Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Now there is four.....Bud Light's quest ends....Van Diest upset....Franey resigns as Bud Light Captain!

Your Bud Light team ended its 2012 season last night with a 40 to 32 loss to Champion Ford in the quarterfinals. The difference in the match was a 6-0 loss by Captain Mike Franey to Two time Papa Joe Champion Dave Nelson. Mike Schulz beat Monument Man Loren Boyce, Bud Three Steve Auen beat head Ford man Ken Payer and Steve Sinnard tied with Wade Wilkie.

After the match Franey said "Looking back I should have recruited a sub to play for me." It is time for a new vision and new leadership for your Bud Light team. With that in mind I am officially resigning as Bud Light team Captain. I will continue to deliver Meals on Wheels though! All things must come to an end and I realize that this team can achieve great things with a fresh start. Over the next few months Bud Light team officials will discuss the future of the team.

Champion Ford advances on to the semifinals with a tough match with the farmer and dog's Templeton Rye team. The whiskeys pounded Graddy's Salsa's 45 to 27. Steve "Cuda" Quandt, Papa Joe Pick and Kyle Christensen all won 12 to 9 over Tomato John Gradoville, Nick Fangman and Mike Loehr. Produce Tom Duff and Rick Grote tied their match.  

Macke Motors beat Budweiser in the closest match of the night 37 to 35. Flying Bob Raue led the motors with a 12 to 6 win over Counter top Pat Malloy. Raue was the only winner for the motors. Car Wash Todd Pettitt lost to retired Randy Hockom 8 to 10. Jeff Minnich lost to Bud man John Greteman 10 to 8 and Randy Bierl tied with GPS Bob Pudenz. Next up for the motors is Chico Kanne and the oil jobbers of Community Oil.

Community Oil shocked Van Diest Supply Company 38 to 34. The difference was Todd Kanne's 15 to 3 beating of Pete Collison. Ryan Milligan beat the head oil jobber Chico Kanne 12 to 6. Captain Dirk Glynn beat Jerry Janson 12 to 6 and Dick Muhlbauer beat Aaron Pick 11 to 7. Community Oil will face off with Supper League power house Macke Motors next week.

Next week in the Semifinals:

Templeton Rye vs. Champion Ford

Macke Motors vs. Community Oil

That is a wrap! Look for upcoming coverage of the Bill Franey Open and next weeks semifinal action.

As always this Bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Retired championship captain

Mike Franey

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