Thursday, May 14, 2020

Welcome to the golf season.........Junkyard Dog Winless.....New handicap system gets some eye rolls and skins game Sunday!

Mother Nature delayed the start of the 2020 Carroll Country Club Men's Supper League with rainy weather last week BUT we prevailed this week so the season is under way. 
Westside State Savings Bank implemented cost saving measures over the off season and did not even field a team this year to defend their championship. Makes one think about the reasoning for this decision when the team was on top of the heap. Head bank teller Matt Lujano was unable for comment and has not returned the call to this report.

Runner Up last year was Mid Iowa Team. Carroll Eye Care Associates beat the runner ups 8 to 2. AA - Aaron Ahrendson was the only winner despite his new handicap of +3 on the front nine. His even par low was rewarded with low gross individual honors. Produce Tom Duff lost to Chris Bogue and a subbing Kevin Milligan was beaten by Austin Scott. Papa Joe Pick was a no show and was spotted later in the evening in the vicinity of the CCC. Sources tell this report that Junkyard Dog Cuda Quandt is winless at the CCC this year and has had to reach in his pockets to get some of that moldy old money out. 
It will be ok Dog you will recover. 

America’s team Michelob Ultra capitalized on off season training, meditation and yoga to crush an always strong Bierl Carpet One team 10 to 0. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz led the charge despite a first hole double bogey. His even-par 34 scored low gross individual honors and he also was awarded closest to the pin on #10. Mouthpiece Mike Franey beat carpet Colin Bierl, the youngster Nate “I am 21” Mertz beat Brad Pick and Bud Three Steve “Hans” Auen beat Jon Sturm. Bud Two Troy Auen was in quarantine and Magic Mike Schulz was entertaining his Dad and brothers in the clubhouse. It was sure good to see long time member Norm Schulz at the CCC last night.

Team Ford which appears to be the defending champions Westside State Bank beat Champion Ford #1 7 to 2. Fleshner tied Wilkie, new Daddy Bill Beck, Justin Yetmar and Josh Sporrer. Wade Wilke was the only point getter for the Fords with his tie and long putt award on hole #1.

Supper League’s most mature team Stiff Sticks beat Kasperbauer Cleaners 8 to 2. Tony Schultes was low net individual on the front and Doc Sporrer was closest to the pin on #8.

Champion Ford #2 and Graddy’s Tomatoes had a pillow fight on the way to 4 to 4 draw. Tomato John Gradovile and Digger Dave Nelson were winners for the tomatoes. Dr. Svensson and Denny Kasperbauer won for the #2 Ford team.

Harley Davidson of Carroll did a burn out on OH BOBBY on their way to a 10 to 0 shut out. Head hog Terry Ruchti, Assistant Oil Jobber Todd Kanne, Car Wash Todd Pettitt and Wild Wade Adams were all winners for the cycles. Terry Ruchti was low net individual on the back and Todd Kanne nailed the longest putt on #18.

Sharp Funeral Home and Carroll Glass battled to a tie. Assistant Pro Justin Smool and Jon Heim were winners for the caskets. Head glass cutter Andy Reiman and Benton Snyder won for the glass company.

Here are the standings after week one!

Just saying..................

A friend to many......RIP Larry! John Deere Green! 

Welcome Baby Beck...Congrats Maureen and Bill

W E L C O M E to our incoming CCC Board Members: Wade Adams, Sean Canuso, James Heiliger and Dr. Charles Svensson. Thanks for volunteering your time! 

T H A N K Y O U to our outgoing CCC Board Members: John Barratta, John Horbach, Andy Reiman and Benet Snyder. Thank you for your service. 

Welcome to our new Assistant Pro Justin Smool. Stop in the golf shop and say hi!

Skins game this Sunday at 11! 

Respectfully submitted! 



Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Westside State Savings Bank tops Mid Iowa for Supper League Championship...Ultra 3rd!

2019 Supper League Champions! Corey Bluml, Tony Schweers, Justin Yetmar and Matt Fleshner
The championship match saw Aaron Ahrensensen take it deep to beat the one and only Corey Bluml. Unfortunately, that was all the Mid Iowa Team had. Justin Yetmar beat Steve "Cuda" Quandt, Matt Fleshner beat Tom Duff and Tony Schweers beat Papa Joe Pick. 

