Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A cold start to Supper league.......a controversy surrounds Mertz.....too cold for the famous duo and Putney goes low!

All of the winter weather gear was on full display in the first official night of the 2017 Supper League. Several teams made the decision to not show up for week one action separating the field and making the path to a championship a tough one.
Not a photo from last night! 

A league point system change has created a controversy for your Bud Light team as long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz subbed for Graddy's Tomatoes, was awarded low gross along with one bonus point. This one bonus point allowed the tomatoes to sit atop the standings by one over your Bud Light team and Oh Bobby! As you may know Mertz had a double hernia surgery on Tuesday, April 3rd and is suppose to be out of action. In his own defense Mertz said "I was only just bunting the ball down the middle, knocking it on the green and made a birdie and a bogey. What's the harm in that?" Several have called for probationary action to be sanctioned against Mertz. Mertz issued a statement this morning to his teammates and all of Bud Light nation that seemed to quiet the critics. In his wisdom he simply said "Let's dwell on the positive....We haven't been in 2nd for a long"

Image result for champion ford carrollGolfers and teams earning one bonus for the special event prizes were:

Multiple league team owner Darin Putney and Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz - low gross. Mertz had an even par 34 on the back nine and the Supper League's equivalent of Nascar's Rick Hendrick, Putney has an one under 36 on the front which is a great score in any type of weather.

Low net - Denny Kasperbauer and Ian Kimmes

Closest to the pin - Clint Cummings and John Baratta

Long Putt - Carpet One's Colin Bierl

Weekly results - Champion Ford #2 beat Champion Ford #1 7 to 4.  This was a close match but in the end three bonus points award to the #2 team was the difference.

Eckerman Jewelry got past Bierl Carpet One 5 to 4. Colin Bierl the only winner for the carpets. Jewels Eckerman and Ron Badding each were victorious for the diamond team. Eckerman is using the self swinging PXG irons this year.

OH BOBBY blanked Carroll Glass in a contested match 8 to 0.

Your Bud Light team sank the boats of Shamrock Boat Sales 8 to 0. Steve Sinnard was very grateful to be subbing for Bud Two Troy Auen.

Mid Iowa Team beat Highway 30 Car Wash 5 to 3. On course reporters saw that Arizona sun soaked Papa Joe Pick and his famous counter part Junkyard Dog Cuda Quandt leaving the course early due to the playing conditions.
Image result for pxg irons
The new weapon of choice of 20 time Carroll City Champion Mike "Jewels" Eckerman and Casket Kyle Atkinson
Kasperbauer Cleaners removed the oil stains from Community Oil 5 to 4 riding on the wings of John Barratta's closest to the pin.

Graddy's Tomatoes blanked JEO Consulting 9 to 0.

Kimmes Country Stores beat the most mature team Stiff Sticks 6 to 3. Fairway Frank Comito the only winner for the sticks.

Landus Coop formerly known as the Carroll Cycle Center scored 4 points on par. Jamming Joe Hinners and Tom Drees won for the coop.

Week One Standings

Graddy's Tomatoes - 9
Bud Light ad OH BOBBY - 8
Champion Ford #2 - 7
Kimmes Country Stores - 6
Mid Iowa Team, Kasperbauer Cleaners and Eckerman Jewelry - 5
Champion Ford #1, Landus Coop, Bierl Carpet One and Community Oil - 4
Stiff Sticks - 3
Carroll Glass, Jeo Consulting and Shamrock Boat Sales - 0

Just saying.................
Carroll County I Club Banquet
Image result for dale earnhardt jr
This publisher's favorite driver is retiring after this season! Thanks Dale! 
It is good to be back into the golf season. It seems like several new members at the club last night and I will try to introduce them next week. 

ON IOWA and Go Hawks! 

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