Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bud Light wins……Happy 40th Birthday John Dukes…..The Library suffers loss……Another hole in one for Mike Nelson!

Happy 40th Birthday to my youngest brother in law John Dukes. What a great time was had by all south of Cancun last week. Thanks for the entertainment. 

After a week of rain the Men’s Supper League hit the course again on a beautiful Iowa night on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club.

Volquartsen Custom remains at the top of the Phil Mickelson division with another win by beating par 8 to 2. Cable Guy Chad Kanne and Kevin Forke were both winners while Nic Volquartsen and Boomer Luchentberg suffered losses for the gun company.

Your Bud Light team remained in second with an 8 to 2 win over the European convenience store Fleggard. Bud Three Steve “Hans” Auen , Craig Mertz and Captain Mike Franey were all winners. Steve Sinnard was the only loser for America’s team.

Mid Iowa Team jumped Graddy’s Salsa’s to move into third with a 7 to 3 virus explosion against Computer Concepts. Produce Tom Duff and Papa Joe Pick were winners which the playing pride of Willey Paul Tigges tied his match with Sam Wilkie. Steve “Cuda” Quandt suffered a loss to Cody Forch.

Graddy’s Salsa and Family Specialty Medical Center battled each other to a tie. The two are tied for fourth. Dr. Decay Nick Fangman beat Chemical Dirk Glynn. Brad Pick beat Jeff Scharfenkamp. Diamond Mike Loehr tied Daniel Fitzpatrick. Tomato John Gradoville tied Mortgage Ryan Milligan in the loan broker’s 2014 supper league debut.

Carpet One beat Carroll Glass 6 to 4. John Sturm beat the green paint off Benton Snyder. Glass man Andy Reiman beat Brad Hempstead. Lidderdale’s Brad Stork tied his match with Easy Ed Vanderheiden and Keith Pottebaum tied Carpet Colin Bierl.

Verizon Wireless cooled the motors of Wittrock Motors. Dr. Dave Nystrom beat Karl Christensen, Brock Jones beat Wyatt Haukap, Brandon Vonnahme beat head car dealer Kevin Wittrock and Westside State Savings Bank Matt Lujano beat Travis Aye.

Action over in the Zach Johnson division saw Ag Venture maintain their lead with an 8 to 2 win over Linde Equipment. Dr. Neal Cross, Denny Kasperbauer, and Nick Schon were all winners. Brady Evans fell to Tony Feldman.

Highway 30 Car Wash set the alarms off of Feld Security. Car Wash Todd Pettitt, Jeff Minnich and Randall Road Bierl were all winners. Curtis Stork and Tiger Tom Simons tied for the only blemish on an almost perfect ten.

Champion Ford passed the cycles of the Carroll Cycle Center on the right. Clothier Wade Wilkie and Digger Dave Nelson were winners for the Fords. Jamming Joe Hinners and Rick Vanderheiden were winners for the cycles.

Budweiser beat Chico Kanne and the oil jobbers. Fred Dolezal, GPS Bob Pudenz and John “Gretzy” Greteman were all winners. The head oil jobber Chico Kanne was the only winner for the oil company beating the legend Joel Harris.

Stiff Sticks beat Byronz Boys 6 to 4. Templeton’s Doc Sporrer was the only winner for the most mature team. Bud One Jim Auen tied with Chris Giguere and Magic Mike Nelson tied with Rich Hartley. Nelson recently nailed another hole in one on 15 using a chocked up on nine wood.  

The Uncle Bruce Player of the Week is Steve "Hans" Auen who fired a 40 on the front on Tuesday night. 

 Carroll’s most famous librarian James “Alby” Albertson passed away on June 6 after a brief illness. The library that Albertson held open attracted many visitors to the Quint Avenue location. Visitors included teachers, a school board President, a local community college official, a former girls basketball coach, a former executive director, many members of the Ike Auen Distributing Company and a high school superintendent just to name a few. Close friend Rob Cordes recently told this publisher about the first time 14 years ago when a fellow facility member invited him to the library where he met the man in charge. Cordes has been a regular patron of the library for all of those years and I know that he will always have the great memories to remember. 

A neighbor of Alby’s for six years Rachel Buchanan recalls the day that she was packing to leave with now husband Gordon. In his caring style Alby looked at Gordon and said “if I was twenty years younger she wouldn’t be leaving with you so take care of her.” Buchanan made the 815 mile trek from Nashville to Carroll to pay her respects to the neighbor who she has so many fond memories of. 

Many topics were covered over the years at this establishment but all this publisher knows that there was no arguing about the future of this library, no grandstanding at the local city council meeting or no newspaper articles voicing concerns about how much square feet there should be. You see the 1,022 square feet of space on the main floor of this Quint Avenue home was a place where people respected each other and came to unwind from life’s stresses. I enjoyed the few times that I visited the famous library  and always got a smile on my face when I saw him buzzing around on that scooter even on days that were not fit for riding. The memories of the library and the man who operated it could produce more books than any library could hold. 

Alby…………….”Thanks for how you treated people. A treatment that each and every one you met will cherish for a lifetime and “As always this Bud’s for you.”

Some housekeeping items to mention.....

Happy Belated birthdays to Steve Sinnard, Scott Kanne, Dave Nelson and Payton White

This report would like to wish a speedy recovery to Phil Dukes who broke his leg in Mexico while attending his son's 40th birthday celebration. 

A huge shout out to everyone at the Carroll Country Club for a wonderful Carroll AM this past weekend. 

That is all that I have for now! Off to God's country and the black and gold pins at the Finkbine Golf Course. 

Have a great week! Fairways and greens to all!

Mike Franey

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