Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bud Light ties......Reiman the Uncle Bruce Player of the Week.....big win for Volquartsen Custom

Former Bud Light team Jeff Hackett was back in town for a graduation for son Cameron. Good to see you Hack!
Your Bud Light tied the league leading smelly shoes of the Brown Shoe Fit Company 36 to 36. Mike Schulz was the MVP with a 14 to 4 victory over Jon Renze. Bud Three Steve "Hans"Auen was beaten 12 to 6 by the head shoe horn Jeff Bahr. Bud Two Troy Auen took it on the chin from John Nepple 11 to 7. Nepple shared the low gross honors with Corey Bluml. Captain Mike Franey split his match with Steve Anthofer. Medically your Bud Light team is recovering well as long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz is healing nicely from his hernia surgery. Steve Sinnard was removed from the line up late in the day and replaced with Hans Auen. Sinnard looks to be back in action next week. The shoes fell to second place and your Bud Light team is in third.

The big winners of the night in the PGA Flight were the gunners of Volquartsen Custom as they reward birthday boy Nic Volquartsen with a 46 to 26 win that vaulted them into 1st. Nic Volquartsen and Boomer Lechtenburg led the way beating Dick Muhlbauer and Jerry Janson. Carroll County Club President Chad Kanne beat Kyle Atkinson. Jeff Boeckman and Todd Kanne tied their match. Where was the head oil jobber Chico Kanne? Kanne was seen mowing the lawn behind his office complex after last weeks loss. Reports say that the board of directors ordered this manual labor punishment.

The Carroll Cycle Center earned their first win of the season with a 39 to 33 win over Linde Equipment. Head Hog Terry Ruchti and Corey Bluml were the MVP'S for the cycles.

Van Diest Supply maintained their lead in the Master Flight even with a narrow loss to second place Graddy's Salsa. Tomato John Gradoville led the team to victory. The ripe tomato rode on the shoulders of Steve Sinnard on Sunday to beat your Captain and Troy Auen.

Mid Iowa Team topped Stiff Sticks 39 to 33. Papa Joe Pick carried the team and saved his managerial job for another week. Ed Catfish Tomka scored his first win of the season beating Fairway Frank Comito. Tom Duff made up for a poor performance last week beating Trusty Mike Nelson . Bud One Jim Auen and his hand injury managed to beat Steve Cuda Quandt.

Greteman Chiropractic beat Finish Line. Clint Cummings and Gary Subbert the MVP's for the back crackers. After a low gross round last week Denny Kasperbauer ballooned to a 9 over par 46 and won his match.

Nic Volquartsen was low net and Volquartsen Custom was low net team. Catfish Tomka was closest to the pin and Corey Bluml drained the longest putt on his way to splitting low gross.

Action over in the Phil Mickelson Division saw Byronz Boyz beat Budweiser and take the lead in the US Open Flight. Brian Widdell the big winner over Fred Dolezal. Byronz Boyz also got wins from Tony Fledmann and Leon Muhlbauer. Countertop Pat Malloy the only winner for the King of Beers.

Feld Fire Equipment crushed Pat Macke's cell phones 42 to 30. John Horbach beat Tyler Tassell to lead the way. Scott Greteman beat Pat Macke. No winners for the cell phones. Thanks for the coozie though!

In the British Open Flight Carpet One beat Champion Ford 40 to 32 and took the lead away from Macke Motors(AKA Pettitt's Car Wash). Brad Hempstead was the MVP beating Monument Man Loren Boyce.

Sharps funeral took over second place with 38 to 34 win over Pettitt's Car Wash who was your week 3 leaders. If you are confused I would like to straighten it out. Pettitt's Car Wash was the more mature team Macke Motors who now have decided not to sponsor the team this year so we now have Pettitt's Car Wash. Chris Bogue the MVP for the caskets with a big 13 to 5 win over Curtis Stork. Jeff Minnich and Car Wash Todd Pettitt were both winners.

Feld Security beat Carroll Glass 38 to 34 and the two are now tied at the bottom of the British Open Flight. Head Glass Man Andy Reiman was the MVP along with low gross.

Collin Hackett was closest to the pin and Charlie Vaubel nailed the longest putt.

