Thursday, July 20, 2017

Paul Tigges wins 2017 Papa Joe Classic!

Champion Paul Tigges drinking from the Cup! 

The Papa Joe Classic is a proud sponsor of the Relay For Life 

Champion Tigges, 2nd Place Andy Reiman and 3rd place Mike Nelson

Papa Joe Pick, Champion Tigges and Tournament Director Mike Franey

Paul Tigges       137
Andy Reiman   140
Mike Nelson     141
Denny Kasperbauer 143
Mike Franey 143
Troy Auen 144
Benet Snyder 146
Brad Pick 147
Steve Auen 147
Steve Sinnard 147
Chad Kanne 149
Brad Stork 151
Mitch McDermott 152
Steve Herrin 155
Frank Comito 156
Tim Gute 159
Brad Auge 161
Clint Cummings 163
Jon Heim 168


Jon Heim said...

Nice work Paul! Another great event thanks Mike and Poppa Joe for putting it on. I am exactly 24 lessons from breaking 100 next year!

Pat Macke said...

Sorry duty called this year fellas!! Good news is Ecky got to hang on to his Benji's at Papa Joes house in my absence!! Haha. I'll be there next year.......CONGRATS PT - way to go buddy.