Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lujano and Bierl Players of the Week.....Papa Joe takes it low……Congrats on 20 years MC’s CafĂ©…….Feld teams on FIRE!

On a gorgeous night for golf at the Carroll Country Club your Bud Light team sputtered a little although posted a 37 to 35 win over Greteman Chiropractic. Captain Mike Franey and Bud Two Troy Auen led the team with 10 to 8 wins over Gary Subbert and P.J. Greteman. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz tied Rich Hartley and Mike Schulz lost to Clint Cummings. Your Bud Light team jumps the Carroll Cycle Center and moves into third place.

The Carroll Cycle Center lost to Pettitt’s Hwy 30 Car Wash 33 to 39. Curtis Stork and Randy Bierl led the way for the car washes with wins over Head Hog Terry Ruchti and Jamming Joe Hinners. Ruchti enjoyed a three hole lead only to see that lead disappear like the San Antonio Spurs lead last night. Jay Drees beat Jeff Minnich and Corey Bluml beat Car Wash Todd Pettitt.

Volquartsen Custom stretched their lead to 7 even with a 36 to 36 draw against Van Diest Supply Company. Ryan Milligan the all star in this pairing with a 13 to 5 win over Boomer “Fast Ball” Lechtenberg. Milligan was the only winner for the chemicals. Nic Volquartsen beat Brad Pick 10 to 8. Chad Kanne beat Aaron Pick 10 to 8. Jeff Boeckman beat Dirk Glynn 11 to 7.

Brown Shoe Fit Company ran into the vines of Graddy’s Salsas and suffered a 41 to 31 loss. Mike Loehr and Tomato John Gradoville led the way with 11 to 7 wins over Paul Tigges and Carpet Todd Bierl. Nick Fangman and John Nepple battled to a tie and Jeff Scharfenkamp beat Head sandal Jeff Bahr 10 to 8. Scharfenkamp holed out from the south bunker on #1.

The Mid Iowa Team kept pace with the salsas with a 41 to 31 win over the Community Oil Company. Papa Joe Pick crushed his accountant Dick Muhlbauer 15 to 0. How smart is that? I can only vision vanishing deductions and an increase in fees for next year’s tax season. Produce Tom Duff beat Matt Gute 10 to 8. Assistant oil jobber Todd Kanne beat Catfish Ed Tomka 11 to 7. Steve “Cuda” Quandt tied Jerry Janson. Head oil jobber Chico Kanne was frozen to the FroYo machine at Mac's and could not play.

Ron Juergens and Bill Linde scored wins to carry Linde Equipment over the Finish Line.

Joe Pick was low gross and low net with a two under 35 that featured a chip in and a couple no brain putts(in Cuda’s words). Volquartsen Custom was low net team. Ryan Milligan was closest to the pin and Lane Pugh nailed the longest putt.

Action over in the Phil Mickelson Division saw Verizon Wireless pound Champion Ford to take the lead in the US Open Flight. Kyle Christensen shot a one under par 33 to dominate Digger Dave Nelson 13 to 5. Pat Macke beat Monument Man Loren Boyce 12 to 5. No winners for the Fords as Steve Herrin and Wade Wilke tied with Tyler Tassell and Wyatt Haukap.

Fairway Frank and the Stiffsticks beat Carroll Glass to remain only three back of the led. Fairway Frank beat Keith Pottebaum, Randy Hockom beat Andy Reiman 11 to 7 and Bud One Jim Auen beat Brad Stork 10 to 8. Benet Snyder the only winner for the glass guys with a 12 to 6 win over Templeton’s Doc Sporrer. Even with the loss the glass guys still have a nine point lead.

Feld Fire Equipment scored a huge win over Sharp Funeral Home 45 to 27. Westside State Savings Bank head teller Matt Lujano scorched Chris Staub 15 to 3. Tony Pietig beat Dr. Dave Nystrom 13 to 5.

Feld Security trounced Budweiser 44 to 28 to move into second place. Ron Badding led the way with a 14 to 4 win over Tom Farner. Tiger Tom Simons beat Joel Harris, Tanner Ludwig beat Bud Three Steve Auen and Pat Malloy and Greg Perkins tied.

Carpet One beat Byronz Boyz knocking them out of second place. Colin Bierl led the way with a 12 to 6 wind over Brock Jones.

Kyle Christensen was low gross with a 33 and closest to the pin. Colin Bierl was low net. Carpet One was low net team. Joel Harris made the longest putt.

