Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week 10 in review.......Bud Light slices Pizzas up.......Macke Motors winners again!

On a glorious night at the Carroll Country Club YOUR Bud Light team took dead aim at league leading Pizza Ranch. It was all beer on this Tuesday as YOUR Bud Light Team scored a huge 43 to 29 win knocking the pizzas out of first! Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen, long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and Captain Mike Franey all scored 12 to 6 victories. Franey was subbing for a working over time Steve Sinnard. Auen beat Tony Badding. Mertz beat Brian Badding and Franey beat Scott Schon! The only blemish for YOUR Bud Light team was Bud Two Troy Auen who lost to a scrappy Joel Running. Auen earns the rights to the bench in Week 11 but gets a reprieve as 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the Year and Bud Three Steve Auen will be unavailable for play in week 11. 2008 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Mike Schulz served his bench time and will return to action next Tuesday. For their efforts your Bud Light team move up two spots to 7th and sits only 6 points out of 3rd!
Other action in the Zach Johnson division.........
•Sharp Funeral Home took 1st from Pizza Ranch with a 39 to 33 win over Carroll County State Bank. Craig Elhert the MVP for the funerals. Tomato John was the only winner for the bank tellers. CCSB has a date next week with your Bud Light Team.
• Carroll Cycle Center left tread marks on 3rd place Hawkeye Commodity Brokers. Captain Terry Ruchti the MVP for the cycles beating Digger Dave Nelson. I am glad to report that TR had a much better night than he did last week!
•The La-z-boys took 4th place from CCSB with a 40 to 32 win over Volquartson Customs. Bud One Jim Auen and Randy Hockom fired even par rounds to pace the chairs. •The battle of Templeton was won by the Templeton Savings Bank as they beat Templeton Rye 38 to 34. Both teams were playing one player short. Tony Pietig was the MVP and earned low gross honors with his two under 35. Craig Mertz also shot 35 to share the award.
•Stiff Sticks rode the wings of Dr. Neal Cross to victory beating Byron's Boyz. Cross doubled the first hole, sunk two birdies and ended with a 39. The doctor was awarded low net. Brian Widdell pounded a struggling Johnny Beiter 12 to 6.
•Elin's 9-irons got into the winner's circle with a 41 to 31 beating of par.
Action from the Phil Mickelson division..........
•League leading Macke Motors continued their winning ways with a 44 to 28 beating of Linde Equipment. All winners for the motors except Flying Bob Raue!
•Subway jumped 2nd place Windstar with a 37 to 35 win over Miller Lite. Junkyard Dog Cuda Quandt was the MVP for the subs. Papa Joe Pick was not in action.
•Windstar fell to 4th at hands of Badding Construction. The carpenters pounded the buses 44 to 28. Glenn Badding the MVP with a 12 to 6 victory over Jeff Greteman.
•Carroll Glass jumped Windstar with a 36 to 36 tie with Commercial Savings Bank. Truman Snyder's dad Benet your week 10 MVP.
•Chico Kanne returned from Scotland to play for the oil jobbers. The jobbers took care of Utilcomm 40 to 32. Dierk Halverson the MVP for the oil jobbers.
•Larry's Auto beat Kasperbauer Cleaners 37 to 35. Rich Hartley your MVP.

That is a wrap for week 10. This publisher would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July holiday! See you next when the video productions will return.

As always This Buds for you and ON IOWA!

Men's League Championship Captain

Mike Franey

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beer and Pizza tonight.....Schulz & Franey benched....Thanks for birthday wishes.....A heavy heart!

Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday wishes yesterday! As you can see my fan club took time to have dinner with me last night and pose for a birthday picture under the Bud Light sign at the Piranha Club. Thanks to my wife Lynda for arranging the dinner.

Week 10 features the Beer and Pizza night on the links of the Carroll Country Club as Pizza Ranch and YOUR Bud Light team go to battle. Making the call to the 3rd tee on the front nine of the Carroll Country Club will be long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz, 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Steve Sinnard, Week 9 MVP Steve "Hans" Auen and Bud Two Troy Auen. 2008 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Mike Schulz and your Captain Mike Franey will on the bench for tonight's action.