In a statement to The Franey Report world headquarters, the head teller at the Westside State Savings Bank Matt Lujano said "We are extremely please and over joyed with the prestigious Supper League title." A celebration parade is in the works on main street in Westside. Matt Lujano and Bill Beck were not available for play on Tuesday. This reporter has to think that the beard contest at the Westside Sesquicentennial was just too much to recover from to be considered for action in the championship match.

The 10 time City Champion and 9 time Carroll Country Club Champion Corey Bluml said "this is the most satisfying championship that I have ever won."
Runner ups - Steve "Cuda" Quandt, Aaron Ahrendsen, Tom Duff and Papa Joe Pick
 "The Mid Iowa Team played hard this year and for that we are proud!" said the Mid Iowa Team captain Papa Joe Pick.
Larry "Doc" Sporrer, Bud One Jim Auen, Craig Mertz and Steve Sinnard
 Craig Mertz beat Bud One Jim Auen despite a public bribe that was caught on camera just before the match. Steve Sinnard beat Doc Sporrer.
Bud Two Troy Auen beat Fairway Frank Comito and Mouthpiece Mike Franey tied Trusty Mike Nelson. An unnamed confidential source inside the Ultra organization with the initials TA said( and I do quote) "that the Ultra team will start preparing for next year. Some changes may be considered - sponsorship change, change of management(who would want that pressure), trade negotiations(that has been tried before and no one would take any of the members) along with mandatory classes that would attempt to improve the mental attitude of the team. The Ultra team strives for first each and every year. Third is just no acceptable."

At 5:15 Tuesday night lightning did strike inside the clubhouse when the head oil jobber Chico Kanne bought a round of drinks for the table this reporter was sitting at! Thanks Chico! 

That is a wrap for the 2019 Men's Supper League season. The meal last night was awesome. Thanks to Paul Tigges and all of the individuals who worked so hard to make the season an enjoyable time. 

Fall league is next up so grab a partner and sign up! 

It is now the football season and I would like to wish all of the teams the best success!


Mike Franey
3rd place captain of the Michelob Ultra team

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Scott Quandt wins the 2019 Bill Franey Open!

Mike Franey, 2019 Bill Franey Open Champion Scott Quandt, Shirley Franey 

Runner Up Ben Wollam, 2019 Bill Franey Open Champion Scott Quandt and 4th place finisher Jason Fisher

Scott Quandt wins the 2019 Bill Franey Open!
The champ getting some advice from caddy Justin Yetmar

Joe Hupp gets a close look at a putt on 5

4th Place finisher Jason Fisher

Champion Scott Quandt with 1987 graduate Chris Limburg watching

Runner Up Ben Wollam watches the action

Scott Quandt held off Ben Wollam in a battle which saw the pair shoot impressive 3 under par 33’s in the championship nine. Quandt led Wollam by one stroke going into the championship round 70-71. Quandt drained a long birdie putt to go up by two on the 26th hole. Quandt’s birdie to Wollam’s eagle on the final hole was just enough to secure Quandt’s second Bill Franey Open Championship. He previously won the tournament in 2011. Quandt has always been a strong player in the tournament. He has seven runners up finishes and two third-place finishes. It has been a good summer for Quandt as he also won the Carroll City Tournament.  

2008 and 2018 champion Wade Pettitt finished at 106 and Jason Fisher was fourth with 107.

Other golfers in the championship flight were 2018 runner up Joe Hupp 111, Kyler Ludwig 111, Dean Dozier 111, Paul Tigges 111, Chad Kanne 111, Collin Hackett 113, Lonny Lehrkamp 113, Sean Blomgren 114, and Mike Franey 118. Steve “Cuda” Quandt and Matt Scharingson made the final nine and did not play.
Chad Kanne, Sean Blomgren and Paul Tigges

Dean Dozier, Two Time Champion Wade Pettitt and Kyler Ludwig
Lonny Lehrkamp, Mike Franey and Collin Hackett

Three-time champion Craig Mertz won the first flight with 77. Matt Banzhaff was second with 77 and John Dukes was third with 78.
Other first flight players were Brad Hempstead 79, Chris Tillinghast 79, Jason Bassett 80, Justin Yetmar 80 and Rick Barbour 81 and Tom Duff 81.

Tim Greteman won the second flight with 81, Denny Kasperbauer was second with an 82 and Terry Ruchti just off his 60th birthday and 30th year of business at the Carroll Cycle Center was third with an 82.

