Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Bud Light Championship……Captain Franey Playoff MVP!

A Bud Light Championship……Captain Franey Playoff MVP!

At press time this morning the golf gods were crying tears of joy for the victory last night by your Bud Light team as they defeated Carroll County State Bank 38 to 34 to claim the ultimate prize-2008 Supper league Championship. Twenty two teams started the year on April 29th with a glimmer of hope and a dream of a championship dancing in the heads. After 18 weeks of play only one team is still standing…..Your Bud Light Team!
A night that saw team sponsor and birthday boy Troy Auen avenge a July 14th loss to Don Neary 4 to 2. A solid night of play by Auen with only one brain fade as he missed a 17” putt on the second hole. Reporters on the range found Neary attempting to bribe team sponsor Bud One Jim Auen with a lower interest rate for a Bud Light loss. Thanks but no thanks Mr. Neary!
A year of golf frustration, lack of confidence and absolute anger ended last night for your Captain as he played better than he had in two years shooting an one under par 36 and cruising to a 5 to 1 victory over Mike Mosher. As season long MVP front runner Mike Schulz served as on course reporter last night traveling between the Auen/Franey group back to the Mertz/Sinnard group it became apparent that the Dream Team were sucking air trying to avoid a Supper League disaster. Schulz reported to your Captain in the middle of seven fairway that both long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and Steve Sinnard were four down to their opponents Nick Fangman and Tomato John Gradoville. As fast as Auen and Franey were winning points the Dream team were squandering them away. After finishing the sixth hole four down a loud screech settled over the Carroll Country Club as the presses printing the Bud Light Championship shirts at the Graphic Edge came to a stop. What your Bud Light team had worked for the last 17 weeks was close to being lost. On course reporter Mike Schulz was spotted in the trees not able to even watch as the Dream Team were on life support gasping for their last breath.
Never fear Steve “the grinder” Sinnard rose to the occasion, fought back against Fangman and settled in for a 3 to 2 loss which proved to be just enough to secure the championship. Sinnard had to offset Mertz’s 5 to 2 beating from Tomato John. A Dream season is made up of highs and lows and we had them all last night.
In the end it all was fine a 38 to 34 win and a 2008 Supper League Championship in the bag! The screech that once was deafening turned into music to ears of your Bud Light team as the presses resumed production of the championship shirts. Congratulations Bud Light and in the famous words of our sponsor “This Bud’s for you!”
Other news making items……….
• Watch for your Bud Light team on an upcoming David Letterman show.
• CCSB was 2nd, Stiffsticks were 3rd, Carroll Cycle Center 4th, Soggy subs 5th, and Prenger La-z-boys 6th.
• Tom Duff was closest to the pin on #8.
• Community Oil crushed Landlocked Seafoods 43 to 29. Landlocked finished 8th.

Season long MVP voting still continues until noon today. A press release will posted around 2 CMT announcing the 2008 Bud Light MVP.
That is a wrap with your Bud Light Team winning the 2008 Carroll Country Club Championship. Thanks for all of you supporting the Bud Light Team!

Fairways and greens to all!

Championship Captain Franey

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Championship Night...Happy Birthday Hans and Troy!

The time has come for your Bud Light team to win the 2008 Supper League Championship with a rematch of Week 14 against Carroll County State Bank. Your Bud Light team defeated CCSB 38 to 34 on July 29, 2008. That night saw Don Neary score low net for CCSB on his way to a defeat along with a benching of Troy Auen who had just returned from a week at the lake. Captain Franey, long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz, and Steve "Hans" Auen were all winners that night.

With all of that in mind and with the performances of last week in league your Captain will be back in action tonight along with Birthday boy and team sponsor Troy Auen, Steve Sinnard and long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz.
Season MVP front runner Mike Schulz did recover over the weekend shooting a 81 at the Bill Franey Open in Jefferson and was given strong consideration for tonight's line up.
Our friends at the Carroll Cycle Center will play Stiffsticks and the Papa Joe's soggy subs will play Bud one Jim Auen's Prenger La-z-boys.

Please take time to vote at the bottom of the blog for your choice of the 2008 Bud Light MVP golfer of the year.

Good luck to all tonight! In the words of our fine sponsor "This Bud's for you"

Fairway and greens to all.
Captain Franey

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wade Pettitt wins 2008 Bill Franey Open!

Wade Pettitt wins 2008 Bill Franey Open!