Other Zach Johnson division action is as follows..............
  • Carroll County State Bank takes on Sharp Funeral Home
  • The battle of Templeton as Templeton Savings Bank plays Templeton Rye
  • Hawkeye Commodity Brokers take on Carroll Cycle Center
  • The La-z-boys take on the gunners of Volquartsen Custom
  • Byron's Boyz take on Frank Comito and the Stiff Sticks
  • Elin's 9-irons play the par

In the Phil Mickelson division......

  • Utilcomm takes on Chico Kanne's Community Oil
  • Carroll Glass play the bank team of Commercial Savings Bank
  • Badding Construction plays the buses of Windstar
  • Kasperbauer Cleaners play Larry's Automotive
  • The hot Macke Motors play Linde Equipment
  • Miller Lite take on Papa Joe's Subway team

This publisher spent ten years working for the Ray Lenz family. During those years I observed Chad Lenz finish high school, attend college and we worked together in his family's insurance and real estate business. Chad was a great people person and was very respectful of the feelings of others. This past Sunday's tragedy on West Lake Okoboji is one that I will never understand. I feel so fortunate to have known Chad and he will certainly be missed.

Fairways and greens to all!

Championship Men's League Captain

Mike Franey

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The biggest upset in league history.......Pizza Ranch into the lead......Bud Light wins again!

Check out a new experimental feature of the blog!

It took this publisher into the early morning hours to scour through years of Men's League records but it was confirmed that Miller Lite's 41 to 31 upset over Macke Motors was the biggest upset in league history. The lite beers victory comes in the absent of Tom Farner and Pat Malloy who were no shows. Permanent suspension was the common theme at the round table under the big screen last night as the present team members enjoyed the air conditioning of the clubhouse. It was the only time that a 1st place team was upset by a team on life support and getting ready to plunge into the cellar. Fred Dolezal was the MVP cooling off a previously red hot Captain Randy Bierl 12 to 6. Bierl ballooned to a 45 and contributes being off his game to chasing his grand kids around all weekend. That is what you Mr. Bierl for beating your son in law a few weeks ago. John Greteman and a subbing Tyler Neary were both winners for the less filling beers. Flying Bob Raue the only bright spot for the motors beating Mike Kelly 10 to 8. Despite the major malfunction the motors still remain one point in front of Windstar at the top of the Phil Mickelson division.

Your Bud Light team collided with Volquartsen Custom and came out with a 37 to 35 victory. Bud Two Steve "Hans" Auen is your week 9 MVP beating Maryn's dad Chad Murrell 14 to 4. 2008 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Mike Schulz pumped two balls out of bounds on the starting hole for the second straight week and could not recover. Schulz was pounded by Keith Pottebaum 5 to 1 and will assume his position on the bunch for week 10. Your Captain Mike Franey was beaten on the last hole by a tall lanky plumber with a make shift putter that consists of a 5 iron shaft jammed into a Scotty Cameron putter head. Haukap made every putt from 25 feet all night and scored the 10 to 8 win. The head gun maker Scooter V pumped a sleeve of brand new golf balls over the fence on 14 to start the match, hung tough with Bud Two and lost a close one 10 to 8. It is the first win for Bud Two in a long time so thank you for improving his confidence Mr. Volquartsen.Overall your Bud Light team closed the gap on first place by 5 down to just 27 points back. Your Bud Light team starts a three week stretch with Pizza Ranch, Sharp Funeral Home and Carroll County State Bank. To the top we go! Repeat!

In other Zach Johnson division action..........

