Thursday, August 27, 2015

Eckerman holds off Destival to win the 10th Annual Bill Franey Open!

Tournament Director Mike Franey, Shirley Franey and champion Mike Eckerman

Mike Eckerman started the championship nine one shot behind 18 hole leader Tom Duff. Eckerman surge to the lead with a birdie on the third hole and the experienced tournament player never looked back. With only a two shot deficit Jefferson Community Golf Course general manager Micah Destival had a tough downhill eagle putt on the final hole that could have applied some pressure to the leader. In the end Destival settled for birdie and a second place finish just one shot back of the former University of Iowa golfer.  Eckerman has had a very successful golfing summer with wins in the Bill Franey Open and Carroll Country Club Championship, a third place finish in the Carroll City Tourney and this week a 13th place finish in the 37th Iowa Senior Amateur Championship which was held at the Otter Creek Golf Course in Ankeny. “This is a great event that is sentimental to me because I get to play with many of my friends that I have played golf with over the years. It is great to see that a new generation is being started with Kyler(referring to Kyler Ludwig who recently moved back to Carroll to start his career at Olsen Muhlbauer & Company). It was cool seeing Duffer(Tom Duff) play so well.” Eckerman said. Eckerman received support from wife Stacie and daughter Brandi who rode with him on the championship nine.  

Scott Quandt of Carroll finished third at 110. Quandt has finished second six times and won the tournament in 2011. Jason Fisher of Des Moines finished in 4th and Tom Duff finished in 5th.

Other golfers Carroll in the championship flight were Troy Lohman 6th, Kyler Ludwig 7th, three time champion Craig Mertz 9th, Justin Yetmar 12th, former Carroll resident Eric Buttenbach 13th, and Mike Badding 14th.

Brian “Bubba” Heisterkamp won the 1st flight. Others in the first flight were Troy Auen 77, Kuemper High School golfer Jared Tigges 78, Carroll High School golfer Colby Paulson 79, former Carroll resident John Dukes 79 and Joe Pick 79.

Kuemper High School golfer Sam Auen won the 2nd flight with a 79, Lonny Lehrkamp 2nd with a 79, Tim Gute 3rd with a 80. Other in the second flight were Chad Kanne 81, Wyatt Haukap 81, Paul Tigges 81, Benet Snyder 82, Billy Badding 83, Mike Franey 83 and Kuemper High School golfer Cole Collison 84.

Third flight golfers were Todd Koehler 89, Mike McDermott 90, Tony Tigges 91, John Brockelsby 93, Ben Badding 93, Bill Badding 94, Jim Gossett 100 and Brian Widdel 107.

“I really thought the course was in great shape.” said tournament director Mike Franey. A big thank you goes to long time greens keeper Brett Madson, Jay Goughnor, general manager Micah Destival, Jermey Hinote, Cody Renwanz for all their work in the clubhouse and on the course. Jan Whitver, Vicki Copeland, Connie Hamilton and Lynda Dukes Franey provided help with scoring and registration.

The food has always been a tradition at the open and this year did not disappoint. A big thank to Lonny Lehrkamp for the smoked pork loin and beans, Market on 30 for the potato salad, chips and cookies and of course the Jefferson ladies golf league for the delicious homemade salads.

Joe Pick and the Papa Joe Classic donated $250 towards the scholarship this year.  

The tournament named after Bill Franey who passed away in May of 2006 attracted 55 players. The tournament was formerly known as the Al Hoy Memorial where Bill Franey served as the tournament director for 25 years. In 2006 the Board of Directors of the golf course renamed the tournament the Bill Franey Open. Proceeds from the tournament support a scholarship given annually to a student training to be an electric lineman at Northwest Community College in Sheldon. Franey was a lineman for the Midland Power Coop in Jefferson for 31 years and served as line superintendent for another 10 years.

All golfers played 18 holes then the low 16 players qualified for a final championship nine. Jason Fisher of Des Moines won the final nine medalist honors with a 2 under par 34.

“We are just so grateful for the support of this tournament” said Shirley Franey.   

