Thursday, May 11, 2017

Happy Mother's Day.....Somer Sinnard conference medalist.......Jewels and Casket observe PXG holiday........Bud Three benched!

Steve and Keeley Sinnard's daughter Somer Sinnard beat the field on Monday in Adel at the conference golf tournament. 
Way to go Somer and all of the Carroll High Girls Golf Team!

It was a  glorious night for golf on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club for the third week of Men's Supper League! 

Your Bud Light Team took care of Landus Coop(formerly known as The Carroll Cycle Center) 7 to 3. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz led the charge for Supper league’s most popular team with a three under 34 on the front nine. The low round produce a mid-round submission by text from multiple time city and club champion Corey Bluml. Bluml texted this publisher at 7:16 pm and I do quote “I will for now on always respect my elders after this beat down Mertz gave me.” Bud light team captain Mike Franey outlasted the head hog Terry Ruchti.  
Little Hans Auen alone on the bench! 
Bud Three Steve “Hans” Auen starting leaking oil after a big lead and settled for a tie with LP tank Tom Drees. Bud Three is benched next week unless of course we need him to fill the roster out . Mike Schulz and Jamming Joe Hinners battled to a tie as well. Somer's dad Steve was on a fishing trip and Bud Two Troy Auen was under the weather with a cold and chest congestion. Bud Light is tied for second with Supper league’s most mature team Stiff Sticks.

Stiff Sticks rode an one over par round from Floridian Randy Hockom who beat the head car washer Todd Pettitt, Fairway Frank Comito beat John Greteman, Magic Trusty Mike Nelson beat Assistant greens keeper Kyle Peterson and Larry “Doc” Sporrer tied Jim Nurse. It seemed like the car washes were rattled this week after being put on the clock as a result of their slow play from week two which resulted in a Wednesday morning finish. 

Bud Light and Stiff Sticks are 2.5 points back from the Kimmes Country Stores who submerged the boats of Shamrock Boat Sales 7.5 to 2.5. The boat sales played one man short and Produce Tom Duff subbed for them as well. Duff tied Bud One Jim Auen. Chris Van Dyke and Ian Kimmes beat Jamie North and Jon Renze. North was visibly distraught after his round in the clubhouse until a few cans of liquid eased the pain.  

Eckerman Jewelry and Community Oil tied despite playing two members short. Which two you might ask? Casket Kyle Atkinson and Jewels Mike Eckerman must have been observing a PXG golf company national holiday as they did not make the call to the first tee. Peterman Tony Pietig beat Todd Kanne and guns a blazing Nic Volquartson beat Jerry Janson.
Shoot them up Nic! 
Champion Ford #2 Carroll Glass beat Champion Ford #2 in a mixed up match that was corrected late in the evening. Not sure what else to say about this match.

Champion Ford #1 beat Mid Iowa Team riding on the wings of the wild one Wade Wilke who destroyed Papa Joe Pick. Junkyard Dog Cuda Quandt beat Digger Dave Nelson in Nelson Men's League return. Champion Ford's bossman Darin Putney beat Aaron Ahrendson and Hy-Vee Store Director of store #1051 Brad Auge beat Monument Man Loren Boyce. Boyce was also beaten on Sunday night by daughter Micaela. Glad you are back at the club for the summer Micaela.

Bierl Carpet One scored 6 points on par. Brad Hempstead was low for the carpets. Commercial Savings Bank rookie loan officer Kevin Milligan was the only loser for the carpets.

JEO Consulting beat OH BOBBY! John Munson and Dr. Quam were winners for the consulting firm. Rich Hartley was the only winner for OH BOBBY.

Kasperbauer Cleaners smashed some tomatoes of Graddy’s. Graddy’s are on a two week losing skid. Champion Cleaner Michael Kasperbauer and Ron Badding were winners for the cleaners. The last time the tomatoes were ripe was when Bud Light’s Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz played for them and that is not going to happen again!

Special Event winners

Low Gross – Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and Randy Hockom

Low Net – Lauren’s(that girl can dance) Dad Pat Macke  and whistling Wade Wilkie. In case you missed it Wilkie crushed Papa Joe Pick

Closest to the pin – Numbers Bob Muhlbauer and Chris Van Dyke

Long putt – Jamie North and Terry Ruchti(I am not kidding you this was like 9 inches)

Just saying......

Junkyard Dog Cuda Quandt and Papa Joe Pick beat Mouthpiece One Mike Franey and Mouthpiece Two Tom Duff on Sunday. This match and as all of them that the farmer and the dog play in has no regard for handicaps UNLESS they think they should get strokes. I had to mention this because there is no fake news on this report. 

On Tuesday night Papa Joe Pick challenged this publisher to a $5 low score contest. The only problem with this little wager was that Pick lost and did not have any money to speak of. It was reminiscent of Lee Trevino playing for money when he did not have any money in his pocket BUT the only difference was that Trevino won! 
Next time bring some money Papa Joe! 
It is early in the season so this is a friendly reminder to repair your ball marks! 

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Happy 40th Birthday Benet Snyder! (5/11/2017)

Respectfully submitted - ON IOWA and GO HAWKS! 

Mike Franey

If you see breaking news happen that should be in this report be sure to email or text this reporter! 

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