Pizza Ranch over took Sharp Funeral Home for the top spot with their 42 to 30 beating of the former #1. Tony Badding and Scott Schon were the MVP's for the pizzas despite low gross efforts from both Kyle Atkinson and Dr. Dave Nystrom. Badding scored the closest to the pin honors as well. Pizza and beer next week as Your Bud Light team takes on 1st place Pizza Ranch

The bank tellers of CCSB fell from 2nd to 4th with their 24 point effort against par. CCSB against Sharp Funeral Home next week.
Hawkeye Commodity Brokers remained hot with their 42 to 30 win over Templeton Rye. The brokers jumped CCSB and now rest in 3rd place just 12 out of 1st. Monument Man Loren Boyce the MVP and low net for the brokers beating CCC's head bar keeper Jason Scranton. Paul Tigges was awarded low gross with a 35 but still beaten by Digger Dave Nelson. Wade Wilke beat long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz who was subbing for the whiskeys. The brokers have a tough week 10 match up with the Carroll Cycle Center.

Speaking of the Carroll Cycle Center they recorded a big win over the previously 4th place Byron's Boyz 43 to 29. Jay Drees the MVP for the cycles. The cycles also got wins from Captain Terry Ruchti and Mark Tigges. Ruchti had a rough night as lost his sunglasses, broke his driver and hit two out of bounds. This publisher feels for you TR.

Templeton Savings Bank beat up on Elin's 9-irons 49 to 23. John Feld the MVP for the bankers. Billy Horbach the only loser for the bank team.

The La-Z-boys were paced by Bud One Jim Auen and took care of business against Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks. Bud One was awarded low gross with a one over 35. The chairs were low net team for the 5th time of the year. Can you spell too much handicap?

In the other division...........

Papa Joe's soggy subs give away 2nd place to Windstar with a 38 to 34 loss at the hands of Badding Construction. Mike Loehr sprayed Roundup on the farmer with a 12 to 6 beating. Gary Stark pounded Pat "Spanky" Volstedt. Junk Yard Dog Cuda Quandt was the MVP for the subs with a 12 to 6 win over Rick Grote. Tom Duff's low gross honor was enough to beat Badding Construction's head estimator and co-chairman of the CADC Business and Workforce Development Committee with your publisher Nick Badding. Badding was awarded longest putt. The subs play the red hot Miller Lite team in week 10.

Windstar beat the oil jobbers of Community Oil. The oil spillers were without head oil man Chico Kanne who was spotted on a web cam at the historic St. Andrews Golf Club. Kanne is chaperoning a group of local soccer kids in Scotland. Bob Mulhbauer, Ron Badding, Jeff Benninger and 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Steve Sinnard were all winners for the buses.

Uitlcomm beat Kasperbauer Cleaners 37 to 35 and Carroll Glass beat Linde Equipment 38 to 34.
Commercial Savings Bank tied Larry's Automotive. Papa Joe's eldest Aaron was awarded a sleeve of balls for his efforts. He was low gross, low net and the CSB team were awarded low net team.

For the standings through week 9 click here

With the recent developments of the Nebraska Cornhuskers this publisher has remained silent. Out of respect I would like to give the Nebraska fans their chance on this blog to voice their opinions. The clip is courtesy of WHO TV's Sound Off program and in the words of the greatest voice of the Iowa Hawkeyes...I Love It.....I Love It.....I Love It!
Take a moment to click here!

That is a wrap on week 9. Your Bud Light team is poised to make the charge to the top starting next week. Have a great week!

As always this BUD'S for you and ON IOWA!

2008 and 2009 Bud Light Championship Captain
Mike Franey

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week 9 line ups and stay away rain!

Week 9 brings your Bud Light team to the 14th tee to take on the gunners of Volquartsen Custom. Maryn's dad Chad Murrell was predicting a big win by the Custom team yesterday at the St. Anthony Regional Hospital Golf Outing. Good luck Mr. Murrell.

Making the call to the tee for your defending and back to back champions will be 2008 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Mike Schulz, Bud Two Troy Auen, Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen and your Captain Mike Franey. 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the Year and long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz are resting peacefully for week 9.

In other Zach Johnson division action.........

  • League leading Sharp Funeral Home plays a hot Pizza Ranch team who pounded the CCSB bank tellers last week.
  • CCSB takes on the always tough par.
  • 4th place Byron's Boyz take on the Carroll Cycle Center. The cycles are tied with YOUR Bud Light team.
  • Bud One and the La-z-boys look to stick it to Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks.
  • After the huge week week 8 win Hawkeye Commodity Brokers play Carroll Country Club's head bar keeper Jason Scranton and Templeton Rye.
  • Templeton Savings Bank play Eric Neu's Elin's 9-irons.

