Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week 7 is a disaster for Bud Light......Auen boys BENCHED.....Sinnard and Mertz MVP!

It took this golf blogger over 24 hours to find the words to describe the week 7 action of your Bud Light Team! The Cycles of the Carroll Cycle Center had their motors running and clobbered the defending champions 44 to 28. Your Bud Light team now sits 40 points off the pace in the Zach Johnson division and team executives are wondering if they should make some trades prior to the week 9 trading deadline. The only winner for the back to back champions was long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz who shot an even par 34 to top the Cycle Center Captain Terry Ruchti. In an early morning interview Ruchti stated that Mertz' win was a gift as he put one in the water and one in the hazard on the CCC's signature hole #14. Another bright spot for your Bud Light team was 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the Year and this week's birthday boy Steve Sinnard who shot a two under par 32 to halve a tough match with MC's Country Cafe's head cooking professional Mark Tigges. Tigges stroked a two over par 36 in the tie. Sinnard should have been low gross for the evening but a scoring error gave the award to the Carroll Country Club Head Golf Professional and General Manager Nick Schon and Bud One Jim Auen who both shot a great round of one under 33. Your Captain Mike Franey and 2008 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Mike Schulz will be back in action next week.

In the other pairing of the beer and cycle clash Bud Two Troy Auen took it on the chin from Dr. J.B. Greenwell 12 to 6. Bud Two Steve "Hans" Auen was pummelled by Jay Drees 15 to 3. Drees' 37 gross resulted into a net 29 and tied him with John Wagner for low net honors. Both Bud Two and Bud Three are officially benched for week 8 action. This benching decision was the quickest in team history as it was made before midnight the night of play.

A big congratulations to the Cycle Center for stepping up to the challenge of the evening, scoring the big victory and being award low net team. For their efforts the Cycles are now tied with your Bud Light team in 7th place and only 40 points out of the lead with 12 weeks remaining.

Other action in the Zach Johnson division:
  • Hawkeye Commodity Brokers beat Templeton Savings Bank 40 to 32. Monument Man Loren Boyce and Head Broker Sean O'Leary were the big winners for the brokers. Tony Shell Pietig beat Digger Dave Nelson and John Horbach beat Wade Wilkie.

  • The gunners of Volquartsen Custom tied the red hot CCSB bank tellers. The tellers were one short. The tie did not hurt the bank tellers as league leading Sharp Funeral Home barely got by Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks 37 to 35.

  • The La-z-boys beat up on Templeton Rye as Bud One Jim Auen beat Nick Schon 11 to 7. Both Auen and Schon shot 33. Randy Hockom and Doc Sporrer were also winners for the chairs. Louie Prenger was award the longest putt.

  • Byron's Boyz took care of Elin's 9-irons 43 to 29 and moved up into 4th.

  • Pizza Ranch held their 3rd place slot with a 37 point gathering against par. Brian Badding the only winner for the thin crust Buffalo Chicken Pizzas.

The Phil Mickelson division featured one of the biggest surprise upsets in modern day men's league history as Miller Lite topped league leading Windstar 37 to 35. Ron Badding the only winner for the buses over Fred Dolezal 12 to 6. Joel Harris still remains down in the farm club at the Muny. The buses still remain in first by five points. Pat Malloy was awarded longest putt.

  • Carroll Glass was the big downward mover of the night losing to Larry's Automotive 41 to 31. Mike Loehr the big winner over Jefferson Iowa's Tristan Brown. Remember the Bell Tower Festival is this weekend in Jefferson. The glass cutters lost 3 spots and now are in 5th twelve points out of the lead.

  • As Carroll Glass went down the soggy subs went up with a 46 to 26 throttling of Linde Equipment. A late afternoon call from Papa Joe Pick wondering where the report was made it clear that his team had prospered in week 7. Pat Spanky Vollstedt and Papa Joe Pick were the big winners for the subs with 13 to 5 wins. Pick was also awarded closest to the pin on #17. This publisher wonders if he knew that was on the tee shot. Steve Cuda Quandt scored a victory as well for the subs with a 12 to 6 win over Billl Linde. The subs move into 2nd only 3 points behind the Windstar buses.

  • Another big winner was Chico Kanne's oil jobbers with a 46 to 26 win over Kasperbauer Cleaners. Head oil jobber Chico Kanne himself was the big winner for Community Oil.

  • Macke Motors followed Subway up the charts in week 7 and settled into 3rd place just six points out of the lead. The Motors took care of Commercial Savings Bank 43 to 29. Flying Bob Raue the big winner for the motors handling Dirk Glynn 12 to 6. Captain Carpet Randy Bierl took care of son in law Aaron Pick. An upset daughter Kelly has severed ties with Grandpa and Grandma and will only allow them to babysit when needed. Car Wash Todd Pettitt beat Kris Knerl 11 to 7. Ryan Milligan and Joel Flug battled to a tie.

  • Badding Construction captured low net team honors last night beating Utilicomm 42 to 30. Glenn Badding scorched the front nine with a four under 33 and captured low gross and low net honors. Nice round Mr. Badding.

Click here for the standings through week 8.

Condolences go out to the family of Papa Joe and Elise Pick as Elise's mom passed away on Tuesday night at the age of 95.

This publisher would like to congratulate Rod Roberts on a fine campaign for Governor. Proud to say that he is from Carroll, Iowa!

That is a wrap with week 7. Your Bud Light team is a little battered and bruise after the battle but be rest assured that there is more to come!

As always this Bud's for you and On Iowa!

2008 and 2009 Championship Captain

Mike Franey

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