Other second flight players were Mike Mumma 83, Steve Sinnard 83, 1987 Jefferson graduate Chris Limburg 85, Papa Joe Pick 85, Tom Tillinghast 87,
Jason Evers won the third flight with a 88, Matt Mikkelsen was second with a 88 and Dan Vollstedt was third with an 88.

Other third flight players were Jon Scharingson 90, Clint Cummings 91, Pat Macke 92, Wade Adams 98, Jon Heim 99 and Curt Kirsch 114.

All golfers played 18 holes then the low 12 players and ties qualified for a final championship nine. Scott Quandt and Ben Wollam split the final nine medalist honors with a 3 under score of 33.

“The golf course was in great shape” said tournament director Mike Franey. A big thank you to Micah Destival, Jake Hinote, Dave Destival and Cody Renwanz for all of their work on the course and in the clubhouse.

A big thank you to Sheri Mertz and Lynda Dukes Franey for their help running the tournament, Market on 30 for their donation of the hamburgers, Jon Heim and Joe Pick for donation of golf balls, Curt Kirsch and Kim Hackett for the beans and Eckerman Jewelry for the trophy.
Morgan Granstra from Northwest Iowa Community College talks with Shirley Franey! Thanks for coming down Morgan.
The power line program has a two-year waiting list

The tournament named after Bill Franey who passed away in May of 2006 attracted 44 players. The tournament was formerly known as the Al Hoy Memorial where Bill Franey served as tournament director for 25 years. In 2006 the board of directors of the golf course renamed the tournament the Bill Franey Open. Proceeds from the tournament support a scholarship given annually to a student training to be an electric lineman at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon. Franey was a lineman for 31 years and served as line superintendent for another 10 years for Midland Power/Greene County REC in Jefferson.

Shirley, Lynda and Mike Franey are very grateful for all of the support of this tournament.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Wade Adams enjoying the ride.....Kasperbauer wins again!.....Mid Iowa Team on top...Bud 8 losses in debut....Community Oil upsets Bierl Carpet One!

Denny Kasperbauer wins the Papa Joe Classic for the 3rd time! 

League results through week 14

Your Mid Iowa Team swept OH BOBBY 8-0 to take a three-shot lead through week 14 of the Men’s Supper League on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club. Great playing by all – Aa Aaron Ahrendsen – 33, Produce Tom Duff – 34, Junk yard dog Cuda Quandt – 35 and Papa Joe Pick 36.
Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and most veteran golfer Craig Mertz birdied his way to a beat down of Carroll Country Club General Manager and Head golf professional Paul Tigges. Mertz shot a 2 under 32 despite a poorly played double bogey from the trees on the 12th hole. Bud Two Troy Auen beat the head glass cutter Andy Reiman, Mouthpiece Mike Franey beat Benton Snyder. The only loser for Supper League's favorite team was Bud 8 Sam Auen. Bud 8’s men’s league debut was spoiled by Lidderdale Country Store’s head chef Brad “Lipper” Stork. Mertz and Bud Two both secured bonus points for the defending champions. Mike Schulz was missing in action and Bud Three Steve Auen was basking in the sun on the docks of Lake Okoboji.
Graddy’s Tomatoes topped Westside State Savings Bank. Dr. Decay Nick Fangman and assistant greens keep Nick Schon were winners for the tomatoes. Justin Yetmar the only winner for the bankers. Rick Grote is on probation and will be out of action for a couple of weeks.
Kaspebauer Cleaners and Sharp Funeral Home kissed their way to a draw. Casket Kyle was low gross and Nic Volquartsen.
Supper League’s most mature team, Stiff Sticks dirtied the cars of the Highway 30 Car Wash 8-1. Winners – Magic Mike Nelson, Fairway Frank Comito, Bud One Jim Auen and the playing pride of Templeton Iowa Doc Sporrer. Losers-counter top Pat Malloy, Big John Greteman, head scrubber Todd Pettitt and the Reigning NBA championship coach’s brother Jim Nurse. Nurse was closest to the pin.
Champion Ford #1 and Carroll Dental Clinic battled to a draw.
Champion Ford #2 took 6 from par. Tony Schultes nailed the long putt.
Chico’s boys beat Bierl Carpet One in the upset of the night. Wade Adams continued his improving ways with a net 29. Good shooting Wade!

That is all I got....

Fairways and Greens to all! 


