Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bud Three on fire....Greene County says Yes.......Playoffs set without Bud Light!

The playoffs are set for the Carroll Country Club's Men's Supper League and your Bud Light team has failed to qualify this year. The top seeds who all will receive a first round bye are Van Diest Supply Company, Volquartsen Custom, Verizon Wireless and Carroll Glass. Three teams from every flight made it into the bracket to try to win a Men's Supper League Championship. The remaining teams will battled it out in the runner up flight and the consolation flight. A big shout out to Paul Tigges and Brian Billmeir for making the brackets include everyone.

Your Bud Light Team beat the Carroll Cycle Center last night on the wings of Bud Three Steve Auen. Auen shot an even par 34 on the back nine and fleeced Rick Vanderheiden 14 to 4. Mike Schulz tied his match with Head Hog Terry Ruchti. Craig Mertz and Mike Franey suffered losses to Corey Bluml and Jamming Joe Hinners. The cycles qualified in third place.

Van Diest Supply Company tied the Mid Iowa Team. Team leader Dirk Glynn gone to Russia and missed the action in week 15. Aaron Pick beat Junkyard Dog Steve Quandt to the chemicals. Ed Catfish Tomka pounded Nick Bowdish to lead the Mid Iowa Team. Ryan Mortgage Milligan beat Papa Joe Pick who dodged son Aaron last night. Produce Tom Duff and Brad Pick tied their match.

Graddy's Salsa earned second place in the flight by one point over third place Mid Iowa. Mike Loehr led the salsas. Clint Cummings shot his best round to beat Nick Fangman. Fangman hit the wrong ball in this match.

In the PGA Flight Volquarsten Custom suffered a loss to Linde Equipment but still remained on the top of the flight. Chad Kanne and Jeff Boeckman led the way for the gunners. Chris Nieland was beaten by Bill Linde.

Brown Shoe Fit Company makes the playoffs despite a week 15 loss to Community Oil. Jerry Janson and Chico Kanne were the MVP's for the oil jobbers.

Corey Bluml was low gross. Steve "Hans" Auen was low net. Carroll Cycle Center and your Bud Light team shared low net team. Steve Quandt was closest to the pin and Produce Tom Duff nailed the longest putt.

Over in the Phil Mickelson Division Verizon Wireless tied second place Stiff Sticks. Karl Christensen lead the way for the cell phones. Magic Mike Nelson was the leader for the sticks.

Byronz Boyz qualified third in the US Open Flight despite a 34 to 38 loss to Budweiser. The King of Beers are entrenched in turmoil that features former Captain Pat Malloy appealing his suspension. Who does he think he is......A-Rod? Joel Harris has been put on the DL for a couple of weeks. Pat Malloy was the champion golfer with a win. This victory is still not enough to save Mr. Malloy.

Carroll Glass remained on the top spot even with a beating from second place Carpet One. Collin Hackett was the all star for the carpets. Benton Snyder comes down off his under par string. Good shooting the last few weeks Mr. Snyder.

Feld Security won a tie breaker to earn the third spot over Pettitt Hwy 30 Car Wash.

Collin Hackett was low gross and low net with a three under par 34. Carpet One was awarded low gross. Jon Sturm was closest to the pin and Giddy Up Wyatt Haukap drained the longest putt.

The next four weeks will determine the Men's Supper League Champion. Good luck to all!
Here are the brackets!
The Uncle Bruce player of the week is Bud Three Steve Auen with his best performance and carrying your Bud Light team to victory over the cycles.

Just Saying.........

Happy Birthday Mama D - Caryl Dukes!

Happy 30th Anniversary to Juliann and Mark Walter!

Happy Birthday to Somer Sinnard!

Condolences to the Janson family on the loss of Jerry's father.

He made several trips to the Carroll Country Club as a guest chef. Those dinners were enjoyed by all. My sympathy goes out to Matt and Jenna Lujano on the loss of her brother Dino.

Congratulations to the residents of Greene County for approving the casino referendum and inching closer to the possibility of gaming in Greene County.

That is a wrap for week 15. Fairways and greens to all! Mike Franey

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