Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Fun night....good luck Kuemper boys and girls and Carroll High girls.....Happy Birthday Keeley Sinnard!

It was a beautiful night for the Men's Supper League. The results of the net skins game are as follows:

  • Jon Renze - net 3 on 1 and net 2 on 9
  • Jamie North net 2 on 5 and net 2 on 8
  • Mike Schulz net 3 on 7
  • Loren Boyce net 3 on 12
  • Mike Nelson net 3 on 12
  • Brad Woodard net 2 on 17
Report Correction: Easy Ed Cutler beat Mike Schulz last week. The report incorrectly said that they did tie. This is the first reported typo in the report's 42,370 views. An undisclosed out of court settlement has been reached in this matter. 

Quote of the Week: "This report might not be Fake News but it might not always be true" This publisher has no problem with that quote! 

A great night at the I-Club Banquet! 

The home and away voice of the Iowa Hawkeyes

Happy Birthday Keeley Sinnard! 
Welcome new subscriber, Mike Soe!

Fairways and greens, 


Things to remember: 

It is our turn to take a trip to the Grinnell College Golf Course and challenge their membership to an Inter Club Match. We will be leaving the CCC parking lot on the morning of May 24th at 8:30 in the morning. We welcome anyone who may want to travel to join us for this event. If you have never played in these matches before they are extremely fun! To register please call the Golf Shop at 792-1255 or email The cost for Golf and Lunch at the course is $25 per player. We would like to get at least 20 players if possible!!

Don't forget to sign up the Member - Guest on June 1st and 2nd.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Happy Mother's Day....Carroll Glass surges to top.......Pick rallies to tie Franey......Red Heads benched and Mertz spanks the Dog!

Finally Mother Nature did not play a role in the Men's supper league at the Carroll Country Club. It was a perfect night for a showdown for your Michelob Ultra team with the most famous golf couple Steve "Cuda" Quandt and Papa Joe Pick. Papa Joe Pick rallied to win the last two holes to tie Ultra captain Mike Franey. Pick was seen doing his version of the happy dance after snaking in a 20 foot putt for the tie. It took most of the back nine for long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz to finally get the choke chain on the Junkyard Dog. Mertz started three over in the first three holes which included a towering drive on #13 that landed forty rows into the field.  Security Mike Schulz tied new report subscriber Easy Ed Cutler and Bud Three Steve Hans Auen tied Aaron Ahrendson despite AA's one under par 33. Michelob Ultra beat the Mid Iowa Team 6 to 4 with the help of long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz's two flag prizes.
Win or lose life is always good playing with these 3. 

Over the weekend on course reporters spotted a former Carroll resident in town. Welcome back Duffer!

Reality hit the defending champions of Bierl Carpet One as they were neutralized by OH BOBBY! John Sturm and Colin Bierl were winners over Brian Widdel and Rich Hartley. The real damage was done by Mike Soe and Chris Gigure who beat Kevin Milligan and Brad Hempstead. In an exclusive interview for this report team captain Colin Bierl revealed that the two red heads have been benched for next week and the former champs will be looking for subs. Bold move from Captain Bierl!

Champion Ford #2 were missing in action as Carroll Glass trounced them 10 to 1. Reiman, Feldman, Heim and Nepple were all winners. The only point for the Fords was a long putt on #9 by Brad Woodard. Team owner Darrin Putney was unavailable for comment following the match.

Computer Concepts beat Highway 30 Car Wash 5 to 3. Head washer Todd Pettitt was the MVP for the wash. Scott Quam and John Munson were winners for the computers.

It was a big night for the Westside State Savings Bank! The bankers foreclosed on America's most mature team Stiff Sticks 6 to 2. Corey Bluml used his low gross 34 to beat former 215 Applewood Drive resident Bud One Jim Auen. Fairway Frank Comito the only winner for the sticks.

Champion Ford #1 beat CTS 7 to 1. Darrin Putney was low gross with a one under par 33 winning a score card playoff with Aaron Ahrendson. CTS enjoyed lots of beer during the match in their support of the Ike Auen Distributing Company.

Community Oil grabbed their first win of the season taking care of Graddy's Tomatoes 6 to 2. Dave Nelson was the only winner for the tomatoes. Todd Kanne put together his best round of the year to beat Tomato John Gradoville. Head oil jobber Chico Kanne and Jerry Janson were both winners.
Even Jack knows your handicap is inflated Jewels!