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ultra stays on top…..Baratta bursts Papa Joe’s bubble….Bud Two toughs it out...Raptors to the finals

Standings after Week 6!

 Mother Nature was still the true champion last night on the last week of May as she dialed up a breezy night with temperatures hovering around 60. Carroll Country Country Club’s Men’s Supper League completed the 4th night of league in six attempts.

Supper League’s most mature team was on fire as they pulled the teeth of the Carroll Dental Clinic. All winners for the sticks – Bud One Jim Auen, Doc Sporrer, Fairway Frank Comito and Trusty Mike Nelson. With the 8-0 victory the sticks moved up to second place only two shots out of the lead.

Champion Ford #1 had a good night beating the Farmer and Dog’s Mid Iowa Team 7 to 1. John Baratta holed out on the final hole #12 for eagle to crush the dreams of Papa Joe Pick. Pick was distraught in the clubhouse and showed signs of sadness with his lost hopes of victory. Team counselors were made available after the match for the team captain. Reminds me a past moment in Papa Joe's life.
It will be alright Joe!
Pick did score a bonus point for closest to the pin on #17. 2019 Muny 4 ball Champion Steve “Cuda” Quandt tied Dr. Svenssen and Produce Tom Duff(Duff is still feeling the pain from losing to Jon Heim in week 4) tied DK Denny Kasperbauer. The head Ford man Darin Putney put the thumping to Aaron Ahrendsen with his back nine winning low gross 32. Champion Ford #1 is tied for 5th with Community Oil and the #2 Ford team.

The Sharp Funeral Home broke the glass of Carroll Glass 6 to 3. Old Balls Chad Kanne was the only loser for the PXG powered team. He was beat by Benton Snyder who carded an even par 37 and won low net on the front with a 32. CCC general manager Paul Tigges, Techie Nic V and Peterman Tony Pietig were all winners for the caskets. Head casket Kyle Atkinson was benched.

Westside Savings Bank upset league leading and Supper league’s defending champions Michelob Ultra 6 to 4. The Champ Corey Bluml shot -4 on the front nine to collect low gross honors and beat Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and most veteran golfer Craig Mertz. Mertz recorded his first Chinese hook of the year on the 18th hole. Head teller Bill Beck beat Bud Three Steve Auen. Auen was certainly off his game after getting beat over the weekend by son Tyler “Big Country” Auen. In a driveway meeting on Mayberry Lane last night just before 9 BC informed his father that it might just be time for him to go to the learning center. Classic line Tyler! Bud Two battled through the chilly night only to top one into the pond on 7 and tie Long Ball Matt Fleshner. Bud Two did nail a 50-foot putt to win a bonus point for the team and was voted team MVP of the night. Mouthpiece Mike Franey the only winner for the champs holding off Tony Schweers. Steve Sinnard was benched for week six action and Security Mike Schulz was out east dancing with the Statue of Liberty. Supper League’s most popular team still remains on top of the league by one.

Champion Ford #2 topped the oil jobbers of Community Oil 5 to 4. Woodard and Cummings were winners. Head Hog Terry Ruchti won for the oil rags. Monument Man Loren Boyce made the difference with his closest to the pin bonus point.

Par had their way with Bierl Carpet One. The 1999 Iowa State Fire Prevention coloring champ Colin Bierl was the only winner for the carpets.
Best in the state! 

Highway 30 Car Wash and OH BOBBY tied their match Mike Soe the only winner for the Bob team.

Graddy’s Tomatoes slipped by the cleaners of Kasperbauer Cleaners 5 to 4. Dr. Decay Nick Fangman and Rick Grote were winners for the tomatoes. Matt Lujano scored a win over Digger Dave Nelson.  Wyatt Haukap nailed the longest putt.

Just saying.......
  • Carroll Police and Carroll County Sheriff's departments have approved this Friday's arrival of two time Papa Joe Champion John Dukes to return to Carroll for the Member - Guest Tourney. 
  • Congratulations to area high school golfers on their success. 
  • Happy 60th Birthday to Todd and Pam Pettitt! A family legacy to look up to!
  • Condolences to the Russ Axman family for their loss!
  • Congratulations to area graduates. Best of luck in the future. 
  • Nick Nurse and the Toronto Raptors are headed to the finals. So great to see this! 
  • From the photo vault of past years!

Respectively submitted,
2019 Championship Coach


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Defending Champs smash the tomatoes and surge to the top........PXG's can't sovle everything.......Member Guest Coming Up!