The Uncle Bruce Players of the Week are Colin Bierl and Matt Lujano for their solid performances that carried their teams.

Happy Belated Birthday wishes go out to Johnny Beiter.

Congratulations to Mark Tigges on 20 years for MC's Cafe in Carroll!

Next weeks edition may be released on Thursday as I will be traveling to attend the wedding of Rachel Fransen in Nashville.

As always This Bud's For You and On Iowa!

Bud Light Championship Captain

Mid Iowa Team Owner

Budweiser Special Consultant

Mike Franey

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bud Two carries Bud Light…..Pietig blows away expectations……Kirby wins Carroll Am…….Volquartsen Custom wins big!

Kirby Pettitt mastered the Carroll Country Club to win the 2013 Carroll AM on Sunday. It was a rain soaked event that featured some of the best amateurs in the state. This event may be the last amateur event for Pettitt as he aims at turning pro.

Kirby Pettitt and J.D. Anderson

Mom and Dad on hand to see Kirby win!

A good caddie is always important....Thanks Matt Fleshner!

Bud Two Troy Auen came off the disabled list to carry your Bud Light team to victory with an 8 to 1 win over Lane Pugh. Steve Sinnard tied the scrappy Brady Evans. Bud Three Steve Hans Auen suffered a minor let down after a big win last week as Neal Cross took advantage to score a 11 to 7 win. Denny Kasperbauer came to play and topped Captain Mike Franey 10 to 8. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz should be back in action next week after hernia surgery. Overall your Bud Light team posted a 40 to 32 win over the Finish Line and remains in 4th position

Volquartsen Custom scored a huge win 48 to 24 win over Greteman Chiropractic to move into 1st place in the PGA Flight two points ahead of week 6 leaders Brown Shoe Fit Company. Carroll County Club President Chad Kanne won 13 to 5 as the back crackers played one man short. Nic Volquartsen and Bose Nieland won big as well.

The Brown Shoe Fit Company recorded an upset win over the Mid Iowa Team. Produce Tom Duff was the only winner. On course reporters witnessed the farmer chasing the dog all around the parking lot as they exited the course immediately after the round was over. Steve Anthofer landed a big Catfish as Ed Tomka suffered a loss. Todd Bierl played well although ran into a tough Tom Duff. Duff was quoted after the round “We will be back.” Time will tell. Mid Iowa Team dropped to second 4 points behind Graddy’s Salsa.

The ground up tomatoes beat Linde Equipment 43 to 29. Dr. Nick Frangman recovered from a large loss in week 6 to Steve Auen and beat Ron Juergens 13 to 5. Retiring councilman Jeff Scharfenkamp and Kyler Ludwig also won. Team leader Tomato John Gradoville pulled another ringer out of the golf shop to protect the lead.

Van Diest Supply Company maintained third place despite a 32 to 40 loss to the Carroll Cycle Center. Head hog Terry Ruchti was the MVP for the cycles with a 12 to 6 win over Ryan Milligan. Corey Bluml and Jamming Joe Hinners beat Aaron Pick and Chemical Dirk Glynn. Jamie North was the only winner for the chemical company.

In a cross over match Carroll Glass smashed Community Oil 45 to 27. Keith Pottebaum the all star with a 13 to 5 win over the head oil jobber Chico Kanne. Benet Snyder won 12 to 6 over Charlie Vaubel 12 to 6. Brad Stork and Andy Reiman also won for the glass company. No winners for the oils.

Tom Duff was low gross with an even par 34. Jeff Scharfenkamp was low net. Graddy’s Salsa was low net team. Kyler Ludwig was closest to the pin and Steve Anthofer nailed the longest putt.

With their big win Carroll jumped Champion Ford for first place. The Fords just got by Feld Fire Equipment 37 to 35. Monument Man Loren Boyce the MVP for the car company. Two time Papa Joe Classic winner Digger Dave Nelson beat Kevin Forke 11 to 7. John Horbach wrinkled the shirt of clothier Wade Wilkie.

Byronz Boyz beat Sharp Funeral Home 41 to 31 to gain a share of the lead in the British Open Flight. Tony Feldman led the way for the Boyz beating Greg Perkins.

Stiff Sticks got by Carpet One 39 to 33. Larry “Doc” Sporrer was the MVP for the sticks. Bud One Jim Auen and Collin Hackett battled to a tie. Colin Bierl beat Fairway Frank Comito. Mike Nelson beat John Sturm.

