Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hawkeyes win...last night of fall league...Franey bowling night MVP!

Hello all!
Tonight is the final night of fall league on the fairways, greens and leaves of the Carroll Country Club. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and his partner season long MVP runner up go for the East Coast Championship tonight. Their lead is large and they are expected to win. Congratulations to them!
Also Captain Frank Comito and his partner Pat Eich are trying to hold off Rick Bauer and J.B. Greenwell for the championship in the Pinehurst division. Also in the Pinehurst division you will find 2008 Bud Light MVP Mike Schulz and his partner Loren Boyce in last place. Your captain and his partner Uncle Grandpa Bruce are solidily in 4th place just ahead of the MVP! UGB and I are scheduled to play the farmer and dog tonight. My sources report that the farmer is not going to play out of fear and the dog is foaming at the mouth. One has to wonder how you can combine in the rain?

Some recent birthdays to report............Uncle Grandpa Bruce turned 55, Tom "A smile in every isle" Duff turned 50 and Carroll Cycle Center's season MVP D.A. Tony Bluml had a birthday and his age was not published.

I am sure that all of you saw the Iowa Hawkeyes of old crush the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday in the friendly compounds of Kinnick Stadium. For the first time in Hawkeye history the Hawkeye's have both offensive and defensive players of the week in Shon Greene and Pat Angerer. The sun always shines a little brighter in God's Country.....Iowa City Iowa.
A report shout out to long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz's Nebraska Cornhuskers as they took care of Papa Joe Pick's Cyclones.

With the cooler tempatures comes the start of the quest to win a bowling league championship just West of the Carroll Country Club. I know that all of you will want to be informed of all of the action. In action last night your captain stepped up and carried the team to victory. Starting strong with a 232 and fading with games of 172 and 151 when the match was in the bag to spare my handicap. Uncle Grandpa Bruce had 17 ten pin leaves to finish 7 pins behind the MVP. The Mid Iowa bowling team beat the No Name Gang 19 to 11. Look for coverage of Carroll Cycle Center's Team Captain Terry Ruchti in upcoming weeks. Both Ruchti and Uncle Grandpa Bruce average over 200.
Many golfers have switched to bowling. On Thursday nights Wade Pettitt, 20 time city champion Mike Eckerman, and Wyatt Haukap are just a few that take to the lanes. They certainly stay later than we do on Monday nights so if you wake up early on a Friday morning stop by on your way to work as they probably will still be there.

That's a wrap!
In the famous words of our sponsor "This Bud's for You"
Fairways, greens and strikes to all!
2008 Bud Light Championship Captain Franey