Wade Pettitt of Carroll shot a 27 hole total of five under par 103 to win the 3rd Annual Bill Franey Open at the Raccoon Valley Golf Course in Jefferson on Sunday by one stroke over Scott Quandt of Mt. Carmel. The tournament named after Bill Franey, father of Mike Franey of Carroll who passed away in May of 2006 attracted 27 Carroll golfers in the 62 player field. The tournament was formerly known as the Al Hoy Memorial where Bill Franey served as the tournament director for 25 years. In 2006 the Board of Directors of the golf course renamed the tournament the Bill Franey Open. Proceeds from the tournament support a scholarship given annually to a student training to be an electric lineman at Northwest Community College in Sheldon. Franey was a lineman for the Midland Power Coop in Jefferson for 31 years and served as line superintendent for another 10 years.
All golfers played 18 holes then the low 16 players qualified for a final championship nine. Scott Quandt and Wade Pettitt won the final nine medalist honors with a 2 under par 34.
Defending champion Mike Eckerman finished in 6th place with a 113 and inaugural champion Craig Mertz finished tied for 13th with Mike Franey at 119. Other Carroll golfers in the championship flight included Lonny Lehrkamp in 7th with a 114, Troy Auen in 9th with a 116, Tom Burns in 12th with 118, and Johnny Beiter in 15th with a 122 Steve “Cuda” Quandt in 16th. First flight winner was Tim Gute with 80, 2nd was Dave Nelson with 80 and 3rd was Joe Pick with 80. Others in the first flight were Mike Schulz 81, Tom Duff 81 and Bruce Pettitt 82. In the second flight former Carroll resident John Dukes was 4th with 83. Other scores in the 2nd flight were Steve Sinnard 83, Mark Tigges 84, Randy Hockum 86 and Terry Ruchti 88. Third flight scores were Jim White 92, Mike McDermott 92, former Carroll resident Mark Cuddy 93 and Jason Scranton 93. In the 4th flight were Scott Tjaden 104 and Scott Kanne 107.
Some action photos from the tourney............
After getting 4th in the 2nd flight Brother John got some time to hang out with the Kimmy, Kwee and Gina!

The Carroll guys still standing at the end of the tourney.....

Thanks to the girls of the Bill Franey Open.............

Steve and Craig's hot rod cart...........

Troy and Mike with the Dream Team.............

Mike, Mom and Mike's former babysitter and long time family friend Todd Madson who finished 4th.....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bud Light wins Tiger Woods Division!....Sinnard Week 17 MVP....Cycles 2nd....Subs 3rd!

Good morning Bud Light Sports Fans!

A glorious night with a fall hint to contest a divisional championship. An eleven point lead proved to be just enough on a night that saw 2007 Carroll Country Club President Mike Schulz get clubbed by 1998 Jefferson-Scranton Community High School graduate Tristan Brown 14 to 4. With his effort Schulz casts some doubt on the MVP award as season long MVP contender Steve Sinnard was the only winner of Week 17 securing the victory for the team by beating 2008 Carroll Country Club handicap champion Andy Reiman 11 to 7. Team sponsor Steve "Hans" Auen was sucking wind last night as well as he was beaten by Jay Westerkamp and his 21 handicap 11 to 7. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz returned to action after a family vacation to play very well only to tie a cagey veteran Benet Snyder 9 to 9. So with all of that your Bud Light team was beaten on the last night of the league 41 to 31. Bud Light received some help from team sponsor Bud One Jim Auen’s Prenger
La-z-boy team as they held Stiffsticks to a 36 to 36 split. It is in the books and your Bud Light team wins the Tiger Woods division by 6 over Stiffsticks and 9 clear of the Soggy Subs. Up next for your Bud Light team is Zach Johnson divisional winners Carroll County State Bank made up of John Gradoville, Mike Mosher, Don Neary, Nick Fangman and Adam Schweers next week on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club. Coach Troy Auen will return to action next week for the playoffs and league sources tell the report that your Captain has enough splinters in his ass from being on the bench that he too may even return for the playoff match. Match ups for next week will be released at a later time. The 2008 Bud Light MVP award will be announced next Wednesday.