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ludwig controls the City Championship.......Zach is the Champion Golfer of the Year...Bill Franey Open!

 Kyler Ludwig took control of the Carroll City Championship on Saturday shooting a 7 under par 64 at the Carroll Muny. His control continued through Sunday where he held off an always tough Scott Quandt to win his 2nd city championship. Quandt's double bogey 6 on the par four sixth hole proved costly down the stretch.

Nick Schon and Champion Kyler Ludwig

Championship Flight: Klyer Ludwig, Scott Quandt, Mike Eckerman, Tanner Ludwig
Presidential Flight: Terry Olson, Tom Duff, Corey Bluml, Kirk Christensen
First Flight: Jeromie Kramer, Mike Ludwig, Jay Weisenborn, Jacob Julich
Second Flight: Kevin Rasmussen, Kyle Christensen, Mike Nelson, Larry Sporrer
A good crowd followed the action on Sunday at the Carroll Country Club


I thought it would be cool for Jordan Speith to win the British Open until one of our own surged to contention. Congratulations Zach!

Men's Supper League results

Have a great week!

Fairways and greens to all! On Iowa and Go Hawks!


Friday, July 17, 2015

Kasperbauer wins 2015 Papa Joe Classic......Classic chips away at cancer!

Defending Champion Hank verifies his name on the banner
Champions table

Dean Albrecht talked to the players about his battle with cancer and passion to raise money for a cure. 
Dean presents Joe Pick and Mike Franey a check to chip away at cancer!

The Papa Joe Classic donates to the Carroll County Relay For Life
2014 Champion passes it on

The traditional champion's drink! 
Oh that is good says that champ! 

The champ with Papa Joe

It was a close one!

The group 

Another successful Papa Joe Classic is in the books. Thanks for all who participated or donated. Thanks for John and Nate at Brooks, Brook the beer cart driver, Arrowood for the delicious meal, Nick Schon for the scoring assistance, Jon Heim for balls, Ike Auen Distributing Company and Frank Comito and Steve Ackerman(Eck) for your efforts at the auction.

Joe and I look forward to seeing all of you next year! Have a great summer!

Fairways and greens to all!

Joe and Mike

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

RIP Deuce the Dog and Happy 4th of July!

The defending champions Mid Iowa Team pounded Carpet One 7 to 3. Catfish Ed Tomka and Junkyard Dog Cuda Quandt both winners with Brad Hempstead the only winner for the carpets. Papa Joe Pick is currently fishing in Canada. 

Before leaving for Canada Papa had to say good bye to Deuce! RIP Deuce

Supper league’s most mature team edged Harley Davidson 6 to 4. Trusty Mike Nelson and Fairway Frank Comito were winners for the sticks and Jamming Joe Hinners and Champ Corey Bluml won for the hogs.

Byronz Boyz smashed all of the tomatoes of Graddy’s Salsa. Chris Giguere, Tony Feldmann and P.J. Greteman won for the boys and Rick Grote was the only winner for the tomatoes.

Your Bud Light team is finding it hard to field a full team on a weekly basis. Steve Sinnard remains on the DL list, Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly
The adventurous Mike Schulz 
successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz 
has been busy watching daughter Ally play softball and Captain Mike Franey was at a meeting last night to improve the housing in Carroll County. Bud Three Hans Auen was the only winner as Mike Schulz tied Fred Dolezal and Bud Two Troy Auen fell. Randy Bierl and Jeff Minnich were both winners for the King of Beers.

Champion Ford beat Renze’s Rig-a-ma-roll. Steve Blue Herrin and Wade Wilkie were winners for the car company.

Kimme’s Country Store blasted par 9 to 1.

Family Specialty got by Kitt Plumbing 6 to 4. Brad Pick and Aaron Anrendsen were winners for the clinic. Michael Kasperbauer and Cell Guy Pat Macke won for the plumbers.

Ag Venture beat Wittrock Motor Company 6 to 4. Dr. Dave Nystrom the only winner for the cars. Dave Greteman, Brad Woodard and Denny Kasperbauer winners for the aggies.

