Friday, September 12, 2008

Schulz Bud Light Golfer of the Year & Go Hawkeyes!

On the eve of the 2008 edition of the Iowa and Iowa State football game I thought that it was appropriate to announce 2007 Carroll Country Club President Mike Schulz as the 2008 Bud Light Golfer of Year! This award is given annually to the member of the Bud Light team who made the largest impact on the overall success of the team. In this years case it was a championship year so I am safe to say that Schulz lead the team to the championship. In an interview after the presentation Schulz said his success this year was simple.......Grab a pack of smokes, a rack of beers and kick ass!

From all of us at the report congratulations to Mike Schulz on this year’s award!
Tomorrow will be a day that splits some of the readers of the Bud Light Report as the official university of your Bud Light report hosts their in state rival from Ames. One of the more vocal Iowa State fans is none other than Subway team Captain Papa Joe Pick. I have made a large wager with Papa Joe that could transfer ownership of his West Okoboji Lake Home to me. I really do not know how to drive a boat so I may be taking applications after this game and how good a Hawkeye flag would look on that dock. Good luck to all of the report's Iowa State fans and even to Papa Joe, my wife and brother John!

In the famous words of our sponsor "This Bud's for you". Go Hawkeyes!

Cast your vote at the bottom of the blog for your winner of this years big game!

Fairways, greens and a Hawkeye victory to all
2008 Championship Captain Franey

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Derby results

The stars were aligning perfectly for the derby team of Schulz and Franey until Todd Kanne's chip knocking Schulz and Franey out of the derby and into 3rd place. Rick Grote and Rich Hartley were the overall winners of the Fun night derby.

The winners were all smiles on steak night!

The team of Todd Kanne and Steve Sinnard finished second.

The 2007 Carroll Country Club President and Captain Franey finished 3rd!

In other action Carroll Cycle Center captain Terry Ruchti and Jay Drees defeated D.A. Tony Bluml and Joe Joe Hinners.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dream Team & wives win Labor Day Scramble & Steve Sinnard Labor Day MVP!

The Dream Team and their wives continued their holiday 4 ball success yesterday on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club. Their 16 under par 55 was one stroke clear of Stiffsticks Captain Frank Comito's team. This two couple team also won the Memorial Day Scramble. On course reporters have told me that Steve Sinnard was the MVP for the team. The celebration carried on almost until the ten o'clock news and could be heard on the streets of the Collison Addition. As you can see reporters found Sheri and Keeley celebrating with innocent on looker, 2007 CCC President Mike Schulz. Sheri recoverd nicely after Saturday's intense exposure to the Nebraska red in Memorial Stadium. She is fine now and is still 100% Iowa Hawkeye. Nice try Craig. Check out the standings here.
Keeley Sinnard won the longest drive on 14th hole! Uncle Grandpa Bruce, teeing off the Senior tees, could only manage his team to a 58. Even with the 80 yard advantage on every hole Grandpa lost his steering wheel on his driver and spent the day in the trees. Never fear Grandpa will team up with yours truly in the Carroll Country Club Fall League. All of the major sports books have given the team the early nod to win the title with the Dream Team in a close second. The farmer and the dog are picked to finish in 6th place. No respect!
The upset of the weekend comes from up North on the fairway and greens of Brooks National Golf Course where Papa Joe Pick, Captain Carpet Randy Bierl, Tomato John, and Jeff Minnich solidly distroyed Adam Pick, Aaron Pick, Tom "Hawk" Burns and Dave Keinroth in a best two ball event.It is rewarding to this reporter that finally Papa Joe gets a victory after finishing a country mile back of your Bud Light team in Supper league.
It is fun night followed by a steak dinner at the Caroll Country Club. Members of the Championship Bud Light team will be on hand taking time to please the autograph seekers. If you are wondering Championship t-shirts are on back order. 2008 Bud Light Golfer of the Year should be announced this week.
Fairway and greens to all!
2008 Championship Captain Franey