Speaking of the soggy subs they played Subway Mike Gute’s Kerps team last night and won 38 to 34 to close the gap a little on second only to remain in third place. This sets up a Week 16 rematch with team sponsor Bud One Jim Auen’s Prenger La-z-boy team that were embarrassed by the subs 45 to 27. Bud One has proclaimed victory for next week and the trash talking was running rampant last night. Tom Duff was the lone sub as 2008 Carroll Senior City Champion Papa Joe Pick drove south in a high rate of speed after carding a 41 on the front nine. In the week 16 match Carroll Hy-Vee store director Randy Kruse subbed for the subs and was the big point getter clobbering former store director Randy Hockum. A Hy-Vee announcement yesterday informed of Kruse’s upcoming transfer to a new Hy-Vee store in Windsor Heights. This reporter would like to wish Kruse luck with his future and is saddened to see him leave Carroll as he was proving to be a community asset. One has to wonder where the Subs will get their points next week.

Other news making items…………………….
• Carroll Cycle Center finished up in second just 9 points behind CCSB winning last night over Farm Bureau 38 to 34. Tony Bluml, Jay Drees, and J.B. Greenwell are all MVP’s.
• Flying Bob informed me on the range last night that there would be no aerial coverage for Week 17 but look for a busy air space next week for the playoffs.
• Sources tell me that Flying Bob was low man for the team with a 35 as both Car Wash Todd and Uncle Grandpa Bruce carded 37’s and Captain Randy Bierl shot a smooth 41.
• Closest to the pin honors on hole #8 for Steve “Hans” Auen
• Low Gross on the front nine to Mike “Jewels” Eckerman. Congrats on your 4th place finish in the club tournament.
• Club Champion Wade Pettitt shot a six under 28 on the back nine but was beaten by 1 for low gross.
• The Carroll Country Club team was low net and our barkeeper Jason Scranton had the longest putt on 11.
• 3rd place Subway was low net team
• Good luck to Kirby Pettitt as he starts his career at Colorado State University

Well week 17 is in the books and with comes a Tiger Woods divisional championship. Your Bud Light team will contend for a 2008 Carroll Country Club Men’s Supper league championship next week. Good luck starting tomorrow to 20 time Carroll City Champion Mike “Jewels” Eckerman, Wade “Wanda” Pettitt, Ben Pettitt and CCC head golfing professional Nate Pettitt who are playing in the Iowa Open at the Des Moines Golf and Country Club. Also good luck to all of the players traveling over to the 2008 Bill Franey Open in Jefferson on Sunday.
That’s a wrap and in the words of our great sponsor………This Bud’s for you!

Fairways and greens to all!
Captain Franey

Save the date August 26th Your Bud Light team vs CCCB for the 2008 Supper League Championship!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Final week before playoffs

Good morning sports fans,

First I would like to congratulate Wade Pettitt for being overall scratch champion and Andy Reiman for winning the handicap division this weekend at the club championship. A big thanks to Nate Pettitt, Jom Von Ahn and all of the staff from the Carroll Country Club for their efforts to make the event a true success.

Your Bud Light team takes an eleven point lead into tonight's action against 2008 Carroll Country Club Handicap Champion Andy Reiman's Utilicomm team. Second place Stiffsticks opponent was not decided at press time so we will have to wait until tonight for that information.

On the tee for your Bud Light Team will be 2007 Carroll Country Club President and season long MVP contender Mike Schulz, Team sponsor Steve "Hans" Auen, Steve Sinnard and what league experts are calling some what of a risky move by the Captain Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz returns to action from a family vacation. Team sponsor Troy Auen is back on the football field and your Captain is taking the week off as his year long slump continued this weekend in the club championship. As for the play of your Captain this puts it all in prospective.....

Scott Quandt beat your Captain both days by 20 shots. Saturday he shot 65 and to my 85 then on Sunday he shot 68 and to my 88. Wade on the other hand only beat me by 17 one day and 20 the other day.

To top it all off………..Wade’s 45 hole total was 170 and my 36 hole total was 173. That’s right he played 9 more holes than I and still beat me by 3 shots.

One has to wonder how you can get down on your game.

An exciting night of action is upon us and good luck to all.

Fairways and greens to all
Captain Franey

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Schulz MVP…..Bud Light extends lead……Cycles win-finally

Schulz MVP…..Bud Light extends lead……Cycles win-finally

Good morning Bud Light sports fan!

First of all I would like to give a shout out to all of the men and women who work so hard at the Carroll Country Club to make our club experience what it should be. On Monday night the Carroll Country Club hosted their employee’s party with golf, pool and food. While they enjoyed a night for themselves your Carroll Country Club Board of Directors ran the show in clubhouse…on the beer cart…in the snack shack….at the pool and in the pro shop. A big thank you from this reporter to our employees and our board for all of their efforts for making the Carroll Country Club the place to be!

