Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sinnard and Bud Two save Bud Light...School is back in session....Bill Franey Open tee times!

What a glorious night to play golf  at the Carroll Country Club last night.

The first week of playoffs kicked off with action in the Championship Flight, Runner up Flight and the Consolation Flight. Championship Flight action saw the Brown Shoe Fit Company bounce the Mid Iowa Team out of the championship contention. Todd Bierl led the way for the shoe company beat Produce Tom Duff. Duff is on a two day golf skid. On Monday Iowa City police were called to legendary Finkbine Golf Course on reports of property damage to the golf course that included excessive divots, driving in the fairway and topped drives. Never fear Mr. Duff there have been many who just could not handle the pressure on the scared grounds of Iowa City Iowa. Have fun in Effingham, Illinois as you get some need therapy from the likes of Jim Selby. Next up for the shoes will be Van Diest Supply Company.

Graddy's Salsa beat Carroll Cycle Center. Nick Fangman beat Head Hog Terry Ruchti and Jeff Scharfenkamp beat Jay Drees. Jamming Joe Hinners the high point getter for the cycles in the loss. Next up for the Cycles will be YOUR Bud Light team.

Byronz Boyz knocked Carpet One out of the championship flight. Bob Gigure beat Colin Bierl, Tony Feldman beat Collin Hackett and Leon Muhlbauer beat Easy Ed Vanderheiden. Brad Hempstead the only spark for the carpets. Next up for the Boyz will be Pat Macke's Verizon Wireless team.

Stiff Sticks trampled past all of the alarms of Feld Security. All winners for the Sticks. Frank Comito pounded Nick Bowdish, Doc Sporrer beat Ron Badding, Randy Hockom beat Bobbie Muhlbauer and Trusty Mike Nelson beat Tiger Tom Simons. Next up for the Sticks will be Andy Reiman and Carroll Glass.

Van Diest Supply, Volquartsen Custom, Verizon Wireless and Carroll Glass all received first round byes. Karl Christensen saved the day in the six against five winner's circle scramble by draining a large money saving putt on the last hole. Looks of confusion were cast on the 11 some last night as many wondered who was playing in that large group. Let me clear it up for you....those be the leaders!

Runner Up Flight action saw Linde Equipment beat Finish Line. Bill Linde led the way for the equipment dealer. Next up for the Linde will be the Mid Iowa Team.

Your Bud Light team beat Greteman Chiropractic. Steve Sinnard and Troy Auen saved the day for your Bud Light team. Sinnard beat Clint Cummings and Bud Two beat Carroll Country Club Pro Paul Tigges. Good news for Paul he did not hit someone else's ball. Bud Three Steve Auen was beaten by Charlie Vauble and Gary Subbert beat Captain Mike Franey scratch. A formal investigation has been launched into Subbert's handicap as he never missed a fairway and made an off the green birdie putt on hole #1. Good shooting Mr. Subbert. If this captain has to lose it might as well be to another fellow Hawkeye fan. Next up for your Bud Light team are the cycles of the Carroll Cycle Center who the beers beat one week ago. The cycles were revving their pipes last night at the corner table about their future success. In the end it came out that Captain Terry Ruchti and Jay Drees are not going to be present next week. I can only imagine what ringers will be brought in. You heard it here and I do quote "Did you hear that Bud Light beat the Carroll Cycle Center next week!"

Champion Ford and Budweiser tied their match. The playoff for ties was established in the opening announcements from Pro Paul Tigges although misunderstood by some. Each team was able to select a player from the other team to play the #1 hole to determine who would advance. Monument Man Loren Boyce was front and center on the first tee waiting. A man hunt ensued and Fred Dolezal was found in the bar sipping on a cocktail. Dolezal's comment was "I am not playing I am sitting in here drinking." Once that statement was over heard the fords selected Dolezal to play. So Champion Ford advances on with a no show victory in the playoff. A person with knowledge told this report that even though the lack of responsibility shown the 2014 sponsorship is not in jeopardy for the King of Beers. The question that remains is who will be the captain of the team. Next up for the car company will be Carpet One.

Pettitt Highway 30 Car Wash beat Feld Equipment. Next up for the car wash tokens is Feld Security as they attempt to extinguish both Feld teams in just two weeks.

A big report shout out to Paul and Brian for all their work on the brackets to have everyone involved even us who are totally committed to battle for the runner up flight championship.

Hawkeye Nation lost a true fan on this week as Pete Peterson was laid to rest at the Lake City Cemetery on Monday. One of the great stories that wife Sandi told me was that Pete would tell people that he played for Iowa and indeed he did as he played the trumpet in the Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band! My sincere condolences go out to wife Sandi, son Mark, daughter Keeley Sinnard along with husband Steve, granddaughters Somer and Shay Sinnard and grandson Alek Sinnard.

Things of Interest.........

-It must be good to be Carroll Country Club President as Chad Kanne has won just about everything this summer. Kanne won the 4th of July Derby with partner Paul Tigges, won the PGA Championship pool and won the Papa Joe calcutta. With this financial success associated with the club presidency I can only imagine an increase of applicants for the job. Thanks Chad and the entire board for what you have done for our club.

-The Farmer Joe Pick and the Junkyard Dog Cuda Quandt beat long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and Mike Franey on Sunday at the Carroll Municipal Golf Course by one point. You would have thought it was the two established players biggest win as they marched around with their chests pumped out telling anyone they could find. Glad to provide so much enjoyment to the farmer and the dog. Both golfers are competing in the Carroll City Senior Tourney today at the Muny Golf Course. Details of their rounds will come in upcoming editions.  

-It was good to see Joel Harris out at the club last night enjoying his Yaki bowl entree. Joel remains on the DL for team Budweiser following a successful lip surgery. Joel is the only lip that remains around these parts after Louie the Lip's departure from Prairie Meadows on Friday night.

Tee times are being taken for the 8th Annual Bill Franey Open Golf Tournament on Sunday, August 25, 2013 at the Jefferson Municipal Golf Course just south of Jefferson.

-Mark your calendars for September 23! The Iowa Golf Association Member Play Day at Glen Oaks will be held that day and if you have a four some that would like to play call Chad Kanne or Paul Tigges. They are going to set up some games for club members that day. This invitation is open to anyone who has a IGA handicap.

-Congrats to Kirby Pettitt for tying for 4th in the Herman Sani Golf Tourney over the weekend.

-This weekend is the Iowa Open Golf Tourney at Lake Panorama National Golf Course. Players of interest in the field will be former club pro Nick Schon, Paul Tigges, Wade Pettitt, Ben Pettitt and Kirby Pettitt.

Fairways and greens to all! On Iowa and Go Hawks!

Mike Franey

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