Thursday, May 15, 2014

Defending Champions on a roll........Bud Light stumbles.........Hawkeyes in Arcadia tonight!

Week four saw a cool night over the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club. The weather was cool but the defending Supper League Champions from Volquartsen Custom were not. The guns shot their way through the Norton anti virus software of Computer Concepts and crashed the computers 10 to 0 to remain on top of the Phil Mickelson Division. Chad Kanne, Kyle Atkinson, Nic Volquartsen and Kevin Forke were all winners for the gun makers. The champs off season acquisition of Casket Kyle Atkinson has seem to paid off. Atkinson has contracted with Butch Harmon to provide instruction to the team and was saw talking with Harmon at last month's Masters in Augusta. 
Further more inside sources of this report are investigating an upcoming team appearance on the golf show "Feherty." It seems that all of the hype of winning a Supper League Championship has been taken to a new level. One has to wonder if this has been achieved at gun point?
Your Bud Light team stumbled in week 4 with a 4 to 6 loss to the glass cutters from Carroll Glass. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz and Bud Three Steve Auen were the only winners for the beers beating Keith Pottebaum and Benton Snyder. The famous Lidderdale Country Store assistant chef Brad Stork and the head glass man Andy Reiman took care of Steve Sinnard and Bud Two Troy Auen. The glass company was awarded low net team.  Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz was low gross for the second straight week. Andy Reiman was low net. Americas's team are only 8 points behind the defending champions with eleven weeks to go. Mike Schulz and Mike Franey were on the bench for this week.  

Carpet One is in third despite a 4 to 6 loss to Par. Easy Ed Vanderheiden and the pride and joy of Churdan Iowa Daniel Fitzpatrick were the only winners for the carpets. 

The Mid Iowa Team continues to seek traction out of the gate this year and split their match 5  to 5 with Pat Macke's cell phones. Willey's best golfer Paul Tigges and Junkyard Dog Cuda Quandt were the only winners for Mid Iowa. The head teller from Westside State Savings Bank Matt Lujano beat Catfish Ed Tomka. Wyatt Haukap and Papa Joe Pick tied. Pick soared to a 41 on the front nine in week 4. Pat Macke nailed the longest putt on 9.

The tomatoes of Graddy's Salsa are rotting on the vine in 2014 as they suffer there third loss of the year. Dr. Decay Nick Fangman and Jeff Scharfenkamp were winners for the tomatoes. The Horbach brothers....Bill and John carried the Fleggard team. Tomato John did not participate in week 4. Time to spray the tomatoes for bugs John or change your team name to Graddy's Living Lettuce because at least we know that is still alive!

Family Specialty Medical adjusted the motors of Wittrock Motors. Papa Joe's boys Brad and Aaron won for the chiropractors. Maybe some Father's Day lessons would be a good present? Just saying! Brock Jones beat Chemical Dirk Glynn and the head salesman Kevin Wittrock and Jamie North tied. Aaron Pick was closest to the pin on 8. 

Action over in the Zach Johnson Division saw Ag Venture remain on top of the divison with a 7 to 3 win over Carroll Cycle Center. Jay Drees was the only winner for the cycles. Drees nailed the longest putt on 18. Head Hog Terry Ruchti and Rick Vanderheiden tied their match. Brady Evans and Denny Kasperbauer beat Jamming Joe Hinners and Corey Bluml. 

Highway 30 Car Wash matched the ag boys with a 7 to 3 win over Byronz Boys and also won low net team. Car Wash Todd Pettitt led the way with a low gross 34 on his way to beating Tony Feldmann. Randy Bierl the only loser for the car washes. 

Chamption Ford set off the alarms of Feld Security 6 to 4. Wade Wilkie and Steve "Blue" Herrin beat Ron Badding and Jair Mayhall. Numbers Bob Muhlbauer and Michael Kasperbauer beat Digger Dave Nelson and Monument Man Loren Boyce. It must have been cold on week 4 because on the course reporters have told me that the Fords even came in before dark. 

WOW....talking about coming out of a slump! The oil jobbers of Community Oil posted their first win of the season with a 8 to 4 victory over Linde Equipment. The Equipment Dealers must be busy helping the farmers feed the world! Head oil jobber Chico Kanne the only loser for the oils. Todd Kanne, Produce Tom Duff and Jerry Jansen posted victories over the Linde Boys and Brad Woodward. No doubt we will see Chico carrying a large bucket of balls over the road to Willey to the learning center. 

Budweiser posted back to back wins with a 7 to 3 win over the most mature team Stiff Sticks. Counter top Pat Malloy and Johnnie Greteman beat Larry "Doc" Sporrer and Fairway Frank Comito. Trusty Mike Nelson beat GPS Bob Pudenz. Nelson was the closest to the pin on 17. The long awaited return of Fred Dolezal is soon to be over and I look for the King of Beers to make a run to the top just like one of Dolezal's horses. 

The Uncle Bruce Player of the Week is Brother Car Wash Todd Pettitt! 

The Black and Gold will invade the town of Arcadia tonight as the Carroll Area I-Club presents their Spring Outing featuring Captain Kirk Ferentz. This is a great event to get up close and personally talk with the coaches of our Iowa Hawkeyes! Hope to see you all there tonight! 

Sonia Walsh of Carroll is opening an acting studio. Walsh was a key member of developing this blog and is ultra talented. In a recent interview with Doug Burns of the Carroll Daily Times Herald Walsh said "There's not something  like this for a student who is more dramatically inclined." Talk about drama just come out to Supper League on Tuesdays. There are certainly a full cast of characters out there. Let's take a look at what we have. We have Farmer and a dog, a tomato, three beer guys, a couple of oil jobbers, a catfish and plenty of bank personnel. What a pool to draw from. Best of luck Sonia and we all know that you will do great!

Just a note from week three. Results were not made available to this report on a timely fashion so they were not included. 

As always "This Bud's for you and ON IOWA."

Mike Franey


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