The night started with your Bud Light team grasping onto a six point lead over Captain Comito’s Stiffsticks and ended with your Bud Light team solidly in first place with an eleven point lead over Stiffsticks and a 16 point lead over the Soggy Subs with one week to play. Bud Light was lead by 2007 Carroll Country Club President and season MVP contender Mike Schulz who beat Pete Collison 12 to 6. Our sponsors Steve “Hans” Auen tied KKRL’s head disc jockey Pat “Jazzy” Macke 9 to 9 and Troy Auen tied Billy Badding 9 to 9. The only loss of the night came from Steve Sinnard who was beaten by Chad Kanne 10 to 8. Overall it was a 38 to 34 win for the Bud Light team and more importantly an eleven point cushion going into the last week of the year.

The Bud Light lead was extended due to Byron’s Boyz upset win over the Stiffsticks 39 to 33. Paul Reicks subbed for the sticks and was their only winner as Comito, Cross and Eich all lost. In the press room after the match Comito stated that it was going to be hard to beat the Bud Light team but they will give it their best shot next week. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Stiffsticks will lay down and die as they are former champions of Supper League and will fight to the finish.

Papa Joe’s Subway team came up with an impressive 45 to 27 win over Zach Johnson league leaders Prenger La-z-boys. This reporter is disappointed by the efforts of BUD ONE Jim Auen for losing to Captain Pick 13 to 5. Report sources have told me that Auen lost a club during the match only to have it found after the match in the bag of Captain Pick. Charges are pending in this case but with all due respect it would take more than one missing club to overcome a beating like that. In the battle of Hyvee store directors retired store director Randy Hockum rolled over for tired store director Randy Kruse 13 to 5. For his efforts Kruse was awarded two golfing balls for tying low gross with Papa Joe and low net team. Tom “Duffer” Duff was on a family vacation and the Junk Yard dog also won his match. This reporter would like to express his dissatisfaction with the current Hyvee store director for having 1,000 miniature Iowa State statues in the front of the store and there are no Iowa Hawkeye statues to be found.

It has been awhile but Carroll Cycle Center finally got back on the winning track. The cycles were carried by team MVP Joe Joe Hinners and Jay Drees. Sources tell me that Hinners was one over par teeing off on the par 3 fourth hole when he about took out Howard Drees sitting on his deck. The penalty gave Hinners a 6 on the hole to end up with a great gross 41 and earn him low net honors with net 30. Team captain Terry Ruchti and Dr. J.B. Greenwell were on life support when the electricity went out causing cardiac arrest. As you can imagine both were losers. The Cycles have a slim chance to still win the league as they are only 10 behind CCSB and one ahead of the La-z-boys.

Other news making headlines………..

• Best of luck to all of the seniors today playing in the Senior City Tournament
• In the battle of the Pettitt’s congrats go out to Nate Pettitt for capturing low gross honors with a 32 and beating Flying Bob Raue 11 to 7. Kirby shot 33, Wade 34 and Car Wash Todd 34.
• Congrats to Flying Bob Raue for the longest putt on 18. You may think that all of the planes flying around the course are crop dusting planes but in actuality they are covering the action for the report. Flying Bob has taken his job as the report aviation expert a little too serious and will be asked by the report to be more restrictive on the air space around the course.
• Captain Franey played for Miller Lite and tied Cole Reiman
• Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz was on an unapproved family vacation.

That’s a wrap! Go Bud Light!

In the words of our sponsor “This Bud’s for you”!

Fairway and greens to all
2008 Bud Light Captain

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Week 16 Match ups

Week 16 starts with your Bud Light team having a slim 6 point lead over Captain Comito's Stiffsticks team. The Stiffsticks play Byron's Boyz tonight. The Carroll Cycle Center look to rebound from their poor play the last couple of weeks as they take on Boyce Monuments. The Cycles are 11 points out of the lead. Landlocked Seafoods play the Carroll Country Club and last but certainly not least the Soggy Subs play the leaders of the Zach Johnson division, Prenger La-z-boys.
In the feature match of the evening your Bud Light Team takes dead aim at KKRL. On the team for disc jockeys will be Pat Macke, Pete Collison, Chad Kanne and Bill Badding. Your Bud Light team lineup will be team sponsors Troy Auen and Steve "Hans" Auen, 2008 Season MVP contenders Steve Sinnard and 2007 Carroll Country Club President Mike Schulz. The playing rights of your Captain have been sold to Miller Lite for tonight. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz is on a family vacation. Good luck to all

Fairway and greens,
Captain Franey

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Schulz on fire…..Cycles tie….Subs fall…….

