Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Steve “Hans” Auen week 3 MVP – Your Bud Light team wins again! - Papa Joe falls again!

A chilly night on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club last night resulted in a 38 to 34 win for your Bud Light team over 2008 and 2009 Papa Joe Classic winner Digger Dave Nelson’s Hawkeye Commodity Brokers. Steve “Hans” Auen led the way for your defending champs beating Monument Man Loren Boyce. Auen played steady all night except for the double hit from just off the green on the last hole. Sorry Hans I just had to mention it! With respect to Mr. Auen I have to mention my own fault of last night as I was hitting five at the side of the pond on 14 on my way to a triple bogey. Thanks to my opponent Jamming Joe Hinners for covering the hole for the blog and taking such a great picture. Another night of duff drives for your Captain but in the end the second straight victory in as many weeks 10 to 8 over a subbing Mr. Hinners. 2009 Bud Light MVP Steve Sinnard was also a winner beating Digger Dave Nelson 10 to 8. With all of the off course activities that have been following 2008 Bud Light MVP Mike Schulz it was apparent that he could not concentrate on his game last night as he was beaten by the head commodity broker Sean O'Leary. I wonder what Bob Kelly will have to say about this as his client had no comment after the round. Schulz walked into the clubhouse, ordered a pizza and promptly left once it was baked. For your efforts Mr. Schulz you are officially benched for week 4 action and this report fully expects you and your counsel to drop all of the outrageous demands from the past few weeks and settle this dispute. You do your business and we will do ours! Thank you sir!

With the win your Bud Light team remains in 4th place just 13 points behind new Zach Johnson divisional leader Sharp Funeral Home. The caskets took care of business without their leader Kyle Atkinson by beating the Templeton Savings Bank 43 to 29. Dr. Dave Nystrom was the MVP and shared low gross honors with Tyler Neary. They both shot one over par 35.

The big jumpers of the night were the bank tellers of CCSB as they spanked Elin's 9 Irons 53 to 19 and moved up from a week 2 5th place tie with Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks to take the runner up spot away from Pizza Ranch. Tyler Neary along with dad Don accounted for 31 points for the tellers who won the low net team award. After two impressive weeks the stuff crusts came back to the field losing to Templeton Rye in a battle of the 2nd and 3rd place teams. John Nepple was the star for the whiskey runners. Joel Running pounded Carroll Country Club general manager and head golf professional Nick Schon.

In other action in the Zach Johnson division.
  • Bud One's La-z-boys took it on the chin at the hands of Byron's Boyz. Bud One was soundly beaten by numbers guy Tony Feldmann 13 to 5. Doc Sporrer was the MVP for the chairs reclining to a 13 to 5 win and was awarded the low net honors along with Tony Feldman.
  • The Carroll Cycle Center rev ed their motors against the gunmen of Volquartsen Custom with a 37 to 35 victory. Cory Bluml paced the cycles with a 13 to 5 win over Wyatt Haukap. Jay Drees was off his game losing to Westside State Savings Bank's head janitor Matt Lujano. Cycles Captain Terry Ruchti collected the closest to the pin prize on 17.

  • Frank Comito could be heard all over the clubhouse last night explaining how hard it was to beat the par on a cold night. The sticks dropped a spot to 6th. Par wins 45 to 27. Just for your reference Mr. Comito your Bud Light team plays the par on July 20th and the weather is expected to be a beautiful 80 degrees with a slight breeze out of the South.

Over in the Phil Mickelson division Windstar propelled themselves to the top spot with an impressive 43 to 29 beating of Kasperbauer Cleaners. Ron "Bubba" Badding led the team with a 14 to 4 win. The buses over took Carroll Glass in the top spot even though the glasses had a good night with a 40 to 32 win over 2009 Men's league runner ups Macke Motors. The motors are running on one cylinder on their way down to the bottom of the league. The motors had help in week 3 from your Bud Light team as long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz was the leader of the pack with a 10 to 8 victory over John Deere Green Benet Snyder. Mertz collected low gross honors along with Chad Kanne. Bud Two Troy Auen was taken down by Glassman Andy Reiman 12 to 6. Flying Bob Raue and Car Wash Todd Pettitt both lost 10 to 8 for the motors. Week 2 bottom feeders Utilicom flattened the beers from Miller Lite 45 to 27 to rise to a 7th place ranking in week 3. Chad Kanne was the MVP for the cable guys with a big 16 to 2 victory over John Greteman. Chico Kanne' oil jobbers barely got by Larry's Automotive 37 to 35. Where was Dierk Halverson as he was certainly missed? Dick Muhlbauer gave an drastic adjustment to Dr. P.J. Greteman. The Linde and Juergen boys took care of Badding Construction 40 to 32. And of course but certainly not least Papa Joe's Subway team lost to CSB in fine fashion 41 to 31. The soggy subs fell from 3rd to 5th. Great showing by the Atm's and they were led by Aaron Pick who crushed the Junkyard Dog like an old figure 8 car on its last legs 14 to 4. Report sources have confirmed that Papa Joe did not want any part of his son so threw the dog to the wolves. Papa Joe was sprayed by chemical peddler Dirk Glynn and is on a two week losing skid. Pick looks to be wilting under the pressure of Men's league. CSB looks to be a contender now that Captain Ryan Milligan is off the soccer field.

Other news worthy items.......

  • Happy Birthday wishes go out to Beth Glynn on Wednesday

  • Computer guy Adam Schweers lost his head -literally as he broke his driver in week 3 action

  • Welcome to new subscribers Tony Badding and Scott Schon
That is a wrap for week 3. A night where it felt good to get done and the warmth of the clubhouse was a true winner. The official university of your Bud Light team will hold their annual Spring outing in Arcadia Thursday night with headliner Kirk Ferentz. Looking forward to a warmer week 4.

As always this buds for you and ON IOWA!

Fairways and greens to all!
2008 and 2009 Championship Captain
Mike Franey


Anonymous said...

It is my opinion that Schulz should be benched for the entire month of May and June!

Mike Franey said...


Schulz is a valuable part of your Bud Light team and I fully expect for him to clear up his off course issues. Once he has accomplished that he will be back on track as a productive member of your Bud Light team. Thanks for your comments.

Captain Franey