The Uncle Bruce Player of the week goes to Andy Reiman for a big win and low gross honors.

Birthday wishes go out to Keeley Sinnard last week. Payton White and Dave Nelson on Friday of this week.

Happy Birthday to the American Cancer Society who turns 100 today and they are the official sponsor of more birthdays saving 350 lives a day.

The golf world lost a good one recently! Thanks for the memories Ken Venturi!

Congratulations to Mara Masching and the Kuemper Girls Golf Team!

That is a wrap for week 4! Have a great week. Next week the report will not be out until Thursday morning so see you then.

As always This Bud's for You and ON IOWA!

Bud Light Championship Captain

Mid Iowa Team Owner

Budweiser Special Consultant

Mike Franey

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bud Light falls.....Demo night.....Windy.......Kaperbauer is Uncle Bruce Player of the week!

Demo Night
A night that started with gusts of wind blowing around that so valuable Carroll County dirt ended with your Bud Light falling to the gun slingers of Volquartsen Customs.

In the words of Bud Three Steve “Hans” Auen “It was the worst night ever.” His playing partner summed it up similarly as Mike Schulz said “I should have caught my limit tonight.” Hans and Schulz were beaten by Nick Volquartsen and Boomer Lechtenberg 26 to 10 awarding the opponents more than half of their points for the evening. Bud Three is officially benched for week 3 and has been sentenced to obtain a lesson and a sports mental therapy session.

The other pairing last night found Captain Mike Franey hold off the scrappy long ball hitter Kevin Forke to win 10 to 8. Carroll Country Club President Chad Kanne and Bud Two Troy Auen battled to a 9 to 9 tie. Overall your Bud Light team lost 43 to 29 and fell to third in the PGA Flight of the Zach Johnson Division. Volquartsen Custom was awarded the low net team and are in second place in the flight.

Bud Light trails the Brown Shoe Fit Company by 19. After their first ever first place standing last week head shoe horn Jeff Bahr cornered this publisher at a graduation on Woodland Avenue about the short two sentence description of his team’s performance last week in this report. One way to get more publicity is to keep winning and that is exactly what they did last night. The smelly shoes clobbered the Carroll Cycle Center 44 to 28. John Nepple and Todd Bierl led the way beating Jamming Joe Hinners and Head Hog Terry Ruchti 12 to 6. Jeff Bahr beat Rick Vanderheiden and Paul Tigges tied with Corey Bluml.

The head oil jobber Chico Kanne was beaten soundly by Ron Juergens 12 to 6. Kanne’s bubble may have burst after his win over Captain Franey last week. Jerry Janson and Todd Kanne carried the oil jobbers to a 39 to 33 victory over Linde Equipment.

The Masters Flight saw a blistering red hot Denny Kasperbauer shoot even par 34 to capture low gross and low net honors on his way to a 15 to 3 pummeling of Brad Pick. Pete Collison and Jamie North bailed out the Van Diest Supply Company to protect their lead at the top of the flight. Van Diest beat the Finish Line 37 to 35.

The produce of Tom Duff was rotten last night as he shot a 7 over 41 and lost to Mike Loehr 12 to 6. Ed Catfish Tomka lost for the second time in as many weeks to retiring councilman Jeff Scharfenkamp. Papa Joe Pick was the only winner for the Mid Iowa Team beating John Gradoville. Tomato John was complaining about falling off a ladder and missing a putt on the last hole to lose to the famous farmer. It was Tomato’s first round of the year and he better ask for permission to work on his game. Graddy’s Salsa beat Mid Iowa 40 to 32. League records indicate that this is the lowest ranking by a defending champion after two weeks in league history. Papa Joe is going to have to rally the troops and get control of this team. One has to wish the Farmer a more successful planting of his seeds.

Ron Juergens was closest to the pin on #8 and Jerry Janson drained the longest putt on #9.

The Phil Mickelson Division was contested on the front nine and saw the Sharp Funeral Home shatter the glass of Carroll Glass 46 to 26. No winners for the glass company. Dr. Dave Nystrom was the MVP for the caskets beating the head glass man himself Andy Reiman 13 to 5. Mayor Adam Schweers, Chris Bogue and Kyle Atkinson were all winners as well. Sharp’s were low new team and Kyle Atkinson was low gross.