Kasperbauer Cleaners scored their first win of the year beating the Sharp Funeral Home. No sign of Chad Kanne, Jewels Mike Eckerman or Casket Kyle Atkinson for the funerals. Michael Kasperbauer and Wyatt Haukap suffered a bigger then normal loss in after golf at the hands of numbers Bob Muhlbauer and Peterman Tony Pietig.

Standing through week 3

Other points of interest................
Congrats to Somer Sinnard, back to back conference medalist and the Carroll Tigers for winning the conference meet. 

Over 450 hawkeye fans will invade Arcadia tonight for the annual spring banquet
Congrats to Dale Jr and wife Amy on their new little girl! #JRNATION
Don't forget the Member - Guest, Grinnell Inter Club match and the Carroll Am are coming up soon
That's a wrap

Fairways and greens!


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Mother Nature shows up again.......players needed.......defending champs on fire!

Mother Nature held off for a little while in week 2 of Men’s Supper League at the Carroll Country Club. Most matches were finished although some deals were made so some player results are not available to this report.

The Defending champions Bierl Carpet One completed their second shutout in a row to stay on top of the league. The Carpets robbed the Westside State Savings Bank 8 to 0. Sturm, Bierl, Brad Pick, and Brandon Schimmer all winners for the hot team of the league. 

Your Michelob Ultra team bounded up the standings with at 7 to 2 victory over Graddy’s Tomatoes. Bud Three Hans Auen and Security Mike Schulz smashed the tomatoes of Rick Grote and Dave Nelson. Tomato John Gradoville and Dr. Decay Nick Fangman tied their matches with Bud Two Troy Auen and long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz. 
Steve Sinnard was out of action painting his garage for the upcoming graduation of daughter Somer who will be attending the University of Iowa!

 The Sharp Funeral Home closed the casket on the Highway 30 Car Wash. The head PXG princess Kyle Atkinson led the way for the funeral home. Tony Pietig was also a winner for the caskets. A subbing Mike Franey and John Greteman scored victories for the car wash. 
Mike Eckerman rented a Uhaul from the Highway 30 Car Wash to haul is over inflated extremely large PXG induced hanicap around.

Stiff Sticks trampled the oil jobbers of Community Oil 10 to 2. Magic Mike Nelson was the MVP for the most mature team. Head oil jobber Chico Kanne has to be scratching his head about his team early season slump. 

Champion Ford #1 and Carroll Glass had a two golfer pillow fight. 6 to 2 glass company wins. 

CTS beat OH BOBBY 5 to 3 with Jon Renze and John Nepple leading the way.

Champion Ford # 2 cleaned the cleaners of Kasperbauer Cleaners 6 to 3. Woodard, Cummings and Denny Kasperbauer all winners for the car lot. Team sponsor Michael Kasperbauer the only winner for dry cleaners.

Mid Iowa Team beat Computer Concepts 6 to 2. It was a romantic reunion for the club's most famous couple Papa Joe Pick and Steve "Cuda" Quandt after the snow bird finally returned from the sunshine in Arizona. Pick, Quandt and Aaron Ahrendson were all winners. Rumor has it that Cuda is going to meet up Tom Duffer Duff this weekend to play golf. 

Front Nine Low Gross and Low net - Mike Nelson
Back Nine Low Gross - Casket Kyle Atkinson powered by PXG
Back Nine Low Net - Mike Franey
Closest to the Pin #8 - Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen
Closest to the Pin #17 - Pete Juergens - only took like 7 years off from golf
Long Putt #18 Tony Pietig

Week 2 standings

It is our turn to take a trip to the Grinnell College Golf Course and challenge their membership to an Inter Club Match. We will be leaving the CCC parking lot on the morning of May 24th at 8:30 in the morning. We welcome anyone who may want to travel to join us for this event. If you have never played in these matches before they are extremely fun! To register please call the Golf Shop at 792-1255 or email The cost for Golf and Lunch at the course is $25 per player. We would like to get at least 20 players if possible!!

Don't forget to sign up the Member - Guest on June 1st and 2nd. This is a great time to showcase our course. FBI back ground checks and Carroll Police clearance was received today so....drum roll please.....John Dukes is coming to town! 

Meet the Hawkeye's next week. Let me know if you would like tickets.