Schulz on fire…..Cycles tie….Subs fall…….

At the start of week 15 the lead was 12 and at the close of week 15 the lead is down to 6 at the hands of Captain Comito’s Stiffsticks. The sticks have averaged 43.80 points in the last five weeks to close the gap on your Bud Light team. The sticks are definitely on a move and are worth paying attention to. The report would like to thank Subway Mike’s Kerps team for rolling over and playing dead for the Stiffsticks last night.
For your Bud Light team 2007 Carroll Country Club President Mike Schulz beat Dave Schroer 7 to 1 to capture MVP honors and take a strong lead in the season long MVP award. This reporter played with Schulz and would like to compliment the former Prez on his play last night. A strong argument could be made for MVP honors for long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz as he took down the one and only 2008 Northwest Iowa Amateur Champion and 2 time State Champion Wade “Wanda” Pettitt 4 to 1. Pettitt suffered his first lost of the year in Supper league and even lost to brother Nate by 3 strokes. MVP contender Steve Sinnard suffered from throttle elbow for being at the lake for a week and was beaten by the Carroll Country Club general manager and head golf professional Nate Pettitt. Riding the pine next week will be your Caption as he stroked his way to a 44 on the front nine of the Carroll Country Club and was beaten by a streaky bartender Jason Scranton. It was reported that Scranton recently caddied for Wanda Pettit in the U.S. Amateur qualifying at the Harvestor. I guess just hanging around the Pettitts makes your golf game rise to the top. Good play for Schulz and Mertz. Team sponsor Troy Auen worked off his benching by shooting a two under par 35 for the Miller Lite team.
Next week’s lineup is set….Auen, Auen, Mertz and Schulz.

Other news making headlines……..
• Congratulations to CCSB for their 53 to 19 win over Walsh Motors. Team captain Tomato John knocked one in from 90 yards on #3 to propel the team. CCSB was low net team.
• For the second week in a row Nate Pettitt and father Car Wash Todd were low gross in their respective divisions.
• Tomato John was low net in the Tiger Woods division.
• Report subscriber P.J. Greteman was low net in the Zach Johnson division.
• Subway suffered a close loss to Utilicomm. My sources tell me that Papa Joe Pick’s hammie was still a little tender from over use from dancing at son’s Nate wedding in San Diego and the Junk Yard dog was soundly beaten.
• Carroll Cycle Center tied Landlocked Seafoods making their quest for a championship a challenge. They are 11 back of Prenger’s La-z-boys.
• Three time Carroll Junior city champion Troy Auen tees off this morning at 9:30 with a provisional past champion’s exemption in the Carroll Junior City tournament at the Carroll Muni. Good luck Mr. Auen.
• Good luck to Wade, Kirby and Ben Pettitt this weekend at the Herman Sani at Hyperion.

As week 15 closes the Stiffsticks are making an unwanted hostile takeover bid on your Bud Light team and will soon find out what that really means.

Fairway and greens to all
Captain Franey

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Week 15 match ups

Week 15 starts with your Bud Light team having a 12 point lead over Stiffsticks and 16 points ahead of Subway. Tonight's opponent for your Bud Light team is the Carroll Country Club. The Stiffsticks play Subway Mike's Kerps team and the Soggy Subs play Utilicom.

All eyes will be on Subway's captain Papa Joe Pick and his ailing hamstring. One has to wonder if he did a little too much dancing this weekend in San Diego at son Nate's wedding.

In the line up tonight for your Bud Light team will be the 2007 Carroll Country Club President Mike Schulz, Captain Franey, long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz. Your captain carefully selects Steve "I have been at the lake for a week" Sinnard for the final spot on the roster tonight. You all may remember what happen last week when team sponsor Troy Auen coming off a week at the lake returned to action.........well he is not in the line up tonight but instead your Captain sold his playing rights to Miller Lite for tonight's round. All is well as Miller Lite does not have team shirts so Auen will not feel out of place.

Tonight's feature match will be Landlocked Seadfoods crossing over to do battle with the Carroll Cycle Center. Report sources state that Grandpa Uncle Bruce Pettitt has a new weapon in his bag for tonight's battle. The cycles are coming off back to back losses and are now in third place in the Zach Johnson division. They are only 4 out of the lead and look for a good showing tonight.

Fairways and greens to all!
Captain Franey