The King of Beers beat the Pettitt Highway 30 Car Wash 40 to 32. Joel Harris beat the always tough 2010 Papa Joe Classic winner Jeff Minnich. Fred Dolezal beat Kirby Pettitt’s caddie Matt Fleshner. Curtis Stork the only winner for the car wash tokens.

Can you hear me know? Pat Macke’s I phones beat Feld Security 43 to 29. Wyatt Haukap scored a big win over Nick Bowdish. I am curious that Bowdish is listed as a member of the cell phone team and subbed against his own team. Cries of insider trading surfaced around the clubhouse last night. Kyle Christensen and Pat Macke won decisively.

Andy Reiman and Kyle Christensen shared low gross honors with even par 37. Tiger Tom Simons was low net and closest to the pin. Carroll Glass and Verizon Wireless were low net team. Dr. Dave Nystrom drained the longest putt.

The Uncle Bruce Player of the Week is Produce Tom Duff for his winning performance over Todd Bierl. Bierl played well shooting a 38 in the loss. Duff was the only winner for the Mid Iowa Team.

Good luck balloons from Julie and the kids

A good luck card was attached

Tony getting ready to let it rip

Standing room only
After the play last night around 25 guys migrated to the front of the 10th tee to just see if Tony Pietig could pitch a 60 mph fast ball. It did not take long as Pietig was up for the challenge and blistered the glove of Kevin Forke at 71 miles per hour. Boomer Lechtenberg took the gun at 82. Kyle Christensen threw 75. Matt Lujano 74 and John Nepple 67. One would have to believe that there are some sore arms this morning.

Belated birthday wishes to Steve Sinnard, Scott Kanne, Patrick O'leary, Jay Drees, Joe Hinners, Jake Gute and Peg White

Best of luck Kirby! Take dead aim!
As mentioned above Kirby Pettitt has made the decision to explore as a professional golfer. Kirby is in the process of raising money to help fund his effort. When I think about Kirby's decision I think about how proud his Uncle Bruce Pettitt would have been. There is no doubt in my mind that Bruce would have supported Kirby. With Bruce in mind I have decided to raise some money to purchase a share or two in memory of Bruce with any dividends earned going straight back to Kirby. We all know that Bruce would have been all over this and this way Bruce can be along for the ride. I thank all of you who contributed last night. If you would like to help in memory of our friend just let me know.  
That is a wrap for week 7! Thanks to everyone at the Carroll Country Club for putting on a great tournament this weekend. Fairways and Greens to all

As always This Bud's For You and On Iowa!

Bud Light Championship Captain

Mid Iowa Team Owner

Budweiser Special Consultant

Mike Franey

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Farewell to 2 Jim's.....Catfish and Bud Three players of the week....Bud Light Falls.....Take me out to the ballgame!

The sky was dark but there was no wind or rain making week 6 of the Men's Supper league an enjoyable night of golf at the Carroll Country Club.

As a youngster growing up on West South Street in Jefferson Iowa I have vivid memories of Hawkeye football afternoons in the side yard listening to the great Jim Zabel. He made three yard runs seem just as exciting as touchdowns. His famed I Love It...I Love It...I Love It could be heard all through the neighborhood as we cranked the radio is hopes of a Hawkeye victory. As a young boy when he said hug your radio I would do just that. Thanks for the memories Z!

Carroll lost one of its biggest advocates on Monday afternoon as Jim Wilson passed away. In the most recent weeks I enjoyed delivering meals to Jim on Mondays. I knew that his body was failing him and I also knew his mind was still sharp as a tack. I loved talking with him but more importantly I loved listening to his knowledge. He will be missed. In Tuesday's edition of the award winning Daily Times Herald nephew Doug Burns paid a fantastic tribute to his uncle. Click here to read the well deserved and touching portrayal.  

I have been in Carroll for 20 years and last night at the Carroll Country Club I witnessed for the first time around seven golfers sitting around a table and all of a sudden turn into pitching aces and head for the dark parking lot. Matt Lujano dug out his glove and squatted down into the catching position as 1996 Kuemper graduate Tony Pietig prepared to let one fly with dreams of Nolan Ryan. Lujano can only be the catcher as he awaits the medical clearance from Dr. Ervelli for his bad elbow. The challenge was simple. A pitch greater than 60 miles an hour and Pietig would be carried off the field(parking lot) a winner. Thankfully there was no strike zone. Head Glass man Andy Reiman was all smiles with anticipation of some window replacement business being generated. Lujano said "all I know was the glove was popping." After a few pitches into the dark the group reconvened back to their table and made a plan. So it has been set Tuesday, June 11th at 8:30 will be the first pitch in the parking lot of the Carroll Country Club to see if Tony "Mariono Rivera" Pietig can top 60 miles an hour.  The second main event of the evening will be John Nepple getting three balls to see if he can top the 70 miles an hour limit. Side bets are being placed, a jugs machine is being brought and this is bound to be an epic night of baseball. See you at 8:30 next week!

