Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Eckerman is Senior Champion.....Bad week for the Farmer and the Dog......Club Championship date change...Bill Franey Open date set!

Another proud moment as a member of the Carroll Country Club this weekend as the 2015 Carroll Amateur was contested on the fairways and greens of the course we are so lucky to call ours. A huge congrats and thank you goes out to Nick Schon and his staff, Jeremy and Beth along with their staff and of course Jim and Barron and their staff. Lots of great comments from the field about coming to Carroll.

Carroll Amateur Senior Champion Mike Eckerman is the 2015 Champion

Josh Black won the 2015 Carroll Amateur
Black poses with 2nd place Justin Schulte who shot 64 in the final round. 

It's ok Dog the farmer will not always shoot 84!
Carroll's most famous two some the farmer and the dog were financially scarred on Monday night at the Muny by Mike Franey and Tom Duff otherwise known as mouthpiece 1 and mouthpiece 2(MP1 and MP2). The mouthpieces were in control of the match all the way through. The two some were visibly distraught during and after the match. They took total control of the after match as they tried to drink the bar dry at the expense of MP1 and MP2. Take it from me that only kills the pain for awhile but in the morning you still wake up and realize that you are still a loser! A rematch is scheduled tonight at the Carroll Municipal Golf Course. I truly hope that we can drink the water today otherwise they will probably use that excuses too!

The 2015 Bill Franey Open will be held at the Jefferson Community Golf Course on Sunday, August 23, 2015.

The Carroll Country Club Championship has been rescheduled to August 15th and 16th.

Congratulations to the Kuemper Boys Golf Team for a great season!

A beautiful night of Men's Supper League action. Front Nine action was as follows.

Bud Light beat the defending champions Mid Iowa Team.  Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and Mouthpiece 2 Tom Duff tied their match. 
Mertz was awarded low gross. Bud Two Troy Auen beat Junkyard Dog Cuda Quandt and Mike Franey beat Papa Joe Pick. The famous two some did win the money match. Who needs a driver to beat Papa Joe Pick? Not me as my bag fell off the cart and snapped my driver last night.

Chico's assistant Todd Kanne was the only winner for the Community Oil. Jerry Janson tied, Dick Muhlbauer and the head oil jobber Chico Kanne lost their match against par. Janson knocked it closest to the pin on 8.

Graddy's Salsa squashed Supper League leaders Kitt Plumbing. Head plumber butt Wyatt Haukap was the only winner for the heating and air conditioner company. Tomato John Gradoville, Dr. Decay Nick Fangman and Rowdy Rick Grote were all winners for the ripe tomatoes. Gradoville tied Steve Kimmes for low net. Brandon Vonnahme stuck it closest to the pin. Brandon thanks for caring enough about our community to run for Carroll City Council.

Carpet One and Computer Concepts battled to a draw. Jon Sturm and Brad Hempstead beat Mayor Adams Schweers and Cody Forch. Dr. Greg Perkins the only winner for the computers beating Tim Rial.

Kimmes Country Store confiscated all of the guns of Volquartsen Custom. Westside State Savings Bank Head Teller Matt Lujano was the only winner for the gunners. Nic and Scott Volquartsen boys both fell to defeat. Steve Kimmes beat Chad Kanne. The country store was low new team.

Wittrock Motors slipped by Fleggard. Nick Schon and Kevin Wittrock were the winners for the motor car company. John Feld and Jair Mayhall both won for the Fleas.

Back nine action!

Budweiser pounded Renze-Rig-a-ma-roll. Jamie North the only winner for the rollers. North was closest to the pin on 17. Counter top Pat Malloy, Crazy legs Jeff Minnich and John Greteman all won for the King of Beers. Happy anniversary to Fred and Claudia Dolezal. It was very nice of you to take the week off Fred!

Champion Ford's F150s drove over all all of the Harley of Carroll Cycle Center. Too bad prices are so low at Quandts that your scrap metal is not worth as much as Cuda's putter collection. Jamming Joe Hinners the only winner for the cycles. Denny Kasperbauer, Wade Wilkie and Monument Man Loren Boyce beat Champion Corey Bluml, Rick Vanderheiden and Head hog Terry Ruchti. Bluml and Hinners both went air born over the tracks on the road to Willey after the match is what could only be described as motorcycle losing golf rage.

Carroll Glass rode the hot clubs of low gross winner Andy Reiman to a tie with Byronz Boyz. Reiman also shared low net with Chris Gigure. Gigure beat Reiman. Lidderdale Country Store's Brad Stork was the only unbroken glass left on the team. The glass company and the Boyz were both low net team. No wonder they tied!

Ag Venture pounded Family Specialty Medical.

Supper League's most mature team Stiff Sticks took care of Linde Equipment. Trusty Mike Nelson and Doc Sporrer were the winners for the sticks while Bud One and Carroll Amateur Mike "Steve Ackerman" Eckerman tied. Bill Linde beat Fairway Frank Comito. Linde nailed the longest putt on 18.

The Standings!

Holy Fish! Great catch Pat Macke!

Birthday wishes recently to John Dukes, Keeley Sinnard, Steve Sinnard, Payton White, Pat O'Leary, Dave Nelson and Scott Kanne.

Thanks Jeff Cayler for protecting Carroll for so many years! Go Hawks! 

Condolences go out the family of Tom Nees. It was my pleasure to have met Tom over the years. He was a true down to earth great guy who always helped out when things needed down especially at numerous events with the chamber. Hope to see you soon Rosanne! 

It was a great weekend to have John Dukes, Alan and Kyle Ritchie in town the Carroll Am! I am so glad that you have a basketball coach now John. 

As always "This Bud's For You" and ON IOWA!

Championship Captain 
Award winning Publisher
Mouthpiece 2

Mike Franey