Fleggard blanked Linde Equipment 10 to 0. Tanner Ludwig beat Ron Juergens, Kyler Ludwig beat 2015 Carroll Am Senior Champion Mike “Jewels” Eckerman. John Horbach and Bob Muhlbauer were also winners.

Community Oil beat Carroll Glass 7 to 3. Jerry Janson and Head Oil Jobber Chico Kanne beat Andy Reiman and Benton Snyder. Nick Schon the only winner for the glass company.

Volquartsen Custom beat Computer Concepts 8 to 2. Nic and Scott Volquartsen and Chad Kanne were winners for the gunners. Tony Pietig the only loser for Volquartsen’s

On Sunday John Greteman and I beat Pat Malloy and Fred Dolezal on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club....just saying! 

Be sure to enjoy your club this 4th of July weekend! 

Happy 4th of July!

Fairways and greens to all


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Eckerman is Senior Champion.....Bad week for the Farmer and the Dog......Club Championship date change...Bill Franey Open date set!

Another proud moment as a member of the Carroll Country Club this weekend as the 2015 Carroll Amateur was contested on the fairways and greens of the course we are so lucky to call ours. A huge congrats and thank you goes out to Nick Schon and his staff, Jeremy and Beth along with their staff and of course Jim and Barron and their staff. Lots of great comments from the field about coming to Carroll.

Carroll Amateur Senior Champion Mike Eckerman is the 2015 Champion

Josh Black won the 2015 Carroll Amateur
Black poses with 2nd place Justin Schulte who shot 64 in the final round. 

It's ok Dog the farmer will not always shoot 84!
Carroll's most famous two some the farmer and the dog were financially scarred on Monday night at the Muny by Mike Franey and Tom Duff otherwise known as mouthpiece 1 and mouthpiece 2(MP1 and MP2). The mouthpieces were in control of the match all the way through. The two some were visibly distraught during and after the match. They took total control of the after match as they tried to drink the bar dry at the expense of MP1 and MP2. Take it from me that only kills the pain for awhile but in the morning you still wake up and realize that you are still a loser! A rematch is scheduled tonight at the Carroll Municipal Golf Course. I truly hope that we can drink the water today otherwise they will probably use that excuses too!

The 2015 Bill Franey Open will be held at the Jefferson Community Golf Course on Sunday, August 23, 2015.

The Carroll Country Club Championship has been rescheduled to August 15th and 16th.

Congratulations to the Kuemper Boys Golf Team for a great season!

A beautiful night of Men's Supper League action. Front Nine action was as follows.

Bud Light beat the defending champions Mid Iowa Team.  Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and Mouthpiece 2 Tom Duff tied their match. 
Mertz was awarded low gross. Bud Two Troy Auen beat Junkyard Dog Cuda Quandt and Mike Franey beat Papa Joe Pick. The famous two some did win the money match. Who needs a driver to beat Papa Joe Pick? Not me as my bag fell off the cart and snapped my driver last night.

Chico's assistant Todd Kanne was the only winner for the Community Oil. Jerry Janson tied, Dick Muhlbauer and the head oil jobber Chico Kanne lost their match against par. Janson knocked it closest to the pin on 8.

Graddy's Salsa squashed Supper League leaders Kitt Plumbing. Head plumber butt Wyatt Haukap was the only winner for the heating and air conditioner company. Tomato John Gradoville, Dr. Decay Nick Fangman and Rowdy Rick Grote were all winners for the ripe tomatoes. Gradoville tied Steve Kimmes for low net. Brandon Vonnahme stuck it closest to the pin. Brandon thanks for caring enough about our community to run for Carroll City Council.

Carpet One and Computer Concepts battled to a draw. Jon Sturm and Brad Hempstead beat Mayor Adams Schweers and Cody Forch. Dr. Greg Perkins the only winner for the computers beating Tim Rial.