Your Bud Light team was ambushed by Tomato John Gradoville bringing in a ringer in Wade Pettitt to play for the team. Pettitt clobbered Steve Sinnard 15 to 3. Playing partner Mike Schulz faired just about as bad with a 12 to 6 loss to Rick Grote. This captain tied with Tomato John Gradoville. The all star of the night was Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen as he played great and beat Dr. Nick Fangman 14 to 4. 
Your Bud Light team falls to fourth while the salsas are now tied at the top with Mid Iowa Team.

Ed "Catfish" Tomka exploded to 16 to 2 win over Ron Juergens to record his first Supper league win and carry the Mid Iowa Team to first place. Cuda Quandt and Tom Duff also won. Papa Joe Pick tied his match and birdied his last hole.

Van Diest Supply Company slipped to thrid with a 35 to 37 loss at the hands of Chico Kanne's oil jobbers. Jerry Janson took care of chemical Dirk Glynn 13 to 5 and that made all of the difference in the match.

Greteman Chiropractic took pity on the Carroll Cycle Center and let them win 39 to 33 for their second consecutive win. Jay Drees led the way for the cycles. Jamming Joe Hinners was the only other winner for the cycles. Grass man Clint Cummings and Rick Vanderheiden tied their match.

Volquartsen Custom beat the Finish Line 39 to 33. Boze Nieland and Chad Kanne led the way.

Brown Shoe Fit Company over took the guns for first place with a 43 to 29 beating of Carpet One. Jon Renze and John Nepple paced the team for the win. Nepple clubbed Kimmy's boy Collin(two l's) Hackett 13 to 5.

Corey Bluml chunked it around for a low gross winning two under par 35. Catfish Tomka and Jon Renze were low net. Mid Iowa Team was low net team, Gary Subbert was closest to the pin on #8 and Joe Hinners nailed a three footer for longest putt on 9.

Over in the Phil Mickelson division Stiffsticks beat Sharp Funeral Home 41 to 31 to move into first place. Larry "Doc" Sporrer was the MVP with a 14 to 4 win over Carroll Mayor Adam Schweers. Lucky you live in Templeton Doc. Fairway Frank Comito was beaten by Leon Muhlbauer.

Champion Ford throttled Byronz Boyz to move into first place in the British Open Flight. Monument man Loren Boyce led the way with a 15 to 3 win over Brian Widdel. Wade Wilkie also won for the fords.

Budweiser was the big loser of the night falling to Carroll Glass 47 to 25. No winners for the King of Beers. Keith Pottebaum and Andy Reiman paced the glass repairers. John Deere Benton(thanks for that Jerry Wilson) Snyder was also a winner.

Pat Macke's cell phones beat Highway 30 Car Wash 40 to 32. Wyatt Haukap was the hot player for the red shirts.

Feld Security beat sister team Feld Fire Equipment 44 to 28. Jeff Greteman drove his bus over John Horbach. Ron Badding beat Kevin Forke.

Wyatt Haukap was low gross with an one under par 33. Haukap also shared low net honors with Westside State Savings Bank head janitor and catcher Matt Lujano and Monument Man Loren Boyce. Champion Ford was low net team. John Feld was closest to the pin on 10 and Curtis Stork nailed the longest putt on 11.

The Uncle Bruce Players of the Week are Ed "Catfish' Tomka and Steve "Hans" Auen!

A great job to all at the Carroll Country Club for hosting two very successful events on Sunday and Monday. Thanks to Jim and his staff for working so hard on the course through all of this wet weather. If you want to see some good golf stop out to the club this weekend and watch the Carroll AM. Here is the monthly newsletter if you have not seen it yet.

A happy belated birthday to the one and only John Dukes. Dukes came into town on Sunday and we played 18 holes. The lefty/righty or whatever way he wants to swing from tied this publisher which does not make for a happy Mike.

Well I think that about does it. See you next week in the parking lot.

As always This Bud's For You and On Iowa! I Love It! I Love It! I Love It!

Bud Light Championship Captain

Mid Iowa Team Owner

Budweiser Special Consultant

Mike Franey