It is good to be back from a long winter's rest and back on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club. This report is a fan of Tiger Woods and what he has done for golf so congratulations to Tiger on his Masters victory!

Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and most veteran golfer Craig Mertz led the charge for the 2018 champions beating Wilton’s granddad Digger Dave Nelson. Mertz also captured low gross with a one under 36 on the front nine and low net honors with net 34. Bud Three Steve Hans Auen beat Rick Grote. Security Mike Schulz chipped in twice in a battle of good shots with Dr. Decay Nick Fangman. Mouthpiece Mike Franey barely survived the head Tomato John Gradoville. Franey won long putt on #9 capping off a 10 -1 victory for Supper League’s most popular team. Bud Two Troy Auen was on the disabled list and Steve Sinnard was entertaining his Mom Sue who is visiting from Illinois.

Sharp Funeral Home pulled off an impressive victory over par scoring 8 points. Old Balls Chad Kanne and his PXG powered golf game led the way with low gross – 34 and low net – 30 on the back nine. Carroll Country Club PGA pro and general manager Paul Tigges was the other winner for the caskets. Mr. PXG Kyle Atkinson and Peterman Tony Pietig tied their par opponents. The caskets are one point back out of first.

Champion Corey Bluml helped Westside State Bank beat the Highway 30 Car Wash 8 to 1. Bluml was closest to the pin on #8 and took care of counter top Pat Malloy. New member and multiple time Muny Champion Justin Yetmar beat the head washer Todd Pettitt. Great to have you as a new member Justin! Matt Fleshner and Jim Nurse tied their match.
Head coach Nick Nurse, Mitch McDermott, Bud Two Troy Auen and I when raptors coaches were in Carroll. 
Nurse’s brother Nick who is the head coach of the Toronto Raptors scored a huge win on Tuesday night against the 76er’s to take a 3-2 lead in the seven-game series. Head bank cashier Bill Beck was unopposed and scored 2 for the bankers. The car wash team is down a man as John Gretsky Greteman broke his ankle. Get well John.

Champion Ford #1 beat Bierl Carpet One. The carpets had a very impressive win in week one. Head Ford Darrin Putney, Wade Wilkie and local steakhouse owner John Baratta all were winners over Brad Hempstead, Colin Bierl and Jon Sturm. This publisher has heard nothing but good reviews from the Baratta’s Steakhouse. Thanks for investing in Carroll!

Community Oil upset Supper League’s most mature team 5 to 4. The playing pride of Greene County Tom Drees beat Trusty Mike Nelson and nailed the long putt on #11 Head hog subbed in for the head oil jobber Chico Kanne and beat Bud One Jim Auen. Auen’s winter claim to fame is his ability to consistently out drive Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and most veteran golfer Craig Mertz and former Carroll Country Club head golf pro and now big burrito Joe Ward on the fairways of Florida. Fairway Frank Comito and Doc Sporrer beat Carroll Cycle Center general manager Wade Adams and Jerry Janson. In a statement early this morning the oil boss said and I do quote “This is a great win for team and I am only looking for future success.”

Champion Ford #2 blanked OH BOBBY! Big Brad Woodard, two time Papa Joe Champion Denny Kasperbauer and Clint Cummings, Dr Svensson beat Mike Soe, Bobby Brooks(Brooks was worried about his grass and left promptly after league to get it cut) and Easy Ed Cutler and Chris Giguere. Looking good Chris without those extra 130 pounds.

Carroll Glass pulled almost all the teeth of the Carroll Dental Clinic. Keith Pottebaum, Bo Bruning and Head Glass man Andy Reiman beat Austin Scott, new member Thomas Parish and Cody Forch

The Mid Iowa Team minus the services of Papa Joe Pick for unknown reasons beat Kasperbauer Cleaners 5 to 3. This is Pick’s first unexcused absence of the year. Steve “Cuda” Quandt, Produce Tom Duff and AA - Aaron Ahrendson all tied Giddy up Wyatt Haukap, Mike Kasperbauer and Adam Pick. Josh Sporrer only winner for the Mid Iowa Team.

Other things of note..............

