Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The King of Beers beat Bud Light……Subway wins big……Cycles cruise!

On a night that the wind was a huge subject of discussion your Bud Light team took another step backwards. The new King of Beers team sporting their new red Budweiser hats hammered your Bud Light team 44 to 28. It was a clean sweep for the Bud boys. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz was beaten 13 to 5 by Little Irish Pat Malloy. Mertz was awarded low gross for his losing efforts. Bud Two Troy Auen lost 11 to 7 to GPS Bob Pudenz. Mike Schulz lost to John Greteman 11 to 7. Captain Mike Franey lost a close one to Fred Dolezal. For their efforts Budweiser was awarded low net team. Your Bud Light team solidified the last place position in the Zach Johnson division. Spirits are still high on the team but dwindling fast! Click here for the standings!

In other Zach Johnson division action...........

• Volquartsen Customs upset the defending champions Macke Motors 39 to 33. Flying Bob Raue was extremely quiet after the defeat. League records show Raue losing to Darrin Janning 13 to 5. Enough said. Nic Volquartsen was low net
• League leading Olsen Muhlbauer were knocked off by CSB. Jay Westerkamp was the star for the bankers. With Budweiser’s victory over your Bud Light team the accountants lead is only 5.
• Hawkeye Commodity Brokers topped Bud One and the La-z-boys. Steve “Hans” Auen tied the car man Ken Payer. Bud One nailed closet to the pin honors.
• Greteman Chiropractic adjusted Templeton Rye 40 to 32.
• The buses of Windstar beat Fairway Frank and Stiff Sticks 39 to 33. Fairway Frank drained the longest putt.

Over in the other division…….

• Papa Joe and the Soggy Subs unloaded on Kasperbauer Cleaners 52 to 20. The victory comes with an asterisk as Kasperbauer only had two players present. Tom Duff was low gross with a 37 and the MVP for the subs. With the lop sided victory the subs have taken a one shot lead.
• Second place Grady’s salsa continued their winning ways 44 to 28 over Carroll Glass. Tomato John the MVP with a 14 to 4 victory over Andy Reiman. Benet Snyder scored closet to the pin.
• Carroll Cycle Center rode the wings of Jay Drees to a 43 to 29 win over Byron’s Boyz. Drees was awarded the low net honors, the cycles were low net team and Terry Ruchti made the longest putt.
• Juergens topped par by two with half a team.
• The pizzas of Pizza Ranch beat the oil jobbers of Community Oil.
• Utilicomm beat Sharp Funeral Home by 4. Wyatt Haukap the MVP for the cable guys.

Just saying…….

• Happy Birthday wishes this week go out to Steve Sinnard and Scott Kanne.
• Last night the league was 8 players short. What is going on? I am waiting for the night that your Bud Light team plays a short team as it might be our only chance to get out of the cellar.

As always this bud's for you and ON IOWA!

2008 and 2009 Championship Captain

Mike Franey

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