Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bud Light falls hard!.......The Budweiser collapse.......Westside State Savings Bank's Matt Lujano promoted....Hackett finally wins!

Graddy's Salsa had a big night against Bud Light
Your Bud Light team fell hard in week 3 with four losses to Tomato John and the hot salsas. Bud two Troy Auen was beaten by Tomato John 10 to 8. Steve Sinnard was beaten by Kuemper Golf Standout Tanner Ludwig. This publisher is all about youth golf but not when it is used to negatively affect Your Bud Light team. Bud Light attorney Jeff Minnich is looking into the matter and a possible suit may be pending. Mike Schulz was beaten by Mike Loehr 11 to 7 and Bud Three Steve Auen was beaten by Rick Grote 11 to 8. The 43 to 29 loss leaves team captain Mike Franey scratching his head to field a team next week that is capable of competing. The other two members of the Bud Light team who were subbing last night also suffered losses. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz was adjusted by P.J. Greteman 10 to 8 and Captain Mike Franey was killed by Chemical Dirk Glynn 16 to 2! The Captain shot 50 on the front nine after a 49 last week and Bud Light team doctors and therapists are investing this stretch of awful play by the Captain.

Other action in the British Open Flight finds week 2 top dogs Champion Ford taking it on the chin 39 to 33 from Templeton Savings Bank. Steve Herrin and Wade Wilke won for the Fords. Scott Greteman and Tony Pietig were big winners for the bankers.

The nail guns of Badding Construction were unplugged by par 43 to 29.

Graddy's Salsa is your new leader in the British Open Flight with 116, Champion Ford 113, Templeton Savings Bank 109, Bud Light 103 and Badding Construction 96.

The cream came to the top in the U.S. Open Flight last night as Fairway Frank Comito captained his team to a 39 to 33 win over former flight leaders Juergens Lawn Care. Comito, Neal Cross and Doc Sporrer all were winners for the sticks. Bud One Jim Auen the only loser at the hands of 20 time Carroll City Champion Mike "Jewels" Eckerman.

Papa Joe's Templeton Rye team squeaked out a 39 to 33 win over Active Performance. Denny Kasperbauer and Steve "Cuda" Quandt both won for the whiskeys as Papa Joe Pick and Produce Tom Duff both tied.

A very impressive performance by Byronz Boyz yielded a 36 to 36 tie against par!

Stiff Sticks lead the flight with 116, Juergen's Lawn Care 113, Templeton Rye 111, Byronz Boys 108 and Active Performance 94.

Brian Widdell and Mike "Jewels" Eckerman were low net with 33's. Eckerman also scored low gross with 34(yes the 20 time champion received one stroke of handicap on the back nine). Graddy's Salsa was low net team in their convincing beating of Bud Light.

In the Masters Flight of the Zach Johnson division Macke Motors topped WCI 43 to 29. Jeff Minnich the big winner with a 14 to 4 win over Austin Scott. Minnich shot a 43 which solidifies the position of the board of directors of the Papa Joe Classic that his handicap is TOO high! Flying Bob Raue stepped up as well to beat Nick Bowdish 12 to 6.

Westidside State Savings Bank's Matt Lujano was motivated by this report and lead the Utilicomm team to a huge 44 to 28 win over Greteman Chiropractic. Lujano clubbed Larry Olberding 15 to 3. Lujano has been promoted back to head teller of the bank from head janitor. This publisher applied for the janitorial position and was turned down. I thought Tuesday nights would be a perfect night for me to clean the bank. Wyatt Haukap won 12 to 6 and Cable guy Chad Kanne and Gary Subbert tied 9 to 9.

The Carroll Cycle Center team seemed frustrated last night as they struggled with par.  Head Harley Terry Ruchti tied his match to lead the team.

Macke Motors holds the lead with 120, Utilcomm jumps Carroll Cycle Center for second with 115, Carroll Cycle Center 101, WCI 100 and Greteman Chiropractic 93.

Van Diest Supply jumped Budweiser for the top spot in the PGA Flight. Chemical Dirk Glynn was the MVP for the supply company with a 16 to 2 beat down on Captain Mike Franey. Jay Westerkamp a big winner over Joel Harris 13 to 5. GPS Bob Pudenz the only winner for the king of beers handing Brad Pick his first loss of the season. Aaron Pick made a career putt from the top of #1 green and beat Lil Irish Pat Malloy.

Carroll Glass also jumped Budweiser and now is in second. The glass guys beat Chico and the oil jobbers 42 to 20. Kanne put a gag order on his team as they ate at the high top East of the bar away from the sociable action of all the other golfers. Keith Pottebaum the MVP for Carroll Glass. Andy Reiman won in his 2012 debut along with Brad Stork. Dierk Halverson and Benet Snyder tied.

Finally Collin Hackett showed up to Supper league, shot a one under par 36 on the front nine and beat Carroll Country Club Golf Pro Paul Tigges. Outstanding round Mr. Hackett. The disc jockeys beat Brown Shoe Fit Company 38 to 34. The head shoe fitter Jeff Bahr was on his way to Kentucky and did not play.

Van Diest Supply takes the lead!
Van Diest Supply is your new leader with 131, Carroll Glass 116, Budweiser 115, Brown Shoe Fit 99, Community Oil 94 and Carroll Broadcasting 93.

The Uncle Bruce Player of the Year standings: 1-GPS Bob Pudenz, 2-Chemical Dirk Glynn(you are welcome Dirk), 3-Ron Juergens, Jay Westerkamp, and Tom Simons.

It was not the nicest night of the year at the Carroll Country Club but week 3 is in the books. A big thanks to the beer cart ladies for braving the weather. Good things are happening at the Carroll Country Club!

As always this bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Mike Franey

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