Week 9 action in the Phil Mickelson division.............

  • League leading Macke Motors take on the cellar dwellers in Miller Lite.
  • 2nd place Papa Joe's soggy subs take on team sponsor Mike Gute and Badding Construction
  • The buses of Windstar play Chico Kanne's oil jobbers of Community Oil. The oil leak trail the buses by 2 in the standings.
  • Linde Equipment take on Andy Reiman's Carroll Glass team. One has to wondered if Mike "Jewels" Eckerman will play again this week.
  • Ryan Milligan and the CSB Beez take on a hot Larry's Automotive team who scored 47 points last week in a rout of the light beers.
  • Kasperbauer Cleaners take on Utilicom. Utilicom's Chad Kanne is only ten days away from his wedding.

A big night action on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club and this publisher will have the action covered for you in the report tomorrow. Best of luck to all teams!

As always this Bud's for you and On Iowa!

2008 and 2009 Championship Captain

Mike Franey

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Macke Motors win big.....Bud Light ties Stiff Sticks.....Pizza Ranch big movers!...30th Bud Open Softball Tourney this weekend!

It was a glorious night on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club and long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz carried your Bud Light team to a tie with Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks. Mertz's 3 under par was good enough to beat Mike Nelson 11 to 7 and he shared low gross honors with CCC head gold professional and general manager Nick Schon. Over in the passengers seat of their E-Z-Go golf cart 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Steve Sinnard struggled to find his game against a scrappy Frank Comito and was beaten 11 to 7. With the loss Sinnard falls into a tie for the 2010 Bud Light Golfer of the Year race with Mertz as both golfers are averaging 10 points each week. Captain Mike Franey is in hot pursuit just .25 points back. Captain Franey never totally recovered from a 0-2 start and was topped by Chip Wittrock 10 to 8. 2008 Bud Light golfer of the year Mike Schulz pumped two out of bounds on the 6th hole, recovered nicely in the match and finally settled for a tie with Dr. Neal Cross.

Overall your Bud Light team gained seven points on league leading Sharp Funeral Home who were buried by Volquartsen Custom. The gunners were led by Keith Pottebaum who crashed the computer of Anit-virus Adam Schweers 14 to 4. Nic Volquartsen scored a 11 to 7 victory. Westside State Savings Bank's head janitor Matt Lujano and Kitt Plumbing's head plumber butt Wyatt Haukap both tied in the 43 to 29 win.

The top of the Zach Johnson division tighten up like a 36" belt on a 40" waist line. The caskets started the night with a six point lead over CCSB and they end the night with a 9 point lead but that is not the problem. The bank tellers were pummelled by Brian Badding and the large desert pizzas of Pizza Ranch 46 to 26. The ranchers started week 8 28 points out of first and 22 points out of second. They exit week 8 only 2 points out of second and 11 behind the caskets. Brian Badding was the big winner for the pizzas as he beat Carroll City Councilman Jeff Scharfenkamp 18 to 0. Tomato John Gradovile and Cavity Nick Fangman split their matches to save a little face for the tellers.

Other action in the Zach Johnson division.............

  • Hawkeye Commodity Brokers went from 10th place to 5th with a 49 to 23 dusting of Elin's 9-irons. Bill's Khakis peddler Wade Wilkie blanked Northwestern Wildcat Eric Neu to lead the brokers. Monument Man Loren Boyce and Digger Dave Nelson were winners over Todd and Colin Bierl. Head broker Sean O'Leary was the only loser for the team getting beat by a subbing Jay Drees.

  • Despite Nick Schon taking it low Templeton Rye was whipped by Byron's Boyz 43 to 29. The boys are in 4th place just 8 points behind the pizzas. Ralph Guerra the MVP with a 16 to 2 thumping of Paul Tigges.

