Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sinnard twins set week 17 line up!

Your Bud Light team returns to action tonight after the largest lost in team history last week! Time to regroup and win big against Utilcomm. The rain has cleared and it is time to golf!

Your captain spent Sunday with the Sinnard twins discussing where the team goes from here. After much review and meditation Shea and Alec have decided that Bud Two Troy Auen, 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Steve Sinnard, your Captain Mike Franey and Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz will make the call to the 16th and 17th tees tonight. 2008 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Mike Schulz is benched for fleecing their Daddy and Captain Franey on Saturday at the Carroll Country Club. Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen needs to sit out too.

League leading Sharp Funeral Home has a date with Miller Lite. Fred Dolezal has guaranteed a victory for the light beers!

Hawkeye Commodity Brokers play the carpenters of Badding Construction. The brokers are looking for a good night to take the lead away from the caskets.

3rd place Carroll County State Bank plays the leaders in the Phil Mickelson division Macke Motors. The Motors look to avoid a let down from last weeks big win!

Papa Joe and the soggy subs play Frank Comito and the Stiff Sticks.

The Carroll Cycle Center plays Larry's Automotive.

The Cycles have a new poster girl for their team! Looking pretty fancy Racey!

Winstar plays Templeton Savings Bank.

I'm just saying......

It is good to see our Head Golf Pro and General Manager is not afraid to strap on a blower and clean the patio. Looking good Nick!
Report condolences go out to Steve and Keely Sinnard for losing their match play matches last night. Joe Hinners beat Steve and Spanky Vollstedt beat Keeley.

That is a wrap for week 17. Good luck to all.

Fairways and greens to all!

Championship captain!

Mike Franey

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