Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week 2 in review......Budweiser wins big, Uncle Pete beats Nephew Collin Again.....Bud Light falls!

The wind in week two proved to be the difference. Your Bud Light team fell to the hammers of Badding Construction 38 to 34. Mike Schulz the only winner for Your Bud Light team by beating Jair Mayhall. Schulz blamed an email malfunction at work as the reason for being late for the 5:30 start time. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz tied his match with "The numbers man" Bob Muhlbauer. Mertz collected low gross honors as the only player in the Phil Mickelson division to shoot in the 30's on week two. Week one MVP Bud Two Troy Auen lost to Ron Badding 10 to 8. This publisher received several opinions about Auen changing equipment this week. Steve Sinnard was beaten by Jeff Greteman 11 to 7. Sinnard exited the course immediately after play and was unavailable for comment.

Champion Ford continued their winning ways by beating Graddy's Salsa 37 to 35. Steve Herrin the week 2 MVP for the Fords by beating Mike Loehr 14 to 4. Two time Papa Joe Classic Champion Dave Nelson was the only other winner for the cars. Nick Fangman was the MVP for the tomatoes.

Templeton Savings Bank held par to a draw 36 to 36. John Feld and Scott Greteman were the MVP's for the bankers. Tony Pietig had a tournament hangover from his big win at the 90th birthday of the Carroll Country Club and lost 8 to 10. Not sure what is going on with this team as they were Windstar Lines in week one. I can only imagine they will be Eastside Shell or Feld Fire in week 2.

The standings in the British Open Flight are Champion Ford - 80, Bud Light - 74, Graddy's Salsa - 73, Templeton Savings Bank - 70 and Badding Construction - 67.

Juergen's Lawn Care remained at the top of the U.S. Open Flight with a 38 to 34 win over par. Ron Juergens and Bob Linde the MVP's for the grass cutters. Juergen's nailed low net honors.  

Defending league champions Stiff Sticks bounced back from a week one loss by beating Active Performance 41 to 31. Mike Nelson and Neal Cross were both winners for the sticks. The sticks scored low net team for the second straight week.  

Templeton Rye squeaked by Byronz Boyz 37 to 35. Denny Kasperbauer and Papa Joe Pick the only winners for the whiskeys. Tom Duff shot a seven over par 44 and was one better than Papa Joe Pick.

The standings in the U.S Open Flight finds Juergen's Lawn Care - 80, Stiff Sticks - 76, Byronz Boyz - 72, Templeton Rye(Papa Joe's team) - 72 and Active Performance - 61.  

Over in Masters Flight of the Zach Johnson division Macke Motors got a sense of reality with a 34 to 38 loss to the Carroll Cycle Center. Jay Drees the MVP for the cycles. Corey Bluml earned low gross honors in his second loss of the two week season. Randy Bierl and Car Wash Todd Pettitt both won for the motors. Jeff Minnich and Flying Bob Raue fell hard.

WCI got their first win of the season beating Utilicomm 39 to 33. Wyatt Haukap the MVP for the cable guys. Brandon "BV" Vonnahme did the beat down on Westside State Savings Bank head tell Matt Lujano 13 to 5 to lead the basement fixers. BV was awarded low net as well.

Greteman Chiropractic struggled with an always tough par.

Macke Motors still leads the Masters Flight with 77, Carroll Cycle Center - 72, Utilcomm - 71, WCI - 71 and Greteman Chiropractic - 65.

In the trees on 10. Photo by Todd Bierl.
Not out yet!

Budweiser clobbered the shoes of Brown Shoe Fit 48 to 24. Bob Pudenz hammered a subbing Mike Franey 15 to 3. It was a bad night for this publisher. My cart partner Todd Bierl lost to John Greteman 12 to 6. Bierl went from golfer to photographer getting some action shots of my many appearances in the trees. Joel Harris also a winner for the King of Beers. The Beers were low net team.

Carroll Glass took care of Collin Hackett's air time boys 43 to 29. Chemical Dirk Glynn the MVP for the glass men by beating Colin Bierl. Hackett was beaten by Uncle Pete scratch for the second straight week. Just saying Kimmy!

Van Diest Supply beat Chico Kanne and the oil jobbers 39 to 33. It was good to see that Dick Muhlbauer received his team shirt this week. Muhlbauer and Mac's head coffee maker Todd Kanne both won for the oilers. The Pick brothers did better that father Papa Joe Pick as they both picked up wins.

Budweiser takes the top spot with 89, Van Diest Supply - 85, Carroll Glass - 74, Brown Shoe Fit - 65, Community Oil - 64, Carrol Broadcasting - 55.

2012 Uncle Player of the Year standings: 1. Bob Pudenz, 2. Ron Juergens 3. Brandon Vonnahme $. Dave Nelson, 5. Aaron Pick and Brad Pick

Welcome new subscriber Kyle Christensen!

That is a wrap for a windy week 2. Have a great week and see you at the course.

As always this bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Mike Franey

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