  • The La-z-boys and Carroll Cycle Center battled to a tie. The chairs are in 7th place and the cycles are tied in 8th with YOUR Bud Light Team. Former Hy-Vee store director Randy Hockom beat Dr. J.B. Greenwell 11 to 7 to lead the chairs and MC's Country Cafe head dishwasher Mark Tigges beat Doc Sporrer 12 to 6 to lead the Cycles

  • Templeton Savings Bank lost to the par 41 to 31.

Over in that other division is where all the controversy exists. It was like two kids sitting around waiting for Santa Claus as Flying Bob Raue and Captain Randy Bierl waited for this publisher with smiles as large as the Grand Canyon. After a quick review of the results I understood what had happened as Macke Motors were perched atop the Phil Mickelson division and their over handicapped stars were both awarded low net and low gross. As they spun around and around on the leather covered bar stools I settled in for a long winter's nap and listened to the replay shot by shot. Flying Bob waxed Bud Two Troy Auen 13 to 5 and the Captain crushed cell phone mogul Pat Macke 15 to 3. Car wash Todd Pettitt and Hy-Vee Store director Joel Flug both scored 11 to 7 victories over Cable Guy Chad Kanne and Bill Badding. When the dust settled the motors had pulled off a 50 to 22 thrashing and jumped from 3rd to 1st. This report is investigating a formal complaint concerning the handicap of Captain Randy Bierl which may lead to sanctions.

Here is what happened with the other teams in the Phil Mickelson division.

  • The battle of 1st and 2nd ended with a 42 to 30 victory for Papa Joe's Subway club. Windstar lost the match, the lead and fell to 3rd behind the soggy subs. Steve "Cuda" Quandt and Papa Joe Pick scored 13 to 6 victories over Tiger Tom Simons and Jair Mayhall. Manning Iowa's pride and joy Pat "Spanky" Vollstedt was the MVP with a 14 to 4 victory over the head bus driver Jeff Greteman. The subs are 5 points behind Macke Motors.
  • Commercial Savings Bank lost a close one to the oil jobbers of Community Oil 37 to 35. Papa Joe's oldest Aaron shot an one over par 35 to share low gross with Flying Bob, father in law Randy and Glenn Badding. Dick Muhlbauer was the MVP for the oilmen.

  • The next sound that you will here will be Miller Lite dropping into the cellar. The Lite beers were beaten by Larry's Automotive 47 to 25. In an interview with this publisher team captain Fred Dolezal says the team is just not responding to the competition and wonders if they have lost their will to win!

  • Carroll Glass beat Kasperbauer Cleaners 41 to 31. Lidderdale Country Store's head pork chop Brad Stork was the MVP with a 13 to 5 victory.

  • Glenn Badding continued his stellar play with an one over par 35. That makes a three under par 68 for Badding in combined rounds. Badding Construction and Linde Equipment battled to a tie. This report would like to welcome 20 time Carroll City Champion Mike "Jewels" Eckerman back to action. Good to see you Jewels!

Click here for the week 8 standings!

Some exciting events are coming up at your Carroll Country Club!

Men’s “Big Deal” Member~Member
Gentleman, don’t miss out on your chance to play in the Club’s first MAJOR event of the year. The “Big Deal” Member~Member will be held on Thursday, June 24th. Play will begin with a 1PM shotgun start and will include a Better Ball and Modified Chapman formats. Cost is $50 per player and includes a tee gift and dinner to follow. Call the Golf Shop to sign up for this inaugural event!

Men's Member Guest will be on July 9th and 19th and the flyers are available at the club. This publisher would urge you to get involved in all that your club has to offer.

That is a wrap for week 8 but before I go I would like to remind you that this weekend is the 30th annual Bud Open Softball Tourney. This tournament is rich in history and talent. Congratulations to YOUR Bud Light team's sponsor the Ike Auen Distributing Company and Bob Fasbender for showcasing Carroll for the past 30 years!

As always This Bud's for You and ON Iowa!

Championship Captain

Mike Franey

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Clash tonight...Subway vs. Windstar.....Congrats Benet & Jill........Kirby Pettitt wins Carroll Am!