Kimmes Country Store confiscated all of the guns of Volquartsen Custom. Westside State Savings Bank Head Teller Matt Lujano was the only winner for the gunners. Nic and Scott Volquartsen boys both fell to defeat. Steve Kimmes beat Chad Kanne. The country store was low new team.

Wittrock Motors slipped by Fleggard. Nick Schon and Kevin Wittrock were the winners for the motor car company. John Feld and Jair Mayhall both won for the Fleas.

Back nine action!

Budweiser pounded Renze-Rig-a-ma-roll. Jamie North the only winner for the rollers. North was closest to the pin on 17. Counter top Pat Malloy, Crazy legs Jeff Minnich and John Greteman all won for the King of Beers. Happy anniversary to Fred and Claudia Dolezal. It was very nice of you to take the week off Fred!

Champion Ford's F150s drove over all all of the Harley of Carroll Cycle Center. Too bad prices are so low at Quandts that your scrap metal is not worth as much as Cuda's putter collection. Jamming Joe Hinners the only winner for the cycles. Denny Kasperbauer, Wade Wilkie and Monument Man Loren Boyce beat Champion Corey Bluml, Rick Vanderheiden and Head hog Terry Ruchti. Bluml and Hinners both went air born over the tracks on the road to Willey after the match is what could only be described as motorcycle losing golf rage.

Carroll Glass rode the hot clubs of low gross winner Andy Reiman to a tie with Byronz Boyz. Reiman also shared low net with Chris Gigure. Gigure beat Reiman. Lidderdale Country Store's Brad Stork was the only unbroken glass left on the team. The glass company and the Boyz were both low net team. No wonder they tied!

Ag Venture pounded Family Specialty Medical.

Supper League's most mature team Stiff Sticks took care of Linde Equipment. Trusty Mike Nelson and Doc Sporrer were the winners for the sticks while Bud One and Carroll Amateur Mike "Steve Ackerman" Eckerman tied. Bill Linde beat Fairway Frank Comito. Linde nailed the longest putt on 18.

The Standings!

Holy Fish! Great catch Pat Macke!

Birthday wishes recently to John Dukes, Keeley Sinnard, Steve Sinnard, Payton White, Pat O'Leary, Dave Nelson and Scott Kanne.

Thanks Jeff Cayler for protecting Carroll for so many years! Go Hawks! 

Condolences go out the family of Tom Nees. It was my pleasure to have met Tom over the years. He was a true down to earth great guy who always helped out when things needed down especially at numerous events with the chamber. Hope to see you soon Rosanne! 

It was a great weekend to have John Dukes, Alan and Kyle Ritchie in town the Carroll Am! I am so glad that you have a basketball coach now John. 

As always "This Bud's For You" and ON IOWA!

Championship Captain 
Award winning Publisher
Mouthpiece 2

Mike Franey

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Welcome to the golf season...Macke and Ruchti are Aces....Hawkeye banquet around the corner!

Hole in one for Macke
Good one Pat 
It was a beautiful over cast night on the fairways and greens of the
Carroll Country Club as week 1 of the Men's Supper League unfolded. All of the cast of characters came out of hibernation....Papa Joe Pick, Bud One Jim Auen, John Deere Green Benton Snyder, new dad Travis Aye, head hog Terry Ruchti and the one and only junkyard dog just to name a few.

Here's your action from the front nine.

Your Bud Light team squared off against Ag Ventures. Captain Mike Franey and Bud Three Steve Auen were winners over Brad Woodard and Clay Haley. Mike Schulz and Bud Two Troy Auen suffered losses. Denny Kapserbauer chipped his way to victory and Dave Greteman wore down Mike Schulz in a nine hole match that seemed to take awhile. In the end a 6 to 4 victory for your Bud Light team. Steve Sinnard was out of action trying to catch a trophy fish some where in South Dakota to display in the Tuscon room.  Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz.

