Thursday, August 19, 2010

Caskets, Cycles and Motors fall.....Foreplay wins Ladies League.....Elin's post big win!

Congratulations to Ray Wampler for being named the Carroll Country Club Manager. We have been enjoying Ray's fine food and we will look forward to good things in and around the clubhouse. Similar to your publisher Ray is a native of Greene County Iowa. Take a moment the next time that you at the club to wish Ray well!

Week 17 saw your Bud Light team fall for the second consecutive week. Utilcomm took care of your Bud Light team 38 to 34. Captain Mike Franey was the only winner with 11 to 7 win over Nic Volquartsen. Franey also was awarded the closest to the pin on 17. 2009 Bud Light Golfer of the Year Steve Sinnard tied Chad Kanne 9 to 9. Bud Two Troy Auen lost 11 to 7 to Mr. Airtime Pete Collison and Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz took it on the chin from Wade Pettitt 11 to 7. Captain Mike Franey leads a close 2010 Bud Light Golfer of the Year race with one week left.

Both league leaders stumbled in week 17. Sharp Funeral Home lost to Miller Lite 43 to 29. Mike Kelly broke the caskets with a 15 to 3 win over Eric Sievers. The caskets are now tied with Hawkeye Commodity Brokers. Carroll County State Bank beat up on Macke Motors 37 to 35. The Motors had a huge let down after last weeks win! The Motors are still 14 points ahead of Subway. Don Neary and Nick Fangman beat Flying Bob Raue and Captain Randy Bierl. Car wash Todd Pettitt and Joel Flug both won for the motors beating John Gradoville and Russ Steinkamp. The bankers were low net team.

Badding Construction beat Hawkeye Commodity 39 to 33. Even with the loss the brokers moved into a tie with the caskets in the Zach Johnson Division. Wade Wilkie and Gary Stark were the MVPs for their teams.

Subway beat Frank Comito's Stiff Sticks 40 to 32. Produce Tom Duff and Pioneer Kevin Willey were the MVPS.

The La-z-boys broke the glass of Carroll Glass 41 to 31. Randy Hockum the MVP with a 14 to 4 beating of Benet Snyder.

The Carroll Cycle Center were upset by Larry's Automotive 41 to 31. Captain Terry Ruchti was the MVP for the Cycles and Rich Hartley led the way for the mechanics. Joe Hinners was awarded closest to the pin.

Volquartsen Custom beat Linde Equipment despite a four under 33 from 20 time Carroll City Champion Mike "Jewels" Eckerman. Scooter Volquartsen fired the most shots for the gunners with a 13 to 5 win over Bob Linde. Marin's dad Chad Murrell and Matt Lujano both scored 10 to 8 wins.

Kasperbauer Cleaners clobbered Pizza Ranch. The pizzas are in reverse moving down the standings.

Community Oil beat Templeton Rye 41 to 31. Todd Kanne, Chico Kanne and Dierk Halverson all winners for the oil spills. President Todd Kanne beat Carroll Country Club Head Pro Nick Schon. Seems like the right thing to do Pro!

Windstar beat Templeton Savings Bank 37 to 35. John Horbach the MVP and Tiger Tom Simons starred for the buses.
Elin's 9-irons gave Eric Neu a wonderful birthday present by beating Commercial Savings Bank and scoring low net team. A subbing Frank Comito helped the cause with a 12 to 6 win over Tyler Neary. Dirk Glynn nailed the longest putt. Aaron Pick and Mike Eckerman were low net.

Only one week remains before the playoffs. Good luck to all of the contenders.

Team Foreplay won the Ladies league Championship by 31 strokes over Tipsy Tees.

The team consists of Lynda Dukes Franey, Kim Hackett, Rachel Fransen, Sheri Mertz and Keeley Sinnard. Congratulations to the Champions!

Have a great week!

Championship Captain
Mike Franey

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