A big congratulations from this report to Benet and Jill Snyder as some new John Deere green was born this week in a bouncing baby boy. Truman Michael Snyder joined the world at 10:50 AM Saturday, June 12th at St. Anthony Regional Hospital! You just got to love the Hawkeye outfit! Nice choice Snyder's!

Week 8 begins with your Bud Light team only 40 points out of the lead. The opponent this week is Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks who kept it close last week with league leading Sharp Funeral Home. Making the call to the 6th tee for your defending champions will be "The Dream Team," long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and his side kick 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the year Steve Sinnard. Sinnard blistered the Spencer Country Club on Friday with a 74 and looks to widen his lead in the 2010 MVP race. The other pairing for tonight's clash with the sticks will be 2008 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Mike Schulz and making his debut wearing the new blue team shirts will be 2008 and 2009 Men's Supper League Championship Captain Mike Franey. It is sure to be a night of upward movement in the standings. Bud Two Troy Auen is not in action for the team tonight and Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen is on the injured reserve.

Other match ups in the Zach Johnson division are as follows:

League leading Sharp Funeral Home tries to dodge the bullets of Volquartsen Custom. The gunners are coming off a dead heat in week 7 with the 2nd place bank tellers of Carroll County State Bank and look to make their point on the league leaders.

Second place CCSB have a tough match up with the taco pizzas of Pizza Ranch. The pizzas are in 3rd only 22 points behind the bank squad.

Byron's Boyz are red hot after a thumping of Elin's 9-irons in week 7 and look to guzzle some of the good stuff as they play Templeton Rye. The TR team are still a little hung over from their long night last week against Bud One and the La-z-boys.

Hawkeye Commodity Brokers take on Elin's 9-irons. The head garden keeper Digger Dave Nelson looks to lead the team to victory.

The featured match up the evening in the Zach Johnson division looks to be the cycles of Carroll Cycle Center and hole in one Louie Prenger's La-z-boys. Both teams are coming off big week 7 wins. They cycles humiliated your Bud Light team and the chairs were all toasting on Templeton Rye.

Templeton Savings Bank has the distinct privilege of playing the par tonight.

Over in that other division features of clash of #1 and #2. It's Windstar taking on Papa Joe's Subway! Windstar is coming off an hostile takeover at the hands of the less filling beer in week 7. The soggy subs are the hottest team in the former Tiger Woods division and Papa Joe has his team talking trash as they look to take over the top spot.

As the two giants battle another team is making some noise and rearing their ugly head. Macke Motors takes on Utilicomm. According to credible report sources(this report is getting high class now even using credible sources) the motors are suffering from oil sludge and league officials are wondering if the in fighting will cease. The turmoil extends back to a Thursday, June 10th match which saw Flying Bob Raue and counter top Pat Malloy pimping Captain Randy Bierl and Grandpa Uncle Bruce Pettitt the entire eighteen holes. Sweet justice prevailed on the up hill 18th hole as Bierl made a Tigerous 22.5' sidewinder to win the match sending Flying Bob speeding back to 515 Lakewood Drive. Trash talking is one of the most fun aspects of this game until you get taken out with the trash.

Ryan Milligan's Commercial Savings Bank look to soak up some oil as they take on the oil jobbers of Community Oil. The oil jobbers are in 4th place after a fleecing of Kasperbauer Cleaners.

After a monumental win in week 7 Larry's Automotive look to keep the tide rolling and take on Miller Lite. The Lite beers are coming off an upset win of league leading Windstar. With Fred Dolezal out of town one has to wonder if the phone will ring in the condo off the 4th green at the Carroll Municipal Golf Course calling t-shirt Joel Harris up to the big leagues

Fifth place Carroll Glass takes on Kasperbauer Cleaners and are poised to move up the standings as the 4 teams above them are facing fierce week 8 competition.

The carpenters of Badding Construction take on the equipment dealers of Linde Equipment. Badding rode the sails of a hot Glenn Badding last week to beat Utilicomm. The finish carpenters also were awarded low net team in week 7.

Bring in all of the top amateurs in the State of Iowa to the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club, add in a lot of rain and out sprouts a native son! Congratulations to Kirby Pettitt for winning the Carroll Am over the weekend with a blistering eight under 63 Saturday round. Way to go Kirb!

