Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sinnard carries Bud Light to big win……Hackett low again……Van Diest, Macke Motors and Champion Ford continue to lead and FINALLY no wind.

Your Bud Light team rode the wings of Steve Sinnard to a much needed 46 to 26 win over Juergern’s Lawn Care. Sinnard beat Aaron Juergens 17 to 1. Bud Three Steve Auen was a 12 to 6 winner over Bob Linde. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz battled to a tie with twenty time Carroll city champion Mike “Jewels” Eckerman. Mike Schulz was the only loser for Your Bud Light team by losing a close one 8 to 10. Schulz is benched for week 8 action. With the impressive win Your Bud Light team emerges from the cellar and is only 11 points out of second place in the British Open division.

US Open flight leaders Templeton Rye extended their lead by one with a 38 to 34 win over Graddy’s Salsa. Tomato John handpicked Bud Two Troy Auen and Your Captain Mike Franey to play against Papa Joe Pick and Junk Yard Dog Cuda Quandt last night. Pick beat Franey 11 to 7 in a match that he was always in control of. Bud Two crushed Quandt 13 to 5. Auen shot a two under par 35. Franey and Auen won the all-important side money match last night which added a stinging effect to the farmer and the dog. Produce Tom Duff smashed Tomato John 13 to 5. Denny Kasperbauer and Carroll County State Bank’s head man Jeff Scharfenkamp battled to a 9 – 9 tie.

Defending league champions Stiff Sticks were winners over Badding Construction 37 to 35. Larry “Doc” Sporrer the MVP for the sticks with a 12 to 6 win over Windstar Lines head bus driver Jeff Gretemen. Fairway Frank Comito and Ron Badding played to a draw.

Templeton Savings Bank topped Byronz Boyz 41 to 31. Brian Badding beat Leon Muhlbauer 13 to 5 to lead the team. Billie Horbach beat Tony Feldman 11 to 7. Eastside Shell’s head coffee maker Tony Pietig battled to a tie with Scott Monical.

British Open Flight leaders Champion Ford continued their winning ways with a 44 to 28 win over Active Performance. Clothier Wade Wilkie the MVP for the fords with a 13 to 5 win over Bud One Jim Auen. Monument Man Loren Boyce, Digger Dave Nelson and Head Ford man Ken Payer were all winners for the car company.

Craig Mertz was the low gross winner last night with a three under par 34. Bud Two Troy Auen and Chris Bogue shared low net honors with 32. Your Bud Light team was low net team. Ron Badding was closest to the pin on #8 and Numbers Bob Muhlbauer drained the longest putt on 9.

So after the cross over league matches the standings are as follows:

US Open Flight – Templeton Rye 304, Stiff Sticks 282, Juergen’s Lawn Care 280, Byronz Boyz 271 and Active Performance 267.

British Open Flight – Champion Ford 322, Graddy’s Salsa 298, Templeton Savings Bank 288, Bud Light 287 and Badding Construction 280.

Over in the Zach Johnson division saw both flight leaders extend their leads.

Car Wash Todd Pettitt and Jeff Minnich led Macke Motors to a 46 to 26 win over Carroll Glass. Pettitt beat John Deere Benet Snyder and Minnich beat Keith Pottebaum. Captain Randy Bierl and Flying Bob Raue were both winners over Lidderdale Country Store’s head pork chop Brad Stork and Head glass man Andy Reiman.

Van Diest Supply got a big win out of Jay Westerkamp 14 to 4 over the head cable guy Chad Kanne. Looks like Kanne will not have much room to talk about team member Pat Macke this week after a devastating loss. Chemical Dirk Glynn beat Westside State Savings Bank’s head teller Matt Lujano 13 to 5. Scott Schon and Wyatt Haukap the only winners for the cable guys.

Carroll Cycle Center took it on the chin 35 to 37 from Community Oil. Chico’s assistant oil jobber Todd and Badding Construction’s head hammer Nick Badding were the MVP’s for the oilers. Chico Kanne still struggles to recover from an Ozarks golf trip with a 7 to 11 loss to Jamming Joe Hinners. Corey Bluml the MVP for the cycles with a 12 to 6 win over Dick Muhlbauer.

Budweiser squeaked out a 38 to 34 win over WCI. Retired Randy Hockom, John Greteman and Joel Harries all winners for the king of beers beating Michael Kasperbauer, Austin Scott and Brian Fleshner. Countertop Pat Malloy the only loser for the beers.

Carroll Broadcasting lost 34 to 38 to par. Collin Bierl and Colin Hackett the only winners for the disc jockey team.

Greteman Chiropractic beat Brown Shoe Fit Company 42 to 30. A subbing Steve Herrin beat head shoe man Jeff Bahr 16 to 2. Kyle Christensen and Mike Schwabe were also winners for the back crackers.

Kimmy’s son Collin Hackett and Car wash Todd Pettitt shared low gross with even par 34. Jay Westerkamp was low net with a 28. Flight leaders Van Diest Supply scored low net team. Bill Schwabe was closest to the pin on 17 and Kyle Christensen drained the longest putt on 18.

Masters Flight: Macke Motors 310, Carroll Cycle Center 290, Utilicomm 280, WCI 268 and Greteman Chiropractic 267.

PGA Flight: Van Diest Supply 325, Budweiser 311, Carroll Glass 284, Community Oil 273, Carroll Broadcasting 264 and Brown Shoe Fit 262.

Uncle Bruce Player of the Year Award Standings:

Pudenz Bob

Glynn Dirk

Badding Nick

Pick Aaron

Hockum Randy

Payer Ken

Herrin Steve

Dolezal Fred

Wittrock Chip

Vonnahme Brandon

As always this Bud’s for you and On Iowa

Mike Franey

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