The most mature team Macke Motors over came a week one loss to beat Carpet One 42 to 30. Randy Bierl and his laser enhanced eye balls powered through Jon Sturm. Car Wash Todd Pettitt beat Colin Hackett who was looking past this week. Hackett is set to take on Uncle Pete Collison in week 3 in a match up that will air on 93.7 KKRL. Pettitt was closest to the pin on #17 and Hackett nailed the longest putt on #18. Handicap master Jeff Minnich was low net on his way to 11 to 7 victory over Collin Bierl. The Motors sit in first place in the British Open Flight. The top four teams in this flight are all within three points.

Champion Ford set off the alarms of Feld Security 41 to 31. Digger Dave Nelson was the MVP with a big win over Bob Muhlbauer. Loren Boyce topped Jair Mayhall and Steve Herrin beat Michael Kasperbauer. Wade Wilkie was the self proclaimed pig of the team with a lost to Tiger Tom Simons. The Fords are two out of the lead. Dave Nelson and Steve Herrin were the winners over Wilkie and Monument Man Loren Boyce in after golf.

Pat Macke’s cell phones got their first win of the season 37 to 35 over Greteman Chiropractic. Kyle Christensen led the team with a win over Gary Subbert. The head teller Matt Lujano was worn out from demo days and collapsed against the razor sharp blades of Clint Cummings. In a noon hour interview Lujano was very excited to attend demo days and it is the only way for lefties to try out new equipment. One has to think that Lujano could think about crossing over the other side of the ball. Pat Macke also lost for the I phone team.

Bud One Jim Auen received a late in the day paper cut and was unable to make the call for the Stiff Sticks. The sticks played one man short, played well though only to come up a little short 42 to 30. Byronz Boys were led by Bob Giguere and Brock Jones. Jones trampled Fairway Frank Comito to share the low new honors with Jeff Minnich.

Feld Fire Equipment and Budweiser battled to a 36 to 36 tie. Budweiser is tied first with Byronz Boyz. John Greteman the only winner for the King of beers. Tony Pietig led the way for the fire equipment company.

The Uncle Bruce Player of the Week is Denny Kasperbauer. Denny shot an even par 34.

That is a wrap for week 2! Have a great week.

As always This Bud's for You and ON IOWA!

Bud Light Championship Captain
Mid Iowa Team Owner
Budweiser Special Consultant

Mike Franey

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kanne tops Franey.....Cycles upset.....Hackett on fire....Glynn Player of the Week and Carpet One to the top!

Mother Nature dealt up a beautiful night for golf and the head oil jobber Chico Kanne took full advantage. Kanne jumped up to a three hole to nothing lead on Bud Light Captain Mike Franey and never looked back. Kanne’s victorious match was highlighted by a 40 plus foot putt on #6. Kanne was a gracious winner and offered up Country Stores of Carroll Rewards card “double point Tuesday” along with a free cup of coffee from Mac’s Corner to ease the pain of the loss. Bud Three Steve “Hans” Auen pushed his match with Dick Muhlbauer. The pairing included some colorful conversation. The other half of the match up featured Steve Sinnard borrowing some clubs from the pro shop and beating Jerry Janson 6 to 2. Sinnard is off to Nashville, Tennessee for conference and a round of golf. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz shot a two under 35 to top the assistant oil jobber Todd Kanne. This match feature Kanne receiving eight shots which seems like a long awaited Christmas present in May. Mertz will now focus on hernia surgery and will be out of action for a couple of weeks. Overall your Bud Light team scored a 41 to 31 victory over Community Oil and sits in second place in the PGA Flight of the Zach Johnson division.

The Brown Shoe Fit Company rode wins from John Renze and Steve Anthofer to beat Linde Equipment 45 to 27 to take the lead in the PGA Flight after week 2.

The first surprising upset of the year came from the firearms of Volquartsen Customs as they cooled the motors of the Carroll Cycle Center. Boomer Lechtenburg was the MVP for the gunners. Corey Bluml was the only winner for the cycles with a win over Carroll Country Club President Chad Kanne.