In the famous words of my Bud Light teammate Steve Sinnard "It's moving day." You do not win back to back Men's league championship then settle into a chair at Carroll's newest retirement community, Sunnybrook, and watch your chance at a three peat go floating away without a fight. Sharp Funeral Home, CCSB and Pizza Ranch you have been told here comes YOUR Bud Light team

Fairways and greens to all! Happy Birthday Johnny Beiter!

2008, 2009 and pending 2010 Championship Captain

Mike Franey

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week 7 is a disaster for Bud Light......Auen boys BENCHED.....Sinnard and Mertz MVP!

It took this golf blogger over 24 hours to find the words to describe the week 7 action of your Bud Light Team! The Cycles of the Carroll Cycle Center had their motors running and clobbered the defending champions 44 to 28. Your Bud Light team now sits 40 points off the pace in the Zach Johnson division and team executives are wondering if they should make some trades prior to the week 9 trading deadline. The only winner for the back to back champions was long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz who shot an even par 34 to top the Cycle Center Captain Terry Ruchti. In an early morning interview Ruchti stated that Mertz' win was a gift as he put one in the water and one in the hazard on the CCC's signature hole #14. Another bright spot for your Bud Light team was 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the Year and this week's birthday boy Steve Sinnard who shot a two under par 32 to halve a tough match with MC's Country Cafe's head cooking professional Mark Tigges. Tigges stroked a two over par 36 in the tie. Sinnard should have been low gross for the evening but a scoring error gave the award to the Carroll Country Club Head Golf Professional and General Manager Nick Schon and Bud One Jim Auen who both shot a great round of one under 33. Your Captain Mike Franey and 2008 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Mike Schulz will be back in action next week.

In the other pairing of the beer and cycle clash Bud Two Troy Auen took it on the chin from Dr. J.B. Greenwell 12 to 6. Bud Two Steve "Hans" Auen was pummelled by Jay Drees 15 to 3. Drees' 37 gross resulted into a net 29 and tied him with John Wagner for low net honors. Both Bud Two and Bud Three are officially benched for week 8 action. This benching decision was the quickest in team history as it was made before midnight the night of play.

A big congratulations to the Cycle Center for stepping up to the challenge of the evening, scoring the big victory and being award low net team. For their efforts the Cycles are now tied with your Bud Light team in 7th place and only 40 points out of the lead with 12 weeks remaining.

Other action in the Zach Johnson division:
  • Hawkeye Commodity Brokers beat Templeton Savings Bank 40 to 32. Monument Man Loren Boyce and Head Broker Sean O'Leary were the big winners for the brokers. Tony Shell Pietig beat Digger Dave Nelson and John Horbach beat Wade Wilkie.

  • The gunners of Volquartsen Custom tied the red hot CCSB bank tellers. The tellers were one short. The tie did not hurt the bank tellers as league leading Sharp Funeral Home barely got by Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks 37 to 35.

  • The La-z-boys beat up on Templeton Rye as Bud One Jim Auen beat Nick Schon 11 to 7. Both Auen and Schon shot 33. Randy Hockom and Doc Sporrer were also winners for the chairs. Louie Prenger was award the longest putt.

  • Byron's Boyz took care of Elin's 9-irons 43 to 29 and moved up into 4th.

  • Pizza Ranch held their 3rd place slot with a 37 point gathering against par. Brian Badding the only winner for the thin crust Buffalo Chicken Pizzas.

The Phil Mickelson division featured one of the biggest surprise upsets in modern day men's league history as Miller Lite topped league leading Windstar 37 to 35. Ron Badding the only winner for the buses over Fred Dolezal 12 to 6. Joel Harris still remains down in the farm club at the Muny. The buses still remain in first by five points. Pat Malloy was awarded longest putt.

  • Carroll Glass was the big downward mover of the night losing to Larry's Automotive 41 to 31. Mike Loehr the big winner over Jefferson Iowa's Tristan Brown. Remember the Bell Tower Festival is this weekend in Jefferson. The glass cutters lost 3 spots and now are in 5th twelve points out of the lead.

