Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your Bud Light team wins the Zach Johnson division and Macke Motors wins the Tiger Woods division!

The stage is officially set for next week's championship match between your Bud Light team and Macke Motors. Tuesday August 25th will be the day that your Bud Light attempts to do something that has not been accomplished in the history of the Carroll Country Club.....back to back Supper league championships! The media hype has already started with requests from major networks like ESPN, Fox Sports and Carroll Broadcasting. Aviation expert Flying Bob Raue has been put on retainer by your publisher to monitor the air space above the Carroll Country Club for next Tuesday's event. Papa Joe Pick has been appointed as the security advisor along with his side kick the junk yard dog! This night will certainly be the first big challenge for new golf professional and general manager Nick Schon. Head Bar keeper Jason Scranton will be in charge of the hospitality tents and Brenda Stickrod will have a well stocked beer cart.

Macke Motors are certainly riding into the championship match with a lot of momentum as they arose out of a week 17 dead heat with seven others to claim the divisional title. Car Wash Todd Pettitt was the week 17 MVP for the motors beating Tony Feldman 13 to 5. Flying Bob Raue collected 11 points and Grandpa Uncle Bruce and Hyvee Store director Joel Flug each earned 10 points in the victory. Randy Bierl was riding the week 17 bench and spending the night with wife Jane on her birthday but has promised to play in the championship match if requested. Team sponsor Gus Macke was unavailable for comment this morning and one has to wonder if he will make his 2009 debut in the championship match.

Leaking oil like a Jeff Gordon blown engine your Bud Light team milked their 19 point lead and scored a season low 27 points against a hot Kerps team. The Carroll Cycle Center posed a threat last night only to come up a slim 5 points short. The ole postman Gary Stark walked over your Captain beating him on the last hole, a well handicapped Ken Ebner took care of Steve Sinnard and Steve "Hans" Auen ran into a Rick Grote buzz saw. The only winner was Mike Schulz who took care of Mike Loehr. Steve Sinnard has taken over the Bud Light MVP lead from Steve Auen with Captain Mike Franey in a close third.

Other news worthy items............
  • Happy birthday wishes go out to the Judge Eric Neu and Jane Bierl
  • Club Championship weekend with a calcutta auction on Friday at 7!
  • Congratulations to Carroll Country Club President Randy Hockom for his closest to the pin on 17 and longest putt on 18.
  • Congrats to Kyle Atkinson for low gross and Jay Drees and Wade Wilkie for low net.

Look for special coverage of the championship match this week. That is a wrap for week 17 with your Bud Light team winning a second straight league divisional title. Have a great week!

2009 Zach Johnson Championship Captain

Mike Franey

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