Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 1 in the books...three peat in progress ....Schulz week 1 MVP!

What a gorgeous night on the fairways and greens of the Carroll Country Club as week 1 of the 2010 men’s league got underway.

First I would like to thank Jim, Baron, Gary and all of the grounds staff on the excellent condition of the golf course especially after all of the winter tree damage that was suffered. It truly is a pleasure to play at the Carroll Country Club.

Your Bud Light team walked onto the tarmac in front of the pro shop as the back to back and defending Men’s League Champions. The respect was evident from the beginning as we were informed that we would be starting on the 10th tee. One has to wonder how many championships in a row are needed before respect is handed out on the first night of league. I am sure Mr. Schon was only looking out for the well being of the farmer and the dog sending them to the closer starting hole. How many championships have they won? My records from 2009 show them comfortably in 7th place in the Tiger Woods division. The lime light of starting on the 1st tee does appeal to some of the Soggy Subs as they beat Larry’s Automotive 42 to 30. For the record the fear of teeing off in front of all of the card players negatively affected the farmer and the dog as they both shot 43 and were a non factor in the teams win. Tom Duff and Pat “Spanky” Vollstedt were the work horses for the subs and was the Duffer chirping about it.

Your Bud Light team squared off with a tough La-z-boy team. 2008 Bud Light MVP Mike Schulz led the team by beating Doc Sporrer 11 to 7 and will be in lead in the 2010 Bud Light MVP race. Bud Two Troy Auen beat Randy Hockum 10 to 8 and long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz was awarded low gross honors with a one under par 33. On course reporters noticed a couple of “chili chunks” from Mertz as he tied Bud One Jim Auen. For his efforts Bud One had a career shot on the par three 17th making birdie to stay in the match. A week ago Steve “Hans” Auen had a stellar round in preparation of the new season. Week 1 proved to be a struggle for Bud Three as he was beaten by Rick Kasperbauer 11 to 7. Overall a good night for your Bud Light team who are currently tied for 4th with the gun men of Volquartsen Customs.

The runners up Macke Motors team were run over by the buses of Windstar in week 1. Your Captain Mike Franey led the team for the Motors beating Ron Badding. Otherwise Captain Randy Bierl tied Tiger Tom Simons, Flying Bob Raue lost to Windstar front man Jeff Greteman 10 to 8 and Car Wash Todd Pettitt lost to the accountant Bob Muhlbauer 8 to 10. Motors team member Joel Flug has underwent hernia surgery so one member of your Bud Light team will be subbing for the Macke Motors club for the next 4 weeks. Now that is some true sportsmanship that maybe Tom Duff can learn from and quit chirping about his team teeing off the #1 tee.

In an interesting twist to this year’s league one team weekly will play against par. That team this week was Carroll Cycle Center. The Cycles scored 32 points. This will prove to be something to watch throughout the year.

Other results from the Zach Johnson division found the new Pizza Ranch team sizzling hot and taking care of the low interest rates Templeton Savings Bank 43 to 29. This report would like to welcome them to the Zach Johnson division. Frank Comito’s Stiff Sticks can no longer dodge your Bud Light team until the playoffs as they are new members to the Zach Johnson division. The Sticks were all square with Templeton Rye on week 1. Papa Joe Classic defending and back to back champion Dave Nelson came out a blazing in week 1 scoring 13 points against Mike Mosher to lead the Hawkeye Commodity Brokers to victory over the bank tellers of CCSB. Elin’s 9 irons hung tough with the gunners of Volquartsen Customs. How fitting that Elin’s 9 irons do not play in the former Tiger Woods division.

Over in the Phil Mickelson division Noah John Reiman’s dad Andy carried Carroll Glass to victory by clubbing Bill Badding 15 to 3. The glass men sit atop of the division with 45 points. Chico Kanne’s oil jobbers split with Linde Equipment. Ryan Milligan’s bankers were taken to the cleaners by Kasperbauer Cleaners. Too bad it was Tuesday night and not Wednesday because they offer a discount on Wednesday morning. Miller Lite hammered Badding Construction 42 to 30 with Tom Farner being the leading golfer for the other beer.

That’s a wrap for week 1. Week 1 ended with 2008 Bud Light MVP Mike Schulz and your Captain Mike Franey enjoying a delicious buffalo chicken pizza and washing it down with an ice cold Bud Light. Great work to Ray and his staff! Oh by the way your Captain had to stop eating to read the dinner tickets of both the farmer and the dog because they had forgotten their “cheater glasses.” Better not let them keep score this year!
This publisher apologizes for the late delivery of this weeks report so all subscription fees will be reduced by 50% for the upcoming year. Your Bud Light team is right where they want to be with eyes on the true prize……..a three peat! As always this buds for you and ON IOWA!

Fairways and greens to all
2008 and 2009 Championship Captain
Mike Franey

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