ag Venture maintain their lead with an 8 to 2 win over Linde Equipment. Dr. Neal Cross, Denny Kasperbauer, and Nick Schon were all winners. Brady Evans fell to Tony Feldman.

Highway 30 Car Wash set the alarms off of Feld Security. Car Wash Todd Pettitt, Jeff Minnich and Randall Road Bierl were all winners. Curtis Stork and Tiger Tom Simons tied for the only blemish on an almost perfect ten.

Champion Ford passed the cycles of the Carroll Cycle Center on the right. Clothier Wade Wilkie and Digger Dave Nelson were winners for the Fords. Jamming Joe Hinners and Rick Vanderheiden were winners for the cycles.

Budweiser beat Chico Kanne and the oil jobbers. Fred Dolezal, GPS Bob Pudenz and John “Gretzy” Greteman were all winners. The head oil jobber Chico Kanne was the only winner for the oil company beating the legend Joel Harris.

Stiff Sticks beat Byronz Boys 6 to 4. Templeton’s Doc Sporrer was the only winner for the most mature team. Bud One Jim Auen tied with Chris Giguere and Magic Mike Nelson tied with Rich Hartley. Nelson recently nailed another hole in one on 15 using a chocked up on nine wood.  

The Uncle Bruce Player of the Week is Steve "Hans" Auen who fired a 40 on the front on Tuesday night. 

 Carroll’s most famous librarian James “Alby” Albertson passed away on June 6 after a brief illness. The library that Albertson held open attracted many visitors to the Quint Avenue location. Visitors included teachers, a school board President, a local community college official, a former girls basketball coach, a former executive director, many members of the Ike Auen Distributing Company and a high school superintendent just to name a few. Close friend Rob Cordes recently told this publisher about the first time 14 years ago when a fellow facility member invited him to the library where he met the man in charge. Cordes has been a regular patron of the library for all of those years and I know that he will always have the great memories to remember. 

A neighbor of Alby’s for six years Rachel Buchanan recalls the day that she was packing to leave with now husband Gordon. In his caring style Alby looked at Gordon and said “if I was twenty years younger she wouldn’t be leaving with you so take care of her.” Buchanan made the 815 mile trek from Nashville to Carroll to pay her respects to the neighbor who she has so many fond memories of. 

Many topics were covered over the years at this establishment but all this publisher knows that there was no arguing about the future of this library, no grandstanding at the local city council meeting or no newspaper articles voicing concerns about how much square feet there should be. You see the 1,022 square feet of space on the main floor of this Quint Avenue home was a place where people respected each other and came to unwind from life’s stresses. I enjoyed the few times that I visited the famous library  and always got a smile on my face when I saw him buzzing around on that scooter even on days that were not fit for riding. The memories of the library and the man who operated it could produce more books than any library could hold. 

Alby…………….”Thanks for how you treated people. A treatment that each and every one you met will cherish for a lifetime and “As always this Bud’s for you.”

Some housekeeping items to mention.....

Happy Belated birthdays to Steve Sinnard, Scott Kanne, Dave Nelson and Payton White

This report would like to wish a speedy recovery to Phil Dukes who broke his leg in Mexico while attending his son's 40th birthday celebration. 

A huge shout out to everyone at the Carroll Country Club for a wonderful Carroll AM this past weekend. 

That is all that I have for now! Off to God's country and the black and gold pins at the Finkbine Golf Course. 

Have a great week! Fairways and greens to all!

Mike Franey