Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Championship Tuesday!

Bud Light vs. Macke Motors

A season that started on April 28th comes to an end tonight with a show down for the ages. Your Bud Light team will take on Macke Motors.

Making the call to the 1st tee for your Zach Johnson division will be long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz who finished second in this weekends Carroll Country Club tourney, Steve Sinnard who finished fourth in the club tourney, 2008 Bud Light MVP Mike Schulz and your Captain Mike Franey. Bud Two Troy Auen and Bud Three Steve "Hans" Auen are off for championship night.
Reports coming out of the car wash on U.S. Highway 30 have placed the Motors line up as Car Wash Todd Pettitt, Uncle Grandpa Bruce Pettitt, Flying Bob Raue and Captain Randy Bierl.
Supper league historians have given Your Bud Light team a slight edge in the match. Your Bud Light team is averaging 38.80 points per week and Macke Motors is averaging 38.13. It is sure to be a Classic Supper League Championship match.

In other news worthy items..........
  • Happy 50th birthday wishes go out to Carroll Cycle Center team captain Terry Ruchti
  • Happy birthday wishes on Wednesday for Troy Auen and Steve "Hans" Auen
  • Congratulations to Tom Duff for winning the Cleveland Cup in a 19 hole match last night with Frank Comito
  • A big thank you to Nick Schon, beer cart Brenda Stickrod, Head Bar Keeper Jason Scranton and Ray Wampler for a very successful Club Championship

Fairway and greens to all!

Championship Supper league captain

Mike Franey

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