  • As Carroll Glass went down the soggy subs went up with a 46 to 26 throttling of Linde Equipment. A late afternoon call from Papa Joe Pick wondering where the report was made it clear that his team had prospered in week 7. Pat Spanky Vollstedt and Papa Joe Pick were the big winners for the subs with 13 to 5 wins. Pick was also awarded closest to the pin on #17. This publisher wonders if he knew that was on the tee shot. Steve Cuda Quandt scored a victory as well for the subs with a 12 to 6 win over Billl Linde. The subs move into 2nd only 3 points behind the Windstar buses.

  • Another big winner was Chico Kanne's oil jobbers with a 46 to 26 win over Kasperbauer Cleaners. Head oil jobber Chico Kanne himself was the big winner for Community Oil.

  • Macke Motors followed Subway up the charts in week 7 and settled into 3rd place just six points out of the lead. The Motors took care of Commercial Savings Bank 43 to 29. Flying Bob Raue the big winner for the motors handling Dirk Glynn 12 to 6. Captain Carpet Randy Bierl took care of son in law Aaron Pick. An upset daughter Kelly has severed ties with Grandpa and Grandma and will only allow them to babysit when needed. Car Wash Todd Pettitt beat Kris Knerl 11 to 7. Ryan Milligan and Joel Flug battled to a tie.

  • Badding Construction captured low net team honors last night beating Utilicomm 42 to 30. Glenn Badding scorched the front nine with a four under 33 and captured low gross and low net honors. Nice round Mr. Badding.

Click here for the standings through week 8.

Condolences go out to the family of Papa Joe and Elise Pick as Elise's mom passed away on Tuesday night at the age of 95.

This publisher would like to congratulate Rod Roberts on a fine campaign for Governor. Proud to say that he is from Carroll, Iowa!

That is a wrap with week 7. Your Bud Light team is a little battered and bruise after the battle but be rest assured that there is more to come!

As always this Bud's for you and On Iowa!

2008 and 2009 Championship Captain

Mike Franey

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Week 7 lineups...Beer and cycles collide tonight....Rod Roberts for Governor!

Making the call to the 17th or 18th tee tonight for your defending champions will be 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Steve Sinnard, Steve "Hans" Auen, Bud Two Troy Auen and Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz. The opponent tonight will be the Carroll Cycle Center. It is the highly anticipated match that starts your Bud Light team's run to the championship.

Other match ups tonight in the Zach Johnson division......
  • Hawkeye Commodity Brokers take Templeton Savings Bank. Congratulations to John Horbach on getting married this past weekend.
  • Volquartsen Custom try to slow the hot CCSB team
  • Byron's Boyz play Elin's 9-irons
  • Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks play league leading Sharp Funeral Home
  • Bud One and the L-a-z-boys play Templeton Rye
  • 3rd place Pizza Ranch take on the par

Over in the other division....

  • Larry's Automotive play 2nd place Carroll Glass
  • Badding Construction takes on Utilcomm.
  • League leading Windstar look to start on top against Miller Lite
  • Macke Motors takes on CSB
  • Chico Kanne's oil jobbers look to take Kasperbauer Cleaners to the cleaners
  • Papa Joe's Soggy Subs take on Linde Equipment

Good luck to all! Happy 40th birthday wishes go out to Maryn's dad Chad Murrell!

Men's League Championship Captain

Mike Franey

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 6 line ups!

Making the call to the 7th or 8th tee tonight for your defending champions will be 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Steve Sinnard, Steve "Hans" Auen, Bud Two Troy Auen and Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz. The opponent tonight will be Templeton Rye featuring Head bar keep Jason Scranton and Head golf professional and general manager Nick Schon.

Your Captain Mike Franey will be subbing for Tomato John Gradoville and 2008 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Mike Schulz will subbing for Todd Pettitt of Macke Motors. Both Gradoville and Pettitt are watching their daughters at the Girl's golf state tournament.

Happy 25th wedding anniversary to Tim and Deb Gute today!

Fairways and greens to all!

Men's league championship Captain

Mike Franey