The reigning defending champions, Mid Iowa Team, continued their early season slow start from last year falling to Stiff Sticks 3-7. Produce Tom Duff the only winner beating Fairway Frank Comito. McCormick Ranch's Papa Joe Pick battled to a draw with Doc Sporrer. Bud One Jim Auen blistered the course shooting an even par 37 to beat the Junkyard Dog Cuda Quandt. Lots of whining in the clubhouse after the match coming the farmer and the dog table as they waited for the food. Leave up to those two to complicated the ordering process and have to wait almost an hour for their food. Trusty Mike Nelson beat the playing pride of Willey, Iowa Paul Tigges. Stiff Sticks were low net team.

Hole in One for Ruchti
Harley Davidson of Carroll blanked Byron's Boyz 10 to 0. Champion Corey Bluml led the way with an one under 36. Rick Vanderheiden, Jamming Joe Hinners and head hog Terry Ruchti were all winners.

Graddy's Salsa were a few short due to the funeral of Tomato John's mother. They scored 3 points against par.

Kimmes Country Store beat Wittrock Motor Company 7 to 30. Brock Jones the winner for the motors along with a tie from new daddy Travis Aye. Jake Kimmes led the way for the gas station team with a low net 33 award. He did have to share that award with Wyatt Haukap.

Kitt Plumbing rolled Renze's Rig-a-ma-roll 7 to 3. Westside State Savings Bank's head teller lost to Steve Anthofer and Wyatt Haukap tied John Nepple. Only two players for both teams.

Here is the back nine action..............................

Carpet One shut out Fleggard 10 to 0. Jon Sturm and Colin Bierl were the low carpet layers. Brad Hempstead and Austin Scott also won. Bierl was awarded low net and carpet one was low net team.

Oh no Chico! Linde Equipment beat Community Oil 8 to 2. Dick Muhlbauer was the only winner for the oil jobbers. Jewels Eckerman beat Chico's right hand Todd Kanne.

Sorry Brad! Hope you still vote for me! 
Carroll Glass penetrated the fire walls of Computer Concepts resulting in permanent damage. Head glass cutter Andy Reiman and Benton Snyder were winners. The mayor Adam Schweers beat Lidderdale Country Store's Brad Stork.

Champion Ford edged Budweiser 6 to 4. Budweiser now has like 9 members on the their team and already are struggling to find four willing participants.  Car Wash Todd Pettitt the only winner for the King of Beers. Steve Blue Herrin beat Jeff Minnich.

Volquartsen Customs and Family Specialty tied their match. Eastside Tony Pietig and Casket Kyle Atkinson won their matches for the gun shop. Pietig was loss gross with a even par 34. Chemical Dirk Glynn was the only winner for Familyl Specialty.

Andy Reiman was closest to the pin and Chris Bogue nailed the longest putt.

It is that time of year again for all loyal Iowans to invade the Aracdia Legion Hall for the 2015 Carroll Area I Club Banquet.
Go Hawks

Breaking news that is being exclusively released here on your golf report. Hole in One Pat Macke was out of town this week and had to miss league. SO he will have a keg of ice cold beer next Tuesday for all to enjoy. Come on out and congratulate Pat on his first ever hole in one!

Some important dates to remember

  • The Carroll Country Club Member Guest will be the 28 and the 29th of May. Please contact the pro shop to participate. 
  • The Relay For Life 4 man golf tourney will be May 16th. $300 a team, 10 am start and contact Jon Heim at 515-710-0107 to get signed up. 
As always "This Bud's For You" and ON IOWA!

Championship Captain

Mike Franey

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day.....Kirby wins.....Golf season just around the corner

Hello everyone and welcome to the golf season! It is going to be an exciting year.

Congratulations to Kirby Pettitt who won in a playoff yesterday in a playoff on the Dream Chasers

Pro Golf Tour. Check out the leader board!

Of course I contribute this win to three sessions of learning that Troy Auen and I had with Kirby in February in Scottsdale.

I have been called out by Papa Joe Pick about unfair and not balanced reporting so here it is. He beat me!
As March Madness begins I would like to wish all of the Iowa teams luck and let the madness begin!

Have a great week! Fairways and greens to all!

As always "This Bud's for you" and ON IOWA! 

Championship owner

Mike Franey