Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bud Light Wins.....Bud Two is MVP........Probation for new Bud team!

It was a night that your Bud Light team needed to get out of the cellar in the Zach Johnson division and start the ultimate come back. On a scheduled four person scramble fun night your Bud Light team came out blazing riding the hot putter of Bud Two Troy Auen to post a nine under par round and capture the maximum 24 points possible. More importantly your Bud Light team climbed out of the cellar and is now tied for 10th with Hawkeye Commodity Brokers.

Other big winners from fun night were Greteman Chiropratic, Volquartsen Customs and Fairway Frank's Stiff Sticks. Those who did not have much fun on fun night were the La-z-boys who fell into the cellar, defending champions Macke Motors, Hawkeye Commodity Brokers, Olsen Muhlbauer and Supper league's newest team Budweiser.

The new Budweiser team has been put on a three week probation period for team member Joel Harris still using an old Miller Lite bag to carry his weapons. Many golfers noticed the bag and the breach of loyalty was confirmed by Harris's playing partner Fred Dolezal.

Over in the other division Subway remains at the top with a second place fun night finish. Juergen's Lawn and Landscape the fun night winners as Mike "Jewels" Eckerman shows up for a rare Supper league performance. Several residents along Pleasant Ridge Road think that if Elise Pick is not available to mow the family lawn that Juergen's should be hired as a recent Papa Joe mowing event left the yard 1/4" high and brown! Pizza Ranch and Chico Kanne's oil jobbers also had good nights.The head oil jobber is coming off the biggest golf win of his life by winning the recent Southern golf trip where he left several of his fellow competitors shaking this heads. The less fortunate fun nighters were Kasperbauer Cleaners, Utilcomm, Byron's Boyz and the Carroll Cycle Center. Team reports from cycle headquarters indicate Captain Terry Ruchti may be distracted by a little one named "Owen". Seems like a legitimate reason to this publisher and no further action is required.

Happy Birthday wishes today to every one's favorite bar tender Johnny Beiter. Boy did we have some good times at the Villa J.B.

This past weekend signified a beginning of the end as the Dukes family said goodbye to their family home in Marathon, Iowa. For the past 42 years Marathon has been home to the Dukes family so emotions ran high in the farewell tour. Phil and Caryl will now call East Lake Okoboji their home. That is a wrap for week 6. Look for more great action from YOUR Bud Light team as the movement towards the top continues.

As always this bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Bud Light Championship Captain
Mike Franey

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