Over in the other side of the Zach Johnson division Van Diest Supply Company got big wins from Pete Collison and Dirk Glynn. Collison was even par going into the last hole then pumped one out of bounds to finish +3 for the night. With the match won this seems like a padding of the handicap situation and will be appealed to the CCC handicap department. Glynn was a co chair for the very successful Kuemper Ball over the weekend and looked like he was in mid season form. Supper League new comer Jamie North was also a winner for the chemicals.

Nick Fangman and Mike Loehr posted early season victories as Graddy’s Salsa took care of Byronz Boyz 38 to 34.
To round out the Zach Johnson Division the newly acquired Mid Iowa Team struggled most of the night and in the end did pull out a 37 to 35 win over The Finish Line. Brady Evans posted a net 29 to win the loss net honors and spoiled Ed “Catfish” Tomka’s debut in the super league. Sources close to the situation state that the Farmer and Dog were still recovering from a Monday night gutting at the Muny from Tom Duff and Lonny Lehrkamp. From this owner eyes the famous couple need to either not play golf on Mondays before league or just simply do not play for money. This is being treated as a breach of managerial conduct and Pick apologized after the match.

Craig Mertz was low gross with a 35. Van Diest Supply was low net team, Mike Loehr was closest to the pin on #8 and the Head Hog Terry Ruchti nailed the longest putt on #1.

Carpet One pounded Sharp Funeral Home to take the lead in the British Open Flight of the Phil Mickelson Division. The 45 to 27 win was fueled by Jon Sturm’s lop sided victory over Chris Staub. Collin Hackett beat Carroll Country Club Pro Paul Tigges. League records indicate that Hackett did shot even par 34 although the Pro was one under. Hacket receives the low gross as the Pro does not participate in the awards.

Carroll Glass beat Champion Ford riding the wins of Keith Pottebaum who bettered Steve Herrin 13 to 5. Digger Dave Nelson beat Glass man Andy Reiman. Wade Wilkie was beaten by Benet Snyder and Monument Man Loren Boyce and the marinated pork chop of Lidderdale Country Store Brad Stork tied their match.

Feld Fire Company lost to Fairway Frank and the Stiff Sticks 38 – 34. Comito was the MVP for the sticks. Mike Nelson and Doc Sporrer also carded wins for the sticks.

Feld Security handed the most mature team Macke Motors(or whoever they will be called this year) an early season loss. No winners for the motors. It is apparent that the motors are lost without team organizer Flying Bob Raue. Randy Bierl should have a better eye on things next week.

Budweiser cut the phone line to Pat Macke’s new Verizon Wireless team. Joel Harris and GPS Bob Pudenz led the way for the beers.

Tony Pietig was low net with a 27. Carpet One was low net team and Collin Hackett was closest to the pin on #17 to go along with his low gross.

Dirk Glynn has been selected as the week #2 Uncle Bruce Player of the Week for his impressive win over Clint Cummings. Glynn and his wife Beth have their volunteerism plate completely full as co chairs of the Kuemper Ball that just wrapped up. The Glynn’s are also co chairs of the Carroll County Relay For Life. With all of that on his mind he was still able to take care of business and lift his Van Diest Supply Company team into first place. Thanks for taking time to better Carroll!

Don't forget that the Carroll I Club Banquet is tomorrow night in Arcadia.

I would like to wish the best of luck to the graduating class of Carroll High School. Congratulations to Payton White!

As always this Bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Bud Light Championship Captain and Mid Iowa Team Owner

Mike Franey

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Are you kidding me.........Mother Nature dominates week 1.......Hail on the deck!

Welcome to week one of the Men's Supper League where Mother Nature had the upper hand sending the 22 league teams into cover after only three holes.
Hail pellets covered the deck of the Carroll Country Club last night forcing the end of week one action. Thanks to Paul, Wade and staff for keeping all of the players safe last night. Live to play another night!

The new popcorn machine was a big hit!

The food was great last night. Westside State Savings Bank's head teller Matt Lujano likes a little ketchup on the hashbrowns!

We can all hope that next week brings some better weather so your Bud Light team can start their championship run! Until next time I wish you fairways and greens.

The annual Carroll Area I Club Spring Outing is next Thursday in Arcadia. Tickets are going fast!
As always this Bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Bud Light Championship Captain
Mike Franey