Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Clash tonight...Subway vs. Windstar.....Congrats Benet & Jill........Kirby Pettitt wins Carroll Am!

A big congratulations from this report to Benet and Jill Snyder as some new John Deere green was born this week in a bouncing baby boy. Truman Michael Snyder joined the world at 10:50 AM Saturday, June 12th at St. Anthony Regional Hospital! You just got to love the Hawkeye outfit! Nice choice Snyder's!

Week 8 begins with your Bud Light team only 40 points out of the lead. The opponent this week is Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks who kept it close last week with league leading Sharp Funeral Home. Making the call to the 6th tee for your defending champions will be "The Dream Team," long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and his side kick 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the year Steve Sinnard. Sinnard blistered the Spencer Country Club on Friday with a 74 and looks to widen his lead in the 2010 MVP race. The other pairing for tonight's clash with the sticks will be 2008 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Mike Schulz and making his debut wearing the new blue team shirts will be 2008 and 2009 Men's Supper League Championship Captain Mike Franey. It is sure to be a night of upward movement in the standings. Bud Two Troy Auen is not in action for the team tonight and Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen is on the injured reserve.

Other match ups in the Zach Johnson division are as follows:

League leading Sharp Funeral Home tries to dodge the bullets of Volquartsen Custom. The gunners are coming off a dead heat in week 7 with the 2nd place bank tellers of Carroll County State Bank and look to make their point on the league leaders.

Second place CCSB have a tough match up with the taco pizzas of Pizza Ranch. The pizzas are in 3rd only 22 points behind the bank squad.

Byron's Boyz are red hot after a thumping of Elin's 9-irons in week 7 and look to guzzle some of the good stuff as they play Templeton Rye. The TR team are still a little hung over from their long night last week against Bud One and the La-z-boys.

Hawkeye Commodity Brokers take on Elin's 9-irons. The head garden keeper Digger Dave Nelson looks to lead the team to victory.

The featured match up the evening in the Zach Johnson division looks to be the cycles of Carroll Cycle Center and hole in one Louie Prenger's La-z-boys. Both teams are coming off big week 7 wins. They cycles humiliated your Bud Light team and the chairs were all toasting on Templeton Rye.

Templeton Savings Bank has the distinct privilege of playing the par tonight.

Over in that other division features of clash of #1 and #2. It's Windstar taking on Papa Joe's Subway! Windstar is coming off an hostile takeover at the hands of the less filling beer in week 7. The soggy subs are the hottest team in the former Tiger Woods division and Papa Joe has his team talking trash as they look to take over the top spot.

As the two giants battle another team is making some noise and rearing their ugly head. Macke Motors takes on Utilicomm. According to credible report sources(this report is getting high class now even using credible sources) the motors are suffering from oil sludge and league officials are wondering if the in fighting will cease. The turmoil extends back to a Thursday, June 10th match which saw Flying Bob Raue and counter top Pat Malloy pimping Captain Randy Bierl and Grandpa Uncle Bruce Pettitt the entire eighteen holes. Sweet justice prevailed on the up hill 18th hole as Bierl made a Tigerous 22.5' sidewinder to win the match sending Flying Bob speeding back to 515 Lakewood Drive. Trash talking is one of the most fun aspects of this game until you get taken out with the trash.

Ryan Milligan's Commercial Savings Bank look to soak up some oil as they take on the oil jobbers of Community Oil. The oil jobbers are in 4th place after a fleecing of Kasperbauer Cleaners.

After a monumental win in week 7 Larry's Automotive look to keep the tide rolling and take on Miller Lite. The Lite beers are coming off an upset win of league leading Windstar. With Fred Dolezal out of town one has to wonder if the phone will ring in the condo off the 4th green at the Carroll Municipal Golf Course calling t-shirt Joel Harris up to the big leagues

Fifth place Carroll Glass takes on Kasperbauer Cleaners and are poised to move up the standings as the 4 teams above them are facing fierce week 8 competition.

The carpenters of Badding Construction take on the equipment dealers of Linde Equipment. Badding rode the sails of a hot Glenn Badding last week to beat Utilicomm. The finish carpenters also were awarded low net team in week 7.

Bring in all of the top amateurs in the State of Iowa to the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club, add in a lot of rain and out sprouts a native son! Congratulations to Kirby Pettitt for winning the Carroll Am over the weekend with a blistering eight under 63 Saturday round. Way to go Kirb!

In the famous words of my Bud Light teammate Steve Sinnard "It's moving day." You do not win back to back Men's league championship then settle into a chair at Carroll's newest retirement community, Sunnybrook, and watch your chance at a three peat go floating away without a fight. Sharp Funeral Home, CCSB and Pizza Ranch you have been told here comes YOUR Bud Light team

Fairways and greens to all! Happy Birthday Johnny Beiter!

2008, 2009 and pending 2010 Championship Captain

Mike Franey


Anonymous said...

Johny told me Saturday he wants to play me tonight. Bring it on birthday boy!!


Mike Franey said...

Oh Yes the birthday boy will not know what hit him after you are done with him!