Friday, August 31, 2018

Michelob Ultra wins 2018 Carroll Country Club Supper League.......Football is here and the WAVE is back.....Happy Fall!

Captain Mike Franey, Steve Sinnard, Craig Mertz and Bud Three Hans Auen

Michelob Ultra wins 2018 Carroll Country Club Supper League!

It all started with an executive decision by championship team captain Mike Franey and Bud Two Troy Auen to abandon the long-standing Bud Light team name in search of a new culture of winning. The name change shocked many Supper League followers and critics casted doom and gloom over America’s favorite Supper League team. In a meeting on a cold winter morning at world headquarters of The Golf Report the decision was made to “Live Fit, Live Fun, Live ULTRA!” The members of Team Ultra have embraced this and through all of the hard work the results speak for themselves.
On April 24th the mission of another Supper League Championship began on the friendly fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club. Many took their turn at Team Ultra…..Champion Ford #1 and #2, Graddy’s Tomatoes to Chico’s Community Oil team to Sharp Funeral Home. In fact Team Ultra had to defend the championship turf twice against the caskets.
So, after twenty or so weeks of battle it came down to a misty rainy night which included rain delays forcing the carts under the front canopy of the Carroll Country Club. No one was leaving as the top four spots of the prestigious Supper League were to be decided.
The morning started with a taunting text from Head Casket himself Kyle Atkinson saying and I do quote “U praying for rain!? Lol.” The response back was simple – rainout=we win? You are lucky last week got canceled otherwise you guys would be playing for 3rd. After that Atinkson abandon the texting and called the world headquarters. A one minute 37 second rambling phone call continued on about how they were ahead by this many, no way they were going to fall to 3rd and a lot of listening on the part of the Ultra captain. SO it was on!  I was polite BUT I could hear the fear in his voice!

It started with a change from front nine to back nine. Team Ultra vs Sharp Funeral Home and Champion Ford #1 and Carroll Glass.
Champion Ford #1 beat Carroll Glass for 3rd.

Old Balls Chad Kanne and his PXG powered golf game made quick work of Mike Franey to win the match and what would be the only points for the caskets. Bud Three Steve “Hans” Auen battled Techie Nic Volquartsen and eventually disposed of him to win Ultra’s first two points. The other match featured long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and most veteran golfer Craig Mertz squaring off against Casket Kyle Atkinson who looked like a PXG billboard. Mertz was up two with two to play heading to the par three 17th where Casket made birdie to take the match to the 18th hole. Mertz’s par on 18 ended Atkinson’s chances and the second 2-point victory was confirmed for Team Ultra.
In the other match Steve Sinnard came out in his grinding fashion against Tony Peterman Pietig. Sinnard was also two up with two to play when Pietig made birdie on the par 3 17th to push the match onto the final hole. Sinnard prevailed on the 18th hole and the victory was secured…..Team Ultra were the champions.
Sharp Funeral Home captain Kyle Atkinson congratulating Championship captain Mike Franey

It was good victory against a powerful higher budget team. Team Ultra team members Mike Schulz and Bud Two Troy Auen awaited the results from the course that night and were excited about the win! Bud One Jim Auen confirmed his continued support of the Michelob Ultra team and congratulated the team on the victory. 
Thanks for your support of Team Ultra! 

Plans for a championship celebration are in the works. 

A big thank you to Paul Tigges and Jim Von Ahn along with their staff at the Carroll Country Club. We are lucky to have a place like this to play our favorite past time. 

Best of luck to the area high school football teams, Cyclones and Panthers. 

A four week stretch begins tomorrow of driving East to Kinnick Stadium. If you have not seen the video that the Northern Illinois Football team did about coming to Iowa City tomorrow and how they are looking forward to participating in the wave you need to see it! It makes you think that football is just the small part of what happens on and around a stadium on game day! 

Respectfully submitted. 



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