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Bud Light beats #1.......Minnich wins 2010 Papa Joe Okoboji Classic....Steve "Hans" Auen week 13 MVP!

In a site similar to the setting at this weekend's British Open at St. Andrews 20 golfers left the parking lot and walked into the pro shop at Brooks National Golf Course on Wednesday morning with dreams of winning the Papa Joe Jug. For one of them the odds were high and after the dust settled it would be his first major championship. The first task was to pry the jug out of the only hands that have held it......defending and back to back champion Digger Dave Nelson.

Day one saw a golfing giant appear when local Carroll attorney Jeff Minnich shot a net 62 to win the first day calcutta. Minnich left Brooks National Wednesday afternoon with the lead and left many questioning his ability to hold it together for the high pressured final day. One golfer was heard loud and clear stating " I guarantee you he will not shoot under 105 on Thursday." The high powered trial attorney had his own rebuttal as he fired a net 71 which was good enough for a two shot victory. All the cocky critics were silent as Minnich received his Jug.

Past champion Dave Nelson handed the Jug to Minnich and returned to his high back leather chair in Bud's Pub only to be reduced to watching the ceremonies that had been his for the past two years. As Nelson slurped on his Busch Light he admitted to his drinking partners that the beer sure tasted better in the Jug! Drinking beer out of the Jug had been an annual tradition started by Nelson as he earned the rights the past two years.

Champion Minnich had his own idea as he carried the Jug to bar, set it down and proclaimed "this champion will have a martini in his Jug." There it was a new tradition, a new champion and 19 less fortunate golfers dreaming of what could have been.

After he had finish the contents of his Jug he held it high and thanked all of other fine participants. In post round interviews Minnich said "I have finished close before and finally to break through and win is a great feeling." His thank yous included his swing coach, his trainer and all of the support of his critics. In closing the champ gave the most credit to day one beer cart driver, Annie, as she kept him hydrated during that blistering 62 that set the stage for his championship.

Minnich finished two shots clear of Carpet Todd Bierl and three clear of M.C.'s Country Cafe head table cleaner Mark Tigges. Tournament host Papa Joe Pick rounded out the top four.

The final results were: Jeff Minnich - 133, Todd Bierl - 135, Mark Tigges - 136, Papa Joe Pick - 137, Bruce Pettitt and Mike Franey - 138, Mike Eckerman, Troy Auen, Pat Malloy, Dave Nelson, Mike Schulz and Terry Ruchti - 143, Craig Mertz and Randy Bierl - 147, Steve Sinnard - 148, Adam Pick - 149, Frank Comito - 150, John Gradoville - 151 and Tim Simplot - 160.

Another true success for this years tourney. On behalf of this tournament director a big thank you goes to Papa Joe Pick for hosting the tournament! Thanks to Brooks National Golf Course Head Pro John Bramblett and all of the staff. Thanks to all who participate this year and we look forward to another great tourney next year. Next year event is only a short 360 days away so mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 13 and Thursday, July 14, 2011 at Brooks National Golf Course for the 4th Annual Papa Joe Okoboji Classic.

Week 13 results....Your Bud Light team took to the tee with league leading Sharp Funeral Home with upset in mind. I love it when a plan comes true! Your Bud Light team beat the leaders 40 to 32. Steve "Hans" Auen was your week 13 MVP with a 12 to 6 win over Craig Elhert. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz scored a 11 to 7 over Kyle Atkinson. 2009 Golfer of the Year Steve Sinnard fell to a tough Dr. Dave Nystrom and 2008 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Mike Schulz tied Anit-virus Adam Schweers. A great night for your Bud Light team who narrowed the gap from first from 30 to 22.

In other Zach Johnson division action:

  • Pizza Ranch stole second back from the La-z-boys with a 42 to 30 beating of Byron's Boyz. Three players scored 12 points for the pizzas; Ver Meer, Brian Badding and Joel Running.

  • The La-z-boys continued their winning ways beating Carroll County State Bank 38 to 34 and sit tied for third with the Carroll Cycle Center. Head La-z-boy Louie Prenger and Bud One Jim Auen were the MVP's scoring 11 points in the win.

  • The Carroll Cycle Center jump up into a tie for third with a 45 to 27 beating of Elin's 9-irons. Jay Drees the MVP racking up 17 points.

  • Hawkeye Commodity Brokers slipped a spot with a small 37 to 35 win over the gunners of Volquartsen Custom.

  • The big movers of the night were Stiff Sticks as they robbed the Templeton Savings Bank 52 to 20.

  • Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and Nick Schon were awarded low gross honors. Ralph Guerra was low net and Pizza Ranch was low net team.

Action from the Phil Mickelson division................

  • League leading Macke Motors lost to Windstar 37 to 35. Ron "Budda" Badding the MVP with a 13 to 5 win over Men's league Hall of Famer Ken Ebner. Even with the win of the leaders Windstar fell to third place as Subway pounded Larry's Automotive 44 to 26. Subway sits just 4 points back from the motors.

  • Chico Kanne's Community Oil topped Linde Equipment 46 to 26 despite low gross honors of Mike "Jewels" Eckerman.

  • Miller Lite beat Badding Construction 38 to 34. Fred Dolezal your MVP with a 11 to 7 win over Gary Stark. The lite beers were awarded low net team.

For all the results click here!

Just saying..............

  • This year marks the 25th year that Jim Von Ahn has dazzled the 4th of July crowds with his great firework shows at the Carroll Country Club. Thanks Jim for all the enjoyment.

  • Thanks to the Farner Bocken Company for moving their Candy Classic Golf Tourney back to the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club. Welcome back home.

That is a wrap for this one. Sorry for the late report on the action of week 13 but all of the on course reporters were gone covering the Papa Joe Okoboji Classic.

Have a great week everyone! As always this Bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Happy Trails,

2008 and 2009 Championship Captain

Mike Franey

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