Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Champion Ford beats The Mid Iowa Team for Supper League title........Fall League is back....Rivalry week!

The 2016 Fall League kicks off tonight at the Carroll Country Club!

The Franey Report's Fall League Predictions.

Pine Valley Division - The Franey Favorite - Steve "Junkyard Dog" and Papa Joe Pick

Oakmont Division - The Franey Favorit - Steve "Blue Herrin" and Two Time Papa Joe Champion Denny Kasperbauer

Cypress Point Division - The Franey Favorite - Fairway Frank Comito and Magic Trusty Mike Nelson

Pebble Beach Division - The Franey Favorite - Westside State Savings Bank Head Teller Matt Lujano and Bill Beck
Mid Iowa Team and Champion Ford 

The Supper League Champions Denny Kasperbauer, Clint Cummings, Brad Woodard and Eric Hammer

Second Place Mid Iowa Team
 Mike's Random Thoughts!

  • Congratulations to Brooke and Colin Bierl on their new journey in life. 
  • I really thought is was cool to see Corey Bluml win the Carroll City Tourney along with his biological grandparents following along.
  • I want to thank Nick Schon for his service to the Carroll Country Club. Also thanks for staying and keeping the shop open until a solution is found. Class move my friend! 
    Cheers to the Cyclones! May they win all their games except one.
  • Happy 50th Birthday to Bud Two Troy Auen

On Iowa and Go Hawks! 


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