Fairways and Greens 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Welcome to the golf season!

Week 1 looked to be a beautiful day until Mother Nature reared her ugly head once again.

Your Bud Light Team is now Michelob Ultra. The superior light beer beat the most mature team, Stiff Sticks, 6 to 2. Mike Schulz and Craig Mertz beat Bud One Jim Auen and Fairway Frank Comito. Magic Mike Nelson beat Bud Three Steve “Hans” Auen. Steve Sinnard and Mike Franey were unavailable for competition. Bud Two Troy Auen was stuck on the fence.

There was a battle of the fords in week one. Champion Ford #2 beat Champion Ford #1 6 to 5. Head car Darrin Putney led the #1 team while losing Mr Steady Denny Kasperbauer. Wilke beat Schultes, Woodard beat Monument Man Loren Boyce and Baratta and the head hog Terry Ruchti split. Congratulations to Champion Ford on their 10th anniversary in Carroll.

The Sharp Funeral Home powered by PXG closed the casket lid on the Mid Iowa Team 5 to 4. The head funeral director showed mid-season form with a one under par 36 to beat Aaron Ahrendson. Papa Joe Pick beat Chad Kanne, Mike “jewels” Eckerman beat the junkyard dog Steve “Cuda” Quandt and Hy-Vee Store Director Brad Auge beat Nic Volquartsen.

Kasperbauer Cleaners clean the shirts of the Highway 30 Car Wash 5 to 4. Bill Beck rode his low net honor to a victory over John Greteman. Counter top Pat Malloy beat the head teller Matt Lujano and Wyatt Haukap beat Todd Pettitt.
Graddy’s Tomatoes crushed the computers of Computer Concepts 6 to 2. Tomato John Gradoville beat former Mayor Adam Schweers, Dr. Decay Nick Fangman beat John Munson and Wilton’s granddad Dave Nelson beat Scott Quam. Austin Scott was the only winner for the computers.

The defending champions Bierl Carpet One started where they left off last year with a 8 to 3 thrashing of Community Oil. Jerry Janson the only winner for the oil jobbers beating Kevin Milligan. Colin Bierl, Brad Hempstead and Brad Pick were all winners for the carpets

Carroll Glass clobbered OH BOBBY 6 to 2. Cory Bluml beat Mike Soe and Keith Pottebaum beat Easy Ed Cutler.

Low Gross Individual Front Nine - Kyle Atkinson
Low Net - Bill Beck
Low Gross Individual Back Nine - Brad Hempstead
Closest to the pin #8 - Brad Woodard
Closest to the pin #17 - Craig Mertz
Long Putt - Loren Boyce and Brad Hempstead

CTS forfeited to Westside State Savings Bank! Are you kidding me?

The Iowa Hawkeyes are coming to Arcadia on May 9, 2018. If anyone is interested in tickets let me know! 

Fairways and greens, 


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Micah Destival holds off Scott Quandt to win the 12th annual Bill Franey Open, Papa Joe Pick records 2nd career hole in one!

Tournament Director Mike Franey, Champion Micah Destival and Shirley Franey
Third time is a charm for Jefferson Community Golf Course golf pro and general manager Micah Destival as he avenged second place finishes in each of the past two years to win the 12th annual Bill Franey Open Golf Tournament. Destival shot a three under par 105 to beat 2011 Champion Scott Quandt by two. 2010 champion Aaron Ahrendsen finished third at 109 and Kuemper High School senior Jared Tigges finished fourth at 110.
Mike Franey, Champion Micah Destival, runner up Scott Quandt, Shirley Franey, 3rd place Aaron Ahrendsen and 4th place Jared Tigges. 

Other golfers in the championship flight were Steve “Cuda” Quandt and 2006, 2009 & 2014 Champion Craig Mertz and Jason Fisher 112, Chris Anderson 114, Kuemper senior Nate Mertz and Dean Dozier 115, Collin Hackett 117, Sean Blomgren 118 and former Carroll resident John Dukes 120. Mike Mumma, Dave Nelson and Cole Jaeschke qualified but did not play the final nine.
Championship qualifiers - Collin Hackett, Steve "Cuda" Quandt and Dean Dozier

Championship qualifiers - Sean Blomgren, John Dukes, and Jason Fisher

Championship qualifiers - Aaron Ahrendsen, Craig Mertz, Nate Mertz

Championship qualifiers - Jared Tigges, Scott Quandt, Micah Destival and Chris Anderson

Lonny Lehrkamp won the first flight with 78 along with celebrating his 60th birthday with cake the day of the tourney. Josh Sporrer was 2nd and Tom Duff was 3rd also with 78’s.

