Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Macke Motors are Men's League Champions........Congrats to Spanky and Kim...The farmer and dog last in Fall League

It has been awhile since I have pounded the keys of my keyboard but it feels great to be back in the chair again. Lots of things to catch up on so here I go!

Last night in fall league the scheduled and anticipated match up was to be the farmer Papa Joe Pick and the Junkyard Dog Steve "Cuda" Quandt taking on Steve Sinnard and Mike Franey. Merriam-Webster defines fear as "to be afraid of"but the fall league definition is to not show up and send two boys to do a man's job! That's right Papa Joe and Cuda did not show up and sent Car Wash Todd and Produce Tom Duff to the 2nd tee in what turn out to be a huge mistake. The consequences were fitting as the farmer and the dog finished dead last in their fall league division. Have a safe harvest Papa Joe! Look for a full report of fall league next week.

Like a Chevrolet Corvette passing a Dodge Caravan Macke Motors topped Hawkeye Commodity Brokers to win the 2010 Men's League Championship. Even a night of rain that postponed the championship match couldn't cool the high powered engines of the motors. Congrats to the Champions!

Welcome Brennan Lane Vollstedt!
Congratulations to Spanky and Kim on their new arrival. Another beloved Hawkeye fan to add to the Vollstedt clan!

Oh yes there was that game where those people from Ames traveled East to historic Kinnick Stadium! It was a glorious day under the warming sun an exclamation point was applied to the sentence and reminding everyone that this is the Hawkeye State! A great time was had by all and this reporter was on hand to cover the days activities.

It will be ok Joe!

John loves having his picture taken!
The girls enjoying the day!

Well we have covered a lot today on this report so that is going to be a wrap! Turn on your televisions, hug your radios and cheer on the Iowa Hawkeyes at 2:36 this Saturday as they put a beat down on the Michigan Wolverines! For a great look at Michigan fans click here: Got to love Michigan fans! Have a great week!
As always this Bud's for you and ON IOWA
Mike Franey

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