Friday, January 18, 2013

Another packed house.....winner not present....excellent food!

The parking lot was full of cars again last night at the Carroll Country Club as members sat on the edge of their seats in anticipation of winning the $475 prize. A big cheer rattled the window panes as long time Carroll Country Club members Pat and Carlene Moehn were announced. It was quickly determined that Moehn's had missed their chance of claiming their prize. Clubhouse manager Carrie Swinney loudly proclaimed that next weeks drawing would be worth a record high $500. There was a tie for the trivia winners between the Pettitt table and the Fangman/Ruchti/Duff/Bluml table. After the contest blood tests showed that there were no illegal doping activities so the prize money was paid to the winners. Trivia has become wildly popular and thanks goes to Carrie  for all of your work with researching the weekly questions!

Todd, Pam and Kirby Pettitt along with trivia guru "Flesh" Welcome Home Kirb!
Nick and Lisa Fangman/Head Hog Terry Ruchti/Chamber President Tom Duff and Sharon Duff/Linda Bluml

It is going to be a great day with warmer temperatures in Carroll Iowa today!

Happy Friday to all!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Show me the money! NOT! Happy Friday!

Around 100 Carroll Country Club members were hoping to hear their name called last night and have the honor of screaming aloud "Show me the Money." Not so fast as Carrie Swinney announced Matt Hinners and he was not in the house. A loud roar followed as members cheered that the pot would increase to $475 for next week.

Thursday nights have been resurrected by the introduction of trivia and a $25 drawing that has carried over for 18 weeks or so. Long time members say of the crowded clubhouse  "This is just like Thursdays back in the good old days." Let's keep it going and as they say at the Carroll Cycle Center "It's your time enjoy the ride."

It is great to see everyone enjoying their club! People came from as far away as Westside as Matt and Jenna Lujano were on hand. Tom Duff, Denny Kasperbauer and Papa Joe Pick from the 2012 Men's Supper League Championship team Templeton Rye were present. Captain Randy Bierl, Flying Bob Raue, Handicap extraordinaire Jeff Minnich and Car Wash Todd Pettitt were proudly representing the runner ups of Macke Motors. In only 115 days your Bud Light team will tee it up with sites on another supper league championship. Spring training updates will be released as they come available.  

Happy Birthday has been sung the past few weeks to members celebrating birthdays. Last night the worlds favorite song was sung for the head oil jobber Chico Kanne. Larry Schenkelberg celebrated a few weeks past and my wife Lynda celebrated one week ago with the help from some of her friends. Happy Birthday to all.

Plan to come out next Thursday to enjoy some great food and a chance to win $475.

Get your tickets now for the dinner theatre on February 1st and 2nd. Thanks to Jim and Barron for clearing more of the parking lot for last night. What a great problem to have.

Thanks for Norm Schulz for organizing and administering the football bowl pool. Here are the lucky winners. 

 Football Results- (There was a three way tie for first place)

3 people only had 11 wrong so based on their tie breaker answers these are the following winners

1st place winner- Lon Diers

2nd and 3rd place (tie)- Larry Schenkelberg and Elise Pick

Last place- The person with the most answers wrong was Howard Drees. Maybe he should have consulted Pat?   See you at the club!

As always "This Bud's for You" and ON IOWA!

Happy Friday everyone!