Other first flight players were Tim Gute 79, Chad Kanne 79, Collin Tjepkes and Joe Pick 80. Pick aced the par 3 second hole for his second career hole in one.

Cody Jaeschke won the second flight with 80, Paul Tigges was second with an 80 and Denny Kasperbauer was third with an 82.

Other second flight players were Michael Rossmanith, Kuemper High School sophomore Cole Collison and Mike Franey 82, Steve Sinnard and Troy Auen 83, Dale Julich 84, Kuemper senior Sam Auen 87, Brad Pullen 88, Jim Gossett and Benet Snyder 89

John Lohman won the third flight with a 91, Jason Evers was second with a 91 and Mike Bach was third with a 92.

Other third flight players were Bart Baumeister 93, Sean O’leary and Joey Hamrick 94, Curt Kirsch 95, Mike McDermott and Shane Bakke 96, John Peter 102 and John Brockelsby 109

“The golf course was in great shape” said tournament director Mike Franey. A big thank you to Micah Destival, Jeramie Hinote, Dave Destival, Cody Renwanz and Jake Hinote for all of their work on the course and in the clubhouse.

The food has always been a tradition at the open and this year did not disappoint. A big thank you to Market on 30 for their donation of the hamburgers, Curt Kirsch and Kim Hackett for the beans and of the Jefferson ladies golf league for the delicious salads. 

The tournament named after Bill Franey who passed away in May of 2006 attracted 49 players. The tournament was formerly known as the Al Hoy Memorial where Bill Franey served as tournament director for 25 years. In 2006 the board of directors of the golf course renamed the tournament the Bill Franey Open. Proceeds from the tournament support a scholarship given annually to a student training to be an electric lineman at Northwest Community Community College in Sheldon. Franey was a lineman for 31 years and served as line superintendent for another 10 years.

All golfers played 18 holes then the low 12 players and ties qualified for a final championship nine. Aaron Ahrendsen won the final nine medalist honors with a 34.

Shirley, Lynda and Mike Franey are very grateful for all of the support of this tournament.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Paul Tigges wins 2017 Papa Joe Classic!

Champion Paul Tigges drinking from the Cup! 

The Papa Joe Classic is a proud sponsor of the Relay For Life 

Champion Tigges, 2nd Place Andy Reiman and 3rd place Mike Nelson

Papa Joe Pick, Champion Tigges and Tournament Director Mike Franey

Paul Tigges       137
Andy Reiman   140
Mike Nelson     141
Denny Kasperbauer 143
Mike Franey 143
Troy Auen 144
Benet Snyder 146
Brad Pick 147
Steve Auen 147
Steve Sinnard 147
Chad Kanne 149
Brad Stork 151
Mitch McDermott 152
Steve Herrin 155
Frank Comito 156
Tim Gute 159
Brad Auge 161
Clint Cummings 163
Jon Heim 168

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Happy 50th Birthday Keeley........Supper league dodges severe weather.......Junkyard Dog up for adoption and Happy Mother's Day!

Supper league finished just in time last night! 

Your Bud Light team was rolled up like an old piece of carpet and thrown in the dumpster behind Bierl Carpet One! The carpets were led by Brad Hempstead’s one over 35. An asterisk exists with Hempstead’s match with Bud Two Troy Auen stemming from an incident in the trees in between 12 green and 11 tee. The ruling between the players on the course resulted in a victory for the carpets. An after the round pro shop rules meeting determined that it was a violation(Building a stance) which should have resulted in loss of hole. Just another example of good sportsmanship by your Bud Light Team. We might not win every week but we sure are nice guys.  
In the dumpster! 

Jon Sturm and Brad Pick clobbered Bud Three Steve “Hans” Auen and Mike Schulz. Auen was benched from last week but was called into duty to fill out the squad. Schulz on the other hand wins for the team every other week he plays. This publisher says you should play one more time each week and become an every week winner. The only winner for beers was Captain Mike Franey who outlasted the hot putter of Eagle Eye Colin Bierl. The carpets are tied for third.

Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz sat out of action to catch up on laundry! 2016 Papa Joe Classic Co-champion Steve Sinnard was in the basement of Rancho Grande hiding from the stormy weather and celebrating his wife’s Keeley’s 50th Birthday!

With the 6 to 2 loss the Bud Light teams falls to 5th tied with Eckerman Jewelry. The jewelry team features the PXG princesses…..Mike Jewels Eckerman and Casket Kyle Atkinson. Both PXG players shot 36 and lost to Jake Kimmes and Chris Van Dyke. Old balls Chad Kanne beat Ian Kimmes and Steve Kimmes and Peterman Tony Pietig battled to a tie. The 6 to 3 win for the gas stations leaves them still on top of the supper league 4.5 clear of Stiff Sticks.

Supper’s league most mature team Stiff Sticks tied with OH BOBBY! Chris Giguere and Brian Widdell beat Floridian Randy Hockom and Trusty Mike Nelson. Waspy’s Truck Stop head parking lot attendant Larry “Doc” Sporrer and Fairway Frank Comito beat new member Mike Soe and Rich Hartley.

Mid Iowa Team was flying high and stomped Champion Ford #2 8 to 2. Hy-Vee Store Director Brad Auge, the playing pride of Manning Iowa Aaron Ahrendsen and Produce Tom Duff all were victorious! The only loss for the Mid Iowa Team was the sick dog
Junkyard Dog needs adopted! 
Steve “Cuda” Quandt. Quandt is emotionally distraught after a Monday night back injury sidelined his farmer Papa Joe Pick. Ahrendsen and Auge scored two special event points with low gross and low net honors.

Landus Coop spilled the oil of Community Oil. Jay Drees and Jamming Joe Hinners beat head oil jobber Chico Kanne and Todd Kanne. Jerry Janson the only winner for the oil company. Inside reports indicate that a name change for next year from Community Oil to Fro Yo is coming. Free samples for all!

Graddy’s Tomatoes and Shamrock Boat Sales battled to a tie. Dr. Svensson won the boats and Digger Dave Nelson won for the tomatoes.

Highway 30 Car Wash doubled up Kasperbauer Cleaners 6 to 3. Assistant green keeper Kyle Peterson and John “Gretsky” Greteman were both winners for the car washes. Drain cleaner Wyatt Haukap beat former Carroll Country Club turned farmer Nick Schon. Spot Free Todd Pettitt was low gross with an even par round for the father of 12.

Champion Ford #1 beat JEO Consulting 6 to 4. Team owner Darin Putney and Monument Man Loren Boyce beat Highway 30 Coalition President Adam Schweers
Well Adam you see I am going to China! 
and Shawn Quam. JEO’s only winner was low net winner Cody Forch.
Proudly supporting their pink shirts Carroll Glass wrestled 2 points out of par. They sure looked stylish. Keith Pottebaum the only winner for the pinkies.

Special Events Winners:

Low gross – Car Wash Todd Pettitt and Aaron Ahrendsen
Low net – Cory Forch and Brad Auge
Closest to the pin – Monument Loren Boyce and Chris Van Dyke

Long Putt – John Gretsky and Jay Drees. The flag markers for this award were not pick up prior to last night’s storm. They were returned by the Greene County Sheriff’s Department….Good ole Greene County. 

Just saying..............

-Mouthpiece 1 and 2 Mike Franey and Tom Duff beat Junkyard Dog Cuda Quandt and Papa Joe Pick on Monday night. A lower back issue forced Pick to retire on hole 15th which did not seem to bother his partner as they were badly leaking oil. Once playing by himself Quandt managed to save some money. A time frame for Pick's return is questionable pending physical and psychiatric evaluation. 
Show me the money! 

-This publisher was medalist last night in the match with Steve "Cuda' Quandt and Produce Tom Duff. Easy to make money in America! 

Tell the world Keeley that you are now 50! 
Don't you tell them my age! 
Celebrity birthdays on Tuesday - Keeley Sinnard turned 50, Papa Joe Pick and Terry Axman. Peter Nelson today! 
Happy Mother's Day Mom! Thanks for Everything! 
First blog appearance for Wilton David Thomsen - the pride and joy of Grandpa Dave and Grandma Gina 
Join Scott and Curt on Thursday night at Pro Power

Respectfully Submitted, 

Mike Franey