Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Keeley....A windy week 4....Champion Ford to the top......Hackett goes low again...Captain Kirk in Arcadia tonight!

Happy Birthday Keeley!
The brisk Carroll County wind neutralized the Men's Supper league last night as only one team broke the 40 point barrier. Champion Ford impressively beat par 41 to 31. Steve Herrin lead the way. Wade Wilkie and Loren Boyce also were winners. The only loser for the motors was two time Papa Joe Champion Digger Dave Nelson.

Graddy's Salsa retreated to the second spot with a 34 to 38 loss to Badding Construction. Bob Muhlbauer was the MVP for the construction guys.

Your Bud Light team beat Templeton Savings Bank 38 to 34. Bud Two Troy Auen and Mike Schulz were the MVP's for America's team. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen both took it on the chin. Captain Mike Franey and Steve Sinnard did not play in week four.

The standings in the British Open Flight: Champion Ford 154, Graddy's Salsa 150, Templeton Savings Bank 143, Bud Light 141 and Badding Construction 134.

Stiff Sticks fell to par 33 to 39 but held onto a share of the lead in the U.S. Open Flight. Neal Cross the only winner for the sticks. Bud One Jim Auen fell hard to ole Mother Par!

Templeton Rye beat Juergen's Lawn Care 37 to 35 and the grass cutters grabbed a share of the lead. Denny Kasperbauer and Steve "Cuda" Quandt the winners for the whiskeys. Produce Tom Duff and Papa Joe Pick went down in smoke. Five time senior city champion Papa Joe Pick was beaten by 20 time Carroll city Champion Mike "Jewels" Eckerman 11 to 7.

Byronz Boyz tied with Active Performance 36 to 36.

The standings in the U.S. Open Flight: Three way tie.....Stiff Sticks 148, Juergens Lawn Care 148, Templeton Rye 148, Byronz Boyz 144 and Active Performance 130

Top performers - Mike "Jewels" Eckerman and Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz shared low gross with 35. Neal Cross was low net 32. Champion Ford the low net team. Produce Tom Duff and Mike Eckerman scored flag prizes.

Macke Motors stretched their lead in the Zach Johnson division with a 36 to 36 tie of Greteman Chiropratic. Car Wash Todd Pettitt the MVP for the motors. P.J. Greteman beat Jeff Minnich 11 to 7.

Utilcomm was clobbered by par 28 to 42. No winners for the cable guys. Team capatin Chad Kanne better regroup this team as it is headed in the wrong direction.

Carroll Cycle Center rebounded after a poor week 3 to beat WCI 38 to 34. Corey Bluml and Jamming Joe Hinners led the way for the cycles.

Macke Motors leads the flight with 156, Utilcomm 143, Carroll Cycle Center 139, WCI 134 and Greteman Chiropratic 129.

Budweiser topped Carroll Broadcasting and took over second place. Fred Dolezal was the MVP for the beers with a 14 to 4 win over Terry Wurzer. Collin Hackett took it low again with a 35 to lead the team and score low gross honors. Pat Malloy has been assigned to the learning center after a big losss.

Van Diest Supply maintained their top spot with a 39 to 33 win over Carroll Glass. Aaron Pick the MVP for the supply company. Head glass cutter Andy Reiman the MVP for the glass men.

Community Oil beat Brown Shoe Fit Company 38 to 34 behind stellar play from assistant oil jobber Todd Kanne. Dick Muhlbauer took it on the chin. Congrats on your new grand daughter today Dick!

Van Diest leads by 16 with 170, Budweiser 154, Carroll Glass 149, Brown Shoe Fit Company 133, Community Oil 132 and Carroll Broadcasting 126.

Pete Collison, Fred Dolezal, Todd Kanne and Jerry Janson were all low net. Budweiser was the low net team.

Tonight is the Carroll I Club banquet in Arcadia with guest speaker Kirk Ferentz. Go Hawks and ON IOWA!

Last week this report received the following letter to the editor in response to a comment about the handicap of Mike "Jewels" Eckerman.....

letter to the editor!!

I would like to defend my handicap for now. I have witness's that have put up with some big #when I

was there teammate, Troy Auen immediately comes to mind. I am deserving of the stroke, but vow to

get back to form before summers done...


older and getting better

Statement of the week!
Jeff Minnich proudly announced at a graduation this weekend that he shot a 98 on Saturday. He then continued on to say that is one shot better than this publisher's last two league scores( 49 and 50). Thanks Mr. Minnich!

Happy Birthday to my business partner Terry Axman!
As always this bud's for you and ON IOWA!
Mike Franey

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