  • The PXG power can not solve everything for local players. Kasket Kyle Atkinson moved the closest to the pin marker on #17 only to forget to sign his name and claim the prize. Whoops! 
  • Be sure to sign up for the Member Guest on May 31 and June 1. Carroll Police have approved the visitation rights of JD John Dukes for this event.
  • Steve "Cuda" Quandt aced the par three #8 over the past week. Congrats to the Junkyard Dog for that. 
  • Welcome new subscriber Thomas Parish.
  • This report would certainly like to extend condolences to the Bill Badding Family. Thanks for your service to Carroll and to our country Bill! 
That is a wrap for this week from the world headquarters of The Franey Report! 

Fairways and greens to all! ON IOWA AND GO HAWKS! 

Respectfully submitted, 


Friday, August 31, 2018

Michelob Ultra wins 2018 Carroll Country Club Supper League.......Football is here and the WAVE is back.....Happy Fall!

Captain Mike Franey, Steve Sinnard, Craig Mertz and Bud Three Hans Auen

Michelob Ultra wins 2018 Carroll Country Club Supper League!

It all started with an executive decision by championship team captain Mike Franey and Bud Two Troy Auen to abandon the long-standing Bud Light team name in search of a new culture of winning. The name change shocked many Supper League followers and critics casted doom and gloom over America’s favorite Supper League team. In a meeting on a cold winter morning at world headquarters of The Golf Report the decision was made to “Live Fit, Live Fun, Live ULTRA!” The members of Team Ultra have embraced this and through all of the hard work the results speak for themselves.
On April 24th the mission of another Supper League Championship began on the friendly fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club. Many took their turn at Team Ultra…..Champion Ford #1 and #2, Graddy’s Tomatoes to Chico’s Community Oil team to Sharp Funeral Home. In fact Team Ultra had to defend the championship turf twice against the caskets.
So, after twenty or so weeks of battle it came down to a misty rainy night which included rain delays forcing the carts under the front canopy of the Carroll Country Club. No one was leaving as the top four spots of the prestigious Supper League were to be decided.
The morning started with a taunting text from Head Casket himself Kyle Atkinson saying and I do quote “U praying for rain!? Lol.” The response back was simple – rainout=we win? You are lucky last week got canceled otherwise you guys would be playing for 3rd. After that Atinkson abandon the texting and called the world headquarters. A one minute 37 second rambling phone call continued on about how they were ahead by this many, no way they were going to fall to 3rd and a lot of listening on the part of the Ultra captain. SO it was on!  I was polite BUT I could hear the fear in his voice!

It started with a change from front nine to back nine. Team Ultra vs Sharp Funeral Home and Champion Ford #1 and Carroll Glass.
Champion Ford #1 beat Carroll Glass for 3rd.

Old Balls Chad Kanne and his PXG powered golf game made quick work of Mike Franey to win the match and what would be the only points for the caskets. Bud Three Steve “Hans” Auen battled Techie Nic Volquartsen and eventually disposed of him to win Ultra’s first two points. The other match featured long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and most veteran golfer Craig Mertz squaring off against Casket Kyle Atkinson who looked like a PXG billboard. Mertz was up two with two to play heading to the par three 17th where Casket made birdie to take the match to the 18th hole. Mertz’s par on 18 ended Atkinson’s chances and the second 2-point victory was confirmed for Team Ultra.
In the other match Steve Sinnard came out in his grinding fashion against Tony Peterman Pietig. Sinnard was also two up with two to play when Pietig made birdie on the par 3 17th to push the match onto the final hole. Sinnard prevailed on the 18th hole and the victory was secured…..Team Ultra were the champions.
Sharp Funeral Home captain Kyle Atkinson congratulating Championship captain Mike Franey

It was good victory against a powerful higher budget team. Team Ultra team members Mike Schulz and Bud Two Troy Auen awaited the results from the course that night and were excited about the win! Bud One Jim Auen confirmed his continued support of the Michelob Ultra team and congratulated the team on the victory. 
Thanks for your support of Team Ultra! 

Plans for a championship celebration are in the works. 

A big thank you to Paul Tigges and Jim Von Ahn along with their staff at the Carroll Country Club. We are lucky to have a place like this to play our favorite past time. 

Best of luck to the area high school football teams, Cyclones and Panthers. 

A four week stretch begins tomorrow of driving East to Kinnick Stadium. If you have not seen the video that the Northern Illinois Football team did about coming to Iowa City tomorrow and how they are looking forward to participating in the wave you need to see it! It makes you think that football is just the small part of what happens on and around a stadium on game day! 

Respectfully submitted.